Story of the great Parikshit maharaja

Parikshit, the great Bhaagavatottama, was the son of veera Abhimanyu and Viraata's daughter, Uttara and was the only successor of Pandavas (see Aswatthaama killing Upa-Paandavas story). He, while in maatru-garbham itself, used to examine carefully all directions (paritaH eekshate) for God! Krishna, the sthiti kaaraka, saved Parikshit in Uttara's garbham, from the devastating Brahmaastra of Ashwatthaama. Parikshit was such a great favourite of God, to the extent that God suppressed the unstoppable Brahmaastra, because he was a great Bhakta and never deviated from the path of Dharma.

After Shri Krishna left to Vaikuntam, the Bhu-devi (who is realized to be in the form of Goomaata) again sank into uncontrollable sorrow. The Dharma-devata (who is realized to be in Vrishabha form) was tortured and legs cut off by Kali. Due to the entrance of Kali, all kinds of adharma kaaryas were encouraged. There is no shuchi-shubhrata, no daya-daanam, no vedas, puraanaas, or shaastra knowledge, no adherence to satyam etc. But Parikshit, with his power, controlled everything and taught Kali a lesson. Kali begged Parikshit mahaaraaja not to kill him saying that, following the kaala-dharma, since it is the start of Kalikaalam, he must be allowed to come and must not be killed. Parikshit to obey the kaala-dharmam allows him some specific places to stay in.

Though Parikshit was so great, due to Kaala Mahima (also see Kaala mahima story) and due to the effect of Kali, unfortunately did a mistake — for which the punishment was death! Once after Mrugaya-vihaaram and killing the trouble causing wild beasts in the forest, completely exhausted, Parikshit reaches the ashram of the great Semeeka maharshi. The maharshi at that time was in deep Daiva-dhyaanam and completely detached from his karmendriyas. Hence, he did not notice the exhausted Parikshit mahaaraaja. King Parikshit, completely exhausted, thought that the maharshi, knowing his exhaustion, did not offer him even water, leave aside aatithyam. So he puts a dead snake around the neck of Semeeka to insult him and leaves the place. Shrungi, the kid of Semeeka, realizing that Parikshit did such an insult to his father, who was a great maharshi, gives Parikshit a shaapam that in seven days Parikshit will die of Takshaka's vishaagnijwaalas. Meanwhile Semeeka maharshi comes back from dhyaanam and comes to know about the entire story.

Semeeka tells Shrungi "Krodham is the main hinderence to tapas. Krodham only stops Animaadi Ashtasiddhis. It is a big hurdle for following the path of Dharma. A tapaswi never should get krodham. Similar to how water unknowingly leakes away quitely from a filled pot, the tapas of a tapaswi who does not have kshama, the dhanam of a dhanavanta who has garvam and the kingdom of a ruler who does not follow Dharma also fade away. Parikshit mahaaraaja is not an ordinary king. It is because of him that Dharma-devata has all four legs. It is because of him Kali has been restricted. Why did you give such a big irrevocable shaapam for a small mistake Parikshit mahaaraaja committed? One must always think twice before he acts and never come into the clutches of anger. One's anger is his greatest enemy. A person looses his dharma-adharma gnyaanam, does not think and causes harm to others and himself because of anger. On receiving scoldings or beatings or whatever harm, a parama-bhakta will experience it with shaantam and will not take pratikaaram. I am quite sure, Parikshit mahaaraaja will not give you a prati-shaapam. Sajjana's do Upakaaram to Upakaaris and Apakaaris. Mahaatmas do not even feel the pleasures and sorrows, everything is same". Semeeka, knowing that now nothing can be done (since the words of Shrungi, who is a firm satya-vaak-paripaalaka, cannot be undone!), sends his shihsya, Gauramukha, to atleast inform Parikshit about the Shrungi's shaapam. Parikshit mahaaraaja comes to know about Shrungi's shaapam.

Parikshit mahaaraaja, thinking why he was taken over by kaama-kroodhaadi (Arishadvargas), says to himself "Why did I insult the great maharshi, knowing that they must always be respected? Why did I venture into such unpardonable Paapakaaryas? Anyway, who can change Daiva-sankalpam. One has to experience the result of his own paapam. Truly speaking what is the mistake of Shrungi? With the ahankaar of a king I act like this. Which son wont give shaapam for such an insult to his father? How can I always make sure that I wont unnecessarily cause pain to goomaatas, devatas and braahmanas?". Being a winner over Arishadvargaas, due to his undisturbed Bhakti on Parameshwara, Parikshit mahaaraaja did not get even a bit angry on Shrungi. Being capable of giving a pratishaapam, he did not give shaapam to Shrungi. Later, due to listening to Srimad Bhaagavatam from none other than Shri Shuka maharshi, Parikshit attains the unattainable Moksham.

Morals in the story:

  1. The importance of being able to control one's anger (and other Arishadvargaas) is well portrayed in the story. One small mistake of Parikshit mahaaraaja costed him his life. (Think — Why Krishna who saved him from the Brahmaastra did not save him from this also)
  2. The conversations between Semeeka maharshi and Shrungi; Parikshit and himself, are a great treasure for morals. Importance of shaantam, being unaffected by joy and sorrow, nature of a true Bhakta etc. can be learnt from the conversations.
  3. The end result for good people is always good (also see King Nruga's story). So though Parikshit mahaaraaja had to experience the result of his mistake, in the end, because he was a true Bhakta and firm-follower of Dharma got Paramapadam in the end.
  4. Knowing that he will be dying in 7 days, Parikshit mahaaraaja did not want to, in hurry, enjoy off all the pleasures before he dies nor he wasted time in trying to protect himself from Takshaka. This shows what unnata-bhaavas a Bhaagavatottama's (true Bhakta) will have!
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  1. Really good moral in the story. I love this blog.

  2. my name is parikshit and i just wanted to know the whole sotry of parikshit king … as i was not knowing everything about him … i feel good to have the same name as he was having … gr8 story …

    • HariOm,
      You can find more about him in Bhagavatam. Bhagavatam was written by Vyasa after composing 18 puranas. This is our history text book. This includes brief Ramayana, Bharata and stories of our seers. This Bhagavatam was told to Parikshit by Suka (Vyasa’s son) in those 7 days. That’s why Bhagavatam is called Saptaham. One should not miss reading/listening Bhagavatam in one’s lifetime. There are Pravachanams available on Bhagavatam by many scholars nowadays in various languages. Bhagavatam was translated (free translation) by Bammera Potana in Telugu by Sri Rama’s guidance. This is a wonderful text one can have. This book has more slokas than the original Vyasa’s text. Some of the slokas (in Gajendra moksham) are considered to be the “Vaishnava Agamana Mantra Vyakyanam”…Thus, many people learn these slokas (even though they don’t understand Telugu).

  3. Hari Bol,

    Excellent story. However the author can do without the Anglosized style of Sanskrit words such as Shaapam, Paapam as these words will not be understood by those who are in adept at the lingo.

    Hare Krishna

  4. Hare Krishna!!!
    Brief and wonderfully described the history
    which helps to know about Maharaj Parikshit & also gives moral instructions which is very essential in our life.The Sanskrit touch is giving a special flavour, who know atleast a bit Sanskrit, others also would be able to guess the meanings.
    Really a special touch!!
    Hari Bol!!!

  5. My name is Cardo,
    that’s a great story,cause for the long time i just know the story of parikhsit king just from other’s,but now i know the truth story it,cause i graduate from military academy which has name of Paguyuban “PARIKESIT”,

  6. My name is Parikshit, many people asks me the meaning of it. once my sanskrit teacher told me this
    but today i forgot this i know the greatness of this king but dont know the meaning of the name.
    ‘ll you help me for this.
    i given the mail id “”

  7. I wanted to name PARIKSITH for my Son, can i come to know more about Parikshit Maharaja


  8. my boyfriend’s name is parikhesit.
    when at first i know his name,i feel his name is rare.
    and i find out the meaning of his name.
    surprised, parikhesit is a great king,in mahabharata legend. now, i like his name very much.
    i and he hope. if someday we will getting marry.we wanted to give our child name ABIMANYU.

    • nice thought Dwijasista…..I hope u and ur family will start Mahabharata in the reverse order again from Scratch……Parikshit->Abhimanyu->arjuna->Pandu->….and the list would go on…good luck…my best wishes

    • Hi Dwijasista,

      How R u? I appreciate your cultural taught.
      Best of luck for your marriage life girl. Cheers :)

    • LOL!!!!! As your wish

  9. Hello!
    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language ;)
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  10. I am very glad to read the story of my name.i was in search of this story from a long time. but i did’nt found when PARIKSHIT born?iwant to know his birth time

  11. …..As my name is parikshit ,……….i was much eager to know about the GREAT KING PARIKSHIT……….Once my teacher told me many things about him…………………….Iam very happy to know this story………………………………


  12. A legend’s story put in a simple way, yet crystal clearly! Good job!

    We named our son Parikshith. We know the story of this great King and wanted our son to be one too.

    • It can be possible only if he reads bhagavad gita as it is return by Srila Prabhupad(ISKCON)International Society For Krishna Consciousness. Trust me its very very very nice book which contains Shlokas, its meaning and purport to it.
      Hare krishna.

  13. my name is parikshit ,……….i was much eager to know about the GREAT KING PARIKSHIT……….Once my teacher told me many things about him…………………….Iam very happy to know this story………………………………

  14. my name is parikshit ,………. ……….Once my teacher told me many things about him…………………….Iam very happy to know this story………………………………the great king raja parikshit

  15. hi
    my name is isaiarasi.I was jus searhing the meaning of my name and now i’ve come to know its name of king Parikshit

  16. my name is also parikshith i am very happy to see this ……..


    • What do u mean by that.

  18. *&!$@$(!

  19. my name is also parikshit, i felt very happy to about the great king

  20. i want know whether Parikshit was re-born

  21. Hi…….
    My name is PARIKSHIT….
    Parikshit maharaj was really great KING…….
    My Grandmother was given me this name, i very thank full to my grandmother for giving me this name. I really feel very proud for my name.

  22. hi all world,

    ye sach me ek great story hai..lekin isse judi hui ek sachhai shayad aap sabne mahsoos nahi ki hai…(Think)— Jo Aaya Hai Wo Jayega,

    Isliye Koi Bhi KARM SOCH Aur VICHAR karke hi kijiye kyonki jana sabhi ko hai….ek din aapko bhi mujhe fir Ghamand kyon, Krodh Kyon, Lobh kis cheez ka…vichar jaroor kijiyega….


  23. i am very thanks-full to my mother who give me my name parikshit after resding this story..

  24. It feels great to be named as Parikshit, and that too when you love mahabharat….. Nice story, and now i can give a good answer to all those who keep asking me the meaning of PARIKSHIT…Haha


  26. I did not know he was a devotee to Krsna. It is ver interesting to know that he is like the grandson of Subhadra?

  27. Hi friends my name is parikshit i want to know about my name history after all i read the brief story of king parikshit i am complete agree with this detail ok thank u

  28. Hi friends my name is also Parikshith if you want story of kind Parikshith I shall give you in Telugu Language.

  29. Hello…
    My name is Parikshit Maurya.
    many people ask me!!!! what is the mean of “Parikshit” ????
    I want to know that ‘means of parikshit and story of king parikshit’.
    i would realy appreciate if you share the means of parikshit.

    Parikshit Maurya

    • parikshita is made of two word paritah eshita the one who always directed towards god …it is already said in the story please go through it

  30. hi,my name is also parikshit i felt very happy that my name is a great king’s name i am proud of my name


  31. hey guy it was soooo nice to know this story…
    An i proud to be an parikshit
    King hu king!!

  32. I AM BACK..

  33. A great story well told. A lot to learn to practive in our daily life. Even though Kali is bad, he has toperform his duty. My father told me this story when i was just 10 in 1941 and i was looking to where i can read the sstory again. Thanks for the blog.

  34. I am feeling very grateful to give my son name parikshit
    its great story of rajput king.

  35. hello,I just want to know the name of the wife of the king Parikshit.Do you help me?

  36. Hello everyone,
    my name is Parikshit & i feel very glad to have this name.(thanks Mom)
    my father name is Abhimanyu & i lost him when i use to go in k.G.
    now i m of 23+ & doing service……
    i knw parikshit was great king…….even i too want to become a great person who can help to them who really need & deserve my kindness.
    always pray to god to keep each n every one happy.

  37. Namaskar Parikshit, Thankful for being a good and true man. May Mahadev bless you. Two hand blessings.

    Yours kindness.
    Swami Mahadevanand Saraswathi.

  38. I am glad to know Parikshi that the new generation like you also take interest in knowing about our sanatan dharm. God bless you. Really our Hindu religion is so vast and above our imagination, the more you go deeper into it the more u would come to know and every story has a great meaning and moral value in it. We must try to understand and follow the same to make our life successful.


  39. Hi friends my name is was a great story .

    If anyone wants to know the meaning of parikshit then contact me at i would be glad to tell you .

  40. Hi.. and i wanted to know that, who will tell about
    “Sree Mad -Bhagavatgeeta” to Parikshit maharaja..

    • Sremad bhagawat geetha was told to parikshita by the Rishi Shukamuni (sage with the parrot head )

  41. hi …. i am kajaria here i want to know that about the sukhdev maharaj and deeply raja parikshit

  42. my name is parikshit vaghasiya and i m live in gujrat ahmedabad …thanx for the story….

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  44. can u tell whats the name of parikshiths son

  45. its different from the parikshit that i have read translated by william buck.parikshit accidentally wounded a serpent and was cursed.

  46. My name is Parikshit Mahindrakar and my brothers name is Shantanu Mahindrakar.I love him very much. Now, i know the meaning of Parikshit and Shantanu also !!

  47. I wan to know more about indian mythology after abhimanyu putra King Parikshit.

  48. what name of four place kali

    • madya (alcohol ) ,lobha(greed),vyabhichara(prostitution), and gou hatya (slawtering of cow ), and even gambling

  49. Good way of describing, and nice piece of writing to obtain
    information about my presentation subject matter, which i am
    going to convey in institution of higher education.

  50. story of pareekshit is just like a flash back story as entered in mahabharata.the morals you concluded is very impressive.thank you

  51. the second part of the story must also be told
    story is incomplete with out it
    after the death of maharaja Parikshit by the vishagnijwala of takshaka
    Janumajeya decides to take revenge of this father death and decided to start sarpamedhayaga (by chanting certain verses of the veda …)all the serpents were being killed …the king of serpent vasuki and the Adishesha , were also in the list and out of fear vasuki went and asked Sage Agasthya to save him , the great sage told him that only the son of Shiva sati would be able to save him and told to take asylum at the kartik(subbramanya ,muruga )deva senapathi …. and vasuki went to the karthik and pleaded him to save him and his race (sarpa, naga ,shesha ,kalinga ,..species of snakes ) and kartik went to the place of the yaga in a brahmana bramhachari , and it is said in the dharma that if any brahmana brahmachari comes to the place of yaga and asks for some thing its the duty of the karta of yaga to fullfill the wish of them ,
    so kartik goes to the yaga stsala and advises Janumajeya to stop the sarpamedhayaga ….. pleased by the virchas of the brahmachari Janumajeya realises the mistake and greets the brhamin ….and thus sarpas were saved , vasuki also requested that to grant him a boon so that he would always be with kartik and told one who worships the kartik will have no sarpadosha or sarpa related problems
    hence even today the even in the nagarpanchami brahmachari pooja is observed , its more in the karavali region of karnatak , a place called kukki subramanya (where kartik is worshiped in the form of subramanya ) and very famous for removal of kalsarpa dosha ,sarpa hatya dosha ,sarpa dwesha dosha . Santanabhagya( is also related to sarpas and is said one who worship the subramanya will be blessed with children )

  52. nice story

  53. Respected sir
    I want know history of tomar vans from parikshit to till

  54. I had read in my teens that there is another vyaakyaanam that parikshat having taken all the precautions not to be bitten by Daksha, at the last hours of his seventh day thought that a sabham given by a rishi should not become untrue. Hence pleaded the almighty while taking a fruit on hand that even a worm inside the fruit may turn into daksha and bite him by that he invited his death. That was the respect he had towards rishis and dharma.

  55. Prbhu app app ho

  56. Plz translate too hindi my English small poor prbhu

  57. A good story we can Abel for this story for knowing a greatest story thank you it makes a person for his best knowledge.

  58. True story .why Parikshat shrapam of shrungi(kids of semeeka maharshi) was not removed even he realise a mistake?

  59. evry think in the story is fine…but the name is not parikshit, it is Pareekshitha Maharaja

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