Story of Shiva and Vishnu

“There are two mahaa-phala daayaka Vrukshas. One by the name Vaasudeva and the other by the name Vaamadeva. They differ only in their sumas (flowers) (‘su’ is replaced by ‘ma’ in their names), but both give the same phalas (fruits, which is moksham)”. It is also often said, “How much one does not see the difference between Shiva and Vishnu, that much his aayu will increase”.

One day, when Lakshmi and Vishnu were together in vihaaram, Lakshmi sees Ucchaishravam, her brother, the horse of Revanta who is the son of Surya. Engrossed in seeing her brother, she does not reply to the repeated calls of Vishnu. Seeing her attraction, Vishnu gives her shaapam to go to Bhulokam in the form of a horse and come back to Vaikuntam only after getting a son equal to Himself! She comes to Bhuloka to experience the shaapam and realizing that none other than her brother, Shiva can help her calm Vishnu, she immediately does a tapas for Him and Shiva appears to save her soodari. Lakshmi says “You and Vishnu are both same, the Paramaatma. Please help me!”. Shiva says “Soodari! How do you know that we both are same? All learned people know that. Who told you?”. Lakshmi says, “Once Mahavishnu Himself told me this. Seeing Him in deep Daiva-dhyaanam, I asked Him “During Samudramanthanam, I thought you were the greatest of all and hence chose you. Devaadideva! Who is better than you that you are in dhyaanam of Him?”. Mahavishnu replied “I am doing Shankara-dhyaanam. He is Eshwara. He is the same as Me. All learned people know that. If someone is my devotee but still hates Shiva, he will fall into naraka”.

Saying this, She asks Shiva to pursuade Vishnu to bless Her with a child. Shiva sends Chitrarupa as a duta to convince Vishnu. Vishnu immediately accepts and comes to Bhuloka and blesses Lakshmi with Ekaveera, who is equal to Vishnu Himself. From Ekaveera came forth the Haihaya dynasty, of which the most noted king is Kartavirya Arjuna (Ekaveera’s grandson).


Once when Naarada, the avatar of Vishnu, recited prayers glorifying Lord Shiva as the supreme controller of the universe, Lord Shiva, the best of Vaishnavas, at once covered his ears and angrily replied, “I am not the Lord of the universe, nor an object of Krishna’s mercy! I am just a poor aatma always hankering for the favor of the servants of His servants.” (Thus in this small story, Naarada, avataar of Vishnu, glorifies Shiva as the Paramaatma and Shiva glorifies Vishnu as the Paramaatma!)

(See this picture)

The story of Hanuman, who is the 11th avataar of Shiva and Raama, the purna avataar of Vishnu also reveals the same. Both of them acheived great tasks:

  1. Restricting the great samudram, Raama along with His entire army crossed the satpa-samudras! Hanuman, in one small jump, crossed it!
  2. In the greatest, unparalleled ghora-yuddham, which was never seen before or will ever be seen, Raama killed Raavana! Hanuman killed Mairaavana, who was many times stronger than Raavana, with great ease!
  3. Krishna lifted Govardhana giri, balanced on his little finger and saved the lives of Gopaalas! Hanuman brought the Sanjeevani Parvatam from Himaalayas to Lanka and saved Lakshmana!
  4. Raama melted a stone, with the touch of His lotus feet, for Ahalya! Hanuman melted a stone with His sweet Gandharva gaanam!

Though they did great tasks like this, always Hanuman worshipped Raama, with great Vinayam. And Raama worshipped Shiva with unparalleled devotion. (If one closely observes, for Paramaatma these tasks are not at all difficult/big. For He does everything right from Shrushti to Layam. And He only resides in everyone and gives life. However, since we cannot even imagine His power, we praise Him for these “small” tasks only :) )

(see this picture)

Impressed by the great tapas of Viṣhṇu for Paramaśiva, Śiva gave Viṣhṇu the Sudarshana Cakram.


Annamaacharya, the great Vaak-geya-kaaraka of Aandhra Pradesh, in one of his divya sankeertana “Enta maatramuna evvaru talichina ….” says:

How much ever one imagines that much only are You:

  • For Vaishnavas You are Vishnu
  • For Vedaantas You are Parabrahma
  • For Shaivas and other bhaktas You are Shiva
  • For Kaapaalikas You are Kaala-Bhairava
  • For Shaakteyaas You are Shakti
  • For people with alpa-buddhi You appear as alpam
  • For people who know Your Garima and have Ghana-buddhi You are a Ghana
  • For people who are Sharanaagati You are Venkateshvara


Once Shri Krishna, the avataar of Mahaavishnu, came to Upamanyu maharshi, when he was at Himaalayas. Shri Krishna said “Upamanyu muniindra! You are the greatest in the Shiva Bhaktas. I came here to do Tapas of Paramashiva to get santaanam. Please teach Me Shaiva-vidhi and vidhaanam”.

Upamanyu replied “O Shri Krishna! I know who You are. Shiva puuja is not new to You. Though You know it, to make everybody know, I will tell You …” Saying thus, Upamanyu told Shri Krishna how to do Shiva-aaraadhana.


This happened after the episode of Naarada, coming under Vishnu maaya, gives shaapam to Vishnu: (This is one of the reasons of Shri Raama avatar)
Naarada says “Svaami! Please forgive Me. I, coming under influence of Your maaya, got ahankaar and did Your ninda. Please tell Me what can save Me from this ghora-paapam”. Vishnu says:

“O Priya Naarada! You go and do paaraayana of Shankara Shatanaamams. Then You will get Shaanti. Shiva is whom I respect the most. Even by mistake dont forget this. One who doesnt have Shiva-anugraham cannot be My Bhakta. Believe this … Then My maaya wont affect you.”


Once Vyaasa Bhagavaan came under the influence of Shiva-maaya and started telling in his Pravachanams that Vishnu is greater than Shiva. Once Nandeeshvara also heard Vyaasa Bhagavaan saying this. Vishnu Murty then appeared before Veda Vyaasa and told Him “O Maharshi! Dont you know that I and Shiva are the same? Knowing this why are you telling like this in your pravachanams?” Veda Vyaasa then had great pashchaattaapam and asked Kshama from Nandeeshvara.


The phalam of Vishnu Pooja is Shiva Bhakti — the example is that of Arjuna. Arjuna ofcourse was the greatest Shri Krishna Bhakta. But it was Shiva who gave Arjuna moksham, when Arjuna was born as Bhakta Kannappa, in the great Kaalahastsi Kshetram.

Similarly the phalam of Shiva Pooja is Shri Raama Bhakti — the examples are stories of Kaaka Bhushundi and Valmiki Maharshi. Kaaka Bhushundi was a great Shiva Bhakta and hence Shiva grants him Raama Bhakti Saamraajyam. Valmiki did tapas for Shiva using the Panchaakshari mantram given to him by the great Saptarshis and as a result became the Aadi Kavi and wrote the great Raamaayanam.


Raasaleela. It was the day when the “punya-vruksham” of Gopikas delivered its ripe fruits, called Moksham. It was the day when the Aaraadhana of Gopikas was blessed by Lord Krishna. Gopikas realized Shri Krishna, the Sarvaantaryaami, everywhere. As a result of their Aaraadhana-bhakti they realized the paramaatma’s poorna-svaroopam with each one of them. Who could miss watching the Raasaleela, where the Lord showered His Karuna-jyotsna ? All the Brahma-aadi devatas were present.

Parama Shiva, the greatest bhakta of Shri Krishna, was also present in the form of a Gopika. Shri Krishna, who is always in nirantara-shiva-dhyaanam, searched for Parameshvara. Finally He realized that Shiva is none other than one of the Gopikas having sampoorna aanandam of dancing with Him. Shri Krishna paramaatma then does stuti of Eshvara and asks to bless them by staying there at Vrundaavanam by the name of Gopeeshvara.

Even today we can visit Lord Shiva, in the form of Gopeeshvara, at Vrundaavanam.

—Contributed by ShobhitKaushik


“Thiruthangal Uuranai”- Thirumangai aazhwar mangalasanam.
Banasuran was a great devotee of Lord Shiva. He once prayed to Shiva to bestow him with thousand arms so that he can play the mrudangam during his rudrathandavam. Shiva too did so. But instead of playing the instrument with his thousand arms he started fighting battles against one and all. Instigated by this malicious act Shiva said “ A person equal to me shall severe your thousand hands.” Usha was the daughter of Banasura. She once saw in a dream that a young prince played with her. She immediately wanted to know who he was. Chitralekha started drawing hundreds of pictures which did not yield the expected result. She then drew the pictures of Yadava rulers like Balarama, Krishna, Pradyumna and Anrudha. As soon as she sketched the picture of Anirudha Usha was only too excited. “It is he, It is he”- she exclaimed. Chitralekha being a yogini atonce brought Anirudha to her chamber even as he was sleeping atop his house. They then played there for a long time. Some spy who oversaw all this complained to Banasura who arrested Anirudha for no fault of his. Lord Krishna fought a tough battle. Banasura sought the refuge of Shiva who faught on his side. Lord Krishna severed all of Banasura’s hands except four. Krishna then told Shiva “ Iam you and you are me. Those who show hatred against me or you though a devotee of either shall attain hell. I as Brahma create, as Rudra destroy and as Vishnu protect. Your devotee is mine and my devotee is yours.I shall not kill Banasura, he being a descendent of Prahlada.” Thus Banasura was consoled and Anirudha was married to Usha. Rudra showed false anger at Banasura and asked him never to join his bhutaganas. A repenting Banasura asked for parihara when he said that a dip in the holy waters of Papavinashini teertha at Thiruthangal will cleanse him of his sin. Banasura did so and rejoined Rudragana. Thus those who visit this kshetra will beget their lost status and also beget a good groom. Victory be to him who visits this kshetra.

—- Contributed by Karthik Raman, from Shri Hariji’s blog


Morals in the Story:

  1. Shiva and Vishnu are the same.
  2. Both Raama and Hanuman did such super-human tasks, but they were never having even a bit of Ahankaar. They always were humble (see Setu-bandhanam story).
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  1. Hi,

    Stoies r good, and informative.
    But the language & style used r not good, and neither acceptable.
    Example :
    This happened after the episode after Naarada, coming under Vishnu maaya, gives shaapam to Vishnu.

    You cannot use the word ‘shaapam’, instead you have to use word ‘curse’. The readers may not understand malayalam or tamil words like the one’s that you have used.

    • ‘shaapam’ is samaskritham. Don’t blabber something which you aren’t even sure of. Get the message out of the post and keep going. You din’t even put to effort or have the guts to write a post like this. Why do you stand first in the queue to criticise? Since this is a spirituality related blog, i restrict myself from abusing you to preserve the sanctity of the posts.

      • please don’t be harsh!you can say the same thing soft & sweet.

      • In My Childhood days I wrong interpreted Lord Shiva as i loved only Lord Vishnu. But one day Lord Shiva came in my dream then till now I worship lord Shiva and Both Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu are same for me.


      • I accepted you have taken great pain to write this article. But you have no rights to be rude to others. If you are arrogant and rude to others, even if you are greatest devotee to Shiva and Vishnu, you cannot get moksha.

        Shiva and Vishnu never asked their devotees to be rude to others. In my personal opinion, people like you bring more disrespect to great two Paramatmas by rude behaviour.

      • Silly Man !!! u hav already profaned this by using such foul words. This is what I call A babble..a Banter…If u were a true devotee of Lord Vishnu n Shivji u would have been more humble..How humble was king Mahabali being a demon yet Vishnu’s devotee. Learn to be more respectful first n take things easy….:-p

    • sorry but i got it

    • no…….It’s good to use this words because such words looks good in sanskrit only. Thank you for all this valuable knowledge. God bless you all.

    • in the function of the world bramha creats vishnu preserve shiva destroys he is the end and truth.. When the world was created shiva and shakti was the source; vishnu and lakshmi was the preserver and brahma who came out of vishnu navel creats the ocean of mater and energy where vishnu is from shiva.. The trinity are the owner of the universe.. Dont try to judge who is the greatest all commonly knows shiva ends but please remember he is the source and mater he was the first, narayan says.. He is shankar narayan

  2. It is true that it is incongruous in the conventional sense to use Sanskrit words in English text,the attempt is to bring increased awareness of Sanskrit words and the multi layered meaning hidden in these words, it is both difficult and demeaning to express these wonderful stories in simple English. One may ask why write in English at all? It is only because we are not adept at understanding the nuances of Sanskrit in full, though ultimately we should aim for that and maybe have a Sanskrit blog.I request the moderator to post the link for the reply he gave on similar question where he has explained the meaning of the word Adhristam.

    • Come on guys english is an offshoot of sanskrit dont debate on language but concentrate on message lord shiva and lord vishnu are same just try to concentrate on etymology of both words Vishnu and SHIVA they also sound same. Jai Hari Har

      • Yes ! I agree with Shreyas ! This article is written on something which requires the use of at least some sanskrit words like shaapam and so ..Infact , it may require way many words which are like those ! If any word’s meaning is not understood one may google it for his/her convenience. Those words are used here, as they give out the best of what has to conveyed. I respect the writer for what has been written and i appreciate it !


    • My deat Friend,
      I should tell u to read Padam Purana. It is a great scripture and u can Know who is God and who are Vaishnavs and who is Lord Shiva and why does He wear Bhabuti,Snake,and whom does He prays to. Why Lord Rama Or Vishnu Or Krishna worship Lord Shiva in His different Avtars then my friend u can tell similarities.

      • go to hell

      • There is one shlok I remember which says that shiv and vishnu are same
        Rmapatimava girijapatimva , jadishvaram va vishweshwarm va
        Pinaak paniiem khalu sharang pannim Hari Haraaam va Pranami Nityam

      • from my childhood i saw only diff btw shiva and vishnu….
        1)shiva is pure white n vishnu is black
        2)vishnu wears all good ornaments n shiva is decorated with dust
        3)vishnu flies on garuda while shiva rides on nandhi
        4)shiva gave parvathi his half body while vishnu gave lakshmi the position near his feet..
        after reading all these stories i came to know that,you bowdown to any god n u’l reach the feet of d supreme one……pray to any god n it wil reach d heart of d supreme one

      • Sorry to interfere, your blog is good…I woul like to tell you all that “Shiva gave parvati his half body” is wrong, Parvati herself is Shiva’s half, then after Lakshmi’s place is in Vishnu’s Heart, not in His feet. Its Maa Ganga who resides on Vishnu’s feet

  4. !!!!Hari Om Namah Shivay!!!!

    • i liked it a prayer of Lord Shiva starting with Hari they are they same

      • Good

  5. Its good that Sanskrit words are used.. Please use them extensively with meanings as much as possible, as the translated words does not provide the full meaning, and hence can be misunderstood.
    Om Namo! Bhagavatey ! Vasudevaaya !

  6. !!Jai SitaRam!!
    !!Jai Hanuman!!

  7. Jai Vishnu Jai Siva Jai Hanuman! Jai Naarada

  8. Good. Has wide reasons for oneness in divine. Atleast let people understand from this.

  9. Good. Has wide reasons for oneness in divine. Atleast let people understand from this who have not before.

  10. Ofcourse, the three together form the one Triad.

  11. Hidden and never brought to light before are the three gunas of the One Triad: Sattwa, Rajas, Tamas

  12. good we have not a word

  13. iskon peoples are mad after krishna, but the truth is that shiv and krishna are same.perhaps shiva is great because he is only the lord of all.

    • see shiva and vishnu r same so we r none to differ them

    • just because vishnu & shiva are same it doesn’t mean tht following only krishna is wrong… krishna is shiva & shiva is doesn’t matter which idol you are worshipping or who’s name you are’s about what you think in your mind.

      • amen! i totally agree with u here! i m a krishna bhakt myself and i see everything in him..likwise, shiv bhakts should see everything in shiv.

      • well following one god is not bad……but we shouldnt blame other gods or their devotees…….

      • I will tell you one sloke from mahabharat , that is chanted by Arjun,
        Sivay o vishnurupeno, vishnave shivo rupayo”
        OM jai hará har mahadevo hari

    • The Brahma Samhita by Brahmadev, one of the triad, says

      Text 45
      ksiram yatha dadhi vikara-visesa-yogat
      sanjayate na hi tatah prthag asti hetoh
      yah sambhutam api tatha samupaiti karyad
      govindam adi-purusam tam aham bhajami
      Just as milk is transformed into curd by the action of acids, but yet the effect curd is neither same as, nor different from, its cause, viz., milk, so I adore the primeval Lord Govinda of whom the state of Sambhu is a transformation for the performance of the work of destruction.

      So Shiva and Krsna are same in one sense, but different in another. Just as milk can turn into curd, Krsna can turn into Shiva, but the other way round is not possible.
      Hence, though they are same, Lord Krsna (the milk) is the origin.

      • My Dear friend, if you try to find difference between Vishnu and Shiva, they i hope you can’t become a good devotee of any one..for sure. They are not they, one and only supreme god. no comparison ………at all.

      • It is true that curd cannot be converted to milk..It means once lord krishna converted in to lord shiva cannot be converted again to lord krishna…It also insulting lord krishna…So believe that shiva and krishna are same..

  14. Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita ” Aakashaat patitam toyam, yatha gachchathi saagaram, sarva deva namaskaram, keshavam pratigachchathi” – Just as the water from the rain may take several routes and eventually end up in the ocean, similrly prayers offered to all gods eventually reach Keshava (Krishna).

    This is the truth whether one likes it or not. The ISKCON people have realised this very early and don’t see the need to propitite any other god, so there is nothing wrong with that attitude. Someone else may see the differences in gods and think one is greater than the other without realising that eventually all prayers lead to the Supreme.

    • many people think one god is greater and to others all god are equal krishna is the form of vishnu some might think vishnu is greater than krishna but the truth is they both are equal

    • you are absolutely right!

    • but ISKCON people criticize other GODs and philosophies, which is ver bad.
      They(ISKCON people) dont have knowledge of Vedas, Puranas and they cannot even utter sanskrit shlokas properly but still they keep criticizing others which shows how intolerant and egositic they are. There is no difference between Shiva and Vishnu.
      Om Namo Bhagawate Vaasudevaaya

    • Can you tell me why Shri Krishna was also known as Keshav……….i will reply you and others after you answer my question…….

  15. the question of greatness of one god over the other does not arise. Mahabharata and Ramayana have explicit instances to demonstrate this, Rama worships lord Shiva before embarking on his conquest of Lanka and consequently the holy place of Rameshwaram came into being.Arjuna procures the pasupata astram from lord Shiva after great penance.These instances and many more show that shiva and vishnu are in essence one, praying either will not make a difference, provided we don’t dislike the other. Great people like Adi shankara,Sri Krishna deva raya have more than once emphasized this point. Many instances are there in stories we learn from our elders where people with no education, formal prayers get eternal bliss by adhering to Truth, innocence, Dharma and devotion. I feel once and for all people should put an end to this superiority issue and learn to respect all forms of worship.

    • Absolutely right.

  16. Well presented. All great sages have realized that the god is one and is formless. Shiva linga is that nirguna or formless form of god and it represents Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma and Shakti. This proves that all the gods are just our imaginations with stories around them. The ultimate god is the formless Shiva that exists in everything around us.

    • YOU are wrong. Only the lord vishnu is the paramatma who is also named nirguna parabrahmam as stated by himself in bagavadgita.

      • Why can’t you first get darshan of Lord Vishnu and ask this question him directly??

      • All the puranas are smritis..Vedas are shruthi’s which are the actual holy book of hindhus..Both rudra and vishnu are treated as supreme souls..which means they are equal..If u treat both of them are different then even lord vishnu vl not forgive not

  17. HARI BOL!I never knew that lord krsna and lord shiva are the same. hare krishna.THIS STORY HAS MADE ME REALISE OF GOD AND THE GREAT TRUTH AND I DID KNOW AT ALL THIS WHILE.In short LORD KRSNA and LORD SHIVA are the SAME!OM NAMASHIVAYA!

  18. I am a great bhakt of Lord Shiva. I like him very much. He is my power.
    Hara Hara Mahadeva Shambo Shankara

    • a real shiv bhakth couldnt be fullfilled untill he gets the chaneverth of lord vishnu

  19. Shivji is no less than Vishnuji. However in this Kali Yuga, Sri Venkateswara is the all merciful lord supreme. This however does not discount one’s worship of their ishtadevata. However, any religion that preaches against the Hindu concept of the almighty (the Christian faith, etc.), they like the Vaishnavas who hate Shiva will fall into naraka. I have accepted Vishnu as my chosen form of God, I do not disrespect Muruga, Durga/Parvati/Shakti, Shivji, Ganeshji, Ayyappaswamy, etc. But I have been taught to offer prayer to Vishnu.

    • see mr dinesh shiva is not less then vishnu i accept that i would like to make u know that shiva=vishnu as u know the anmacharya sankeerthana that entha matrumuna yavaru thalachina anta matramuna e nevu it shows that shiva ,vishnu,shakti or parvathi they one it s none but all mighty

      • Lord Vishnu, He was the only one who kept holding my hand when all my friends ditched me…He was the only one with whom I shared my sorrow and He was the only one who lent His shoulder to cry on….when I am writing this….I am still crying. It is true that Lord Vishnu inculcates more LOVE in His devotees than FEAR…..

  20. thanks a lot 4 all these information………….in 2dayz world few care to tell stories ofknowledgd n moral power…..

  21. Thanks brother for your attempt to take out the ignorance of my mind.

  22. On April 19, 2007 at 11:59 am Srikanth Said:
    Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita ” Aakashaat patitam toyam, yatha gachchathi saagaram, sarva deva namaskaram, keshavam pratigachchathi”

    This verse does NOT appear in Bhagavad Gita. I know that for sure since I have read the entire Gita, more than once. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you the source of this verse. Perhaps, somebody else knows.

    • I guess that the verse:

      “Aakashaat patitam toyam, yatha gachchathi saagaram, sarva deva namaskaram, keshavam pratigachchathi”

      May be from Rigveda.

    • very good

  23. ये अपि अन्य देवता भक्ताः यजन्ते श्रध्दयान्विताः
    ते अपि मामेव कौन्तेय यजन्त्यविधिपूर्वकम

    The above verse from The Bhagavad Gita (Chp 9, 23) comes close to expressing the oneness of not just Shiva and Vishnu but ALL deities.

    Here Krishna tells Arjuna that even those who are the devotees (bhaktaas) of other devataas (anya devataa) and who worship them with great devotion they too are worshipping Him – even if it is considered to be avidhipoorvakam (i.e. following a different “vidhi”, or pooja rituals). Krishna is saying, “Pray to Me directly. But, if the devotee finds attachment to other deities, that is OK. They too worship Me.”

    If there are any other interpretations of this verse, I would like to hear that too.

    • Not interpretation but meaning:
      “avidhipoorvakam” means “not in a proper way”. vidhi means manner or prescribed way of doing things; and avidhi means not vidhi.
      if you consider other verses in the chapter, you will see clearly that worship of other devatas is condempt by Krsna. This is because by such worship one is forced to remain in the material world – as they are prompted by material desires.

  24. Srila Prabhupada’s translation and purport for the verse cited (Chap 9, 23) are pasted below.

    CHAPTER 9, TEXT 23

    ye ‘py anya-devata-bhakta
    yajante sraddhayanvitah
    te ‘pi mam eva kaunteya
    yajanty avidhi-purvakam


    ye–those; api–also; anya–other; devata–demigods; bhaktah–devotees; yajante–worship; sraddhaya anvitah–with faith; te–they; api–also; mam–Me; eva–even; kaunteya–O son of Kunti; yajanti–sacrifice; avidhi-purvakam–in a wrong way.


    Whatever a man may sacrifice to other gods, O son of Kunti, is really meant for Me alone, but it is offered without true understanding.

    There is a reason for the “attitude” of the ISKCON followers. Worship of other deities is interpreted, according to Srila Prabhupada as being one “without true understanding”, i.e. avidhipoorvakam, see also the word by word translations given by Prabhupada.

  25. hi, the words used are mostly sanskrit. so i felt it very difficult to read. please use the meanings of those sanskrit we can clearly understand the meaning of sanskrit words. I request the moderator to post the link for the reply he gave on similar question where he has explained the meaning of the words like moksham etc.

  26. Oh great! This blog is really interesting.
    In Kannada I never found any blogs discussing alla these things.
    Thank you.


    • yes..very nice

  27. namah sivaya….
    namo bhagavathe vasudevaya…………

    very nice……….
    vishnu and siva are one and the same paramathma………

  28. the website was very informative and intresting

  29. I m totally agree that Lord Shiv & Lord Vishnu same/one. Shri Vishnu is devotee of Lord Shiv, & Shiv is devotee of Lord Vishnu.

    Before God there’s no one………………….

    I am too happy if Lord Vishnu & Shiv images being creating by u so vastly & perfectly…..

    Jai Hari-Har…………….

  30. Dear Sirs

    Your moral stories are nice to read. They instill good values.From my limited understanding,Just as one child comes out of one womb, there is only one Paramatma.Only that Paramatma can grant moksha to the souls encaged. Hence there can’t be two paramatmas. I belong to Sri Vaishnava sect and is an ardent devotee of Swami Ramanuja. One must be clear of his moksha upaya as advised by Lord Krishna. Did not Lord Krishna show that he is one and all. Since he said “sarva dharman parithyajya, maam ekam saranam vraja” the sri vaishnavas practice it to letter and the spirit. And to practice it, i think one must not hurt other devotees of same Godhead. I have so many friends who are saivaites. I have never hurt them. God has carved out many ways to reach him. It is upto him to take us to his abode. We must cling to him unfailingly in all circumstances. Whether Lord Shiva is equal to Lord Vishnu or not, i definitely know that we as human beings are very ordinary and have limitations. Hence just as a pond would have 4 directions to go into,one must learn to follow his faith and respect others too.

  31. Both the lords are essential. Lord Ram said once to Hanuman, “Ram without Hanuman cannot exist similarly Hanuman without Ram cannot exist.” Hence both these Gods cannot exist without the other.

  32. True god is above truth and lie, light and dark, love and hate, good and bad, birth and death. That is the formless, most auspicious being Shiva.
    He is worshipped by Gods and demons as well. No mantra in any of the four vedas is equal to ‘Sri Rudram’. It was this Shiva in praise of whom , Ravana recited the Saama Gaana(Sama veda) on his Rudra veena. Siva is the true god.It is the same Shiva who is depicted as ‘Vishweswara’ and ‘Sarveshwara’ in the Vedas.Above all, my parents named me ‘Narayana’. Why???????any idea
    To keep on chanting ‘Hara Hara Mahadeva’!!
    And no less is Vishnu, he is none other than Shiva…!!
    Salutations to Kailasapathi……………………..!!

    • this is nothing but your mental speculation. go read some scriptures Mr Narayan

  33. I can see everyone and everything as Shiva only!!And those who ridicule Shiva, shatakoti pranams to you too….as you are none, other than shiva himself…

  34. This is realy good job. please present more stories

    • The Story of Bhringi….
      A lesson to these blighted fanatic Vaishnavites and Shaivities !!!
      Bhringi, a Rishis was a staunch saivite…so much so, he refused to worship even Parvathi with Shiva!!!
      Naturally the Divine couple were horrified that one of their children, due to fanatisim would become a sinner !!!
      Shiva kept Parvathi on his lap and thought that this would put a nonsense to Rishi Bhringi’s seperate circumbulation of himself….
      Fanatics will be fanatics…such is the grip of the dark hole of ignorance…even enlightment gets sucked in and shed no light!!!
      Bhringi took the form of the Bee and wriggled in through the space inbetween their waists!!!
      The Divine couple took the form of Ardhanareeswara conjoined vertically…
      Bhringi became an insect and bored a hole through their navels….
      At this Parvathi got fed up and withdrew from Bhringi’s body…all Shakthi gone and as Parvathi gives us the flesh and blood and Shiva the bones and nerves….
      You can guess how Bringhi looked !!!! and felt !!!!
      He finally came to his senses!!!!
      Same is with ShankaraNarayanan!!!
      Shankara with Vishnu takes the Form of Lakhshmi…as he is the twin..both are padmasanas…both are Bilva nilayas and both bestom Shivam….auspiciousness!!!!
      Narayana…with Shiva becomes Parvathi…both when aroused become the protector of weak…holding the panchayudhas of Chakram, shankam, Gadham, Saranga, Nandaki and the Danda (in parvathis hand it becomes the shoola)both have the abhaya and varam hastas!!!!
      So why this nonsense ????
      Must this religion which in the Satya Yuga talks of Sat-Chit Ekam Brahmam be reduced (or maybe highly advanced ???) to Grandfathers (Vishnu), Grandmothers (Parvathi) marrying their Grandsons (Rudra) and granddaughters (lakshmi – King Samudra Tanaya)because of literal interpretations of the scriptures !!!!!!

  35. I want to know the meaning of the word Ratnadeep. Does it signify Lord Vishnu / Lord Shiva?


    • see sir bramha took due to the attachment of vishnu with shiva as thus shiva is known as vishnu valabha as how we know about aryamahadevi one the inclination of lord vishnu she married lord shiva after a long werth of tapsya and the death of godess sati lord vishu senequiled with lord shiva as sati untill hewas caught by shiva divya drusti when he comes out of illusion of sati’s death so shiva=vishnu both r one as parvathi=vishnu and shiva=lakshmi

      • what ever is born has to perish……so if narayana is grandfather and has son Brahma and then he produces a son Rudra …..what is the difference between Men and The supreme????
        For heavens sake all Hindus unite and chase this crackpot out…He knows nothing of Puranas nor the Vedas…In fact this guy who made this post is probably a fundamentalist from some other religion!!!!
        The Brahman is one….the Wise (sarcasm here) percieve it as many…..
        This is the corner stone of the Sanatana Dharma (which is crudely called Hinduisim)…
        Brahman is known by Nethi..Nethi…Not this Not this….
        Certainly not Grandfather…Not Father…Not son….not four handed….three eyed…….tilakam…..kundalam….thats for children…..not anyone above 15 years old!!!!

      • Unite all sanatanist…brothers this the time to prey lot and mediate, rather indulge in this silly who is big like that topic. Then uo don’t have any difference between khurani and kristen…

    • Do you know what Lord Krishna said to Lord Arjuna?
      I agree that Brahma is the father of Rudhra. Vishnu is the form of Lord Brahma. But Rudhra knows the full answer. Lord Vishnu’s father is Lord Shiva. This is what Lord Krishna said to Lord Arjuna.
      Krishna and Arjuna where none other than Nara and Narayana who prayed Lord Shiva in Satya yuga and Lord Shiva granted them the boon of being born as Krishna and Arjuna in Dwaapara yuga.You go towards Ekaantha Bhakthi and seek Lord Vishnu but it does not mean Lord Vishnu is the creator of the universe. Even if he is the creator of the universe, Lord Shiva is the creator of the other two trinities. I pray to both. But I know the truth and I know that they both are the greatest devotees of themselves.
      Om Namah Shivayah!
      Om Namo Narayana!

      • u look like a wierdo

      • Answer to RAM,
        Pray first tale less buddy. Have you meet vishnuji???or Shivji????first meet then talk. else you hv some problem.

      • Its nice to have this knowledge , but if yous ay both are same then why dont you believe that if shiva does any miracle that means lord vishnu has also doen it; and if lord vishnu does any miracle that means lord shiva has also done it.

        One more thing you and me are not the one who say that lord vishnu is greater or lord shiva. Actually no one knows the reality.

    • I agree with you fully..Mahavishnu.


    || Jai Shree RaaM ||

    • my dear friend idnt know where you come from but i would like to suggest you one thing go and read the most oldest text of hinduism the vedas and then swear on vishnu and repeat the same lines you have written here bramha is born so he too has an end vishnu too is born so he too has an end but mahadev(shiva) has no starting and no end he is ‘anant’ meaning endless… Bhavam Bhavani shaitam namami…..har har Mahadev

      • Dear Nachiket,

        I respect your feelings but I belive both vishnu and shiva are same so both are ajanma and will not end. Please mid your language saying gods have end……..
        This hurts other people feelings. Since you are a big shiva bhakt , it is a nice feeling but dont ever hurt otehr peoples feelings . And dont even try to tel about the ancient scripts whats in there or not ; you only knows these few lines and nothing else. Better keep your self away from such commenting.

  38. good

  39. Shiva is actually nirguna

    He created Lord Vishnu, Brahma, and Rudhra who are all of the three gunas.

    But while attributing any gunas to egoless, nirguna Shiva, we say he is of Sathvika guna.

    But my suggestion to Lord Shiva’s devotees is that if one comes to you and tells that Vishnu is the big univarsal God and Shiva has thamoguna… not argue with them….as it a merely a statement of mind, which is ego…

    One gets the characters of his worshping God….Dhayna is the path for Shiva’s devotees…

    and no need to establish that he is the supreme God or else….it is a ego matter do not go to that…

    uncomparable compassion of Lord Shiva will shower on you…

    Om Namah Sivaya

    • sir i would like to make u know that shiva=vishnu there is no difference between them .

    • Next time you guys bring about this debate of Vishnu Vs Shiva…..I hope the curse of ignorance (bagala devi) does stambhana to both…jivham keelaye (may your tongues be torn!!! both of you…anti shiva and anti vishnu)budhim vinashaye (may your intellect..what little is left be destroyed)shatrum nashaye (may the nemey within…yourselves…who spend time in futile arguments-perish)…..
      Grow up!! This is not a a contest of “My Dad strongest”……
      Shiva means auspicious….Vishnu means that which is every where….
      So, according to you both of Tamoguna…..
      Vishnu is not auspicious and Shiva is not everywhere….and I suppose you are such evolved souls you can sit on judgement as to which God is greater??? Even if there are two Gods…who are you to decide that ??? What is your aukat??? That you have sinned you have taken Birth…That you did punya…you have Bhakthi…..Dont squander it in these futile arguments…..

      • Radhe! Radhe!
        Dear Prabhu,
        Lord’s devotees are ever peaceful. Their minds are steady in argument, praise and disgrace. Their ago is absent. They are everyone’s well-wishers. They do not curse others for their opinion, nor they call others names.
        May peace be with you!

      • nice…. :) i like this…

    • Very aptly said,thanks a lot.

    • Vikramji yours comment is filled with ego. First overcome that then speak about Supremacy.

    • In fact, Shiva denotes a psychological depth potential, a little deeper than the one Vishnu represents. They are the same (psychological depth potential), to begin with, (i.e., they both avatars experience an archetypal vision and rebirth, on the new moon and seventh day, wherein they spontaneously resolve their father complex and experience an ego-collapse and rebirth. But in the end Shiva transcends everyone. Vishnu basically represents the accepted extroverted archetype, while Shiva is rejected and introverted. The extreme rejection eventually causes another closing of the heart chakra (symbolized by him burning Kamadeva to a cinder). Shiva the destroyer is the biggest ego an anointed holy man can manifest, situated at the level of the throat on the descending line, the Destroyer is as far away from the heart as you can get, on the spiritual quest. Instead of wanting to help the people that have been led astray by false teachers, the destroyer wants to kill them for their lack of faith, and rejection. But after 14 years of celibate, single pointed meditation, and drawing out a big chart that shows the rank and order of holy men, and the religions they spawn, a beautiful young woman (his Shakti) comes along, and as he falls in love, he experiences the spontaneous resolution of his mother complex (identical to the Buddha’s birth from his mother’s side), and a second opening of the heart chakra and second ego-death, but instead of moving up from the third chakra to the fourth, Shiva’s second rebirth takes him from the level of the throat, down to the heart chakra, thus destroying the destroyer, and becoming a fully enlightened Buddha, on the eightfold path. Shiva fully realized, is a 7×8 fold Samana.

      • The only potentials greater than Shiva are Shakti, when she’s fully realized, because she has Shiva’s pure consciousness in a young beautiful form, that can also bring forth a life and nurture it. And the only spiritual power greater than a Shakti incarnation, is the Shiva Shakti union. Do me a favor and pray for this.

  40. can someone please tell me whether we jivas are same as shiva or not???

    • go see d mirror and find out urself idiot!!!

  41. Well Shiva is not a worshipper of anything,yet everything worships Shiva directly or indirectly.
    I hope this isn’t another manipulation that the ISCON people have been doing.
    If anybody of you have time try to do deep research on our religion and you will find the truth and the search ends to Shiva and nothing else.
    Vishnu is the youngest GOD added in the hindu research people I have gone throuh ISCON literature and I admit its crap.

    offended anybody then please do indepth research if you are unable to do so i can provide you links.


    Soon all of these illusions will be destroyed by the might of Shiva the Mahadeva and his forces of nature.

    • You are wrong dear. in vedas , lord vishnu is “Hiranya Garva”.Though i am sole devotee of lord shiva , i can’t see any diffference between the two form. OM Namho Narayana’a nano. don’t fight each other like this. You will go to hell.

  42. SHIVA is a humble GOD ,well its not easy to define Shiva its like finding the secrets of the universe.


    Upanishads are the best way to know about the Great God SHIVA the humble and the auspicious one.

    where do you find SHIVA’s symbol the SHIVA LING in most of the temples?
    Its closest to the earth with no jewellary around or anything that shows maya.
    And do observe the other Gods,Shiva is not his endorser,this is because he is the greatest,supreme GOD of all the Gods and demi-gods Like Krishna.Shiva is great even if you worship him or not.
    Your Gods worship SHIVA so in this way you can carry on with whatever you want to worship.
    But do experiment by not going to any Shiva temple and see the results for yourselves.
    He is innocent and merciful yet he is the most Fierce(Rudra).
    The most ancient God SHIVA whose qualities have been divided into the trinity.
    HAR is basically related to SHIVA but is lended over to Vishnu as hari.

    PLease do research about our religion atleast know about the oldest of the Vedas the Riga Veda and know the truth.

    anyways its not possible for all to see the truth but do get this all the paths end up in Shiva’s feet.
    Making beautiful painting and fake literature wont change the reality for ever.
    Hope you get my point.

    • your right vishnu=shiva one cannot distinguish shiva&vishnu.As told by the god himself that if anybody is a staunch devotee of lord vishnu and he hates lord shiva he will go to naraka.I being a vaishnava still believe lord shiva.infact it is said in the myhtology that vishnu and shiva are equal.As u all know that ram is avatar of lord vishnu&hanuman is 11th avatar of lord shiva.Both of the gods are equal&performed equal tasks
      for ex lord rama killed raavanashwar who is the most powerful demon&hanuman killed mahiraavana who is 10 times greater than raavan.likewise sri krishna lifted gowardhana parvatha&saved lives of 10000’s of gopika’s&gopals&hanuman lifted the sanjeevani parvatha to save life of lakshmana.likewise both the gods have done many great things but still hanuman is a great bhakth of rama&both the gods are not proud of we all know god is an ocean of love he has created such a beautiful universe for us to live but its we who misuse it by saying that god is not one &many more such we came to know from above stories that both the gods are 1 i request all of u not 2 commit sins by saying that vishnu&shiva r different.All gods are one.all religions are equal everybody is equal in eyes of god.these stories are informative&eye opening so please make use of them but dont misuse it dont misuse the power of nature.believe god have faith in him .all are 1 ram ,raheem ,jesus sab ek hain

    • Firstly I would tell you that who differentiate between Shiva and vishnu will go to hell. You say to research about our religion?????? Dont understand where you did that. First read this
      “Shivaya vishnu rupaaya shiva rupaaya vishnave” ( Shiva is the form of Vishnu and Vishnu is the form of shiva )
      ” Shivasya hrudayam vishnu, Vishnuscha hrudaya shivaha” ( Vishnu is the heart of shiva and shiva is the heart of vishnu)
      ” Yatha paramayam ayam vishnu evam vishnu maya shivaha” ( Lord Vishnu and shiv are one and the same)
      ” Yatha anantharam na pashyaami thatha ma swathiayusshyaan naman namaha” ( who does not differentiate between them gets a long life)

      So understand this before You comment please.

  43. eye opening!

  44. These all stories are educative and help us to lead spiritual and religious life ultimately making a person to know himself. The ultimate goal of the life is to recoil soul(atma) to parmatma (God)and that is the sole motto of every human being taking birth on the earth and has to play his role as an actor who comes on the stage of drama, plays his role and pass away.Such stories help in making mind of the person to divert his attention from the worldly outfit to introvert inspection.

  45. VERY good ,Interesting ,Colourfull,aRISITIC, Loving.

  46. Hello Sir, these stories are very helpful. In this generation where people are addicted to bad qualities, I can learn my country’s past glory here.

    Meeru Telugu vaaru kadandi? Manchidi. Meeru Padyalu, kavula meeda kooda oka blog raaste naa lanti vaallaku chaala upayogam.

    Please write more stories in this blog…


  47. I read Mr. Veerbhadra above writing that Vishnu is the youngest God. He says do research and find out. ISCKON might be recent, but he needs to Know that Paramatma Sriman Narayana is the Primordial ONE. The Supreme ONE who was worshipped by one and all. Sankaracharya is the one who worshipped him and sang the great – Bhaja Govindam in HIS Praise. Similarly Sankaracharya sang the Lakshmi Narasimha Karaavalamba stotram. If you worship LORD Shiva, fine, but with your limited mind and limited recent books you have don’t go and talk rubbish that Vishnu is the yougest. In the vedas its mentioned – The ONE whose consort is Lakshmi while mentioning about who is the SUPREME One. Rama worshiping Siva does not appear in Valmiki Ramayana. Wonder what road side books people are reading and calling it a research. Hanuman being Siva’s incarnation too is a mentioning in some of the books only not all. While there is nothing wrong in Seeing NARAYANA in all and also in SIVA, pls dont write anything you like. Basic thing is not to hurt the sentiments of the Worshippers of all GODs. LORD KRISHNA has shown through his Cosmic FORM that HE is the Supreme. ISCKON need not second it. They are blessed to accept and follow it. I am not from ISCKON by the way. Just an ardent devotee of LORD NARAYANA. VISHNU SAHASRANAMAM mentions SHIVA also as a name of VISHNU. The auspicious one. I respect & worship LORD SHIVA equally. But I get agitated when someone writes crap about my LORD. Sriman SP Vikram writes in his blog that if anyone argues with you about Vishnu is the supreme, leave them to their ego. His blog too is not devoid of a lot of ego. People need to learn to respect all and worship their Deities. There are 100 books available on the road and everyone is free to do their own research and come up with where all the paths lead to. Now a days in tele-serials etc we see many fabricated stories of Vishnu praising other Gods etc. There is nothing wrong if the Supreme one praises or worships others as they are are part and parcel of HIM and HIS Creation. But how these fools try to establish and force wrong facts clearly shows their insecurity. I bow to SRIMAN NARAYANA. Its a simple fact that even after all these arguments, the faith of Strong believers (which ever deity they have faith in) cannot be touched. Its just like you cannot make a chaste wife think of anyone else then her husband. True devotees are like that. They do not need any stories.

    • as would like to make u know that shiva and vishnu are one shiva worships lord vishnu and lord vishnu worships lord viswanatha(shiva). It has been told by any book but by the lord vishnu itself and by shiva itself today e chant the rama mantra srirama ramaramethi which was sung by lord shiva itself and even today we chant namestu bhagavan visweshwaraya sri mahadevaya which was sung by lord vishnu this shows that they r one they pay a huge respect among themself.

    • Oh !!! Chaste wives of lord Narayana !!!!
      WOW..Read This…from “Padma Purana …a pro Vaishnavite Purana and the “Brahma-vaivarta purana” which extolls the virtues of Fasting (Ekadasi in particular)!!!
      Once Tulasi devi descended as the daughter of King Kushadvaja. She was married to Jalhandara. It is said that Samudra deva the demigod controlling the nether regions had Lakshmi devi as a daughter (since she appeared from him at time of the churning of the ocean) and Jalandara (one who is born from water).Jalandara was married to Tulasi devi and drew strength from her purity and chastity. So firm was her chastity that even Lord Shiva could not defeat Jalandara in battle and all the demigods went to Lord Vishnu for help.At this time, Lord Vishnu went to Tulasi devi assuming the form of her husband, Jalandara. When Tulasi devi greeted Him, thinking Him to be her husband, her chastity was momentarily broken. Taking advantage of this the demigods killed Jalandara.When Tulasi devi understood what happened, Lord Vishnu revealed His original form. An enraged Tulasi devi cursed Lord Vishnu for His stone hearted behavior to become a stone. Honoring His pure devotee, Lord Vishnu accepted this curse and promised to appear as the Saligrama shila in the Gandika river (now in Nepal).

    • Ohm Namashivaya,
      Brothers I accept to the fact that both Shiva and Vishnu are are the 2 Prime forces who controll the whole universe. I do respect and pray Lord Ananthapadmanabhan (Vishnu), but the ultimate power is the Great Kailasanathan, whether you accept it or not. I hope you all know this story. There was an argument going between Brahma and Vishnu about who is more powerful. It was going from a long time and suddenly a huge pillar comes in front of them. Both of them wanted to find the start and end of it.
      So Vishnu went towards the downside to find the start and Brahma went towards upside to find the end. Both came back in vain. And from the Pillar (ShivaLingam) cam the Lord Mahadeva. And both of them accepted the power of Lord Vishweshvara and they realized that they where wrong. He is creator, sustainer and annhilator of anything and everything in this world. There is nothing above him. He is the start and end. It’s a fact. But that doesnt mean that Lord Narayana has not power, he is a form of Lord Sankara.
      But the ultimate supremo is the GREAT GREAT GREAT LORD SHIVA SHANKARA…

      • plz

        both are equal
        lord ram worshipped shiva
        and Lord hanan before meeting ram sang the name of Ram

      • Firstly I would tell you that who differentiate between Shiva and vishnu will go to hell. You say to research about our religion?????? Dont understand where you did that. First read this
        “Shivaya vishnu rupaaya shiva rupaaya vishnave” ( Shiva is the form of Vishnu and Vishnu is the form of shiva )
        ” Shivasya hrudayam vishnu, Vishnuscha hrudaya shivaha” ( Vishnu is the heart of shiva and shiva is the heart of vishnu)
        ” Yatha paramayam ayam vishnu evam vishnu maya shivaha” ( Lord Vishnu and shiv are one and the same)
        ” Yatha anantharam na pashyaami thatha ma swathiayusshyaan naman namaha” ( who does not differentiate between them gets a long life)

        So understand this before You comment please.
        Here I would tell you please understand story first Vishnu went downwards because it was the plan of lord vishnu and shiva and no to find the crown. You are saying some end its wrong. I am Manjunatha krishna bhaktha i worship all gods

    • My dear friend, I trust your words that rama has not worshipped shiva, but lord parshuram, lord krishna worshipped him..Lord krishna made pandavas to worship lord shiva….Beema is one of the lord shiva devotes.. I say that both vishnu and shiva are same…Iskcon community must be ashamed for their doings and for their misinterpretation of lord shiva who has been addresed as the supreme soul in vedas…

  48. Dear All,

    Please stop fighting over this issue.
    Shiva is Vishnu and Vishnu is Shiva.I urge those with limited knowledge (both Shiva and Vishnu devotees) that if you anything to support the Shiva-Vishnu unity then please do so else don’t display your creative story making talent again n again .

  49. I like the story but Siva and Vishnu are not the same. They are two different God’s with much different powers. But Siva loves Vishnu and Vishnu loves Siva. So therefore we all should love the God’s and respect them as God’s. Vishnu or Shiva would not want us to be fighting over which is the Greater. But be loving one another as they love us and love eachother. So put all of your differences aside and learn to be open minded. I highly recommend ones to listen to the song Krishna nee-colonial cousins. It is a really good song and one should take the words into their hearts and lock them there.

  50. Deal All,

    First of all i really thankful for all, sharing their views. I always see GOD as a one Massive Power and we all a part of this power. As Per Quantum Mechanics the Science finally says that there is one massive power that works in three different levels that is To Create,
    To Preserve, To Destroy. Same This was depicted butifully by our Hindu religion as Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva over million years ago.

    • Dear …
      Dont waste your quark of energy with these Dark Holes…they probably flunked in science or probably passed by passing Graft….they must be typically commerce educated rote learning idiots….out to destroy Hinduisim….otherwise they would never make such fools of themselves so that the people of other religions can laugh at the stupidity of the Hindus!!!!

  51. Dear All,
    Still I dont Know why there are few vaishnavas still say that Lord Vishnu is the only God ? As im a vaishnav basically, still even in my community there are few parents restrict their children to Lord Shiva Temples. I use to go to Lord Shiva Temples during pradosham times and every saturday to Lord Vishnu Temple.I Really dont find such kind of restrictions in Iyer Communities. Every one should be broad minded. If Any body knows kindly reply why such restrictions and how to avoid such restrictions ?

  52. Dear friends,
    I don’t know who Krishna or Siva is for i haven’t met them in my life. But i was an strong fanatic Saivite. Siva is my life breath even now. I do not know what good i done, and if u r goin to belive me or not for what i’m bout to say. It is your wish. Siva is the One whom showed me Krishna as the Supreme God. I dun want to tell u how or why.
    My entire life changed towards Krishna, from there upon my dear father Siva became my guidance in my spiritual life. No one can become like Him. For He does the service for His only Lord Krsna. That’s why Krsna or Vishnu alwiz offer their respect unto Him by worshipping Him. Krsna alwiz worships His great devotees. Do not ever say my father Siva is greater than His Lord. He will get angered for Him is only a servant.
    Plz listen to His devotion to Krsna. He drank the alahala poison upon the instruction of His Lord to save the whole planets & universe. But recalling that Krishna is residing in His heart as Paramatma He choked His own throat to stop the poison from getting below to His heart. He doesn’t want to harm Krishna with the poison. Can’t u understand the position of these 2 great souls ?
    If u ever want to curse me & do not accept my facts , i welcome you. For i’m happy to be cursed defending my own father Siva & His great Lord Krishna’s position.Plz forgive me if i had offended all of you dear brothers & sisters.

    Jaya Sankar Gurudeva!
    Hari Om Namo Narayana!

    • sir this comes because generalay we compare something when they are equal the same comes here sree vishnavas are been edicted by ramanujan’s policy that vishnu is the major supreme none r thereto compet with him in any comparision shiva no more less to vishnu and vishnu is no more less then shiva . Generally bramhins worships both even beeing the followers of lord shiva but shrivaisnavas worship only vishnu.

    • see sanatan shiva is ur father then krishna is ur mother shiva gave the equal position to parvathi and vishnu by offering them half of his body .He is merciful he is also not a lord to u but also the lord to vishnu and vishnu is the lord of shiva.

    • hello santana,

      i am much pleased to read about ur experience. I have had a similar exxperience in mylife. my dear father, lord sadashiva, my beloved mother lalitha devi, showed me the way to my father’s lord, my lord, my guru, lord sri hari – krsna…

      it is true that lord shiva loves lord hari and lord hari loves lord hara (shiva). with lord hara’s guidance, with obedience to lord hara, lord hari will give his divine love to us…. its true that lord hari will give his divine love to his children who have obedience to lord hara….

      hari and hara are supreme… to even take one’s side slightly u will hurt the same because one loves the other.

      hari om namaha shivaya

    • dear brother,

      i also would love to know more about ur spiritual journey and about ur experience of our father’s guidance to wat to lord krsna.

      please do drop in a mail to

      thank u

      • dear brother,

        i also would love to know more about ur spiritual journey and about ur experience of our father’s guidance to the way to lord krsna and lord krsna’s love.

        please do drop in a mail to

        thank u

  53. I didn’t want to comment, but I do it as people might get affected by the above comment. The above person “santana” thinks he has understood everything, but sadly he has understood nothing.

    What substance Vaishnavas call Vishnu, same substance Shaivas call “Shiva”. It is quintessentially the Atman we are talking about, which even the Upanishads declare.

    I hope Santana gets some Jnana(wisdom).

    • Thank God!!!or Godesss! or whatever….
      I was beginning to despair that there was none in this Blog to talk sense….These guys fighting about Vishnu supremacy (some even to the extent of differentiating between Vishnu and Krishna…forget about Shiva) and Shiva supremacy….in the name of ISKON or should it be ISCON (read is a con)???
      I think if a fanatic came around with a sword they would convert themselves to aethists!!! superfast!!!!
      No wonder the Judaic religion forbade idol worship…see what has happened to the crutch (polytheisim) ..these guys have and will never let go of their walkers (instructional toys to children for learning walking) – Vaishnav / Shaiva traditions to under the joy of the Param Brahmam…
      SAT (Truth) & CHIT (Consiciouness perceiving the former) resulting in ANANDAM (Bliss)!!!

  54. Dear friends,

    Can you answer my question? Why did the Lord instructed gita before kaliyuga and not before dwapara yuga? It is because he knew how people would be in “kali” and he specifically mentioned “Maanava Sevaye Madhava seva” cause he knew people in “kali” are inclined towards bhakthi and spirituality, he showed us a easier path for salvation i.e. doing good to people-> which is nothing but karma yoga. So stop fighting for vishnu or shiva..both are one and the people god will help you..

  55. Dear friends
    It dosent matter what form of the supreme Ur mind has been attracted to all that matters is the pure devotion and love for that supreme being.
    All the gods and stories around them are mainly for the mind to lose its ego and become calm and be one with the divine . Talking and thinking of comparing one form of god with other is nothing but a waste of time.As all the great people told there is only one supreme conscious and the ultimate aim of this human birth is to reailise that conscious . This God refers to all religions . As the children born out of a single mother vary in their tastes the same happens with the taste of the imaginative mind which chooses one form of divine ..The divine is all prevading and the absolute and the only truth .

  56. Yes I agree with this that GOD in one and he exist in different form. God is one for all religions. More important for us to follow shiva gnane jeeva seva(Services to man is worship to GOd). When u say shiva it not refering to any personality or desciprtion, Its parmatma or god who cannot be described in any way. In our hindu we pray to different personality that is why we started differentiate the god. Actually shiva has no shape; no color and one cannot feel him. He cannot be destroyed by anything. He cannot be described in any way.we are all Shiva and that everything else is Shiva.One can keep speaking about Shiva till eternity but it will not end. The clouds you see in the sky, the moon, the stars, the sun, the earth, the soil, the emotions, time, everything is nothing but the Lord. SHiva lingam is the symbol of god who is formless.

    So we all are shiva then why we are fighting:

    Na dharmam Na karmam
    Shivoham Shivoham(I am shiva.. I am shiva..)
    Na papam Na punyam
    Shivoham Shivoham
    Na Jananam Na maranam
    Shivoham Shivoham
    Na kamam, Na moksham
    Shivoham Shivoham
    Na Sukkam, Na Dukkam
    Shivoham Shivoham
    Na Mantram, Na Teertham
    Shivoham Shivoham
    Na vedam, Na Yagnam
    Shivoham Shivoham
    Na Jaati, Na Bedha
    Shivoham Shivoham
    Na Maata, Na pita
    Shivoham Shivoham
    Na Bandham, Na Mitram
    Shivoham Shivoham
    Na guru, Na shishyam
    Shivoham Shivoham


    • shiva is not only paramathama but he is parameshwara

      • And that I suppose it a horrendous differentiation ???
        What if I spell it as PARAM-Bh-Atma—the beginning of Space !!!!
        PARAM-Bh – Ishwar —the beginning of time???
        AT the Big Bang….both were the same…Be merciful…some of the deluded souls are fighting out Shiva VS Vishnu…dont confuse further by saying Parmathma is different from ParamIshwar…they will start shouting the former is Vishnu and the latter Shiva and conclude that Ishwar is not an Atma!!!

  57. Here i would like to add what i have got from my guru.The comment above says Services to man is worship to GOd . Thats true . But , to reach the ultimate truth and stop this cycle of births and deaths and know the true self the one thing required for us to do is meditation. The only path for salvation. This was what krishna refers to “yoga” in geeta. Many people in the modern times mistook it to the excercises and started bussiness with it.Yoga is meditation and only through this the world’s and ur self can come to peace and this was what is sanatana dharma and the culture of india all about.

  58. There are other philosophies too, not just Advaita. So pls do not speak just Advaita, saying everything is One. Ofcourse revered and learned people might not accept and I don’t want to convince them. According to the Vishistadvaita everything is real – Prakriti, Jiva and Paramatma. Paramatma pervades everything from inside and outside. Thats why he is called Vishnu. And so even according to Vishistadvaita everything is from One & that One is taking care of everything. But these are not unreal. Each Jiva has its presence and so does prakriti which we call mother nature. I dont quite understand those who say mother nature (mother is unreal) is illusion. According to the concept of consciousness Brahman is formless, qualityless and is just consciousness – you, me everything is that Brahman and we being ignorant do not realize that. The moment we realize, we are free from bondage and we loose our illusion and become one with the formless etc etc. According to Vishistadvaita, Brahman is not formless or qualityless. He is fully of divine attributes. There are statements in Vedas which say He is full of divine attributes and there are also statements which say that he is formless. When they say he is formless, attributeless – they say that our thoughts cannot understand His qualities or form. There is a limit to where our thoughts can go. So He is not restricted to the forms that we perceive Him to be in. In that sense He is devoid of the forms that we attribute to Him. He is called Para Vasudeva in the para form, which cannot be understood by our normal imagination. Its not that that Para Vasudeva is formless. His form cannot be cognized by us. That Para Vasudeva came down to the next level in the vyuha form as Sree Maha Vishnu in the Milky Ocean along with Brahma and Siva, as the Trinity that can be cognized by our imagination. In the next level he took Vibhavaavatarams which are the incarnations that still had limitations of space and time. Only people in those areas and those times could get in touch with them. At last that antaryami (the one who is inside of our souls) took the form of Archavataram (idol form) thats most easily accessible for our worship and accepts all kinds of prayers that we offer. Advaita no doubt is a great philosophy but needs to answer questions like – how come if I were Brahman, I am in ignorance? And ignorance is making me think I am different from Brahman, then how can ignorance cover that Brahman who is formless and qualityless. If Brahman was covered by ignorance then there is something other than Brahman in this world that is not unreal and that is ignorance. And if Brahman gets covered by something, then what part of that Brahman at what times is covered by this ignorance and what part of it is not and at what times. Also attributing ignorance to Brahman is like attributing a quality (good or bad) to that Brahman. Anyways these are always subject to discussions and there were lots of philosophical discussions on these. I follow vishistadvaita – which says Brahman is real, nature is real, souls are real. Are they One? – Yes – they are all part of that One, controlled by that One (EEsa – the controller), pervaded by that One (Vishnu). Are they not One – Yes, they are real and exist independently of each other. And so are the different Gods, Humans, beings. The most important thing for we humans is to understand that all the beings are part of the Universal Body of the Supreme one and He feels happy when we take care of all of His children. To hell with the one who said – Maanava seve Madhava Seva – Is it only humans that need service & caring – What about other animals & other beings – Are they not suffering? –
    You are free to go ahead and continue pointing out on my ignorance at treating things differently. But I treat that all beings exist, are real, their sufferings are real – not an illusion and I would like everyone to serve the suffering beings as service to Madhava with the understanding that the sufferings, karma, God, beings all are real.

  59. ^^^ Phew ! :)

    Ψ All is One Ψ

    ((( ॐ Namah Shivaya )))

  60. Dear Maruthi Pavan
    Indeed very informative Things that you have given us.U did mentioned about the suffering as real yes its real and there is no being on this planet which has not experienced this because this is how it was planned for us and done-Happiness and suffering . I do accept that as humans we need to help others . But i was speaking before about how to get on for a happiness that will be forever. We help someone who is suffering does his suffering end there ? Its also very true that we cant ask a hungry man or a being whos suffering to sit and meditate .when theres suffering the man approaches God first asking him to solve his problem and eventually devotion developes in that being and at some point of time he realises that asking materialistic things from god is just like going to a emperor and asking him for a needle . Then he starts his prayers which involve asking for God alone.

    I have not read or know even what is advita and dwita deals with but know that they exist. All that i know is There is Brahman and only through true love, devotion and meditation he can be reached.I also love service . As i have experienced as you have that devotion developed you indeed get all the Good qualities like helping others and tolerance ….
    I just want to put on my ideas here but not to debate. Indeed everyone has there own perspective .Its very disturding when i have read that how people in a same religion have fought for there own gods and also when people of diffeernt faiths fight for it.Whome are we fighting for A same supreme power …::)

  61. All the numerous deities and gods we worship today, have a single source. The divine mother, Adiparashakti. All are her aspects and forms, the mother full of compassion and vigour. She can be attained, as gopi said, thro the grace of guru and meditation. Being a mother for all, she desends 10 steps to you, if you ascend one towards her.
    This is my opinion :)

  62. Dear Sri GopalaKrishna,
    I agree with what you said. Really, I didn’t point out anything on your blog. I was just writing my points.

    Coming back – When we say “Om Namah ….” The Namah indicates – Not me, I bow to etc – which clear say that I am different from that Supreme One who is my inner soul, my source of energy – Who is the Mother & Father of the entire universe. As Sri Krishna Said,

    pitA aham asya jagato mAtA dhAtA pitAmahah |
    vedyam pavitram om-kAram Rk sAma yajureva ca || (Gita)

    “I am the father, mother, creator, and grandfather of the universe. I am the purifier. I am the syllable Om and also Rk, sAma, and yajus”.

    So no point in arguing about that One Supreme Source. He has also said – in the same Gita – All Forms are mine, pervaded by me as the Paramatma internally – So see me in All beings, humans, gods. All forms of power, powerful humans, gods, goddesses derive energy from Him. So really no point in arguing about His Forms. Worship Him in which ever for that you feel comfortable with. Some worship as the Father, So as Mother, So as Guru, Some as sakha, Some as their own Son, Some as their wife (like Sri Ramakrishna), some as their husband (like Andal, Meera Bai, Gopis).

    So its very easy to serve and remove hatred to others. There are two ways to service – Either See that Paramatma who is in every soul or see every soul as a child of that Supreme One. The sense of Love and service will automatically sprout in the one that really loves that Supreme Lord. This other one is similar to me, he is suffering, he needs help. See if I can do something for them.

  63. Dear Sri Maruthi Pavan
    Thanks for sharing with us all this necter of bhakthi :)

  64. Greetings to all.

    Sri Maruthi Pavan, thanks for sharing the essence of love with us.

    But I have a doubt, and I am not asking this doubt to satisfy my ego.

    In Mandukya Upanishad, there is a line which is the essence of that Upanishad, and that line is “Aham Brahmasmi”-I am Supreme Being.

    You said God is the inner soul, so by this you mean that there is something other than God? But this is refuted by Vedas, which declare that nothing is other than God.

    And if you say that mind, body etc are not God, this Namaha is not bowing to me, then Maya or ignorance is said to be like Rays of a sun which is also sun. So Maya is also God, isn’t it?

    Vedas declare that even mind, which is seat of ignorance is nothing but consciousness, this pure awareness is defined as God(although God is even beyond definitions).

    So isn’t everything God?

  65. And for something to pervade everything isn’t it necessary that everything should be it only? Because when there is something other than God, then God cannot pervade everything isn’t it…

    Let us consider one thing, atoms when combine become a Molecule, and when subtle atoms combine they produce mind, and this mind when becomes more grosser it produces a body. But a mind never knows that it is actually subtle atoms, and thinks that it is something different. Similarly a body knows not that it is combination of many atoms.

    Ignorance is identification of Ego, as mind thinks itself as separate from atoms, but it is atoms. And ignorance goes when mind knows that it is actually atoms and not mind. Similarly is with Brahman, Ignorance is also Brahman, but when this ignorance knows the source it is the source.

    In Purusha Suktha(A Vaishnava Hymn)

    “As there existed nothing other than Purusha, they made Purusha as the holy fire and sacrificial offering. They sacrificed Purusha for Purusha.”

    My dear friend everything you see here is God…

  66. My dear friend – Sri Bhargav – You started of saying I have a doubt and ended trying to convince me saying “My dear friend everything you see here is God”..

    There is no need for you to convince me nor me to convince you. As I said, there has been a never ending discussion between the different schools of thought and the commentaries on Brahma Sutras were given by all the 3 aacharyas – Sri Ramanuja, Sri Sankara, Sri Madhvacharaya.

    Well – Let me put the just points according to Vishistadvaita. (not to convince you & others ofcourse – putting them as per this school of thought)

    According to Vishistadvaita – There are 3 realities – Prakriti, Jiva (the soul), Paramatma. Its like my body, me (not the mind, the soul) and the inner controller of me as with everyone. Advaita says – the first two are the same as the third. Infact, there are no 1 and 2 in Advaita – what you see is illusion or maya. Vishistadvaita says, the 3 are there – the prakriti and the soul cannot exist independently of the highest soul. Just like the body cannot move without the soul in it. So in that sense they are inseperable.

    It is this difference – on which the two philosophies kept discussing for ever – as you and me are today. I am sure you might not be conviced nor am I going to be.
    And I am not sure – if this difference in our thoughts is because of the same illusion or two different illusions :-)

    Keeping it simple – we see this body moving etc through some force inside it. When that force goes away, the body does not move. So there is something in this body (that is the soul) that is making it work & the two are different. Similarly, if we see there are multiple beings here each with their own experiences & that Supreme being is inside every such soul.

    Pervade does not have a meaning – if there is nothing to be pervaded. Otherwise, there is no necessity having a name – Vishnu. No meaning in Pervade. Other synonyms of Pervade are – fill, spread, permeate, penetrate, impregnate etc.

    Is He there in me – Yes, Is He there in you – Yes. Is He there in the prakriti – Yes. He is all Pervading – He fills everything. He is inside of the smallest of the things – the soul. This is what was explained by Sri Narasimha Incarnation. Hiranyakashipu who proclaimed himself to be the supreme, asked his son Prahlada – If his Hari was there in a pillar – And yes, God appeared from the pillar.

    Aham Brahmasmi – translates in Telugu (sorry, I cannot translate to other languages) to – “Nenu Brahmanu Ayi Vunnanu”. I have become God to kind of translate in english. It does not mean – “Nenu Brahma nu” (I am Brahma).

    Again according to Vishistadvaita – this is a statement of a Mukta – the one who attained mukti. According to this, mukti for the soul means – leaving this body which is a mixture of pain and pleasure and enter a divine form that is full of happiness – attain a state that is equivalent to Paramatma (not become Paramatma). It is said that even in this stage – Paramatma keeps the responsibility of creation, maintainance and destruction to Himself. Just like a CEO of a company who is my friend, takes me gives me an equal position to him in the company out of love for me, but allows me to enjoy the pleasures like money, profits etc – without burdening me with the responsibilities.

    Well If Aham Brahasmi is there – There is this Brahma Sutra too –

    Jagadvyaparavarjam prakaranadasannihitattvaccha

    The liberated soul which has attained Brahmaloka has all the lordly powers except the power of creation.

    In that sense – the mukta says – I have become Brahma.
    It is in the happiness of having attained the highest position in the lap of the supreme one, of having attained the highest joy of being with the supreme one, the mukta sings with joy – I have become Brahma.
    It is not that he does not have the knowledge of who he is – He knows he has become equal in quality to the supreme one, that supreme one has given him this position – In his happiness he says that I have become brahma.

    Yes, those who have not attained the mukti stated above – those who live in this body – here and in this world – also have uttered such a statement. When this was uttered by them – they neglected themselves as compared to their inner most soul. Its like when I say – I am Maruthi Pavan – Am I refering to the body seperately, the soul seperately or am I refering to both put together. Its both put together. When I said – I am Maruthi Pavan – I have included the body and the soul. Similarly – I can say – I am God – I have included the body, the soul and God who dwells inside. Nothing wrong in it – if seen this way.

    Advaitic point is – that there is no body, soul etc – and I have no objection if it has to be interpreted in the advaitic way.

    Now coming to the science – atoms etc – I don’t know if mind is atoms – well let it be.

    So something which is a combination of different things – is thinking itself to be different. In this example, the source is then different things, not one.
    And when the mind realizes its atoms – it has become many. Also how did they combine – there should be someway or force or something through which they combine.

    According to the philosophy again – Creation takes place only through the will of the Supreme One. I commented on the above example, because it was quoted.

    About the Maya thing – If Maya was also God, then why should it cover God? – Why is the mind thinking it to be different from God if it were God? – And what is this other new thing – the Ego? – Why so many things have to be brought in to explain – that everything is One. If that One is everything – why should there be even a question of this difference coming up & what is the necessity of removing this difference by taking the support of different things & terms.

    There is this statement also in the Upanishads. Infact there are many statements explaining duality.

    In the upanishad-s, we have reference to two beautiful birds sitting on the same tree – signifying the jIvAtmA and the ParamAtmA dwelling in the same body. One (jIvAtmA) eats the fruits of actions, and the other (ParamAtMA) just gazes on (sAkshI).
    “dvA suparNA sayujA sakhAyA
    samAnam vr*ksham parishvajAte tayoranyah pippalam svAdvanti, anaSnan anyo abhicAkaSIti (mundakopanishad – 3.1) – A pair of white-winged birds extremely friendly to each other sit on one and the same tree; one eats
    the fruits, the other eats not and gazes on”.

    Sri Ramanuja’s philosophy picked up all the statements (whether they appeared to be non-dualistic or those that said – everything is real) and gave the right meanings to them. No point in picking one statement that supports a particular view point and ignore the other.

    Vishsitadvaita says – Yes There is ONE Brahma, but everything you see – the souls, prakriti are also real. That divine is not attributeless, He has attributes that are real.

    You also mentioned – “Ignorance is also Brahman, but when this ignorance knows the source it is the source.” – How can Brahman be source of Ignorance that makes Brahman think he is different from Brahman. And you say – Once Ignorance knows – So Ignorance is the knower? – Again an attribute? – If Ignorance was the knower, then the known is Brahman? – And if the Ignorance knows the source now as Brahman – What was it knowing before? – That should not be brahman – Is that another ignorance?

    I am not arguing. Somehow its not a convincing argument to all parties – So there are those who follow other philosophies too.

    Coming to Purusha Suktam – Purusha means – The one who gives in Abundance – To whom He is giving?

    When the Gods were doing the sacrifice – They realized that the fire has the supreme in it. And what could they offer to that supreme? – The offering, they realized was also pervaded by the Supreme. So yes, they were right. They offered everything to the Supreme One. At the end of any sacrifice – any follower of any God, Philosophy say – “Sarvam Sri Krishnarpana mastu”. Yes, the Gods realized that they should see the Supreme One in the fire and should consider that these offerings reach Him finally.

    Same was demostrated by Krishna – When He said, Why Offer to Indra – Offer to Me.

    My friend – You are free to consider yourself as God and leave this ignorant friend of yours to think that He is a servant and lover of that Divine Lord. This ignorant one will have to may be suffer somethings ordained by that Lord and being ignorant, he will identify with those sufferings and suffer.

  67. It would be foolish to say that I am Super-Powerful God, I would like to say that I am not this body, Nor am I a mind, nor Prana, nor buddhi, I am something which cannot be pointed to.

    Neti Neti. That’s all.

  68. Lingam is the greate example in Hindu Religion which shows that god is formless. Lingam shows that god does not have start and end. Lingam shows everything and everyone is equal. Lingam shows that there should not be difference between religion,caste,personality and colour etc. Lingam shows that everything is come out of it and everything will go into it.

    Good poem written by Akkamahadevi on shiva lingam:

    I love the Handsome One
    He has no death
    decay nor form
    no place or side
    no end nor birthmarks.
    I love Him O mother. Listen.
    I love the Beautiful One
    with no bond nor fear
    no clan no land
    no landmarks
    So my shiva, white as jasmine, is my husband.

    There is only one God. He has many names. Surrender yourself completely to Him in devotion.
    Compassion is the root of all religions. Treat all living beings with kindness. Live for the welfare of all. Do not live for selfish and personal interests.
    Those who are acceptable in this world will be acceptable in the next world too. People should lead a proper life as householders, only then they will be fit for spiritual life. One need not give up the family and become a monk.
    No man should be proud thinking ‘I give this’ or ‘I do that’. What a man does he should do out of devotion in his heart. It should not be for the sake of show or publicity; nor even to win public praise.

    Shivam Sarwam, Sarwam SHivam
    Jeeva Seva Shiva Seva
    Satyam SHivam Sundaram

  69. One important point I want to add:

    When ur soul with the body u say OM Namah Shivay
    But when ur soul come out of body and there is no desire and ego then you say I am shiva, I am shiva…

    So shiva cannot be reach by ego. You should have No desire and Ego less to reach shiva

    In hindu religion many of the people do shiva pooja daily but Shiva pooja will complete(sampoorna) only when u become a shiva

  70. The “omkaram” represented by three letters AUM represents “Trimoorthi” or Trinity namely Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma is ONE word. It also represents three states
    1. awake 2. sleep 3. deep sleep without dreams. Everything except one is permanent during all three states. i.e, Aatma. Specifically with us its “Jeevaathma”. Realized Soul or Aatma unifies with Supreme soul “Paramaathma” just like various rivers converge at some point(This unification is the inner meaning of Panchakshari mantram namah sivayah).

    there is also a saying in sanskrit which is “Sivayah vishnuroopaya siva roopaya vishnave”

    I am very fortunate to read the above stories as well as comments posted by fellow reader.


  71. hello,

    i read all of your stories, you please contact once to a pandit in the below address:

    Sri Puthur Krishnaswamy Iyengar,
    Puthur Agraharam, Puthur, Trichy, Tamilnadu

  72. Please try to give a modern meaning to the stories and interpret them to their deeper level.We all know that many of the stories like samundra manthan are mythologies but they have a much deeper meaning.For example,the various Avatars of Lord Vishnu first a fish,then a turtle,a Hog,then half lion and half man etc.If we look at these stories,they reveal the theory of evolution which actually makes sense.Multicellular Life first orignated as fish in the ocean,then an amphibean like turtle,then vegetation and a variety of food source eating animal,a hog.Slowly man evolved but still was a beast,eating raw meat,the Narsimha Avtara and so on.
    I hope you get my point.

  73. hi bhargav nice to all of u thinking about god.

    there are diffrent states of mind.When we completely merged in samadhi(mind is swimming in the ocean of bramhan) we identify ourselevs with god.and when we are in normal world we have to think we are servents of GOD.

    these words are said by Sri ramakrishna paramahamsa.He said that develope love on god so he will reveal every thing to us

    so let us fallow his words and taste the bliss of god

  74. hey guys………shiva……….is the supreme one………..shiva took incarnation as bishnu………brahmma and rudra.

    People are confused about rudra and shiva.

    By the way……..salvation can be attained by knowing ur self(enlightenment) . A person who doesnot know him/herself ……… can he know about shiva.Hence try to know who u are .

    if u know ur self……… the eternal knowledge of bliss comes upon you and u r in everything and everyting is in you……….. you become the bishnu ,shiva and brahmma…….

    As we are people ……affected by gunas……..we interpreted god as we are…………we think who is great/small/powerful/powerless………and fight /quarrel/argue………….for what ……….for nothing.

    we are the god itself………like a fragment of magnet is separated from its real size……..both are always trying to get one another…….to be one……….hence god(super soul or super magnet) and soul(magnet) are actually the same.And this whole cosmic cycle is going on……… be united,,,,,,,,,who? soul and supersoul.

    As we know,,,,,,,,if you are devotional to god(shiva/bishnu/brahmma),,,,,,,,,,u will get his bless and afection………he will take you to his abode ………….only if u have his mercy.

    But god dont do that………..because the rule of karma is there and he wont break it,hence dont waste ur time in arguing who is great as he is one………….the three gunas of people see him in three different form…………actually he is one………and separate for different people as s/b/b
    because of peoples gunas.

    hence dont run behiu=nd ur gunas(satwa/raja/tama) and try to realize ur self as siddarth gautam did and became buddha. Be try to become buddha.

    And remember one thing buddha never argue about god.He realized himself as he was not bound by gunas.

  75. Hello…… guys……..shiva is the ultimate truth……..the start and the end………
    shiva has no form ……… also he is everywhere………in everything……….he is the original seed and commander/lord ishewara.
    He comes to pasu( as we all humans and other beings are called pasu unless we trealize the ultimate truth or self realization)in the symbolic form of shiva linga.

    li means destroyer and gum refers to recreation………also shiva lingam represents the origin of cosmos by the union of shiva and prakriti……..hence shiva is the cause of every causes the destoyer and recreater .

    He is the sourse of everything …….karta……..also he is boundless…..auspicious……….and kind” bhola”.He is the shwaembhu…..shwa.means…myself or supersoul…..and bhu means creating or manifestation……hence shiva originate or come to this cosmos as the rudra avatara by his own will……..for the sake of mankind …… give them liberation ………..hence he is the adiyogeshwoer,………
    shiva has infinite form ……as he is everything,………he manifested him self in bramma(creator) and bishnu(pervader and preserver and protector)……..and later came to cosmos as rudra avater as the son of bramha (supersoul or bishnu).

    It is not to be confuged that shiva is even the cause or pioneer of supersoul or paramatma. He comes to the cosmos when he thinks he is needed. Therefore it will be lack of wisdom if I say shiva or rudra is the son of bishnu(shiva puran)……….as u iskcon people say…….because the relation of birth is ony for humanbeings not for shiva………..also shiva is himself everything…….parabramha…….paramatma and all pervading ………and creator of space nad time…….”mahakaleshwor”.As said in “swasthani” bramha worshiped shiva for his help, support and aagya for the creation of cosmos maintenance.

    All the other gods /goddess and demigods are his creation…….sakti(jagadamba) is the companion of shiva…….the world runs because of sakti and shiva is the commander or director of sakti…… we know or sakti is another form of matter(hence called gauri or ambeke).

    hence brother stop all this false propoganda who is bigger and smaller…………as we are people covered by gunas(rajo.tamo.satwo) we even interpretet god as our gunas……….shiva is beyond gunas……..because he is the creator of sakti (mahamaya) and guna is the fruit of sakti.

    As majority of you………editor……..propritor ,,,,,,,,writer are from europe or latin america in iskcon …… lack the knowledge of wisdom ,respect and love. with your little gunas(ignorance) you divide people for god as every thing is shiva only.stop this matter for commercial propaganda…… people are yourself covered with illusion how you try to awaken yourself…………if you are pure devotee of bishnu try to respect shiva……..because bishnu is the greatest bhakta of shiva………

    once maha bishnu was in meditation ………and it continued for long long time………later laxmi asked……….swami you meditate but can you tell me on whom you meditate,………….maha bishnu said to laxmi”laxmi I was meditating on param shiva……Iam his devotee and he is my swami(lord).

    Shiva(rudra) is also great bishnu bhakta…….hence dont try to be devotee or spritual unless you dont have same faith in shiva(rudra) and bishnu………….the life of people decreases if he /she tries to find difference in shiva(rudra) and bishnu.

    As said in swasthani by aswini(kumar) ………..”O agaste muni(sage,great rishi)……….those people are said to be foolish and lack of wishdom who thinks rudra bishnu and bramha differently.”

    Hence I hope you iskcon are not foolish…………you still have time and come to track.respect shiva(rudra)and bishnu and see and think and treat and behave them equally.

    If you have any doubt then please feel free to contact me in my email id.

    • Yes Brother…
      You are right…I also written a mail to the Iskon…to treat Shiva and Vishnu as same….but they are not agreed it. They said we are taking Bagavadgeeta written by our Guru is Authentic. I said Geeta is abstract of Vedas…Vedas said “Ekam sat Vipra bahuda vadanti”. More over I quoted few incidents in puranas, which said Siva and Vishnu are same…still they are showing one face of a coin…I hope soon they will realise the truth….

  76. Dear all,There is no difference between lord Shiva and lord Vishnu,not even a difference of .000001 point.They are one and same.Please never differentiate between them.Some try to say,ultimately it is one or other is superior or such things,but that is wrong,both are just one and same.

    | || Shivaya Vishnu rupaya Shiva Rupaya Vishnave.|| ||


  77. Bhagavata purana and Shiva purana differ in many ways and same stories are told differently in either. there is so much talk about Vishnu in this thread, but none about the Supreme Brahman hailed by the vedas, puranas, upanishads and all ancient scriptures unanimously – Narayana. None of the names of Shiva equal the power of “Narayana” word. All scriptures also hail Narayana’s ashtakshari mantra as the greatest of mantras.

    Great Shiva Bhaktas were destroyed by avataaras of Narayana – Example- Ravana. Some Shiva Bhaktas were destroyed by Shiva himself – example – Tripurasura. Shiva has not granted Moksha to anyone. even in the case of Markandeya he plead with Narayana to grant Moksha. Shiva is a Tamasic devataa who fought with Vishnu and was defeated by the sound of “hum”. He and his whole family including Parvati, Ganesh, and Skanda (Karthikeya) fought Krishna in the Banaasura yuddha and were defeated comprehensively.

    In one of your stories you say Shiva gave chakra to Vishnu! Chakra is a nityasuri and Narayana’s weapon. Also known as Sudarshana, it was he who gave Soolayuda to Shiva according to a legend! (there is a painting in Srirangam showing this).

    At the end of this Brahma’s life span during the maha-pralayam, after all Jeevatmas – chit and achit are destroyed, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva will be swallowed by Narayana. Narayana will begin the process of creation all over again.

    • Dear Brother…
      I understood you not read any Vedas by your mail…please read vedas and post reply…If vedas says Indra, It doesn’t means he is the king of Demi gods, he is it self Prabhramha….please not that the incidents you written is belongs to Puranas…Puranas ment to understood the concepts, but not to argue about the superiority of Gods. Thus, I am requesting you to please dont comment on superiority Gods. “Ekam sat Vipra bhudavadanti”

    ur name is sudarshan .meaning one who shows other the right path………but u lack the sence of knowledge and wisdom………..not only that u …….r fool too. u completely lack the intellectual………..story of mahabharat and purans…………..

    dont say that ……..great bhakts of shiva were destroyed by bishnu………and u gave the example of ravan andtripurasur…………

    now i will tell the accurate story…………

    shiva never takes the side of wrong people,wrong philosophy…………he is the supreme one………even he is the cause of consciousness………..senses is greater than matter……..mind is greater than senses………..intellectual(knowledge) is greater than mind…………soul is greater than intellectuality………. and super soul is greater than soul…………personality of god head is greater than super soul and shiva is greater than personality of god head.

    ravan was great guy……….but because of his ego……..he wasnt capable of differenciating dharma and adarma ……..and gradually became demonic and ruthless,cruel and sinful………..he became the cause of unjustice ,power and irreligiousas well as brutality.

    But he was great bhakta of shiva……….what could shiva do…………..he cant say to his devotee…………”dont be my devotee”………….but he told ravan ” if .. he follows the path of adharma he will be vanquished even he is his devotee”

    Ravan was the gatekeeper of baikunth……….along with his friend………….one day saptarishi came to baikunth but were not allowed to enter the abode……..becoming angry ……saptarishi cursed those two gate keepers ……….”you two……..humiliated us…………u will be born in earth for 72 lifes and will remain away from bishnu till then”. the gate keepers could not tolerate the curse being seperated from bishnu………there lord………..and told bishnu all about the accidents………….then bishnu told ………..

    • Dear Brother…
      you are right…Ravan is a great guy, but he is not great devotee of Shiva, he did aradana of Shiva, this made him to get phalas…but at the same time is not a bhakta to shiva…There is a lot of Diffrence between bhakthi and aradana.
      thank you

  79. “I will give give u choice………since what ever you two did to saptarisis…………was adharmic in nature………..but you are my devotee and you two need to chose 104 births away from me or 3 lives away from me………..but if you chose three lives u will be killed through my hands…….and will be brought back to baikuntha.”

    Instead of seperating 104 lives away from bishnu………..they chose 3 lives away from bishnu………….and consiquently those two took birth as a)hiranya kasipu and hirannyakchya b)ravan and kuvakarna c) kansa and sisupal

    In this three birth they were great devotee of shiva……because who ever disrespects rishi muni,jogi,sanyasi,brahamin,cow ,ganga and kumari…….they become responsible of disrespecting shiva indirectly………..thats why they born as shiva bhakta……………

    they disrespected saptarishi………..indirectly disrespected shiva………and hence even bishnu punished them for 3 lives.

    now i will tell u of tripurasur

    tri(3) pura(Palaces or kingdom)………….tripurasur a became adharmic and demonic when he got boon from bramha that he will not be killed by any body but only by that personality who will dismantle his 3 puras into ashes……….by single strike……………..and told tripurasur…..that his 3 puras of gold iron and silver will remain away from each other and after long period of time they (pura) will come together only for the fraction of time.

    so tripurasur thought …….there is no one who could devastate tripur……… single strike………also they are miles and miles apart from one another…………..and coome together for fraction of time…………….he thought he is immortal…………….

    after many many years…………when tripurasur became the emperor of trilok…………all gods including bishnu and bramha………….went to shiva and asked to destroy tripur and kill tripurasur…………..

    shiva told ………to gods………i will give you my 1 ansa(fraction ) of rudra sakti. then you all go and fight him………..

    But gods as they are stubborn told shiva……….even if they take the energy of shiva…………and fight with tripurasur………they will be unable to kill him………….because………..the army of tripurasur looks deadly even from there sight miles away.

    hence shiva agreed………….and told”o gods…… energy while fighting tripurasur……….will be so emence and devastating and high that simple chariot will not be able to tolerate it …………so make strong chariot.

    bishnu became the sharp point of arrow……….bramha the charioter of shiva………….ganesh became the supreme comander of devatas after shiva…………4 bedas became the 4 horses of chariot………….sun and moon became the two wheels of chariot…………saraswati became the ghanta in chariot………….

    hence shiva fought deadly war……..and dismantled the tripurs in single strike of arrow………..similarly tripurasur was great devotee of shiva…………shiva told bayu(air) to go fast and tell fire agni not to burn tripurasur………..since he is his devotee…………shiva cares of his devotee…………and orders tripurasur to go to patal and reside there.

    tripurasur went to patal with sivslinga……….in that war great demons like bidhutprabha was killed.

    hence the shiva has fought the deadly war among any wars in 4 eras which has nevertaken place and never will be.

    by the way foolish sudarsan also said…………shiva and his family fought with krishna and get difited……………it was only shiva who fought from the side of his devotee………….

    in the war…………both krishna and shiva fought deadly………shiva came in rudra avatar(fierce form)…… one except krishna knew he was shiva………… this fighting………..krishna used all his weapons…………but tell me guys who and where is such weapon to kill mahakall(even death-yamaraj is his another manifestation). shiva finally became angry…actually it was his acting only………how would he kill krishna………by whose instruction he has taken birth to kill kansa nad bad adharmic warriors,to reestablish dharma…………shiva from his throght tookout the fierce fire………..all the gods became afraid ………bramha at once came to shiva and prayed not to use this weapon against krishna………bramha told
    maha bishnu by his(shiva) instructions has taken birth to reestablish justice and dharma… he can use such weapons aginst him ……..then shiva with the bramha and gods returned back to kailash.

    hence sudarshan……..never try to disrespect shiva………….because every thing and every direction is shiva only……….”sarbagatha shiva”………

  80. It is good message for the devotees who are showing difference between VISHNU and SIVA. After read this story. I hope at least they should not comment other god either VISHNU or SIVA.

    Thank you

  81. Dear Friends, could you please tell me the origin of the image on your webpage:
    I would like to inquire for permission to include in a teaching / lesson
    Thank you. Namaste, Aileen L Corelli

  82. Dear bhakta’s of LORD SHIVA & VISHNU OR LORD VISHNU& SHIVA…………
    GOT IT

  83. vishnu is omnipresent.he creates the universe.

    Iam one without doubts,my form is formless,causeless,beginingless,selfexistent,everfree,everpure.

    It is not one,for how can there be a second distinct fron it? Aloness can not be attributed to it nor even not aloness.It is neither a void nor non void.when it doesnot admit of second entity ,in what manner can I speak about it through it is established by all the upanisads.

  85. Yes Indeed .One of Shivas names is Vishnu.And One of Vishnu’s names is Shiva, by the way Keshav also means Shiva in Sanskrit.

  86. Indian texts have been modified by Muslim Invaders as well as the British who ruled over India for combined 1000 years.During this time they changed the data to bring down the character of Rama and Krishna who were very popular in Hindu texts.They tried to relate both of them with wrong and unjust activities.Both of Them were Maryada Purshottam.Sita had herself left Ayodhya for seeking divine blessings of sages and later she continued to stay there till her childrens education got over.There was nothing like Lord Rama leaving her at all.And later She returned to rule Ayodhya as Queen with Rama as King for many many years.Lord Krishna’s character has also been poorly portrayed by these Evil minded Invaders by unnecessry associating him with many women/wives.Actually Krishna had just 1 wife Rukimni who was an incarnation of Radha herself. But these evil story writers did not stop there, they related shivji with bhang and other drugs.Actually Shiv drank poison to be called Neel-Kanth, but these evil people spread stories of him being addicted to bhang n co.In true life GOD is all about Purity so my humble request to all brothers and sisters is that Shiva=Rama=Krishna=100% purity.Pls reject any evil though that comes your way and outrightly condemn n criticise any one who comes with any negative story about our beloved GODS shiva and Vishnu.

  87. Thanks a Million to the author of this blog !!!! Thanks…

    Great explanation of shiva-vishnu co-existence !!!


    • These Splitting people are in our Dharama only. We need to fight with our own people to re establish Advitha. We need to stop the people who argues one is Supreme one is less…we need the Gurus like Adi Shanaracharya, ramaKrishna and Ramana Maharshi…

  89. Shri Vishnu is also called Shiva and Shri Mahadeva is also called Shiva ,so, therefore they are the two forms of the same entities……….

    Although scriptures tell of Shiva being the progenitor of Vishnu and Vishnu progenitor of Brahma. They are indifferent.
    Just as Atman (Individual soul) is indifferent from Param.Atma (The Great soul) realize it and you’ll realize god who is both the creator and the creation. The preserver and also the destroyer.

    • shiva and vishnu both r older than even puranas no one knows who is the progenitor or who is the creation or the creator……one thing is clear that God is one ………it is not important that shiva and vishnu are the same but it is more important that they respect each other the most and both have the same motive i.e., they grant love and salvation………brahma,vishnu and mahesha creator preserver and destroyer its just like a story that has a begining a middle part and a conclusion but in this case the conclusion can be the begining and vice versa ………

  91. Vishnu is the God and shiv is also vishnu.

    • This tells Shiva is a form of Vishnu…Its not correct accord to Advita…if One exist then there is two exist….so “IT IS NOT ONE, THERE IS NO EXSISTENCE OF TWO IN THE UNIVERSE”.

  92. it’s’s fantastik.

  93. There is one deer(kasturi) it has a nector(scent) in his navel…it spends his whole life in search of that scent(moves here n there in jungle) and dies not knowing that the scent that its smelling is non other than from his own body ..we too humans…some times…wonder here n there in search of true happiness and luxury…but who knows…we might be moving in wrong direction…so in this world…which is run by prakriti…we need someone to guide us…and that guider is guru..The tradition of guru-chela was started from the adinath,sakchat omkara ,shiva himself..who is the universal guru(bramha guru)…god of all humans,demigods…therefore he is called devadidev(meaning god of gods)…hence our live purpose needs to be in finding a true guru…in todays world its very difficult,almost impossible to find true guru…if so in ur heart u can imagine any thing as ur guru…and act accordingly..u will be freed from any attachments and obstacles because inevery thing there is shiva only.

  94. Know then Prakriti (nature) is Mâyâ (art), and the great Lord the Mâyin (maker-shiva); the whole world is filled with what are his member

  95. Andabrahmaanda koti akhila paripaalana-dedicated to shiva
    the lone sustainer of all the countless Universes

    poorana jagathkaarana satya deva deva priya- dedicated to shiva
    one who is complete, the creator of this Universe, the liked one by all the devatas.(because shiva is surprisingly loved by all the demons,gods,snakes,reptiles…..he is loved by all…..all it means nature(prakriti),ma parbati is nature or energy and she loves shiva

  96. I have same faith in shiva and bishnu……..because i was born in hindu brahmin family…….and grown up in hindu tradition and culture…….and i can truely say……i know about my religion more than any foreigners(firingi)…….

    But i want to say i hate some organization like iskcon….there way of presentation…..and elaboration of there belief……..majority of there belivers are western…….who just has quest for sprituality…..but truely lack the meaning and theme of hinduism……they truely want to broke us apart …by dividing us in the name of god……

    we hindus……. are we so helpless that we had to learn our own dharma and tradition from foreigners…this iskcon ,who has all members from propriter to publisher and manager……all whites or foreigner.

    ISKCON……international society of KRISHNA CONCIOUSNESS……does conciousness of krishna tells us hindus……to fight for supremecy…… our devotion,respect ,love for all gods…….who is one … already extinguished???????????????

    Does krishna says…….iam bigger than shiva ……Then why he send arjuna for penance to get pashupatastra??????? why still ram prayed shiva…….and there still…….in front of our eyes in india… rameshwara??????????

    why the great rishis munis like bishwamitra,dattatraya,durvasa,markandeya,…………praised shiva…….why rishi beda vyasa wrote svetasvatara upanisad?????????????please tell me…..

    why we still go to pashupatinath ……..benaras…….kedarnath….badrikashram….muktinath….rameswharam……..WHY STILL THE BISHNU TEMPLE OR STATUE OF BISHNU IS CALLED……BUDANILKANTHA(OR ONE WITH BLUE THROAT-SHIVA HAS BLUE THROAT BECAUSE HE DRANK POISAN)…………IN BUDANILKANTHA NEPAL……..

    please do not be disturbed and stop wondering…….There is one deer(kasturi) it has a nector(scent) in his navel…it spends his whole life in search of that scent(moves here n there in jungle) and dies not knowing that the scent that its smelling is non other than from his own body ..we too humans…some times…wonder here n there in search of true happiness and luxury…but who knows…we might be moving in wrong direction…so in this world…which is run by prakriti…we need someone to guide us…and that guider is guru..The tradition of guru-chela was started from the adinath,sakchat omkara ,shiva himself..who is the universal guru(bramha guru)…god of all humans,demigods…therefore he is called devadidev(meaning god of gods)…hence our live purpose needs to be in finding a true guru…in todays world its very difficult,almost impossible to find true guru…if so in ur heart u can imagine any thing as ur guru…and act accordingly..u will be freed from any attachments and obstacles because inevery thing there is shiva only.

    Andabrahmaanda koti akhila paripaalana(dedicated to shiva)
    the lone sustainer of all the countless Universes

    poorana jagathkaarana satya deva deva priya(dedicated to shiva)
    one who is complete, the creator of this Universe, the liked one by all the devatas..

    • Hare Krishna,Man u are living in ignorance and u say urself as Brahmin, but u r not brahmin by nature, and in kalyuga a person is only Brahmin by his deeds as told in various vedic Granths and all are Shudras in this world. If u r really Brahmin then u must know how ahead these Foriegners are from u and me in Bhakti, My friend u should read Padam Purana and then u will know why did Lord Rama worshipped Lord Shiva. Why did Lord Shiva apply Bhabhuti and has snake and whom does he worship and for what purpose he has started Advait Dharam and what did Shiva requested to the Supreme Lord Vishnu, after He was ordered to preach the religion of ignorance by Lord, then my friend ur above asked questions would be answered by only reading it. My friend dont lead a life of ignorance and get urself clear through Bhagwat Geeta, The Holy Book of Hindu’s and then tell me the answers u read there. I am not a person who is preaching u any religion but just telling u the Truth being servant of the servants of My LORD.

      • hey u ……….u told how this foreigners r more bhaktas than me …..and u compared me with those firingis…….u listen to them but not me……..As said in vabishya puran…….the unknown,unintiligent,undevoted will pretend to be all knowing and try to spread the message of dharma and low living intities with low knowledge of dharma will follow them,in this way the dharma will be washed away.
        Hey dipak, the same thing has happened again………u beleive them but not me and instead u r in state of sudra……u pretend to be differenciating and lowering shiva.Read my articles and u will find I have never and nowhere disrespected krishna but just speak the truth.U my brother doesnot know sri krishna is an avatar of bhadrakali…..the adi jagadamba……..the parvati herself…….and radha including rukmini and other 8 spouse of krishna were the shiva and his bhairava incarnations…… the direction of ishwara…….shiva ……… jagadhatri took avatar as krishna…….also the book written by prabhupada and sloka u wrote ishwaram paramam krishna …………has been long before studied by me…….this verse is completely true…….u know why shiva and parvati…….the devine conciousness and nature r same and both r bramha,There is no differentiation between shiva the iswara or director or pioneer or properiteror his energy,nature,parvati,kali or krishna…….god bless u……..have any doubt contact me in

    • My friend,
      I forgot to say something. U told u r a Hindu and u know the Hindu Dharma then please read and Follow Bhagwat Geeta, The Holy Book of Hindus. U can also read Padam Purana through Internet and search for the chapter which i told u earlier i.e the preaching of Lord Vishnu to Lord shiva

      • haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,,,,,,,,,,now onwards I will just laugh on u , u know why u talk of gita……..chapter 15 text 17, krishna says to arjuna,,,,,,,,,,,uttamah purusas tu anyah , paramatmety udartah
        yo loka trayam avisya bibharty avyaya ISHWARAHA.

        U KNOW FOOOOOOOOOOL,what does this mean……..the best among the aatma,the paramaatma,Shiva or ishwara has intered the three worlds and is maintaining them.

        why krishna says, ishwara has intered the three worlds……means he is divine counciousness,even a counciousness or aatma like us or even a stone,leaf or river the what ever there is in three worlds need him for there goverence.

        The nature or prakriti has no chetana……..hence to govern this nature shiva decends on this three lok or universe as rudra aavatar called sankara to govern it,what ever happens happens happens under his direction hence he is called ishwara…….

        there is no difference between nature(energy,matter,conciousness) prakriti,adi jagadamba or shiva.Dakshya worshiped ma jagdatri or one who carries or bears the whole universe for 3000 yrs,happy with him decended on earth to meet his divine partner or devine conciousness shiva as sati……

        After the creation of universe, the conciousness of that devine conciousness shiva intered in every thing, hence then the same devine conciousness was known as BISHNU(Bish>>one who has entered NU.>>>>>in everything).And that conciousness created diversity in each of those 24 elements.

        Lots to tell u bro…….But time is short.
        Hope u take everything as shiva and shiva only as sarbagataha shiva.

  97. Iswaram paramam krisna,satchidananda vigrah.Aanadir aadir govinda sarbakarana karanam……

    Krishna is supreme controller……..who is full of truth,knowledge and bliss. Who is without begining and end(means who is eternal), And who is the cause of every causes.

    jay sri krishna.

  98. in mahabharata vyas bagvan gave a mantra “sri vishnu roopaya namah shivaya”. in vishnu sahasram many shiva names are there and in shiva sahasram many vishnu names are there. “sivascha hridayam vishnu vishnoscha hrudayam shivaha” shiova meditates on vishnu and vishnu meditates on shiva. beyond any doubt both are forms of the same god. no need to have any any doubts at all. the extreme shivites and vaishnavites are breaking the hindu society by false propagating

  99. this story is good and given lot of knowledge to me.

  100. this is nice story

  101. I fully agree KUMARASWAMY.
    Both Shiva and Vishnu have achieved the supreme and thus are the supreme.
    There are verses in our scriptures that say that shiva is the universe itself.
    It is because he has achieved the status of brahman and beyond.

    In my opinion, Rather than arguing who is superior, we should follow the knowledge of vedas and try to elevate ourselves.

  102. Shiva is called HARA, Vishnu HARI so whenever one prays to HARI one automatically calls upon HARA since HARA is inside HARI
    HARA + E = HARI
    ie in hindi u can say HARA iti HARI
    thats to say HARA is HARI

  103. lord vishnu and lord shiva are the supreme power of hindu mythology

  104. if u people are so confused then worship LORD AYYAPPA bcos he is son of Lord Shiva as father and Lord Vishnu as mother(as Mohini avatar).Even Shiva and Vishnu knew that u people will get confused so they gave birth to LORD AYYAPPA ,he is called HARIHARA.He is the God for Kaliyug.Worshipping LORD AYYAPPA means worshipping Shiva and Vishnu at the same time.

    • You are right Rhaul…

  105. Good collection.. :) The concept of both Shiva and Vishnu are same itself makes me very happy. Both are one and the same so are we humans.

  106. namo narayan vishno bhakto kalki avtar ho chuka hai kalyung ka ant hone vala hai bhavan ka nam japo namo narayan namo narayan

  107. I worship Only Sriman Narayana.
    My faith cannot be changed by these stories.
    Nor can I change the thinking of those who think they both are one or Shiva is great.

    Just now, I saw an episode of Ganesh Leela – where its shown that Vishnu worshipped Ganesh to get rid of the demons Madhu and Kaitabha.

    Concorted Jokers have another story in which to kill the same demons, Vishnu takes the help of Durga.

    Absolute Non sense

    Rama is shown as worshipping Shiva at n places, performing chandi/chamundi and what other non sense homas.

    Somehow the jokers want to reduce the importance of Vishnu.

    I never questioned about other GOds. But if jokers try to show my Lord down, I get pained. But it just increases my faith (rather than disturbing it) in my Lord. He perhaps wants difference and He wants the jokers to be jokers.

    There are some reading this, who might think that I am a joker. Let them think so, I can’t change them similarly.

    Oh My Lord – Oh My Narayana – Oh my beautiful sweet little Krishna – I LOVE YOU

    • You really need to chill. Even your beloved bhAgavatam clearly says that those that fight over who’s supreme, Shiva OR Vishnu are fools. Vishnu, Shiva etc are manifestations of the parabrahmam. You say Hari, I say Hara. By extension, some say Jehovah and others say Allah. God is one. It’s us humans who have tiny minds that cannot comprehend the vastness of God that have resorted to calling him/her different names, Vishnu, Shiva etc.

      Na iti, Na iti.

    • Oh My Lord – Oh My Narayana – Oh my beautiful sweet little Krishna – I LOVE YOU

      i felt that fools who may be right with arguments but didnt feel that …. are pretty pathetic and are to be pitied. ..

      Love cannot be wrong …. and you Love …
      Do not try to decifer anything else
      Follow Krishna if your Intellect of the manifestations is to be rectified if you have come to the path of knowing your Krishna in a more vedic manner …. which again is just a form to Love …
      if anyone will show you the reality of things it will be your Krishna ..
      not a joker ….
      “The devotees form My heart and I, theirs. They do not think of anyone other than Me and I other than them”

      Somewhere the Lord said i say in my words …
      I manifest the way my devotee with faith wishes to worship me …

      Krishna is a Poorna Avatar
      and is Supreme …

      Satya Meva Jayate Satya iti Brahman

  108. very nice>>>>……….great

  109. all people i see r just frustrated in the names…..shiva ,bishnu………..wake up guys.lift ur self above appearences n names……….its just the direction to identify someones……..have love ,passion for all and god will be in u n u will be in everything……..bcoz god is everything……..

    if u stucked in something particular…..u wont be able to see above the periferry……..the frog in the well never thinks there is world beyond that……just guess …r u FROG?????????

  110. First pronounce Vishnu correctly. Not Bishnu.
    I agree. Never did I say, that God is not everything. But first Tell these Frog lessons to those who try to show my Lord down through concorted stories. It is these people who are real frogs.

    • sorry my dear. No one should/can try to down Lord shiva. Where is our petty position compare to the greatest Lord. Certainly who is showing him as low is no better than animal. But you should not speak with so much anger like this. For this shows the poor quality of kind of people. This will not glorify ur Lord if u behave like this.

      Hope u can understand,

  111. before u argued for names ….now word……..later for what……….letters………degrading every days ha?????????????

    Aagyane aabritam gyaana…….

  112. God does not want any ego to enter his mind,just because the entire world
    is praying to him thats why 1 god prays to the another.
    This is a very important concept to understand.
    This is the quality which separates God from us humans,
    thats why we seeing Rama, Krishna,Vishnu praying to shiva
    and shiva praying to Krishna,Rama, and vishnu.By doing this God wants to send this message across
    to his devotees,one becomes supreme by praying to other’s not by forcing other’s to pray to you.
    It is the people like Ravana/kansa who do this, not our beloved Gods.
    Our Gods send us the message of Love and treating other’s liek God.
    So pls dont get irritated if u see ur God praying to anothe God, just try to understand the divine
    message ur god is sending tot heu and to the world

  113. I am happy to be degraded. But you are so down that you cannot even pronounce properly. You see, you are writing so much great thoughts, but one comment irked you and you pounced at me – you igorant foolish fellow.

  114. Also I don’t have anything against one God Worshipping another God. But there are many concorted stories, just made by fools who pray others and who try to force them on others. I will never do that. I have never said Shiva is less or any other God is less. They why should the frogs even try to show these? Are they trying to spread love? Absolutely no. Their sole purpose is to show their God above others and that comes from their Ego. I cannot tolerate my Father being shown as lesser than any one. Period. May be I am egoistic. You guys enjoy over that and make fun of me. No problem. Thats how I am. May be you call me a demon. But I am happy to be like this. My Sri Hari is my Support, My Father, My Lord, My Ignorance, The cause of all causes including my degrading if one would like to call it like that, He is the one who gives me energy, life, who will come and embrace me in the form of my death. He is everything. I cannot tolerate people showing them down. But I will never ever do the same thing to any other God, as according to me there would be many who would feel the same way if their God is shown down. My father is my father, he is my supreme. Their father is their father, their supreme. May be I do not belong to this elite list of great enlightened individuals. I am happy with my Agnyaanam. And those who read this and are already laughing – enjoy. Those who feel sorry for me – Don’t feel so, as what I am is ordained by my beloved Lord. If really I am wrong, his sweet Sudarshana Chakra will come and give me its great touch.

  115. Now u talking about pronuncing……..although u havent even heard me uttering any words.Of course u can talk about my spellings……..Vishnu /Bishnu……European cant pronounce bishnu…….hence they write vishnu…….u faggot.n u follow them…….u iskon shit….before whites used to follow us…….now u black hairy ass follow them….u stupid punk……sudarshan chakra come n give me great touch u bullshit……what ever comes n touches ur neck first it gives pain,…..u ….head……by the way sudarshan chakra was given to bishnu by shiva…..the power of sudarshan chakra was so immense so that it has to be divided into 3 parts by shiva n was gien first to his wife……jagatdhatri or parvati or durga,second to bishnu n third to god surya,,,,,,

  116. Haha – Thanks!
    Thats just brings out the correct side of you Mr. Paudel. Thanks for all the kind words. It shows that yo you show difference & what you are made up of.

    BTW, I am not from Isckon. There are millions of Lord Vishnu Devotees in the world and you know only Isckon perhaps. That shows your ignorance more. Anyways I don’t know much about Isckon, but just admire them because they love my Krishna. And you will never be able to get up from your ignorance. In the first place, on my comment, I didn’t invite your first comment..

    So friends, it clearly shows that this person was acting in all his posts – saying greatly that don’t go by name – A slight irking – he starts taking about who gave chakra to whom etc etc

    Again, these are all concorted stories.

    And you perhaps don’t know – Not Europeans, entire world including Indians pronounce Vishnu as Vishnu – The all pervading one.

  117. u shit…..iam not one who try to be artificial in the name of glory,,,,,,,,,n what u said this is wrong……u absolutely a bulk heavy head fellow…….must listen,,,,,,,,,u punk i said again… all my articles from top to down,,,,,,n try to comment………..

    I perhaps can admire n pray for ur devotion to bishnu,,,,,,,but shiva is beyond evrything…….shiva is source of everything……..shiva knows only ,what he actually is…..nor bishnu,nor bramha nor devi knows how he is in truth…….bishnu is another form of parvati or uma………but shiva is shiva,,,,,,,in other sence he is bishnu n parvati,,,,,,,it is his maya..that governs everything………so I dont want to discuss with u slowminded indian hairy ass…….

    • U are nt qualified enough to discuss spiritual topics. your language is vulgar. You are not even a gentle man. There is no use in discussing/oarguing with you. You are in the mode of ignorance, hence is the anger.

      I wish you all the good luck,
      May lord bless you with intelligence and peace,

  118. Ok thankyou! – Again for the kind words. I am happy to take those, as the context is my Lord. It is for people to judge you by the words that you use in your articles. I have seen your articles and how you are going on commenting on every one in other articles too.

    I continue to write about my Lord. Also, the fact that you differentiate is clear – You are worshipper of Shiva and congratulations on that. There are Devotees of Lord Vishnu, Devotees of Mother who will not agree no matter how many articles are written.

    There are stories extolling the greatness of Lord Vishnu. Bhasmasura, the story of Paundraka Vasudeva of Kashi, on what happened during Ksheera Sagara Madhana. I wouldn’t want to go into the details these, as they would hurt the sentiments of others. I would only write about my Lord. And I will talk about His Supremacy only. (while not questioning others)

    On Sudarshana Chakra, it is eternal according to the Vaishnavaite Philosophy. Well for those who believe in an origin for the Sudarshana Chakra, there is another popular version of Sudarshana Chakra made by Vishwakarma. When Sun God was blazing and his wife couldn’t bear it, a part of the tejas of Sun God was taken out and Vishwakarma made the Sudarshana Chakra, Shiva’s trident.

    On Maya, its known as Vishnu Maya (the Maya of Lord Vishnu) that controls the world and its entities.

    But the fact is Sudarshana Chakra is an eternal entity, a devotee/servant of Lord Vishnu in His eternal abode.
    Sudarshana is the name of Lord Vishnu, as is the origin of all other names and He gives the power to the chakra, the chakra gets its power due to the association to his finger. The same name was taken by this great devotee (the chakra) of Lord Vishnu.

    For the worshippers of Vishnu, who believe in His supremacy – He is Shiva. As is said by the Sahasranama.

    AkAshAt patitam tOyam yathA gacchati sAgaram
    sarva dEva namaskArah kEshavam pratigacchati

    (as raindrops falling from the sky all ultmately meet their end in the ocean, prayer to all gods ultimately goes to Lord Keshava).

    narayana param brahma tattvam narayanah parah
    narayanaa paro jyotir atma narayanah parah

    Narayana is the Supreme Brahman. Narayana is the Supreme Reality. Narayana is the Supreme Light. Narayana is the Supreme Self.

    Sa brahma sa shiva sendra sokshara parama swaraat

    “rishaya pitaro DEVA mahabhuthani dhatavaH |
    jangama jangaman chedham jagan narayanodhbhavam ||”

    “The Rishis (great sages), the ancestors, the devas, the great elements, in fact all things moving and unmoving constituting this universe, have originated from Narayana,”

    On Rameshwaram too, its not in the original Valmiki Ramayana that Rama worshipped anyone. Not that he shouldn’t have. He was born a human and could have worshipped all those who need to be respected.

  119. I am saluting that primeval God who is the Lord, who is the best, who is the father of the world, who is the greatest among gods, who has created Brahma, who gave all Vedas to Brahma in the beginning, who is the father of Vishnu and other devas, who merits praise, and who at the time of deluge destroys the world. He is the only one who is greater than every body, who is the best and who rules over others. 1-2

    That very strong Maheswara took the horrifying form of Sarabha and killed Narasimha who was destroying the world. (Sarabha is the avatar of Shiva which is a combination of eagle, lion and man.) 3

    That god with his sharp claws tore, Vishnu who took the form of Narasimha. He who was wearing the hide became Veerabhadra. 4

    For every one desiring to get all occult powers, he is the one who should be meditated. Salutations to that Rudra who tore away the fifth head of Brahma. 5

    Salutations to that Rudra who kicked Kala the God of death and made him fall and also him who drank the burning Halahala poison. 6

    Salutations to that Rudra whose feet were worshipped by the flower of Vishnu’s eyes and who being pleased gave him the holy wheel (Chakra). 7

    The one, who has crossed sorrows, sees that God, who is atom within an atom, gross among the gross, who as Atma hidden in the heart of beings and who is beyond physical action, clearly because of these reasons. 8

    Salutations to that Rudra who is the greatest god, who holds the Soola (spear) in his hand, who has a big swallowing mouth, who is the Maheswara and whose blessing has good effects. 9

    “Chara”, indicates beings which move and because Brahmam shines in the half of their body as Hari, it is called Sarabham. Hey great sage, that can grant salvation directly. 10

    Any twice born who reads this, which is called “the great Sastra of Paippalada” or makes others read it, would get rid of births and deaths and attain salvation. The Upanishad tells that he will become similar to Brahma.

  120. my dear devotees, i thoroughly enjoyed reading views of several devotees about lord shiva and lord vishnu. the main point i want to emphasise to all is that if u r good human being it does not matter who u pray, the reason the god will b always with good. b it vishnu or shiva they r for good. i would make a humble submission to all that the moment u realise ur only a human being and shiva and vishnu r gods and any god is above mortals like us we will not enter into petty arguments. now the point is praying to which god, this is a matter of personal belief and liking, just like as north indian enjoys roti sabji , south indian enjoys rice and sambar by having personal taste u cannot conclude the other food is inferior or comparison of food with god is nothing but an illustration to show individual likings. in petty matters like food , clothing etc we have separate likings then when we r discussing very essence of our life i.e god,it is foolish tocompare the powers of lord vishnu and shiva. finally every person is entitled to pray which ever god he /she likes, but being a good human being is of utmost importance. if u r not good at heart whether u pray shiva or vishnu i have my own doubts whether u can attain moksha.


    Vandanam Saha-atma-swaroopam,

    It was interesting to read all. I should admit I was both happy and laughing. Some portions were comical indeed. We agree we cannot describe the vaibhavam of Vishnu or Shiva and we are many it a finite source. I still did not find Jesus and Allah in this blog and we should include them as well. Because they can also tell their vaibhavams. What is wrong with that because it would interesting listen to his vaibhavam which we have not heard from our families and tradition.

    One good thing about this blog is removing all bedh budhi and superiority complex… I enjoyed Sri Vishnu-Shiva puranam and their vaibhavam. Each one of you… I thank you for giving me the precious jewels, I remove all the words which depicts bedh budhi and it shines like a jewel of gnyana, which you gave me here.

    I just discarded all other statements and just saw a beautiful vaibhavam of one who takes some many names and forms to do anugraha to simple souls like me.

    Let it be true of Dwaitha for dwaithis, Advaitha for advaithis or Vishishtadwaitha for vishista dwaithis… let there me many more such and let him create many more names, bibles, quran and so be it… it is still is not enough to describe him enough.

    Vedanta and Sidhantha is an “Institution” like a college, it is created to get your degree of “Atma Saakshaathkaram”. Those who realized them are silent and relishing in para Brahma anubhuthi. Those who are lesser are only speaking of it or arguing of it, like any college tournament, which was never the reason the institution was created. Let this goal to achieve and relish be parama anugraham of his.

    Bedha Budhi is prevalent. For staunch Vaishnavites if Lord Vishnu is prevalent in all than why accepting Shiva is difficult? (I met some person who will never enter Shiva temple but when their son/ daughter got married to American, they were okay to get into Church to hear sermons from bibles… oh Narayana, what mystical game you play and smile at this) Similarly, If lord Shiva is consciousness of tri-loka how can he be greater or lesser than Sriman Narayana? Who are we to judge God… or can you even divide him? Can you insult him? Can you ever even describe him fully? Is our Budhi able to interpolate or interpret the text or scriptures without being biased? Can we ever decipher this???

    For me I heard many stories of various vaibhavam of Shiva and Vishnu and found the person who told depending on their background showed bedh budhi. I learnt to remove the narrator and immerse myself in the vaibhavam alone. Just found the same person putting many costumes in an stage, called as different character and for different purpose.

    For me it is just one:
    SATYAM PARAM DEMAHEE. He is Satyam, rest all are mithya.. he has many names but what is beautiful is “Satyam”. I love him by that name. Because if you believe in re-birth it would be laughing if this blog existed for long to see the person talk about Vishnu born from Vaishnavite doctrine to be reborn as Shivaite and talk about Shiva Tatvam or vice versa or even better born as christian and talk about bible of Quran as Muslim. Can you endlessly argue that it will never happen… is it in your control then??? If it is, then why are you in this earth in the first place.

    Na Matha, Na Pitha, Na Bandhuhu, Na akara, Na vikaraha… Satyam Param Deemahee.

    • There is a little truth in evil so it is hard …. very hard …lol
      However it is ALWAYS the mercy of the Lord the libertates

  122. By the way, I forgot to mention that when you referenced many scriptures, have anyone seen unabridged version of it? The actual scripts? No, we have just read someone who wrote about its interpretation. The person who does this does based on his understanding. That is why it explains that brahma sutra is one but it gave raise to 3 interpretation… sitting here we can argue on who is right or wrong… that is all we can do. Interpretation is passed on from centuries and dont tell me somewhere a Shivaite doctrine did not add Rama’s Shiva Puja in the essence of Valmiki’s writing or Vishanavism conviniently removing it and giving you back based on their own ego. First, these tri murthy are not humans, so stop using father, grandfather, etc… it would be worst of such a intellect first to treat them as human form… When they did take the human form, they identified themself as Guru’s and there are millions of cases where they dont even identify themselves… why should they… they are not hear as a brand ambassodor.

    Satyam is one thing which governs everything… unbound by time or space… there was many stories told here in this blog about fight between Vishnu and Shiva… who told you? Who witnessed it? Only fickle mind can create such things to please their masters who must be more away from param brahmam.

    Let there be just one thing in our mind… more bedh budhi we express more we are away and we will take many jananams to understand this properly.

    Satyam Param Deemahee.

  123. very good stuff keep it up
    OM NAMAH SHIVAY…………………………………..

    • Shiva is Supreme

  124. Siva and Vishnu are the same

    “Sivasya hridaym vishnu
    vishunusya hridayam siva :”

    The trident of Shiva represents trumurthi.He took the form of trimurthis.

    If you guys go through the Siva Sahasra namam and vishnu sahasra nama both these gods are having the same names.Both these gods respecting each other.

    Once the god of creation brahma and the god of protection mahA vishNu entered in an argument on deciding who is greater. When those two great gods were fighting between themselves, the Greatest of all Lord shiva who is formless and transcends everything appeared as a pillar of flame. God told brahma and vishNu that whoever finds the head or the foot of His flame form would be considered greater. brahmA took the form of swan ( ha.msam ) and set out to reach the top of the Fire. vishNu became a wild pig to see the foot of the Fire. Where are the limits for the infinite God ? They could not succeed in spite of their heavy effort. They realized their mistake and the peerless greatness of Lord shiva. The God who can never be reached by ego appears as the form of love to those who surrender to Him. Lord shiva appeared in the form of shiva li.ngam (which is the shape of flame) for their benefit. They worshiped that oldest form of Him and got blessed. The God who came to bless them from the Flame, from the li.ngam is known as li.ngodbhava (2). This incident is depicted in shiva mahA purANam (1) and many other scriptures.

    As the God stood as pillar of flame, the natural adornment for the Lord is Holy Ash. (As ash would be found on the surface of the fire). As the God stood as the Luminat Flame that stood up the shiva sahasranAma hails God as Urdva retas and the shiva aShtottara as hiraNya retas. The hymn that starts nidhana pataye namaH, refers to many similarities of Flame and shivalinga.

    God is formless, attributeless and omnipresent. This state is called arUpa (formless). For the benefit of the pashus, He took the form of shiva li.ngam which is neither form nor formless but is a symbol. This symbol of Him is called arUparUpam (formless form). He took many forms out of His mercy to bless all, which are called rUpams. (2). shaivam worships the God in all these three states. The oldest form that the formless God took namely the shiva li.ngam is called sadAshiva mUrtam and is worshipped in the altar of His abodes (temples). The forms that He later took which are called mAhEshwara mUrtam are worshipped in the outer circles in a temple.

    This shiva linga worship is superior because it makes the worship simple because of the form while maintaining the truth that God is not having any definite form. There are a lot more marvelous principles behind the shiva li.nga worship which could be found in detail in standard scriptu

    • Krishna is Supreme

  125. I want to follow true religion. Can you prove to me if what you say about your religion is true? I want proof which can be verified and should not be made up please.
    If you just follow your desires and made up stories then i would feel so sorry for you all.

  126. Om Shivaya Namaha
    Om Sankaraya Namaha
    Om Kapaline Namaha
    Om Jagadgurave Namaha
    Om Jagadvyapine Namaha
    Om Havishe Namaha
    Om Kailasanadhaya Namaha
    Om Kapardine Namaha
    Om Bhootapataye Namaha

  127. to truth,
    u want to follow true religion…..actually religion in todays contest is culture it is not dharma, the dharma or truth is duty that u perform from ur respective place for the welfare of all.The dharma actually has no rule, caste, religion or border.It is the heighest state of truth.It is neither light nor darkness.Do ur right responsibility to ur family, relatives, friends,or any stangers.Always follow the right path n that is dharma and that is hence truth.

  128. when one understands that god is one , than there is no need to compare gods . SHIVA, ADISHAKTI , VISHNU , ALLAH , JESUS , SAI BABA , DATTA, GANAPATI, ETC = ROOPs of PARAMATMA , PARAMESHWAR .

    Om namah shivaya
    Om Gam ganpataye namah
    Om aeem hreemm kleem chamundyae vichaye.
    Hare Ram Hare Krishna.

  129. hai everyone

    as per my knowledge GOD means (G=Generator(Brahma)), (o=Operator(Vishnu)), (D=Destroyer(Shiva)). So the three are doing their duties without any repayments or needs. so GOD is the only ultimate. so don’t think vishnu or shiva are the greate.

  130. Iloved stories of lord shiva and vishnu and it are very interesting andthey are two gods and they protect
    our earth and I love stories of vishnu and shiva

  131. lord shiva and vishnu are my favourite gods and I love

    them because lord shiva is the earth protector and lord vishnu is the god of caring and I love stories of
    lord shiva and lord vishnu and they are all very

  132. jai shri balaji maharaj, jai shri siddha baba
    gauri shankar sitaram gauri shankar sitaram…

    thanks for all the information…cheers

  133. Supreme Shivji has always been everything to me…Recently i started meditating on The Great Vishnu too…and started getting drawn to him…but because of my intense love for the great Kailash Maharaj, i started feeling guilty …n in prayer requested both not to make me choose …then suddenly i came across the great lord Vithal (maharashtra)…legend goes he is a combination of both!…

    This put me at rest for a while before going thru this vast info u guys have put up here…

    Request the GODS THEMSELVES to enlighten this confused, yet devoted and spiritual AATMA


  134. can any one tell me…who will be greatest among who will create you, or one who will preserve you ,or one who will destroy you…for example….who will you give for preferance…the mother who will bring you in this world, or mother woh will preserve you…,or the mother who will destroy you as you are a bad son….beside this can any one tell me…is there any body who worshiped narayana & known as bad person ….i can give you thousands of example of person who worshiped shankar or brahma..& known as bad person..such as …ravan,hiranyakashipu,shishupal,banasur,bhasmasur…infact all asur…some person may think that ravan ,hiranyakashipu or shishupal are gatekeeper of vaikuntha…so what…in their respective birth they have not worshiped narayana ..bcoz you cann’t be demon ..if you worship narayana…thatswhy they worshiped shankar ,brahma n all……
    i think everyone will get their answer automatically …all upto you ..beside this krishna told to world…you will find me as you worship me..that mean..if you worship me as stone…you will find me as stone…if you worship as will find as ghost…as every indians are doing right now..they are worshiping stone,tree,cave, river…and all… beside doing so many thing …be ‘eksarnam’….worship krishna…he will give you moksha….

    • let us pray for the moksha of every creature..

  135. Maybe you should edit the post name title Story of Shiva and Vishnu Moral Stories to more better for your content you create. I enjoyed the post all the same.

  136. We all creatures are part of Shiva,Bramha & Vishnu.

    Lets UNITE… Boom Shankar

  137. Good with Bad is Maya,,,Thats the devine game..

    I have read ..after the Game of Chess/…all goes in to the same box.

    • players dont :)

  138. Hmm…….. you are fighting as who is great?? :)Great!!!

  139. Thank you every much. I think many people need this as most of them are ignorant & confused.

  140. this is excelent now i understand that lord shiva and lord vishnu are the same

  141. Jai Shree Ram! Shambo Sahankara Hara Har Sahankara!
    Sivaya Vishnu Roopaya Siva Roopaya Vishnave
    Saivasya hridhyam vishnur sivaoshaya hridhayam,
    Sarva deva namskara …….

  142. Dear Brothers and sisters,
    in spiritual path, argumentation base on mental speculation yield increasingly our fals ego, that lead us to the Tamasika and rajasika quality. in other to elevate ourself to the platform of spiritual, we have to follow the vedic injuntion from bonafide otority which came from disiplic succestion ( PARAM PARA ) in this way Sri Viasa Deva is bonafid otority. if we humbly accept his teaching then we will have complete knowledge…..hare krishna

  143. Very detailed story and pretty much interesting. I enjoyed reading. thanks

  144. Excellent Job. Recently I completed reading Bhagvad-Gita word to word, true translation in Hindi, by a Sanskrit Scholar. In Bhagvad-Gita, Lord Vishnu has himself said that He is the Lord of the Universe & he controls the whole Forces which make this Universe Balanced. Lord says that he is the Creator of all, even Bhrama & Other demi gods like Indra and Sapta Rishis. But Not in a Single Sloka he has ever Compared himself to Lord Shiva, which clearly shows that both are same.

  145. Dear Brother and Sister,
    According to me GOD is stand for Generator, operator and Destroyer. For me Krishna, Rama, Parsurama all other incarnation of lord Vishnu are just like a human being but they are super human being and they have good knowledge of vedas and mankind. For me only brahma, vishnu and mahesha are God. They manifestation of Supreme Being Formless Shiva. Parashiva himself manifest as a parampeeta Brahma, paramatma Visshnu and Pramveshara Shiva.Bhagavat Geeta is actually thought by great sage Ved Vyas and written by Lord Ganesha before the birth of Lord Krishna. bhagavat geeta is a minor part of Mahabharata. For me there is no difference between Brahma, Vishnu and mahesh.

  146. Dear Brother and Sister,
    According to me GOD is stand for Generator, operator and Destroyer. For me Krishna, Rama, Parsurama all other incarnation of lord Vishnu are just like a human being but they are super human being and they have good knowledge of vedas and mankind. For me only brahma, vishnu and mahesha are God. They are the manifestation of Supreme Being Formless Shiva. Parashiva himself manifest as a parampeeta Brahma, paramatma Vishnu and Pramveshara Shiva.Bhagavat Geeta is actually thought by great sage Ved Vyas and written by Lord Ganesha before the birth of Lord Krishna. bhagavat geeta is a minor part of Mahabharata. For me there is no difference between Brahma, Vishnu and mahesh.

  147. Hello brothers,

    I am an American, and I found God first through the true teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.

    I wanted to reply to this wonderful set of stories and examples for two reasons.
    First, I wanted to try to convince some (if you choose to believe me) that not all followers of the Way (commonly called “Christians”) criticize other religions like Hinduism, and not all judge people who don’t agree that Jesus too revealed a path to God. In my opinion, God has been revealed to the Hebrews as Elohim Adonai and to the Hindus as Vishnu (and possibly Shiva, of course, but I haven’t studied Shiva enough to say anything about it with certainty). Even within both traditions, there have been many names for the God of Abraham and Isaac, just as there have been (I’ve heard) over 10,000 names of Vishnu, Narayana, or Krshna, so it seems clear to me that there may be other religions that call the same God by a different name.
    Second, I want to give an objective perspective on the Shiva vs Vishnu conflict that seems to be going on with many of these comments. It seems like trying to argue about whether space is greater than time or time is greater than space. nobody can answer this question for one, and also both are really parts of the same thing called the cosmos or universe. We all have better things to do than argue about who has the better leader. If Vishnu is for you, follow Vishnu. If Shiva is for you, follow Shiva. Why must you try to convince others to think like you do? At the very least if you want to discuss this please do so without insulting or cursing the other side.

    I encourage everyone to research other religions, also, such as the formless and nameless Tao. These other teachings can only help deflate the ego and reveal the true self, and when one knows the true self then you won’t necessarily need to go on a crusade for convincing others of anything. Besides, isn’t it Shiva’s job to demonstrate that Shiva is supreme, or Vishnu’s job to demonstrate that Vishnu is supreme? Thank you for your time, and God bless you. I hope I haven’t offended anyone, and I truly love all of you.


    P.S. I’m trying to learn Sanskrit, but I’m still very new to it. Forgive my excessive use of English if it doesn’t resonate with you.

    • First I’m the king of Mercy Then the king of terror
      Praise the Lord

  148. hi all ,
    parmatma is a supreme power , ap ise compare mat kijiye bus mehsus kijiye , shiva, vishnu , brahma , rama , krishna , all even all peoples are parmatma , bus apko us level par pahunchna hai , sirf jahi ek insan janam hi esa avsar hai jisme ap parm atma me mil kar khud hi parmatma ho sakte hai , bhagwan ka koi savroop nai , wo to nirakar hai, ap jis roop me use mehsus karenge wahi roop apke khyal me ayega , jabki beh sub apka brham(jhuth) hoga, kyunki har cheez jo ap dekhte hai , ja sochte hai je sub jhuth hi to hai sub maya ka khel hai jo wahi parmatma khilata hai, so is jeeven ko samjiye aur comparison me na padte huye bus us parmpita parmeshwar ka deyan kijiye or apni jindagi ka sahi marg chun kar pura kijiye……wo marg grantho me, ramayan me , gita me aur jaha tak k gurugranth sahib me puri explanation k sath bataya hai …. wahi satya hai kisi insan k peeche lag k , aur ese hi kisi ko bhi guru bana kar uske peeche lag kar apna jeeven kharab na karen , kyunki baaten sub karte hai sub sunte hai but without practical theoretical is blind…..keep meditation alone at home or anywhere (alone) jahi practical karwayega…. aur jahi meditation esi power hai k guru bhi jahi milayega ……… apke jeeven ka asli maksad bhi jahi batayega …….
    thanks to all ,,, kuch galat likha ho to shamaprarthi hu ….harom , hariom….

  149. I wanted to say something I read in Works of Swami Vivekananda “Ekam Sadvipra Bahudha Vadanti”
    “That which exists is One; sages call It by various names.”

  150. i believe in this

  151. Hii

    It needs efforts and desire with passion to bring in stories like this

    i personally appreciate the sincere efforts taken in bringing this

    Kudos to your service

  152. there is only one supreme god… he has many aspects and we call those aspects y name ..for ex: we call creative aspect of god as brahma and preserving aspect as vishnu and similarly destroying aspect as ruddra .. its just like he is one person changing his shirt.. but he is still same.. if he comes in front of u as shiva worship him as shiva .. if he appears as vishu then he is vihnu… it is secret but ultimately there is only one god.. he is shiva for shivites and vishnu for vishnavites …

    read this message — this was told by bhagwaan vihnu when he was asked by agastya about supreme lord..

    “srishtikartri brahmarupa, goptri govindarupini, samharini rudra rupa, tirodhana kareewshawari, sadashivanugrahada panchakrutya paarayana”

    there are five kinds of works are going on depending upon will of god.. they are creation,sustainance,destruction, hiding and blessing… and only one entity is responsible for all of these..

    at the end of kalpa all the five brahmans i.e. brahma, visnhu, rudra, eshwara and sadashiva become life less since their energy will be taken back to theie onriginal entity called parabrahman and again they will be back in action soon after maha pralaya…

    it is said that the greastest victim is one who doesn’t understand god’s form … if u worship lord shiva then its good but if lord shiva takes form of vishnu and come in front of u then if u r true devotee u will identify him.. similarly if lord vishnu takes form of lord shiva and test shiva’s devotees..
    its greatest test for those who are in spirituality… if u fail in this test god won’t see wheather u have done good work or bad he will punish u”

    dnt fall victim to these kinds of maaya..

    see parabrahman in everything… by the way he doesn’t have any form and if u say he is krishna or shiva then u r wrong.. he is taking form because he ois dimesionless.. unless he appears in a form that like then u can’t percieve him…

  153. really cool to read the article,,, found many answers of my questions..
    and really bramha,vishnu and maheshwar are unseparable.

  154. Can any one tell me about the story of srivatsa and rudrani please………………

  155. Fantastic article!! Worship god as one!!!

  156. Good article. More stories please.

  157. Always remember you & your father never same like Shiva & Vishnu are also not same whatever stories are written are all made by some one who is non other than a dirty Vaishnavas. Reason Vaishnavas only can build this type of stories & they only believe this type of stories also. Which was not happened.

  158. Shanthi….. GOD is inside you.. go by your conscience.. and worship the form which you think which is most appropriate and comfortable to you..!!

    Thanks.. and love to all …. Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu…

  159. OM namo narayana
    OM namah shivay

    If any of you remember the story of bhasmasur who got a boon from lord shiva after attaining the boon he wanted to try the boon on lord shiva and he had to seek lord vishnus help they both are same the brahma vishnu mahesh are one they come from OM who is the supreme god hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare

  160. I would seriously recommend people to read this article . I just loved this statement ‘Vasudeva and Vamadeva’, and the difference.

    One more shloka which adds essence to this article

    “Shivaya Vishnu roopaya Shiva rupaaya vishnave
    Shivascha hridayam vishnuh, vishnuscha hridayam shivah”

  161. First of all Siva and Vishnu are not the same! Siva is the paramporul. He has 5 responsibilities: Create, Sustain, Destroy, conceal, blessing. But why many people started saying that both are same: Because the majority of the people are not vaishnavates, therefore the collection in vishnu temples are mainly from saivates. I dont know how people say that krishna or rama to be supreme..? God cannot have a begin or start. Krishna is killed by some hunter in the end of Mahabaratha, as well as Rama is killed in the end of Ramayana. I you say that Siva and Vishnu were same…Then
    1. why Iyengars never go to SIva temples.
    2. why Iyengars never name their child with Siva names
    Some one said that Hanuman is the avatar of Siva according to Valmiki Ramayana. Can some one tell me how and in which kandam/verse chapter? it is mentioned ?

  162. both the lord shiv and vishnu are equal .

  163. Hindu Gods either Shiva or Vishnu do not need advertising or money. Both are egoless, unemotional, lovable, and looking for peace and prosperity for the world. Ignorance in human kind instead of learning descipline and knowledge leade for argument. Both Gods never fought for positions or campained for self glory. It does not matter whether you believe in Shiva or Vishnu you are beneficiary. Both Gods do not need anything from you.Pray for you, for your family and friends. Erase selfishness and temper from your mind and heart.

  164. thank you


  166. I like these all stores because, I love lord vishu & shiva a lotttttttt….

    I want to know more about them mainly VISHNUPURANM i searched a lot but i hadn’t get…. By searching a lot i got the all avathars(dashavatharam) of lord vishnu…

    I can able to understand max. 95% in this but a few words iam unable to understand…

    Finally i request to u that if u had the video of vishnupuranam & any more about lord vishnu, please send to my gmail………..

  167. I like these all stores because, I love lord vishu & shiva a lotttttttt…., **they are in my heart,life**& also i think always my life is for them*§§………….
    Till now i thought lord vishnu & shiva are separate… By reading this i knew they both are 1..

    I want to know more about them mainly VISHNUPURANM i searched a lot but i hadn’t get…. By searching a lot i got the all avathars(dashavatharam) of lord vishnu…

    I can able to understand max. 95% in this because a few words iam unable to understand…

    Finally i request to u that if u had the videos of vishnupuranam & any more about lord vishnu, please send to my gmail………..

    Its my request please dont forget……

  168. Shiv is the God of Gods he destroyes the things which are no longer needed in the universe but also allows new creations to take place but moreover he his the destroyer of arrogance.According to one story once parampita Bramha and shree hari Narayan had a fight regarding superiority amongst them.When the fight seemed to be unstopable Shiv took a form of a pillar and declared that whoever amongst them will first find the top or the bottom will be the superior between them. Bramha sat on his vahan the swan and left to search the top of the pillar while on other hand Narayan took the form of boar and left to find the bottom. Many days,months,years passed but no one could complete the task so they decided to return. Narayan returned first and accepted truly his failure and wished to repent for his arrogance. Bramha heard Vishnus confession and on returning Bramhadev lied that he succeded in finding the top of the pillar. No sooner had he said this than a angry Mahadev appeared from the pillar and without uttering a word threw his most powerfull and dangerous Trishul which made parampita Bramha suffer for his mistake…..So through this story i just want to say that the demon of arrogance has not even spared the protector Vishnu and the creator Bramha while on other hand the destroyer Shiv is free from it…So Devadi Dev Mahadev is the whole and soul of each and everything even Shree Hari Narayan……Im not showing disrespect to anyone. I have the same respect for Narayan as i have it for Mahadev but in my opinion Shiv is the greatest amongst all hindu Gods as we all refer to him by saying Devon ke Dev Mahadev or God Of All Gods……Hara Hara Hara Hara Mahadev


  169. Yes Mr. i totally agree with you Shiv is Mahakaal He was before time ,He is during the time and He will be after the time.

  170. We are nothing in front of either God Vishnu or Lord Shiva so let us not compare them and their powers. We as human being has limitations. our job is to pray and get Moksha from all evil things that we do in our day to day life. Let us remember that both Shiva and Lord Narayna is omnipotent, omnipresent and we need their blessings in every walk of life. I know it may be fun for few but the reality is that faith is to get descipline in life. I hope every one pray our Hindu Gods.

  171. This is beautiful and has opened my eyes to the truth.
    Om namah shivaya! Om namo narayanaya!

  172. thank You all.

  173. Good Article. I Appreciate your effort :)

  174. I’m a true hindu I will like to larn more about lord vishnu the lord is my ish davta

  175. but i belive shiv is greater…. ?

  176. hare krishna – har har mahadev

  177. bahan chod

  178. hare am ke pille

  179. Many people ask why there are sufferings and poverty in the world and the also think that god should take care of tHem. Lord shiva and narayana gave everything to the people of the world especially good and bad. It is upto us make use of our abilities. We can list many but the moral is obvios

  180. Someone wrote above – about Sarabha a Shiva incarnation.

    What more, that the Lord Narasimha killed Sharabha is told in many puranas.

    The Padma purana

    tau yudhyamAnau cha chiraM vegena balavattamau |
    na samaM jagmaturdevau nR^isiMhasharabhAkR^itI ||
    tataH kR^iddho mahAkAyo nR^isiMho bhImavikramaH |
    sahasrakarajAnatra tasya gAtre nyaveshayat.h ||
    patitaM bhImamatyugraM nR^isiMhaH sharabhaM ruShA |
    ** jaghAna nishitaistIxNaiH nakhairnakhavarAyudhaH || **
    sharabhe tasmin.h raudre madhuniShUdanam.h |
    tuShTuvuH puNDarIkAxaM devA devarShayastathA ||

    The highlighted lines convey that the Lord, using his nails (nakha), killed Sharabha.

    Vamana purana:

    nikR^itya bAhUrushirA vajrakalpamukhairnakhaiH |
    merupR^iShThe nR^isiMhena sharabhashchAtha so.apatat.h ||

    Kurma purana:

    sa chaJNchupaJNchAnanamaShTapAdaM paxadvayADhyaM ghananIlagAtram.h
    sphuranmahAtIvrasahasrahastaM sahasrashastraM sharabhasvarUpam.h ||
    karadAdaya pratyekaM mukhaM chaJNchupuTadvayam.h |
    vidArya cha nR^isiMhastaM hiraNyakashipuM yathA ||

    Agni purana:

    tataH kshaNena sharabho nAdapUritadiN^.hmukhaH |
    abhyAshamagamadviShNorvyanadadbhairavasvanam.h ||
    sa tamabhyAgataM dR^iShTvA nR^isiMhaH sharabhaM ruShA |
    nakhairvidArayAmAsa hiraNyakashipuM yathA ||

    All of them compare the Lord’s killing Sharabha (using his nails) to the act of killing Hiranyakashipu.
    More so, in the shruti ‘hariM harantamanuyanti devAH | vishvasyeshAnaM vR^iShabhaM matInAM’, Rudra (conveyed by the
    word ‘IshAna’) is said to be killed by Hari. The shruti’s interpretation is thus: The shaShThi-vibhakti in vishasya should be taken in the prathamA-vibhakti. The Devas (vishvedevAH) follow that Hari, who destroys (harantaM) Rudra. It should not be said that the Devas follow that Rudra who destroys Hari. For, the Smriti:

    brahmaNamindraM rudraM cha yamaM varuNameva cha |
    nihatya harate yasmAttasmAddharirihochyate ||

    (On the account of being the destroyer (nihatya harate yasmAt) of Brahma, Indra, Rudra, Yama and Varuna, he is called ‘Hari’)clarifies that the very word, Hari, indicates His being the destroyer and not the destroyed.
    A passage in the Taittariya Aranyaka starts with ‘tasyendro vahmirUpeNa dhanurjyAmachChinatsvayam.h’ (Indra in the form of Agni himself breaks the ‘heart of his bow’ into pieces) and concludes ‘etadrudrasya dhanuH |rudrasyatveva dhanurArtniH shira utpipeSha | sa pravargyo.abhavat.h’ (That bow belonged to Rudra. Since that belonged to Rudra, his 3 heads broke into pieces) and thus conveys an incident where Indra, powered by his antaryAmi Vishnu, severes the head of Rudra (thus establishing Vishnu’s supremacy over Rudra).

    It should not be said that this anecdote does not refer to the well-known Rudra because the singers of Samaveda consider the Rudra with 3 heads and a bow as some other Yaksha and not the well known Rudra.

    As the above shruti (hariM harantaM) says, it is indeed the destruction of well known Rudra that is referred here. Though Indra is not capable of severing Rudra’s head on
    his own powers, he was able to do that with help from Vishnu’s discus and Vishnu Himself. There are pramANas to that effect. The latter portion of Kurma purana says:

    raxitaM naiva shaknoShi svAtmAnamapi shaN^kara |
    yuddhe kiM jeShyasi tvaM mAM pUrvavR^ittaM mayochyate ||
    yadA madbhaktashakrasya yaj~nadhvamsaH kR^itastvayA |
    tadA.ahaM te shirashChitvA tatkratU raxito mayA |
    tato mAM prArthayAmAsa manobhIShTAya pArvatI |
    tadA vai matprasAdena prANAn.h lebhe bhavAn.h shiva ||

    (Vishnu says:) Hey Shankara, you are not capable of protecting even yourself. How can you win over me in a war? I shall recount an old account (pUrvavR^ittaM). You came to ruin the yajna performed by Indra. Then, I protected that Yajna, having got your head severed. Then, to obtain you back, Parvati prayed to me; after which, you got your life due to my grace.
    These words are told by Shiva to Parvati praising Vishnu.

    There is a upAkhyAna to this effect also (atredaM kilopAkhyAnam.h)

    In some kalpa, Indra without telling other gods, meditating upon Lord Narayana, started a sacrifice. Then the Gods sent Rudra to spoil that yajna. When Rudra created havoc there, Indra meditated upon the Lord. Then Vishnu’s chakra beheaded Rudra. Later he was brought to life due to Parvati praying the Lord.

    This can be seen in Matsya and Narasimha puranas also. Therefore there is all evidence to say that Sharabha was killed and Lord Narasimha was victorious.”

    • mr only you know the things written here but one thing i knew from it was that you are a kind of person who is a staunch follower of vaishnavite and are willing to protect ur diety’s reputation at any cost and for that purpose you have even created your own grantha or text!!! i mean seriously do you even know the sole reason that why shiva took the form of sharabha it was to tame the anger,madness and the rage of narsimha in which he suceeded so go to hell you idiot….

    • The legend of Sharabha as an incarnation of Shiva is narrated in many Hindu scriptures and each presents a different version to suit one’s religious beliefs. But one common refrain in all these depictions is that Sharabha is a combination of a huge animal-bird beast with enormous strength manifested with the purpose of taming similar ferocious avatars of Vishnu such as Narasimha (man-lion) or Varaha (the boar).

      The Narasimha-Sharabha legend is linked to gods assuming mythical animal forms to slay or subdue as the case may be. First, Vishnu assumed the form of Narasimha to slay Hiranyakashipu, an asura (demon) king, who was terrorizing the universe and devotee of Shiva.[1][7] The Shiva Purana mentions: After slaying Hiranyakashipu, Narasimha’s wrath was not appeased. The world trembled, fearing what he might do. The Devas (the gods) requested Shiva to tackle Narasimha. Initially, Shiva brings forth Virabhadra, one of his terrifying forms, in order to calm Narasimha. When that failed, Shiva manifested as the human-lion-bird Sharabha. Shiva then assumed the Sharabha form. Sharabha then attacked Narasimha and seized him up until he was immobilized. He thus quelled Narasimha’s terrifying rage. Narasimha became a devotee of Shiva after being bound by Sharabha.[20][21] Sharabha then decapitated and de-skinned Narasimha so Shiva could wear the hide and lion-head as a garment.[1][9][22] The Linga Purana and Sharabha Upanishad also mention this mutilation and murder of Narasimha. After the mutilation, Vishnu assumed his normal form and retired to his abode, after duly praising Shiva. It was from here on that Shiva came to be known as “Sharabeshamurti” or “Simhagnamurti”.[10][22][23]

      The Skanda Purana considers Narasimha as a mere irritation and not a threat to the world, contrary to what was brought out in the Shiva and Linga Puranas. The perception was that Vishnu may permanently adopt the fierce form of Narasimha, which would be detrimental to his role of doing good deeds. Hence, the purpose of Shiva assuming the form of Sharabha was to ensure that the lion body of Vishnu was discarded and he got united with his original divine form. Narasimha struck Sharabha with his body, it was Vishnu who groaned in pain and not Sharabha who was in an “adamantine body”. It was then that Vishnu realised that Sharabha was none other than Shiva and bowed and praised Sharabha. Shiva then blesses Vishnu and gives him a boon to kill demons.[22] A Purana ends the story with gods fearing that Sharabha may not be able to control his rage and thus urging Shiva to give up his Sharabha form. Thereafter, Shiva dismembered Sharabha’s form; his limbs were given away and his torso became a Kapalika.[24] The Vamana Purana too discusses the tale, ending with Narasimha becoming the calm Vishnu again and Sharabha becoming a lingam, the symbol of Shiva.[22] One version also mentions that Sharabha after subduing Narasimha, assumed his original form of a lion, the mount of Durga, and returned to rest at the feet of Durga.[20]

      In the Kalika Purana, Varaha – Vishnu’s boar avatar – had amorous dalliance with the earth goddess. He and his three boar sons then created mayhem in the world, which necessitated Shiva to take the form of Sharabha, to kill the Varaha form. Even, Vishnu requests Shiva to destroy Varaha, unable to control his own form. Here, Narasimha appears to aid Varaha. Sharabha kills Narasimha first and then kills Varaha, allowing Vishnu to reabsorb the energies of both his fierce forms. Finally, Vishnu defeats Sharabha.[8][11][25]

      • The Ganda Berunda took physical form in the Narasimha(Man-Lion) incarnation of Vishnu.

        After Narasimha has slain the demon Hiranyakaship, through the taste of blood, Narasimha did not let go of his dreadful form and the demigods were even more afraid from the lord now, than before the demon. Shiva, the best friend of Vishnu, thus incarnated himself as Sharabha, a part-lion and part-bird beast. With his Wings, representing Goddess Durga and Kali, he embraced Narasimha and pacified him. But out of Narasimha (Vishnu) emerged an even more fearful form: Ganda Berunda, having two heads, fearful rows of teeth, black in complexion and with wide blazing wings. The destructive energy of Narasimha (Vishnu) in the form of the two-headed bird, began to fight fiercely with Sharabha (Shiva) for eighteen days. After the eighteenth day, Narasimha (Vishnu) was finally able to overcome his infinite fierce energy, and regained control over it. In order to save the universe from Shiva’s fiercest form (Sharabha), Vishnu stopped the fight, and Sharabha easily tore apart the two-headed bird. Narasimha (Vishnu) himself displayed now his peace, and Shiva finally transformed back in his usual form.

        Alternative endings are that Sharabha (Shiva) was torn apart by Berunda; or that Sharabha (Shiva) manifested the goddess Durga which devoured the bird.

        However, the motive of Lord Shiva as Sharaba was to pacify the ferocious Narasimha avatar of Lord Vishnu. Keeping this very motive as central, Sharaba succeeds in pacifying the Lion avatar, by subduing the energies of Vishnu which at that point of time were manifested as Narasimha and Berunda. The very purpose of Sharaba was to bring a sense of calm and well being to the three worlds which were frightened by Narasimha. In a sense, it takes to be even more powerful and superior to calm violent rage and anger.

  181. Really I had a joyous reading. Enjoyed it immensely.

  182. i am 16 years old school boy and i do not know how you will take this but i never offer my puja to any other god like shiva other than lord maha vishnu ,neither in future i will offer my puja to gods like shiva. i have also read an article about sarabha writen above by any shiva bakat .even at this stage i also know that there is no such powers who can defeat lord narsimbha . in fact the true story was that lord asta mukha gandabherunda destroyed and killed sarabha . in may puran it is given killing of sarabha by lords nails. if you have belive in god lord vishnu and follow a right path then no one even lord shiva can harm you until you are right. JAY SHREE HARI

  183. We are talking about mythology and According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva is the reason for the existence of everything. He is even considered to be above Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu. Lord Shiva is the most powerful in the universe and is worshipped by everyone including humans, Devi-Devas and even demons.He has explained the importance of women by depiciting himself in the form of Ardhnari (Half male-Half female). Lord Shiva is married to Goddess Parvati. People who believe in Vishnu do Ganapthi homam before starting anything knowing that Ganapthi is son of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is believed to comprise both creation and destruction within him. A person devoted to Lord Shiva understand the reason for the existence of everything. Lord Shiva has snake around his neck and Vishnu too. I think the reason for having snakes around them shows that they can even deal with poisonous snakes in addition to all types of animals. This depicts the importance of nature and every creation is unique and we humans think that we can kill or eat for our pleasure. We fight for little things with our ignorance. I do not think that we should be seriously compare and contrast Lord Vishu or Lord Shiva. Ofcoure we can read what other people write but we should make our own judgement. Hare Krishna !!!!!!!Namasivaya

  184. To the Writer….

    What you have emphasis has cleared every picture of my mind. I did not know many things but now i know.

    It was wonderful of what you wrote and the message was very clear.

    The rest can be figured out by dhyna – meditation.

  185. Just believe in what your little heart says. People can give you different reasons. Some people speak based on their branch of Hinduism. After all anything good you do should serve your family and your community. Religion teaches you discipline in life whether you believe in Krishna or Siva. Your good heart comes with in you not from outside. Just pray Lord Krishna and Ganapathi who is son of Siva because Krishnavites do believe in Ganesh. I spoke to a priest and he said as krishnavites he strongly believe in Lord Ganesh.
    Om Gananam tva Ganapati gum Havamahe
    Kavim Kavinam Upamasra vastamam
    Jyestharajam Brahmanam Brahmanaspata
    anasrnvannutibhissida sadanam
    Sri mahaganpataye namah

  186. I think, we all are in influence of PRAMAATMA illusion and thus consider Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu as different identity….but the truth is they are one………

    • I totally agree. I do not think that parents need to prove their children that the children were born to them even though the children had never seen where they came from. Millions of people pray Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu based on their faith and believes. So it is better that we leave it to people and let them decide. I know Jainism indirectly believe in Lord Shiva. They do not believe in Lord Vishnu. Does this mean anything at all. Look at the temples and see both Guruvayoorappan and Lord Shiva side by side.

  187. There is one truth, you have to note that “In the symbol of vishnu, that is “NAAMAM” it’s the “NETRIKKAN” of shiva and in shiva’s “NETRIKKAN” it’s the “NAAMAM” of lord vishnu”.This is the ultimate truth about shiva and vishnu.

  188. You said that,”one who didn’t get shiva anughraham they won’t be vishnu’s bhaktha and one who refuses vishnu’s anughraham, they won’t be shiva’s bhaktha”.It’s not true,because “VISHNU IS MIRAGE OF SHIVA” ,so “one who prays shiva ,”invisibly” he is praying vishnu,and one who prays vishnu he “invisibly” praying shiva”.so keep on your mind and try to catch the anughraha of hariharan.

  189. lord vishnu is lord of all , rest all is rubish .in this world there are millions of story about every god choice is our whome we have belive . i belive in lord vishnu and i will not be influnced by any other mythology

  190. No god is rubbish. The person who do not have tolerance for other religion or other gods is living in darkness due to ego and without self descipline. Vishnu will never entertain such people.

    • no god is rubbish but I am saying different story are rubbish.
      jai narsimbha

  191. only vishnu puran and bhagvad gita are the text which say that vishnu is supreme the rest all holy scripts including the vedas vaishnovdevi granth etc etc refer to shiv as the supreme power….these were the facts and shiv is himself the parabrammha sooo hara hara hara hara mahadevvvv……

  192. Thanks for sharing this story. I read most of the comments some says Shiva is above all & some says Vishnu….I just want to say forget these two & just concentrate on GOD. Do not differ on this for Hindus its Shiva or Vishnu & for any other religion he may be Yeshu or Mahavir or Buddha, allah etc.

    No point in differentiating GOD.

    • Buddha is lord Vishnus 9th incarnation.
      om namo narayan

  193. The story dates back to the time when the devatas (Gods) were being mercilessly tortured by the asuras (demons). Seeing the pathetic condition of the Gods, worried Lord Vishnu hurriedly went to Kailasa Parvat, the abode of Lord Shiva. Vishnu upon reaching Kailasa Parvat found Shiva in deep state of meditation. Seeing this, he started worshipping Shiva with great devotion for many years. Finally, when Shiva came out of his trance, he decided to grant boon to Vishnu. Vishnu, joyfully rushed to bring in one thousand lotuses to worship Shiva. Shiva, being omniscient learnt about the infallible devotion of Vishnu, thus decided to test his fervor. Shiva secretly went to the spot where Vishnu had gathered one thousand flowers and stole one of them. When Vishnu discovered that he was left with only 999 flowers, he quickly plucked one of his eyes and gifted to Shiva. Shiva, impressed with his great adoration, said, ” I will bless you with any boon you ask for. ” Vishnu replied, ” O Lord ! Grant me something that will help me in destroying the asuras (demons). ” Shiva, then manifested the Sudarshana Chakra and said Vishnu, ” I give you this round disc which will help you to conquer and destroy any number of demons you want, no matter how powerful they may be.

  194. In the Devi Bhagavata Purana, the Goddess states in front of the trimurti that,

    I am Adi Parashakti, goddess Bhuvaneshvari. I am the owner of this universe. I am the Absolute Reality. I am dynamic in feminine form and static in masculine form. You are three parts of me. You all are my partial expansions. You have appeared to govern the universe under my jurisdiction. You are the masculine form of Absolute Reality, while I am the feminine form of that Reality. I am beyond form, beyond everything, and all the powers of God are contained within me. You will admit that I am the Eternally Limitless Power. I shall now assign each of you a task. She then commanded: Brahma! You will be generator of the universe; the Goddess Sharada is your Shakti, my form by which I will be recognized as the goddess of wisdom and the primeval sound. Lord Brahma, this goddess will be with you when you create the universe.

    She continued: Lord of Lords, Narayana! You are the Supreme, Immortal Spirit. You are formless, yet you take form. I assign you to be the preserver of the universe. You will take a different incarnation in order to save this universe’s inhabitants. Oh Narayana! You are the Supreme of all the deities with form. You have created Lord Brahma, and Brahma will further create thirty-three-thousand other gods and goddesses. My Great Power, goddess Mahakali, has been born from your mystic sleep. You are the Paramatman. Your consort will be goddess Shri, who is none other than the incarnation of my light, as without light, one can neither see nor be seen. When life evolves, you will take the form of Vishnu, the one who will perform the task of observing and preserving this universe.

    Oh Lord Rudra, the Greatest God, you are the personification of time, which is above all. You will perform the task of destroying and regenerating this universe. When you are formless, time stands still. It is due to my power that you become dynamic and are capable of bringing about the destruction and regineration of this universe. Due to meditation, you will be able to surpass all of my forms. It is then that I will incarnate from your left half in my manifested form. This form will be my truest manifested form.As you are born form my tamas shakti you and only you are capable of controlling my limitless power. Soon will i take birth on earth and will serve you as your consort. With me by your side you will be called as God of Gods MAHADEVA and as i being your consort I will be known to universe as MAHADEVI.
    So my friends if you carefully observe you will notice that the powers of Visnhu and Shiva are the same but it is just because of Adiparashakti aka Goddes Parvati that makes Mahadeva or Shiva the greatest being in the univarse…….OM HREEM CLEEM CHAMUNDAYI VIEECH…

  195. i only want god quickly take avataar in this kalyug so that we also see the new lila of god
    so jay shree krishnaaaaaaaa

  196. the only thing i would like to share with you all guys,,, that,,, LORD VISHNU is the Supreme God of all othr gods… he is considered to be the creator, preserver as well as the destroyer of the universe…
    N I M the worshipper of LoRd ViShNu….

    jai shri KRISHNA
    Jai Sri Ram
    Jai Narayan
    Jai Vishhnu

    • May be Lord Vishnu is laughing at people who make blanket statements that Vishnu is the Supreme God. Lord is one who do not have ego, no desire to split the human race. God’s love is unconditional irrespective of different color, regions and ethnic background. Our job is to pray good and get the blessings.So if some one want to pray Siva and Vishnu it is up to them. Human with ego should not dictate who is the supreme God. If some one believes in Shiva they should worship Shiva by all means. Hope people learn self discipline and not try to win an argument.

      • yes,, Mr Kriss I to agree with u, that God is one,,,, but we the people had made it numerous,,, say Shiva, Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati and so on,,,,,,, but the real fact is that everyone has born out from the one and only “NIRAKAR NARAYAN”… He don’t have any aakar,,,, but only to save the world from evils n demons,, he have taken no. of avatars….Say rama, krishna, narishma etc,,,,
        So if we offer pray to him, all the god n goddess wil grant your prayer

        jai shri Vishnu,,,,,,,,,,,,

      • Hello Deepjyoti

        I understand your passion but remember faith can bring miracles for people who truly believe. I know people who believed and prayed Lord Ayyappa had kids. But science will definitely contradict that. These are the ones Doctors really gave up and said that they cannot have children. But Lord Ayyappa gave them light in their life. I know Christians cured cancer with prayers. Please continue to pray NIRAKAR NARYAN but at the same time please do not make a point that only Lord Naryan is the only supreme. That leads to Ahankar. Having said that you have every right to say what you like in this world whether it is true or not. I pray Lord Krishna, Shiva and all Hindu Gods because I strongly believe that faith and self discipline is important in life for prosperity and success.

  197. hi,, pooja

    i too agree with u,,,, i m to exited, to see his next avatar..

  198. Mrs Reema who told you that lord shiva gave sudarshana chakra to lord Vishnu,,, kindly plz tell the name of that holy book where you have got that information….

    • each and every hindu holy book except bhagwat gita and vishnu purana go and find it yourself

  199. please guys dnt fight i am also from brahmin family and our ishta devta is laxmi narayana , but den also i am devoted to shiva because he is absolute truth , he is calm , and lovable . both are same the way of our thinking is different they perform der jobs as creator , preserver and destroyer .. so those who hate shiva or those who hates vishnu plz dnt comment here anymore b,coz it is never ending topic so wen u willl meet god at that time ask who is superior ok , GOd never told that i am superior or smthing else so we human only create everything as u didnt seen from ur eyes any real fact or GOD so dont make any comment that will hurt someone

  200. Scriptures tell us the way to find the ultimate truth of “Bramhan” – (God without attributes), which is the only one and the all others are “Maya”. Advitha and Vendanta talks about all this clearly. Still we are arguing on God with Attributes (Shiva, Vishnu, Rama etc….). Let’s try to meditate and realize the ultimate truth, i.e., self realization.

    Love all and hate none – try to understand that whoever writes in this blog is also a being.

    • Dear Ram…
      By your Conversation…I understood you are manifested in the maya of ISKON….probablebly you misunderstood the concepts of basic hindhuism…the one who broned from the anger of Bhrama is Rudhra….forgot about the puranas and samhitas…dear go to roots of Hindhuism, vedas (Where ISKON people doesn’t know about this), goto Yajurveda, you will find who is rudra…please doesn’t comment with half knowledge of Puranas…Do you know the meaning of the Name of “Shiva” ?..please understood and then comment….you said Shiva meditates Vishnu I am agreeing with you…then I have a question Vishnu meditates whom…he is nothing but Shiva…both are same…for example, you might be a brother to your sister at the same time you might be a son to your Mom…how you are one but at the same time you have two role to do as son and brother…similarly Shiva is referred to almighty according to shivas and other cults of Hinduism, at the same time Vishnu refered to the Vaishnavas…so please dont show one is higher and one is low…please leave the Maya.

      Anyhow the bottom line is that it is a mistake to think that Shiva is the origin of the aum and the scriptures….my reply to this is to be, frankly speaking…Shiva is referred to the Aum in Hindusim…I am pretty sure about this…even Vishnu not refered to Aum…go to the Vedas…not the cheap stuff of ISKON stories…I have a long Discussion with ISKON authority…finally they said, the are following the Gita wriiten by their Guru…he him self listen from the Krishna…dear friend, even common hindhu knows, who heared Gita from Lord Krishna…no scriputure specified your Guru heard from Krishna…So stop discussion…Just meditate on “hare krishna”…If you meditate this you will get good fruits…But please don’t show somebody down.
      Please read about Shiva fully…He is the one, who doesn’t have form…if you think god has no form pray him as “Linga”, If you think god is Male, then pray Krishna and If you think god is female, pray in form of Devine mother “Durga”…if you still have any questions..please send a reply.
      At the same, I am welcoming you to post the stories that you heared from ISKON to show Shiva is less to Vishnu…please post, I am ready to give you the expalnation, how they misunderstood the basic concepts….As per my knowledge…thank you.

    • Dear friend…you are right…Unfortunately, Today we doesn’t have a many branches of proper organisation like Ramana ashramam, Ramakrishna math all over India…now a day money making organisation like ISKON and several other trying to split the Spiritulaty of us…by dividing and rule…which lead to this long discussion…we have to stop this discussion who is big and small…if we not syoped this now, we need an other Adi Sanakaracharya to stop this…the only one who can able to distruct the maya.

      • I love lord Vishnu,,, he is my everything………………….

        Jai sri Raaammmmm,,,,,

  201. OM,
    I Initially thought Lord Mahavishnu the only one whole & sole of universe but,after seeing padmanabhswamy come to know lord has great fond of MahadevShiva.then my curiosity go ahead that who is great then….
    reading bhagwat geeta realised LORD KRISHNA told im the shiva,im vishnu,im indra/surya..whatever in univers best those are belongs to me or myself…

    so,shiva-vishnu (harihara) are the same as name itself indicating name ending and other starting same time (shivish-nu)
    here “nu” is common that is parmanu (sub-atom/god particle).
    which exists in all universe in form of parmanu/atom.

    so One can’t compare shivishnu.
    but something i know….
    ……from mayapatis(Mahavishnu) maya nobody remains left even shiva also,in mohini awatar gets attracted towards lord.
    ….sati atmdahan shiva gets much disturb taking sati moving here and there.
    (one thing sudarshan chakra is kundalini power of Vishnu not gifted by anybody…but,yes there are many other chakras also…)

    but still both are same…HARIHARAY NAMAHH !

  202. half of shiva=Shakti ArdhaNaarishwara Murthy14th murthy of Shiva
    half of shiva=Vishnu (Hari Hara Murthy) 13th murthy of Shiva

    If male form=Narayana=Vishnu
    If the same “maya” that sthithi=manages, in female form=Narayani=shakti.

    no need to fight for any reason. There must be one supreme =parabhramam.
    Same should take diff forms to explain us (manasu=mann)diff concepts so that we can catch the essence and one day reach a state to see same form in other murthys and still feel no difference among them. then the next step would be towards formless dhyanam=aruparupi=Shiva Lingam, Sri Chakram..Finally the ultimate ADVAITHAM.

    Aadi Sankaracharya says advaitham is an “experience” can never be explained. It has to be felt. So to get that stage, all these are intermediate.

    Don’t forget that and fight and get stuck in between..a lil tolerance would keep your mind at peace and help you stay in “satva” gunam.
    that is the goal right?

  203. Uu doing good job keep it up make the nation honest and moral..no1..god bless u..we alwas ready to cooparate

  204. You all are liers. Idols can’t be God.

  205. i am a muslim but still i rever vishnu and shiva they are not gods they are heroes and human beings but great and sublime ones we respect them because they were blessed by ALLAH but later on people were amazed by theirs greatness and started to worship them we human find it difficult to worship an invisible god we want to love someone whom we can see like vishnu and shiva but they are our heroes

  206. Shiv and vishnu god of hindu, shiv vishnu bramha are “TRIDEV”,shiv , vishnu is same god,

  207. yes!good story.i like that lord of shiva.
    my dear friends! pls always read this story.kindly request.

  208. good stories..i liked them a lot keep posting stories like these and help sustain dharma .

  209. Exellent story of lord Trinity

  210. Firstly I would tell you that who differentiate between Shiva and vishnu will go to hell. You say to research about our religion?????? Dont understand where you did that. First read this
    “Shivaya vishnu rupaaya shiva rupaaya vishnave” ( Shiva is the form of Vishnu and Vishnu is the form of shiva )
    ” Shivasya hrudayam vishnu, Vishnuscha hrudaya shivaha” ( Vishnu is the heart of shiva and shiva is the heart of vishnu)
    ” Yatha paramayam ayam vishnu evam vishnu maya shivaha” ( Lord Vishnu and shiv are one and the same)
    ” Yatha anantharam na pashyaami thatha ma swathiayusshyaan naman namaha” ( who does not differentiate between them gets a long life)

    So understand this before You comment please.
    U will go to hell if u differentiate between them again

  211. OOOmmmm Nammahhh Narayana
    oomm nammah narayan
    Hari oom namah narayana..

  212. My humble contribution to to further this confusion. Vallalar Saint(from Tamilnadu) who is one of the rare ones to have attained a Body of Light, experienced the formless Shiva in his infancy, saw Lord Muruga( Shiv’as son) in his early boyhood, was fed by Mother Parvathi in his adolescence and experienced God as Light form during his later days. He has rated Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and Light in the ascending order. Confusion Galore??? !!!

  213. Lord vishnu is lord of all. “achyutam(un destroyable) keshavam(lord hari) krishna damodaram rama narayanam janki vallabham” .

  214. Which shiv bhakt call his friends by various lords shiva names …

  215. lord vishnu is on who is shiv ,shakti ,everything or source of every thing .for shiv bhakts he is shiv for his devotess he is narayan.LORD VISHNU IN HIS SHASTRANAM IS ALSO CALL SHIVA .i do not thing both are different your eyes cant see that hence you all make rubbish story.well as a matter of fact i am more lord vishnu devotee. OM Namonarayan .

  216. Thanks for your Effort & Spreading This kind of information

  217. If you think Vishnu & Shiva are same, then who killed Kansa??? Kansa got Vardaan that Vishnu’s Powers or Vishnu Himself cannot kill Kansa. Then WHO was that who killed kansa….

    • it is most disgraceful movement you can not see lord is one .I want to inform you that lord only creates and destroys.Remember on one on one known every thing about god he is infinity .in actual lord Vishnu and shiva are same. nishika you tell that kansa got vardan that Vishnu or Vishnu powers can not kill him is rubbish.even kansa have all his power form supereme lord (weather ypu say Vishnu or shiva) no one can ever propagate without lord .he is one who is in you ,me all living and non living.lord does not have any power the fact is that power is created by lord himself he is only source(lord Vishnu) and only sink(lord shiva) in this word . harehara

  218. and for your kind information vishnu n shiva are not same, but yea they r produced by power of one supreme being. they both are devtas and not parmatma. The supreme Being is one who is far and above from all kind of moh, anger , abhimaan etc…however you can see all visnu shiva all r full of rage, fighting with danav aasur and all, the supreme power is not concerned with these….The Supreme Being is Supreme and its all about Love…Love is Parbrahma…

    • well ……. if a person does not have knowledge he should not tend to influence other by the minute things he learn from tv or any book. in actual I am wasteing my time by trying to provide information to a person who has closed all his six senses. Nishika god is tv or a printed book tell (can use terms like Vishnu dev or mahadev) but in actual they are The Supreme Being which has divided his left portion and right portion as Vishnu and shiva. lord Vishnu(infinity) is super being who created shiva and brahama. in fact lord shiva is lord Vishnu .every power is created my them we people divided them and created stories like devta,two god thery, say thatall r full of rage, fighting with danav aasur and all but one who gives you birth has only rigt to punish him .they are I always worship lord shiva as Vishnu and lord Vishnu as shiva,infact in whole universe there are millions of god of different relegions but it is you choice look all as 1 or million. take my advice stop looking difference try to look equality.

      • कृष्णा लीला पर आधारित कुछ प्रश्न

        1. कंस को परशुराम जी से वरदान था की वो त्रिदेव ( ब्रह्मा, विष्णु ,महेश ) से नहीं मरेगा। पर कंस को तो श्याम सुंदर कृष्ण ने ही मारा था . अगर कृष्णा केवल विष्णु स्वरुप है तो वे कंस को कैसे मर सकते है? इसका म…तलब हुआ कि कृष्ण के अन्दर विष्णु भगवान् के अलावा और भी कोई शक्ति विघमान थी .

        2. कंस के अत्याचार से परेशान होकर पृथ्वी त्रिदेव के पास गई पर कंस को वरदान था की वो त्रिदेव से नहीं मरेगा। फिर ब्रह्मा ,विष्णु, महेश तीनो मिलकर गोलोक धाम में श्री कृष्ण जी के पास जाते है ,उनसे विनति करने की वो धरती में आकर कंस का वध करे . यहाँ पर प्रश्न यह उठता है की कृष्ण जनम से पहले ही कृष्ण जी कहा से आ गए , और यह गोलोक धाम कहा है।
        जब त्रिदेव कृष्ण जी के लोक में पहुचते है, तब वहा का द्वारपाल त्रिदेव को रोक पर उनसे पूछता है की वे कौन से ब्रह्माण्ड के त्रिदेव है क्योंकि ऐसे असख्य ब्रह्माण्ड है और असख्य त्रिदेव है द्वारपाल कहता है की एक बंद कमरा जिसमे सूर्य की रौशनी आ रही हो ,उसमे हमे असख्य धुल के कण दिखते है . उन धुल के कण की गिनती की जा सकती है , हमारे सरीर के करोडो रोंगटे की गिनती की जा सकती है परन्तु इस समूचे ब्रह्माण्ड में कितने त्रिदेव है उसकी गिनती नहीं की जा सकती .
        तब त्रिदेव बोलते है की जिस ब्रह्माण्ड में विष्णु जी के अवतार पृथ्वी में होते है ,वो उस ब्रह्माण्ड से आये है क्योंकि यही एक ब्रह्माण्ड है जहा अवतार लीला होती है।तब कृष्ण जी उनसे मिलते है ,और उन्हें आश्वासन देते है की वो जल्दी आयेंगे।

        3. कृष्ण जी की 16,108 रानीया थी .सभी रानियों के साथ उन्होंने अपना विवाह का वादा पूरा किया. परन्तु जिससे वो सबसे ज्यादा प्रेम करते थे ,जिस प्रेम की पूजा आज सारा संसार करता है ,ऐसी राधा रानी को उन्होंने क्यों नहीं अपनाया। उनके साथ विवाह क्यों नहीं किया। राधा रानी जीवन भर कृष्ण जी की याद में कुंवारी रही, उनके लिए रोती रही , पर कृष्णा थे की एक बार पलट कर भी नहीं देखा उनको . राधा कृष्णा जी के प्रेम की पूजा आज हम सभी करते है , फिर क्या रहस्य है की दोनों ने विवाह नहीं किया।

        4.कृष्ण और गोपियों का प्रेम भी हम सभी जानते है। पर मथुरा जाने के बाद कृष्ण कभी भी वृन्दावन में विरहिन गोपियों से मिलने क्यों नहीं आये .

        5. कृष्ण के मथुरा जाने से पहले गोपिया रोज माखन बेचने वृन्दावन से मथुरा जाया करती थी (उल्लेखनीय है की वृन्दावन से मथुरा बहुत निकट है ) पर कृष्ण के मथुरा जाने के पश्चात गोपिया कभी भी कृष्ण से मिलने मथुरा नहीं गयी। वृन्दावन में अपना घर, परिवार,पति को छोड़कर कृष्ण में दीवानी रहने वाली गोपिया कृष्ण से मिलने क्यों नहीं गई ?

        6. शास्त्रों में लिखा है की रास लीला अखंड है . सभी कहते है की दिल्ली के पास जो वृन्दावन है, वही रास लीला अखंड है .पर महाप्रलय में तो संपूर्ण 14 लोक का विनाश भी शास्त्रों में लिखा हुआ है। फिर रास लीला कहा पर अखंड है?

        7. मथुरा को जरासंद घेर लेता है तब कृष्ण जी भी उसकी विशाल सेना देखकर घबरा जाते है।उन्हें अपनी शक्ति का स्मरण नहीं हो रहा था .वे ध्यान लगाते है की वो कौन है .तब वे अपने आपको वैकुण्ठ पति विष्णु भगवान् पाते है और उनके लिए वैकुण्ठ से रथ ,चक्र, गधा आदि आता है। इसका मतलब हुआ की जब बाल्यकाल में कृष्ण जी राक्षसों को मारते थे तब उन्हें अपने विष्णु स्वरुप का आभास नहीं था .

        8. महाभारत युद्ध के बाद एक दिन अर्जुन कृष्ण से विनती करते है की वो गीता ज्ञान फिर से सुनना चाहता है. पर कृष्णा कहते है की वो उस परम ज्ञान को दोबारा सुनाने में असमर्थ है क्योंकि गीता उपदेश देते समय श्री कृष्णा में पूर्ण ब्रह्मा परमात्मा का आवेश था जो गीता उपदेश सुना रहे थे । अब वो आवेश उनमे नहीं है. अगर विष्णु स्वरुप कृष्णा पूर्ण ब्रह्मा परमात्मा नहीं है, तो फिर पूर्ण ब्रह्मा परमात्मा कौन है।

        9. शिशुपाल के वध के बाद उसकी ज्योत वैकुण्ठ जाती है तब वह देखती है की वैकुण्ठ में तो विष्णु भगवान् है ही नहीं । विष्णु भगवान् तो संपूर्ण 16 कला के साथ धरती पर कृष्णा जी के रूप में है। तब शिशुपाल की ज्योत वापस कृष्ण जी में आकर समां जाती है
        क्यों कृष्ण की गिनती विष्णु भगवान् के अवतारों में नहीं की जाती है ?
        कृष्णा लीला पर आधारित कुछ प्रश्न (जिसका जवाब केवल महामति श्री प्राणनाथ जी के तारतम ज्ञान से ही मिल सकता है)

        1. कंस को परशुराम जी से वरदान था की वो त्रिदेव ( ब्रह्मा, विष्णु ,महेश ) से नहीं मरेगा। पर कंस को तो श्याम सुंदर कृष्ण ने ही मारा था . अगर कृष्णा केवल विष्णु स्वरुप है तो वे कंस को कैसे मर सकते है? इसका म…तलब हुआ कि कृष्ण के अन्दर विष्णु भगवान् के अलावा और भी कोई शक्ति विघमान थी .

        2. कंस के अत्याचार से परेशान होकर पृथ्वी त्रिदेव के पास गई पर कंस को वरदान था की वो त्रिदेव से नहीं मरेगा। फिर ब्रह्मा ,विष्णु, महेश तीनो मिलकर गोलोक धाम में श्री कृष्ण जी के पास जाते है ,उनसे विनति करने की वो धरती में आकर कंस का वध करे . यहाँ पर प्रश्न यह उठता है की कृष्ण जनम से पहले ही कृष्ण जी कहा से आ गए , और यह गोलोक धाम कहा है।
        जब त्रिदेव कृष्ण जी के लोक में पहुचते है, तब वहा का द्वारपाल त्रिदेव को रोक पर उनसे पूछता है की वे कौन से ब्रह्माण्ड के त्रिदेव है क्योंकि ऐसे असख्य ब्रह्माण्ड है और असख्य त्रिदेव है द्वारपाल कहता है की एक बंद कमरा जिसमे सूर्य की रौशनी आ रही हो ,उसमे हमे असख्य धुल के कण दिखते है . उन धुल के कण की गिनती की जा सकती है , हमारे सरीर के करोडो रोंगटे की गिनती की जा सकती है परन्तु इस समूचे ब्रह्माण्ड में कितने त्रिदेव है उसकी गिनती नहीं की जा सकती .
        तब त्रिदेव बोलते है की जिस ब्रह्माण्ड में विष्णु जी के अवतार पृथ्वी में होते है ,वो उस ब्रह्माण्ड से आये है क्योंकि यही एक ब्रह्माण्ड है जहा अवतार लीला होती है।तब कृष्ण जी उनसे मिलते है ,और उन्हें आश्वासन देते है की वो जल्दी आयेंगे।

        3. कृष्ण जी की 16,108 रानीया थी .सभी रानियों के साथ उन्होंने अपना विवाह का वादा पूरा किया. परन्तु जिससे वो सबसे ज्यादा प्रेम करते थे ,जिस प्रेम की पूजा आज सारा संसार करता है ,ऐसी राधा रानी को उन्होंने क्यों नहीं अपनाया। उनके साथ विवाह क्यों नहीं किया। राधा रानी जीवन भर कृष्ण जी की याद में कुंवारी रही, उनके लिए रोती रही , पर कृष्णा थे की एक बार पलट कर भी नहीं देखा उनको . राधा कृष्णा जी के प्रेम की पूजा आज हम सभी करते है , फिर क्या रहस्य है की दोनों ने विवाह नहीं किया।

        4.कृष्ण और गोपियों का प्रेम भी हम सभी जानते है। पर मथुरा जाने के बाद कृष्ण कभी भी वृन्दावन में विरहिन गोपियों से मिलने क्यों नहीं आये .

        5. कृष्ण के मथुरा जाने से पहले गोपिया रोज माखन बेचने वृन्दावन से मथुरा जाया करती थी (उल्लेखनीय है की वृन्दावन से मथुरा बहुत निकट है ) पर कृष्ण के मथुरा जाने के पश्चात गोपिया कभी भी कृष्ण से मिलने मथुरा नहीं गयी। वृन्दावन में अपना घर, परिवार,पति को छोड़कर कृष्ण में दीवानी रहने वाली गोपिया कृष्ण से मिलने क्यों नहीं गई ?

        6. शास्त्रों में लिखा है की रास लीला अखंड है . सभी कहते है की दिल्ली के पास जो वृन्दावन है, वही रास लीला अखंड है .पर महाप्रलय में तो संपूर्ण 14 लोक का विनाश भी शास्त्रों में लिखा हुआ है। फिर रास लीला कहा पर अखंड है?

        7. मथुरा को जरासंद घेर लेता है तब कृष्ण जी भी उसकी विशाल सेना देखकर घबरा जाते है।उन्हें अपनी शक्ति का स्मरण नहीं हो रहा था .वे ध्यान लगाते है की वो कौन है .तब वे अपने आपको वैकुण्ठ पति विष्णु भगवान् पाते है और उनके लिए वैकुण्ठ से रथ ,चक्र, गधा आदि आता है। इसका मतलब हुआ की जब बाल्यकाल में कृष्ण जी राक्षसों को मारते थे तब उन्हें अपने विष्णु स्वरुप का आभास नहीं था .

        8. महाभारत युद्ध के बाद एक दिन अर्जुन कृष्ण से विनती करते है की वो गीता ज्ञान फिर से सुनना चाहता है. पर कृष्णा कहते है की वो उस परम ज्ञान को दोबारा सुनाने में असमर्थ है क्योंकि गीता उपदेश देते समय श्री कृष्णा में पूर्ण ब्रह्मा परमात्मा का आवेश था जो गीता उपदेश सुना रहे थे । अब वो आवेश उनमे नहीं है. अगर विष्णु स्वरुप कृष्णा पूर्ण ब्रह्मा परमात्मा नहीं है, तो फिर पूर्ण ब्रह्मा परमात्मा कौन है।

        9. शिशुपाल के वध के बाद उसकी ज्योत वैकुण्ठ जाती है तब वह देखती है की वैकुण्ठ में तो विष्णु भगवान् है ही नहीं । विष्णु भगवान् तो संपूर्ण 16 कला के साथ धरती पर कृष्णा जी के रूप में है। तब शिशुपाल की ज्योत वापस कृष्ण जी में आकर समां जाती है
        क्यों कृष्ण की गिनती विष्णु भगवान् के अवतारों में नहीं की जाती है ?

  219. You are all too late in discussing this. Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu when they realized that this question will come up time and again in the future when they themselves knew they are one they decided to bless us with another form and included Lord brahma also and descended as Lord Dattatreya.(of course they created a leela to make this happen its another story) See the sweet face of Lord Datta you can see Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma. (All in One)

  220. shree vishnu and shiva both are same supreme god parmatma

  221. oh u all big fools have no work to do …………………..
    even god have more to do then just reading ur stupid comments
    if lord Shiva and lord Vishnu didn’t fight for this why u idiotic people are fighting for it. go and pray to ur god before they punish u for ur “NONSENSE” comment

  222. lord Vishnu is lord of all

  223. Totally absurd.
    There has been Vedanta Mantra already in place which clearly points out that the PARA-BRAHMMAM ( the Supreme GOD) is God ” PARAMASIVA”. The Lord Vishnu is one of the many manifestations of GOD PARAMASIVA.
    This is the Sanskrit Mantra:
    Ekaiva Sakthihi Parameswaraicchha
    Boge Bhavani, Purushesha Vishnugu,
    Kobecha Kali, Samaresa Durga.

    Ekaiva Sakthihi means ” the only one supreme power”.

    • and that is lord vishnu

  224. god is one he is nirakara without any form when god has to be worrshiped in forms he appears as shiva ,vishnu and shakti..the true form of parabramha..


  226. lord Vishnu lord of all. OM NAMO NARAYAN. He is shiv and Shakti.(purush aur prakrati).

  227. lord Vishnu is only god.

  228. all of you are fighting but do you realy know who is shiva or do not shiva {away from any maya} Vishnu{surrounded by maya} arjun when given special powers to see god {lord Vishnu shiva brahma all were seen in Krishna}
    example lord Vishnu =+1(always with) shiva(always away)=-1 on adding result 0. that means harehara is not diff. but are like 2 part of coin namo narayan

  229. lord vishnu and lord shiva are same form if you worship lord shiva it is also worship of vishnu they belief each other as their god

  230. Shiva is as beautiful a portal to the supreme as vishnu is…..

    Mind you… are incarcerated in the room of mind and body…this world might seem for you the only reality albeit a feast of senses….

    The first step to the infinite starts from understanding what we have learnt to perceive since our birth ….as possibilities to experience the truth…..

    See ….even a leaf frissoning in a light breeze…is a wondrous door to His feet…..if you live the moment of absolute devotion….seeing everything as One…only one Him…..

    shiva in a form is the ultimate…
    vishnu Himself is the ultimate….

    Where the cold, dense logic fails to cohere the two ultimates….!!!….

    When the truth is that of One….. Supreme self…..!!!!…..

    One knows….shiva is vishnu…vishnu is shiva…

    the ultimate illumination….throbbing silent ….. eternal witness….

    Do you know…..
    The breath of the word ‘Shiva’ is an abstractly coded pattern of sound…..
    it empowers…enhances energy with a burst first ..of ‘shi’ …and a moderation next..of ‘va’…..

    to get shot like an arrow to kailasa….of nirvana…

    Utter ‘vishnu’….and go to the same kailasa….

    I see in vishnu’s eyes the ocean of shiva….
    In shiva’s heart the blossom of vishnu….

    For shiva is an experience of intoxication..
    vishnu the ocean of the same…!!!!!!!!!!

  231. Lord Hanuman (Aavtar of Lord Shiva) a great devote of Lord Ram (Aavtar Of Lord Vishnu) & Lord Ram a great devote of Lord Shiva.

  232. every body the truth will come to u everything may happen the final result will be thuth and end.. Function of universe; brahma creator; vishnu preserver; shiva destroyer but in the begining of creation; shiva source; vishnu holder and keeper; brahma creator now plz remember shiva and vishnu and brahma are the same the same because the came out of the same seed eshwara.. All of them owns the world

  233. true, lord shiva and lord vishnu are the same! harihara!

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  235. anybody tell me which is best part from our human body. but nobody can give answer to this question but every part is important. as the same way who can justice which god is greater. All puranas was telling vishnu and shiva both are same. As puranas “shiva rupaaya vishu,vishnu ruppaya shiva”. if you blame to vishnu, indirectly you can also blame to shiva. please respect to all Gods. sivakesavaya namaha…

  236. […] people know that. If someone is my devotee but still hates Shiva, he will fall into naraka”. Story of Shiva and Vishnu | Moral Stories __________________ 'Sarve khalu idam Brahma' (All things here are […]

  237. Heya i am for the first time here. I found this board and I to find It really
    helpful & it helped me out a lot. I’m hoping to offer something back and
    aid others like you helped me.

  238. This can be explained with one example. Imagine, you are going to a bank where you know both clerks, tellers and a manager who takes care of administration. Now, to get my job done,i have 2 ways. Either i can approach the clerks or tellers and finish my job or i can directly go to the manager to get it done quickly. In the second case, the manager commands his men and makes my life easier.Here manager can be compared to Vishnu and clerks and tellers can be compared to other deities.

    Second explanation goes like this. Lord krishna from his navel created Brahma and from Brahma came a child who was continuosly crying. He is named as Rudra or shiva however u can call it.Again , going with a real life example. A father or mother is very affectionate and is easily attracted to their grandchildren rather than their own child. Here , Lord shiva is the grand child and vishnu is the grand father. HE sustains, protects and demolishes everything as per the demands of Prithvi.

    To choose a route that is straight or curved is upto your choise but all the routes lead to only krishna.

    Since Krishna resides everywhere and in everything, he makes a point that a true vishnu bhaktha should never hurt others which is the first character a true vaishnavite must possess.

    Om Namo narayanaya namaha


      • Even if i try to, truth cannot be hidden. Anushasan parva is not only document or record that tells the first and foremost is Siva. There are endless books and Scripts in this world to read and with the limited knowledge if we try to conclude something, nothing remains at last.U say Lord shiv is supreme. Definitely he is, for he is the first sri vaishnavite when compared to us.I think this answers ur question.

        Finally, an advice from my end is this is actually a forum where we present our arguments with the knowledge we possess.The arguments will definitely increase our knowledge. If you want to prove something, do it in an extremely cultured way.

  239. To analyse who is supreme does not or i should say is not within our reach for our human senses are so limited in its power and with limited tools we cannot estimate unlimited ones. There is one another example which can be quoted here.

    Once great sages were in an argument that who is the best of trimurthis. To find an answer for this, maharishi Bhrigu was appointed . Bhrigu went to satyalokam where he was not received in a proper manner. The same happened in Kailasam where shiva and parvathi were in a deep discussion. Out of rage, Bhrigu went to Sri vaiguntam were he hit the chest of Vishnu where Lakshmi resides. Neither Vishnu nor Lakshmi gave curse to maharishi. From there, comes the avatar of Lord Sri venkateswara.

    After this , it has been concluded that Lord vishnu is the greatest of all the gods because of his tolerance and his ability to make us identify our mistakes by ourselves and rectify the same.Even Kanchi maha acharyas at the very end of their upanyasam, will say Narayana!NArayana!Narayana thrice. It all depends on how lord krishna plays with our mind, dipping us in maya.

    For me there is only one god vishnu but at the same time no disrespect should be shown to others. This is also as per the statements of lord krishna and as i said in the first line to estimate an endless one is not within anyone’s scope

  240. Best example of Shiva and Vishnu being same:

    Ravan worshiped Shiva and disrespected Vishnu……had to suffer……Daksha Prajapati worshiped Vishnu and disrespected Shiva….had to suffer……..Shiva and Vishnu are one…..respect both.

  241. God is an abstract entity which we have interpreted or may have created with our limited knowledge and with our belief. I am a believer in God and am not an atheist, however, I fail to understand why our God (s) just had a playing field in India? If they were busy with what was happening in India- what about the entire world? The universe came into being much before Shiva/Krishna came into being? I am inclined to believe that every region in the world invented/recognized some good people born there- may it be Krishna, Shiva, Jesus or prophet Mohammad, who addressed the regional problems depending on the topography and the lie of the land and the commoners started worshiping them? Over a period of time, by hearsay, these great people became synonymous with God?

  242. People please observe the relation between these two words – “Hari” and “Hara”… Hari – femenine; Hara – masculine. (Shiva’s(Hara) wife Shakthi is considered as sister to Vishnu(Hari) and Vishnu comes as Mohini to dance with Shiva)… that means Hari=Hara

  243. I feel sooooo good….however i knew mch part of story bcuse i had saw in serial “DEVON K DEV MAHADEV” Bt i realy luv to read sch typ of story which is connected directly or indirectly wtH LORD SHIVA…………HAR HAR MAHADEV…


      On Thursday, June 19, 2014, Moral Stories wrote:

      > vikash bisht commented: “I feel sooooo good….however i knew mch part > of story bcuse i had saw in serial “DEVON K DEV MAHADEV” Bt i realy luv to > read sch typ of story which is connected directly or indirectly wtH LORD > SHIVA…”

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  245. 1. Budhijiwee log bahas kartey hein, bhakt log bhakti kartey hein
    2. Budhijiwee ko proof chahiye aur bhakt logon ko issey koi matlab nahin hai.
    3. Har Insaan Ishwar hai kyonki Ishwar uskey bheetar hai, samajhney ki jaroorat hai
    4. Ishwar ek hai aur uskey kai roop hein
    5. Ho sakta hai ki jis shakti ko hum Ishwar ka naam de kar bulatey hein uska wo naam hee na ho, balki koi aur ho, kyonki humein jo gyaan mila hai, hum ussee se uska aanklan kar rahey hein.
    6. Hum log Ishwar se hein aur humsey hee Ishwar hai, isilye hum hee ishwar hein aur hum hee shaitaan.

    Kabi ka doha:
    Bura jo dekhan mein chala, bura na milya koi
    Jo man khoja aapno, mujsey bura na koi

  246. Shiva Mundin, Durga (not even close to actualizing Shakti yet), Ganesh (the tenth incarnation, so really he’s Vishnu), Lakshmi, Karttikeya and Ashok Sundari, are all living and breathing in human form, right now, on the earth, believe it or not.

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  250. purushasuktam is the most sacred mantra … it praises lord vishnu as the paramtama. he is the greatest god

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  253. no body know how big and far is god……

  254. or you can chant what vishnu chants all the time-om namah shivaya….hara hara hara mahadev….

  255. only fools like you consider krishna as supreme power ha hah aaaaa

  256. my dearest friend read my blog carefully especially the first line whatever i have written is a copy paste of a part in devi bhagvata purana so i kindly request you to find it yourself and then do whatever you will….

  257. so your calling a written fact, a well known story, a legend, an imagination great absolutely great my advice to you is first spell KRSNA correctly and then find it out yourself but i think that you already have found out the truth asa you read this article so if you have even a little bit of guilt why dont you stop mocking on some1 else and pray to ur god and let me pray to mine…..

  258. HHmm you are Right..:)

  259. oh my…..u fool…..hahahaha…..those u look krishna just as a merely devta, ghyan ka chasma lagao…
    try n read some good purans n vedas…or if not then just close ur eyes n think for a minute who can be supreme power …..sabka saheb/ malik kaun???

  260. i have read all purans you just read them they all consider lord Vishnu as supereme (agni pura,bhagavata puran,bhavishya,brahmavaivarta puran,garuga puran,harivamsa puran ,kumar puran ,matsya puran,narada puran,padma puran,vamana puran,,vishnu puran ,Lakshmi puran,kalki puran) all these puran state lord Vishnu (Krishna) lord of all .

    purans considering shiva as supereme are shiv puran,ling puran ,sakand puran,vayu puran only . beside this there are many other spiritual books that consider lord Vishnu as lord of all like ramayan ,gita. (he is only god who gave in his ram incarnation boon hanuman to remain alive for ever,made dhruv amar as a star….etc) but always remember lord shiva and Vishnu are same.they both worship eachother.

    there are 18 major purans out of which major represents lord Vishnu. he is sabka malik.

  261. shri hari

  262. Only fools can make such comments as vishnu as supreme ….Please read and understand the ANUSHASAN PARVA OF GITA ……Krishna`s lord is SHIVA so what about Vishnu ,,,,,same

  263. If you say that only fools will say Vishnu as Supreme, then you are also a fool in one way because indirectly you are praising only vishnu through Shiva. I think you will definitely will not deny this.

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