The great Vikramāditya Mahārāja

Vikramāditya, the śaka-karta, is very well-known for his śauryam, dhairyam, dharma-pālana, Kalā-poṣhaṇa and accomplishing many impossible tasks. From our childhood we have heard many many stories of him, perhaps this is the least famous one, but nevertheless may be the most important of his accomplishments.

Once Vikramāditya mahārāja during his Mṛgayāvihāram reached Ayodhyāpuram. Tired, he took rest under the shade of a mango tree which was on the banks of the great Sarayū Nadī, near Yamasthalam (Jamadharāghāṭ). To his utter surprise an atyanta sudarākāra Rājaputra with black śarīracchāya, wearing black vastras and puṣhpamāla, riding a black aśvam came and along with the horse took a dip in the pāvana jalas of Sarayū Nadī. To his greater surprise, a divya puruṣha with svaccha śveta śarīram, śveta aśvam, vastras and puṣhpamāla come out.

Immediately Vikramāditya mahārāja went to the Divya puruṣha and asked him the reason for the sudden change in his ākṛti. The Divya puruṣha replied “give your identity before knowing about me”. Vikramāditya mahārāja then said “O kumāra! I am Vikramāditya. My father is the great Gandharvasena mahārāja. My elder brother is Bhartṛhari. He took the āśrayam of Śrī Guru Gorakhanātha and did rājya-tyāgam. Thus I got the Bhāratarājya Śrī and I am doing my yathāśakti mānavaseva and thus Mādhava seva”.

Pleased with the reply of Vikramāditya mahārāja, the sundara Rājaputra replied “O Rāja! I am the Tīrtharāja, Prayāga. Every year during Makara Saṅkrānti, when Sūrya Bhagavān enters Makararāśi, at Trivenī saṅgamam of Gangā, Yamunā, Saravatī many crores of people take Tīrtha snānam and get freed from their pāpam that accumulated from their crores and crores of janmas and reach Paramapadam. Because of this huge pāparāśi I get burnt and turn black. Not able to bear with the tāpam, I come to the Śrī Rāma janma bhūmi, Ayodhyā, and get freed from the pāparāśi by taking a Tīrtha snānam in the great Sarayū Nadī”.

Knowing that Karma (pāpa, puṇya phalam) cannot be easily destroyed, Vikramāditya went on to ask the Tīrtharāja “Hey Bhagavan! What about the great Sarayū Nadī?” The Mahātma replied “Rāja! You need not have that sandeham. Sarayū Nadī has the sāmarthyam to digest janma-janmārara pāparāśis. The pāparāśi that I left in Sarayū Nadī will become bhasmam with the Baḍabāgni near Lakṣhmaṇa ghāṭ — Sahasradhāra. During the timing of creation of this bhasmarāśi, the sprinkled particles become fishes and the pāpam goes to the people who eat these fish”.

Listening to this, with Bhaktibhāvam, Vikramāditya mahārāja asked “Mahātma! Due to my many janma’s puṇyam I got your darśanam. Please tell me what puṇya kāryas I need to do”.The Tīrtharāja told “O Rāja! I am pleased with your audāryam. Now the Ayodhya is in a naṣhṭa, bhraṣhṭa sthiti. Knowing where exactly is the Janma-sthānam, please do jīrṇoddharaṇa of this divya Kṣhetram”. Vikramāditya replied “Mahānubhāva! Now Ayodhya has no people. There are no svarṇa maya rāja prāsādas, there are only mud sidhilas. Please tell me Ayodhya kṣhetra Phalam, the divya tīrthas and how to identify, in the present situation, where exactly is Śrī Rāma Janma Sthānam?” The Tīrtharāja replied “Your doubt is very valid. Please listen to me with great śraddha”:

(Prayāga puruṣha first tells how to reach a great Vṛkṣham by name “Rāma” from where they are and tells about some great places — Gavākṣha kuṇḍam, Ganeśa kuṇḍam, Śeṣhabhagavān Mandiram and continues like this …)

“Rāma is a very very prācīna Vṛkṣham. In order to fix the Ayodhyānagara paridhi, Brahmadeva created it. From thousands and thousands of manvantaras, this Mahāvṛkṣham is there safely. Exactly one mile to the west of this Rāma Vṛkṣham, there is Maṇi Parvatam. 500 feet from there, in Vāyavya koṇam, is the great Śrī Rāma Pāvana Janmasthalam”. He continued “take a Gomāta, which has a very newly born calf, along with the calf, to the Rāma Vṛkṣham. Make it walk near the Maṇi Parvatam (i.e. 1 mile from Rāma Vṛkṣham). The place where the Gomāta puts its Pavitra Gomayam is the great Maṇi parvatam. Make the Gomāta walk at a place 500 feet from there. Where the Gomāta, from its stanas, gives avirāma kṣhīra dhāra, by itself, must be identified as the actual Śrī Rāma Janmasthānam”.

Exactly on Śrī Rāmanavami, Śrī Vikramāditya mahārāja did as told by the Prayāga puruṣha and did Jīrṇoddharaṇam of the Ayodhyā kṣhetram and Bhavyamandira nirmāṇam.

Morals in the Stories:

  1. Once a person follows Dharma and Satyaniṣhṭha he can see Divya puruṣhas. The darśanam of such Divya puruṣhas will lead to ananta mangala karyas. Vikramāditya mahārāja, in a similar way, achieved many many tasks and gained ananta kīrti, aśas and showed us what divya kāryas a person can do if he never deviates from the path of Dharmam and Satyam. Similarly only when dharmam is followed, do the divya kṣhetras show themselves; otherwise when the people are not worthy of it, then they appear as sidhilas.
  2. The fascinating story of puṇya-pāpa — Karma cycle is shown in the story. Unknowingly we might be doing many pāpa and puṇya kāryas. We must be careful not to do pāpa kāryas atleast knowingly.
  3. The sūkti that Vikramāditya mahārāja told “mānava seva is Mādhava seva” must not be forgotten.

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  1. Good story. I am an amateur in Sanskrit. I appreciate the use of Sanskrit words in the above story both for accuracy and flavour. But either English translations in brackets, or a simplified version in English should be appended; which will make this article useful for young people learning Sanskrit.

  2. Good story.

  3. Fine.The stories of vikramathiya are to be retold in all the ways to spread the duties of the rulers.This story in particular rekindles the peoples desire,we pray the almighty to give us a ruler like Vikramathithya who lived only to serve his people

  4. Good moral story.Also if you can find the story of throne of vikramaditya and the 32 dolls carrying the throne ,it will highlight the greatness of vikramaditya

  5. I Think you should show how Vikram Aditya spread his Kingdom and Godly goodwill all th eway to Lithuania.

    The Gold disks from his rule, of pre-Muhammed, in Arabia is important as they are most highly regarded and hang “hidden” in the housing of Kabba in Mecca, with his Poetry and virtues extolled in sanskrit on it. The records are there about this in the Vatican and Turkey.

    Christians adopted the Vikram Aditya principles of Hinduisms great humility and non-aggression, non-avarice, non-harm, … and pre-roman virtues of graet tolerance of all religions of peace.

    However, the Muhammedan religion was headed in similar direction until the Mongols Mongolized the Islam into a rabid, vitriolic, aggressive, avaricious kill and destroy all those of different followings …

    The dessert riding nomads of the Middle East had no buildings or minarets or such skills until Vikram Aditya brought his artisans to the Middle East … and many got settled and the Nomads came to settle too amongst them.

    The Mongols of Asia were absolutely nomadic and there was no architecture in their blood … and they absorbed some of the Artisan generations settled there from India of Vikram era, and so what is considered Islamic architecture of the Minarets in the Middle East and India and such comes a long way from the past of India from the 5,000 and 9,000 years ago rules of Rama and Krishna eras.

    Who doubts this? Even Muhammed told his followers “my disciples place deities in our place of worhip … and go learn the ancient knowledge from the Hindus and build your library here in Arabia. All this along with the early ALL OF THE SEVEN (7) copiuosly hand-writen Qurans extolling Vikram Aditya principles were destroyed along with the Hindu acquired knowledge Libraries by the Genghis Khan’s hordes that invaded the Arab world.

    His Generals are recorded by the early Christian chronolgues of the Vatican Libraries and the Mesopotamian Scrolls … telling of how the Seven Qurans were gathered by the Mongol Generals after ransacking the Sultanates and a they were burnt at a bonefire. Thereafter the Genghis Khans’s Shammans that accompanied all their generals, compiled a SINGLE a vicious “warfare” type Quran – extolling all the OPPOSITE virtues of those that are all in all other Peaceful Religions.

    God eddicts abandon of Avarice – Islam extolls and praises it.
    God eddicts forgiving – Islam goes for the juggular at the drop of a hat.
    God eddicts abandon of Jealousy and greed – Islam praises its virtue.
    God eddicts though shall NOT kill – Islam prasies and encourages it.
    God eddicts all mankind is mine and all are my children – Islam despises any other mankind and encourages killing all kafirs.
    God eddicts man shall choose his own path to me in his own way of choice – Islam will kill if you don’t join them and will kill if you leave them.
    God eddicts though shall not lust – Islam prasies and encourages it with even suicide and virgins to satiate their lust in Heaven?!

    … no end to the God eddicting good and peace … Islam extolling blood and lust and evil … that is how the Genghis Khan hordes held sway in their ranks … and also the reason women were supposed to hide under veils and sacks so that their own ranks would not lust and fight amongst them selves over the slaves they have gathered right into the 19th Century … the Harems and Nubian slaves of recent from the East and West Coast of Africa.

    So Vikram was great beyond all known bounds … from Lithuanaia where they have dug up artifacts from that era, … all the way to Thailand, Malaysia, and the Islands of Sumatra …

    However, the clever Shamans of Genghis Khan wrote the policies and procedures to keep control and power over all of their converts and slaves … the present day Mullahs, who still follow these strictly … and hidden from all except as the rules coming from the “Inner Circle” of POWER to the Mullahs to keep them in line and subsequently the rest of the SEQUESTER and CORRALED populaces worldwide …

    You are seeing the present day rampant chaos agents and harbingers of the dark side of possible “human” clique and cult they have developed and are afraid of loosing control of this.

    ELSE the WORLD would have been at PEACE and on its furtherance of CIVILIZATION … you would not see threats – double faced with – we are peaceful but we will kill you if you are not one of us !

    • Is this history blog or Muslim hating blog? Your comments are full of misleading context about Islam. Please have an open mind, and educate yourself in the right path

      • This is not a hating blog.This blog just told the facts that have happened.This is the truth

  6. It very nice moral stories for vikaramaditya.Iam like very much

  7. This comment is full of hatred. misleading information about other religions. Definitely lack of open minded education. At first I was overwhelmed with your depth of knowledge until I came across your hateful coparisons.

  8. Thanks, Neeople like u, helpful yung–yung Request See web site:-Hinduwisdom, ery Vedic Time,History, & Ask Ev.thing as asVedictimes..i have pHs,Articles somewere with me cannot Massscares of Khalistanies by Mughal ,and by Brit ,Publishise THiS inab to let Know of present Khalistan Movementers.of inform (i have done longtime back)change all Govt Security Staff with Retired Army help reach message..retd Mercantile Mariner Capt Nathvani L.K.,,be Email friend..

  9. Great ! enjoyed reading. don’t know much about genghis khan. will have to search. by the way , mr. shah,i request to search for dr. zakir nayak, and craig winn,on google. read all that both of them have said and written. may god bless you. . . sayonara

  10. Its a moral and a nice story

  11. Thanks for publishing such artical’s about samrat vikramaditya ‘parmar kulbhushan’ whose historical description was not much written by some so called ‘murkh’ indian/forigion writter’s but his discription is preserved in the personal liberary of sultan of turky ‘makadame a sultania’ .The name of that book is ‘sayar o okul’. He is the hero of indian folk stories ‘.His named was famed beyond the indian penusila.

  12. very grate storys thanks.

  13. This story gives me good moral

  14. Vikramaditya elder brother is Sankharaja.Because there was another Vikramaditya named Harsha Vikramaditya who started Harsha Era in 457 BC.His brother is Bhartrihari.

  15. Edison is nice

  16. STORY


    • nice story

  18. Thanks for the story. It really gives a good moral. Thankyou very much.

  19. Good story

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