Be happy with what you have

Materialistic pleasures were never the goals of Indians. People used to be satisfied with what they had and within what they had, used to help others. Their hearts were filled with pure love, friendship and bhakti. The story of Sudaama, the best friend of Lord Krishna, stands as an outstanding example for this.

Sudaama and Krishna Bhagavan were good friends. The friendship started at their gurukulam with Shri Saandeepa. As always duty takes more priority than everything. Hence, after completing their studies they had to part. However, neither Krishna nor Sudaama could forget each other. Sudaama, knowing who Krishna really was, also had true devotion for him. Sudaama never was interested in earning lot of money or other such aihikechchas. Once after many years, not able to bear the separation from Krishna anymore, sets off to meet Krishna.

On hearing the news of his friend’s arrival, Krishna runs to the city gates to receive Sudaama personally. Krishna, the paramaatma, hugs Sudaama several times and they break into tears with uncontrollable aanandam. Krishna takes Sudaama to his palace and makes him sit comfortably on the shayanaasanam of Krishna and Rukmini Devi. Krishna, whose feet Brahma himself washed to produce the holy waters of Ganga, washed the feet of his friend, together with Rukmini, with utmost care. Then the Lord of the worlds, purifies himself, his queens and the palace with the paada jalam of the great scholar, Sudaama. Though Sudaama was very poor and did not even have money to eat food, he did not even think about it while he was with Krishna. Krishna took the atukulu brought by Sudaama for him and commented that it was one of his best ever meals. Both of them talked a lot, till their hearts were full and finally Sudaama returned to his house with a full heart, thoroughly satisfied with the Lord’s sweet words.

(Ofcourse, the sthiti kaaraka of the worlds, Krishna, blesses him with all worldly pleasures too…)

Greatness of Krishna

Morals in the story:

  1. Money, property and other pleasures are Kshanabhanguraas and as a person keeps satisfying them, they will only increase. Hence, like Sudaama, one needs to be content with what he has. Even given a chance to ask anything from Krishna, he did not choose to ask him!
  2. The nature of pure friendship is exposed by Krishna and Sudaama. Krishna, being the lord of the universe, washed the feet of his friend and purifies himself with the paada-jalam. Sudaama, though was extremely poor, never asked Krishna for wealth and make friendship a business.
  3. Notice that only a guru is one who makes a person meet God. This is reflected clearly in the story. It is because of Saandeepa that Krishna and Sudaama knew each other and met each other again.
  4. Krishna making his friend sit on his shayya, talk with him what Rukmini and he talk intimately and receiving Sudaama at the gates of the city show how intimate & sincere friendship must be.
  5. The kind of respect one must give to an Atithi and a scholar is well brought out by Krishna.


Self-contentment gives a man the power to control any of his attraction towards the wrong path. If a person is not self-satisfied, he will always have ever increasing greed. Even control over the universe would not give him satisfaction.

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  1. वयमिह परितुष्टा वल्कलैस्त्वं दुकूलैः
    सम इह परितोषो निर्विशेषो विषेशः।
    स तु भवतु दरिद्रो यस्य तृष्णा विशाला
    मनसि च परितुष्टे कोऽर्थवान् को दरिद्रः॥
    vayamiha parituṣṭā valkalaistvaṁ dukūlaiḥ
    sama iha paritoṣo nirviśeṣo viṣeśaḥ|
    sa tu bhavatu daridro yasya tṛṣṇā viśālā
    manasi ca parituṣṭe ko’rthavān ko daridraḥ||

    “O King! I am wearing clothes made of tree bark, while you are wearing fine silk clothes;
    But both of us are happy and our contentment is the same — because no contentment is better than another!
    Poor is the man who’s desires are big;
    There is no difference between the poor and rich, once the heart is content.”

    • thank you karthik i was very much need in sanskrit story

  2. Its my pleasure to leave the comment on this story that Lord is there always with us in the form of friend, neighbour, and also in the form of Parents. But it is our duty that we should treat each and everyone equally with whole-heartedly. The words come out our mouth is found to be sweet by other, that makes him happy and completely satisfied. The One with full hearted men or women will lead a happy life.

    Om Namo Bhagavathey Vasudevaya
    Om Thath-Sath Sarvam Sri Krishnarpanamasthu.

  3. I have no words to express , only appriciate…….., what a good efforts

  4. The moral stories of the Hindu Dharma is an outstanding work for the elders as well as the youngsters to know the real meaning of the Hindu scripts. I shall be very much grateful to you for the pain you had taken to bring this to a great success.
    With best regards and expecting to have similar works from you.
    Your loving
    S. Hari

  5. What a beautiful Subhashitam (Sanskrit verse), Karthik! Very very fitting in the context of this story.

  6. what i can write from this story is …Bhagvata Gita can also be a one of the Motivator for all businessman for planing their business, As lord Ramayana, Bhagavat Gita’s concept can also used for B-education.

  7. I hope many people will see this site, and the above story is mind blowing.

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  8. Hey,

    Its a really nice story takes for putting it up for all of us to learn and enjoy from.

    I will be teaching this story to my kids

  9. Please inform me if you can…

    Who was the father of Sudama?

    Please mail me at


  10. Can anybody tell or guide on finding the family Background, Native details, contributions of Sudaama Ji.

    • Find it through typing sudaama@ wikipedia

  11. सर्पाः पिबन्ति पवनं न च दुर्बलास्ते
    शुष्कैस्तृणैर्वनगजाः बलिनो भवन्ति ।
    कन्दैः फलैर्मुनिवराः क्षपयन्ति कालम्
    सन्तोष एव पुरुषस्य परं निधानम् ॥

    Snakes live only by consuming air, and they are not weak. Elephants get stronger by feeding only on dry grass. The ascetics live by eating roots and fruits. Satisfaction is the greatest wealth of mankind.

  12. Many thanks for supplying us with such wonderful moral stories!


  14. dear authority, plz.inform me the approximate/acsact date of the meeting of lord krishna and sudama when the lord gives almost everything with means thidi-masam.please my above email as early as possible

    • Shanivar, rahu kalam, amasavya .
      R. Srinivasa Iyer.

  15. very nice. google always helped me.a friend in need is a friend

    om vasudevaya namaha

  16. and also THANKS.

  17. Can i share this story on my blog?

  18. hi

    Like it, Publishing on my website with your link…

    Tejash Shah

  19. [...] Original: Category: Krishna, Stories  Tags: Krishna, Sudaama and Krishna You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed.You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. [...]

  20. I am interested in that part of the story where ShriKrishna divides the ‘poha’ for distribution.
    Can anyone enlighten ?

  21. This story of shri krishna and sudama is really a story in which a moral is hidden.and this site has taken utmost care to show that.

  22. This story is excellent.Because of their hearts were filled with pure love,friendship and bhakti. This story moral values to present peoples and past peoples.

  23. this is a very good site with stories with great morals

  24. it’s very nice

  25. What is the name of the Village of Sudama Ji, Please reply.

  26. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttttt wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssss awessssssssssom

  27. Good story about friendship

  28. Very good

  29. We should be happy with what we have……..

  30. We should be happy with what God have gave us.

  31. Hey there i didnt get ur story could u send an easy one ! It was actually not relevant to the topic …hope u understand….

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