Bali chakravarti’s story

Maanavaas always want vyaapti — how much ever dhanam, yashas, aarogyam, kutumbam, power etc. one has, he always wants more and more. In the struggle to satisfy his wants he undergoes a lot of pain and experiences duhkha when the wants are not satisfied. A weaker mind may also resort to adharma maargas for achieving vyaapti. The story of Bali showcases his satya-vaak-paripaalana and the teaching of Vaamana murty about vyaapti.

Bali chakravarti is one of the greatest kings. Though he was a daitya, he never deviated from the path of truth or Dharma. He was a great Bhakta of Lord Vishnu and was praised by everyone. Since dharma was on his side, his power, strength kept on increasing. Once he decided to wage a war against Indra (as daityaas and devatas were always enemies). Indra, on knowing that Bali is coming for war, asked Mahaavishnu to save him. Bali was one of greatest bhaktas of Vishnu and also a firm follower of Dharma but only had the want for more and more vyaapti. Vishnu gave abhayam to Indra and took birth as the child of the Mahaapativrata Aditi and Kashyapa maharshi. Kashyapa and aditi did a very long tapas and hence Vishnu blessed them by being their child. After Upanayanam, the small vatu, Vaamana, taking tiny tiny steps, reached the palace of Bali.
Vishnu in vatu vesham

He did asheervaadam to Bali saying "Swasti". Bali did yathaavidhi namaskaars to the vatu and asked Him "divya vastra-abharanaas, very tasty mahaa phalas, huge vanyaas, best quality cows, rathaas, ratnaas, vimrushtaannaas, kanyas, elephants, gold, graamas, huge fertile lands, part of my kingdom (which includes all the 3 lookas!) and whatever you please I am ready to give you O great braahmana. Please ask me what you want". Vaamana murty replied "O mahaanubhaava Bali, I am a brahmachaari. What will I do with all these things? Please give me 1 or 2 steps of place. Also for a saamaanya like Me trupti is important. One must never worry if vyaapti is not achieved and must be always satisfied with whatever he gets by praaptam. A person who does not do like this will he be satisfied even if he gets the whole universe? (No)" Since Bali said that he will give whatever Vaamana asks, he was preparing to do the daanam. Sukraacharya, the guru of the daityaas, realizing that Vaamana is none other than Mahaavishnu who came to teach Bali a lesson, said "O Bali, in certain un-avoidable situations one need not keep up his word" and taught Bali his Raakshasa neeti. He also told Bali who Vaamana was. However Bali did not agree to break his word, infact he said "Aaha! what great punyaas have I done that the Hand of Srihari will be below & my hand will be above! It is not an ordinary hand. I will not loose this chance of giving daanam to the shrushti, sthiti, laya kaaraka of the entire universe, even if I loose my entire kingdom. Also what is there to think, as if this body will be forever." Saying this Bali gave 3 steps of place for Vaamana. Daanam must always be done assuming that the daana-grahita is none other than Vishnu avatar and Bali did it the same way. Immediately Vaamana murty started to grow like this to become Trivikrama:

He started growing, he touched the nabho-veedhi, he reached toyaja-mandalam, then prabhaa-raashi, crossed moon and sun, reached dhruva, touched mahavraati and then crossed satyalokam and finally filled the entire universe in all directions leaving no space! Then with one step he occupied earth, with the other the aakaasham. Since Bali did not have anything other than these, he showed his head as the third place and Trivikrama then took the third step and pushed Bali into rasaatalalokam. Seeing this un-believable, divya leela of Mahaavishnu Brahma deva asked Trivikrama "Naaraayana! You have ananta leelas. As soon as you asked Bali, he gave you daanam and kept his word. Also he is a great Bhakta of yours. What is your aantaryam in binding him?". Trivikrama murty replied "O Brahma! I will first take away all the arthaas of the person who I wish to bless. I will test my bhakta and remove any small buddhi-doshaas he has and give him moksham. Also I am making Bali the Indra during the Saavarni manvantaram."
satya-vaak-paripaalanam of Bali

Morals in the story:

  1. Vyaapti for a person is important but it must never be overdone. One must always be satisfied with what he has. The amruta vaakyaas of Lord Vaamana must always be remembered.
  2. Bali was prepared to loose anything for keeping up his word. God always likes such people only.
  3. Importance of atithi seva was well illustrated by Bali. He welcomed the vatu and offered to give whatever he asks.

Side Stories:

  • Seeing the adbhuta avataar of Lord Vishnu, Brahmadeva washed His feet. This water became the holy ganga maata, the daughter of Brahmadeva. Since Her birth was at Trivikrama murty'a feet, Ganga is the most sacred river for the Indians.
  • Jaambavanta, the avataar of Brahma (He created Himself in order to do tapas for Vishnu, since He was not getting free time from the task of creation :) ) , seeing the divya roopa of Trivikrama, immediately made 7 pradakshinas to Lord Trivikrama!
  • Bali was the grandson of the great Bhakta Prahlada. He was born to King Virochana and Surochana.
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  1. makes interesting reading.Thank you for the information

  2. very intristing, delightful, neetly prsented, even narrated in English we feel reading in Sanskrit.

  3. As I was reading the story & once i finished reading it I felt that I am coming out of theatre where this story was dramatised. thanks for the wonderful narration.

  4. I wanted to tell the story to my grand daughter.. refeered this site.. very short neatly told..

  5. I wanted to tell this story to my grand daughter..hence reffred this site…. story told in nutshell…narrative..intestengly..

  6. manchi vaallu manchi panulu cheyadam goppa kadu cheddavadu kuda manchi panulu cheyadam chaala goppa……oka raksasudu ichina mata kosam tana pranalaney vadilesadualantidi manchivallam ani cheppukuney manam inkenta correct ga undali?????????????????????????????????

    • No stamp is placed on one’s head on birth, making them manchi or chedu. The deeds of each person gives the stamp. There could be good Rakshasulu and Bad Manushulu/Gods.

  7. makes very interesting reading.Thank you for the information

  8. it was wonderful

  9. that’s realy wonderfull, thanks for the info

  10. thanks for to knowing such a great story

  11. Really Excellent!.In Today’s world we have few people to say about Puranas in a understandable way.The story is well narreted. It seems like i Have gone to that Yugha and seen as if it happened in front of me.

  12. [...] was the son of Balicakravarti (see this too). He once did vihāram on pavitra Gandhamādana Parvatam (where many ṛṣhis, munis do tapas [...]

  13. Nice

  14. Hari narayan

  15. i have a doubt about this story why vamana kills bali?… Was cleared thax

  16. I am very happy after reading bali’s story. And ananta koti namaskaramulu to the lord vishnu

    • People of Kerala celeberate Onam as they beleive Maha Bali is visiting once in a year during this occassion-the harvesting period.
      But now only a few knows this story.

  17. i want bali’s sons name..
    i didnt gt it..

  18. i want bali’s sons name..

  19. this story also teaches us that if we are krishna devotees and do something wrong, krishna always comes to rescue us and in that process we may get some troubles.
    but we shouldn’t think that why there are so many troubles in my life and there are many others, who are not krishna devotee, are very happy.
    Those troubles maybe to get us out of those wrong doings we may be doing and to put us on correct path of krishna bhakti.

  20. but this seems to be a poltical drama played by vishnu. if same vyaapti intended by indra is right then what is wrong in bali……….

  21. thankS so much indeed for knowing this story …. OM NAMO BHAGAVATESVASUDEVAYA

  22. who was bali chakravarthi’s grand father

  23. wow!!!!

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