Meera Bai

The story of Meera Bai, the great Bhakta of Giridhara Gopala is well known. Right from childhood she used to always do Krishnaaraadhana. Every jeevi is influenced greatly by his previous janma’s karma. Same is the case with the great Meera Bai:


Meera Bai, in her previous janma, was born in Mathura. She was married at an young age to a boy from Nandavrajam. “In the Nandavrajam there is Baala Krishna. It seems none can escape His maaya. All the vanitas forget everything and completely come under His control it seems. They leave their families too. Please be careful my dear” — this is what everybody kept on warning Meera Bai before she left for Nandavrajam .

Finally the moment when she had to leave for Nandavrajam came. She was taken to Nandavrajam in a beautiful pallaqi. On the way to Vrajam there was severe very heavy rain with thunders. The severity increased and there were huge boulders falling. The people carrying the pallaqi left it and ran for their lifes. Not knowing what happened Meera Bai opened the pallaqi window and saw this paramaadbhuta drushyam:

It was the day when Indra showed His anger on the Vraja-vaasis. She saw a small Baalaka balancing the Govardhana giri on His little finger (left hand) and saving the lifes of Gopalas. Meera was awe-struck. The image of Govardhana Giridhaari just got fixed in her mind. In no time a boulder fell on her too and she lost her life. The bhaavam which Meera experienced when she saw Shri Krishna is avyakta-madhuram (If explanied bhaavam will reduce).

All the Meera Bhajans end with Giridhara Gopala (Makutam).


Morals in the story:

  1. Our elders and shastras always ask us to be only in the company of good; see, talk and listen to only good things. Meera Bai’s story clearly shows us why.
  2. “Buddhi Karmaanusaarini”. Only sat-karmas lead to sat-buddhi.

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  1. कर्मायत्तं फलं पुंसां बुद्धिः कर्मानुसारिणी।
    तथापि सुधिया भाव्यं सुविचार्यैव कुर्वता॥
    karmāyattaṁ phalaṁ puṁsāṁ buddhiḥ karmānusāriṇī|
    tathāpi sudhiyā bhāvyaṁ suvicāryaiva kurvatā||
    The results are dependent on one’s action, the intellect follows the action.
    Even then, one acting after proper deliberation should use proper intellect.”

  2. this is wht i read for the first time. meera bai’s previous birth…
    very true doing everything in His remembrance.. cuz only Krishn is the best in this world n also beyond it… n when death occurs in His thought, wht else one cn ask for, it is the only achievment a soul cn make as Krishn is the ultimate goal of every soul… alas v dont recognize it..
    Meera n other rasik saints who took birth on pious land of Bharat r the only treasure, v r blessed, wish v all cud recognize soul’s journey begins from n ends upon Krishn as He is the soul husband

    • my krishna is every thing to me in my life

      • s My Radhakrishna s 4 me

      • He s not 1nly a good husband . He s a good mother,father, guru, freiend, brother,sister, a great enemy 4 our bad activities.

      • Respected “KRISHNA BHAKTHA”:-
        I had doubt tht y mostly girls have more interest on him rather than boys? Y all gopi’s & girls askng he must be their husband ? rather than any other relationship with him? no 1 s askng abt radha?Y they not havng or askng any relationship with radha? I can’t understand y they are omitting her?

      • plzz reply to my questions in english


      • helped me a lot for my history project..

    • Respected Krishna Bhakta,
      With all due respect I just want to ask u something, pls let me know, i will do whatever u recommend. How can I see Krishna, where He is? Have u seen it my brother then pls tell Him that I am waitig for His reply

      • Dear KRISHNA BHAKTA,

        Yes you can see Krishna.. you can see him in your heart.. if you believe in Krishna then he is in you itself.. shri Krishna says ” Tum do kadam badao, main das kadam badaoga”. Just look at his photo, talk to him and he will defenately answer your questions. I do. And i do get answers.


      • hey krishna is god not a person
        u just need a must know god is present in every particle of this mother earth

      • what a silly can see him,when you are
        totally belonged to krishna.he is the one,who is ru
        ling the universe.mostly womens and girls will so much
        attracted to word in any language can describe him,he is so beautiful and our savior.i have
        taken a vow, that if i marry i will marry only lord
        krishna.i love kaliyug there is no way to get
        a good husband.he is the one is good man and baeutiful.
        day and night i crave for him,i cry for him.

      • main aap sabhi ko batan achata hoon ki meera bai ,,,,ji ek bahut hi achhi….sant gopi premi apne krishan ki….thi …vo sirf krishan se hi prem krti thi …krishan hi uska jivan aur krishan hi uss ka aant tha…meerabai ji ek radha roop thi….bhav unki bakti sachhi thi krishna prati…..agar pem karo to meera ke tarah nisvarth nai to na karo…..sat sang hi jivan hai…….
        .hum sab krishan ko parpt kr sakte hai meera ke jesse,,,but,,,,,hume uske tarahn banna pare ga…
        .kehte hai na jab jagge tap saveraaa…….

        .krishan se preet ka rishta joro .
        krishan saggar main doob jaoo.
        .krishan aap ko bhav sagar se paar lagayen ge…..

        ..jai shri krishan ..jai meerabai ji…..
        kamna hai ki koi to iss bhart main meera jesaa hogaa……

        .and story is so nice……
        karishan rass pio aur sabhi ko pilaaoo…
        sab kuch …krishan hi dekhe ga bhool jaooo
        ….jo ki kal kya hoga ya kal kya hoaa.

        .god bless u
        hare krishan

  3. “Jai Shri Krishna”

    “Meera” when I hear of her or think of her there is a kind of question mark in my mind. what the lady was she or is she for me (because she is still alive for me)I am not able to understand her, though I have written more than 50 pages on her single pad ” Mere to Giridhar Gopal dusro na koi” the more I write on the same or think of it the more I find myself a back. I am always and will be in search of such sites that provide information regarding “Meera”


      • you search more about meera in NDTV IMAGINE “MEERA”
        It’s a story or life of meera.i have no words to describe about that’s very very attractive and beautiful.

    • according to me,meera is a god.when her mother died,and she was given in bhojraj’s hand she dont know what to do.krishna is the only relation for her.even i also maked my my mind there is no one for me only krishna is my relation.he is my lover.he is my husband.meera’s mother said to her that “krishna is your bridegroom”.
      mahesh,for instance your relation are not with you and
      you have only your wife,and she is also not with you, will you not cry for her,to be with her.this is the same life for meera,she has only one relation that is krishna.


    • These are good thoughts.You can do a lot to keep your affection for Meeras land by sharing and expressing the greatness of our traditions and past, by supporting such links creating social networks for passing on the knowledge.
      thank you for kind words about Rajputs

  5. Jai SriKrishna. Excellent moral.
    Sanatana dharma

  6. Meera was the One of the Gopi, can u discover who was that gopi and why she has to take another birth.

    Search answer is very simple

    • Meera in her previous birth believed to be Lalitha the gopi, one of the lover of My Krishna.

      • She was Madhavi gopi. For more details, read “Meera-Charit” book

      • wt she s a Madhavi ? I didn’t hear ths name in krishna’s tale’s

  7. Thanks a lot for sharing such a wonderful story. Since a few days I am just reading more and more about Meera bai. I am so much impressed with her devotion to Lord Sri Krishna. The more I read about her I am yearning to know more and more about her and Lord Krishna..I came across this website while trying to search the script/lyrics of Meera bai bhajans.

  8. can you tell me exactly what this image means i love this very much

    thank you.

  9. hi ra’an
    this picture had a grt story told to me by my granny.

    once it happened that a grt Assura had to be killed by only godess durga that is parvati mata.she is been on her possession and was killing all asura in kaali maa rupam.she kills each asura and hangs their head as bead for her mala.she was so enraged that she lost her consciousnes and started killing gods too.When this was realised that godess out of angry is killing god too.All went for shiva becoz only shiva can stop her as he is her husband.when lord shiva sees’s durga is out of rage.he cannot decide what to he directly sleeps on her way.when durga puts her leg on him.only then she realises that she had done the out of fear her tongue gets out her mouth realising the mistake. then she turns back to as paravati mata and ask for sori .this is how even gods do mistake.but that mistake is for virtually good once.from that day onwards godess kali is been prayed with the frame set putting her tongue out side.which shows how anger she was and still how obidient she is to her husband that out of fear her tongue came out.

  10. hi..
    meera she s agreat much uncondistional love. so much elagant,vibrant,soft,wat not.. she a princess ,a beatiful women,such an immence lover .i wish to live a life of meera. so did i choose her name, as my sanyaas name anand meera. meera.. i would like to relive the whole episode which took place in meera’s life. well thanks for this infomation and details u ve kept on meera. hare krishna..

    • hey even i wish to live life like meera ..she is the most greatest women in this whole mortal world …..

      • Jai Shri Krishna,
        Mera sabhi krishna bhakton ko koti-koti pranam. Mere pas shabd nahin hain ki main thakurji – shri krishna ke baare mein kuchh bhi kah paun. Mere prabhu ki mujh jaise tuchh jiva par ananya kripa hai. Shri Krishna hi keval param Brahma hain aur daya ki parakastha hain. Aap chahe- Sudama ko dekhen yaa bachapan ke anya gop aur gopion ko. jitan unka bhakta unhe chahta hai prem karta hai mere prabhu anek guna us bhakta ko chahate hain aur prem karte hain. chahe to aap bhi ajma sakte hain. Krishan to prem hi hain, daya hi hain, kripa hi hain, sabke swami hi hain, pita-mata-sakha sab to wahi hain.

        Mujhe bhi mere Baal Krishna lal ji se prem aur moh ho gaya hai mai kya karun. Mujhe kuchh samajh nahin aata hai. Koi to mera bhi marg darshan karde. Mai bari-bari jaun apne thakur ji par.

        Prabhu ka tuchh jiv

        Mohan Lal Soni

  11. Read more about Mirabai and her bhajans at

  12. i want to know more more about Meerabai

  13. I want to know more and more about meerabai.Pls.

  14. Thank you for a great story..I am a painter about Indian art..Please send me some Miraby image with Lord Krisna…thans.

  15. Meerabai was a Gopi in her previous birth by name, Lalita. In her childhood, being a princess, she was watching a marriage procession and out of curiosity she asked who her husband was. Her Dhayima told her that Lord Krishna was her husband. Since then she devoted herself to Lord Krishna till her last breath. Rajput kings never did any justice to her devotion. After the death of her husband (King Bhoja raja of Mewad), Meera underwent untold sufferings at the hands of her brother-in-law, whom she refers in her poetry as ‘Ranaji.’ It was only because of her poems that people came to know of her trials and tribulations. Meera’s love for Krishna was purest, noblest and unparalleled. She left the palace and went to Vrindavan on Krishna’s directive. From there she finally went to Dwaraka. However, after she left, Mewad was razed to the ground by the Muslim invaders. There was a severe famine in Mewad. All the brahmins collectively blamed Ranaji for illtreating Meera who ordered them to fetch her back. The brahmins met Meera and requested her to return to Mewad which she refused. Later they threatened her that they would undertake fast unto death unless she acceded their request and returned to Mewad. She requested them to meet her near the temple of Lord Krishna on the following day. ON the following day in the morning, the brahmins see that, her clothes were lying scattered outside the temple and Meera had merged in her beloved Lord Krishna. Rajput kings never gave Meerabai her due and it was only after people read her poetry that they could realize her true devotion and the suffering that she had undergone at the royal palace.

  16. Meera’s Sadguru was the famous saint Raidas or Rohidas who was a cobler by caste and hailed from Kashi or Benaras. However, whenever he visited the poor and the downtrodden people in thier huts, Meera used to visit him there without caring for feelings of her princely status and accept the Prasad offered by him. Saint Raidas himself was a great saint and revered by many people. Meera’s compositions are surprisingly based on many Hindustani Ragas (mode of singing). In fact the people realized all the injustice meted out to her only through her poetry. Ranaji sent a poisonous cobra through the flowers in a basket which Meera used for decorating Lord Krishna. However, the cobra turned into a garland when Meera put her hand int the basket. Ranaji also replaced her bed with the bed of nails without her knowledge but when she lay down, the bed turned into flowers. There are many miracles which she has narrated in her compositions.

    • Dear Pujar-ji, where did you get the Meera Sur Singhavali from?
      Yes Ravi Dass was her first Guru. Amazing that you know so many accurate details about Meera. She wrote these Pads (couplets) in Bhav, in trance, these conversations with Krishna came out as Poetry… This is what she is..Bhaav

    • Respected KRISHNA BHAKTHA:-
      plzz tell me tht miracles I’m very eager to know that?

  17. The information is excellent. The quatations can not be forgotten… as well as….. poems .. thats awesome. but need pictures..
    CAn you plz send more pictures of mirabai

  18. Can u plz get d information in the hindi language??

  19. hi,
    whenever i read about meerabai i wonder what hardships she had faced being such a rebellious lady so many centuries back….i wonder what she looked like…..she must have had such a beautiful heart and face! i wish i could go back in time and help her. i feel closer to God whenever i think of her devottion to Lord Krishna.

  20. When Ranaji asked her to get out of the palace and give up her life. Meera quietly obeyed him and left the palace and came to the bank of the river. Before she was about to jump into the river, she someone say, ‘Stop!’ She turned and looked, it was none other than Lord Krishan, who asked her not to commit suicide and go to Vrindavan. She left for Vrindavan and was very happy to meet Sadhus and holy men there. One of them was a well known Sanyasi, Jeev Goswami, who never used to see the face of a woman, leave alone talking to her! However, Meera wanted to meet all the holy people and have ‘Atmanatma Charcha.’ When she was stopped by the servant of Jeeva Goswami saying that the latter never saw and spoke to a woman, Meera laughed loudly saying, ‘O! There is yet another competitor to Lord Krishna, who is the real Purushottama in this Vrindavana. I did not know about him.” Jeeva Goswami was shocked to listen to her remark. What Meera meant that every Jeevatma (soul) is like a Gopi which is longing to meet Lord Krishna (the best man, Purushottama) the Paramatma. So how can there by yet another ‘man’ in Vrindavana, when Lord Krishna is the Only Man? Jeeva Goswami came out of his room, met Meera and asked for her forgiveness. Thereafter they had discussion on the spiritual matters.

  21. i think , you have done an excellent job, meera is by far the best example of devotion in recent times.
    Her innocence and absolute faith in krishna , cannot be matched. Hurdles and hassles, difficulties and problem, whatever, however, whichever, whenever ; came her way, she found the solution in KRISHNA, OH MY KRISHNA, PLSS , PLSS , PLSS , PLSS, I PRAY TO U , WITH ALL MY HEART AT 4:08 ON 20/10/2007, GIVE THE SAME QUALITIES AS OF MEERA , AND , PLSS , LET ME NOW GET RID OF THIS MORTAL WORLD.. JAI SHRI KRISHNA, JAI MEERA

    • Me too same plzz let me get rid from ths tension full of world with bad behaviuor plzz give me a mind & full of u & radha like meeraji I’m begging u lord plzzzzzzzzzzzzz serve me

    please please

    • yes, she was a gopi. Her name was Lalitha.

  23. “MEERA”

  24. thakyou a lot i never know the story of meera’s past life can any one provide me the story of meera bai and her whole life its very great

  25. I am a student of class IX and am given an assignment as a project in my school.I am impressed by the devotion of Mira Bai and how she surrendered her livefor shri krishna

  26. I am studying in class IV and I want to know more stories on meera bai and shri krishna

  27. Well What can one say … I always fall short of words & my eyes are filled with tears of ecstasy when i just hear the name of Meera. Meera – the name has many meanings…. God’s Wife/consort, Lakshmi, Mahi + Hara – Mahihara – Meera.. the one who steals the dharatala of Maaya & takes you to god.

    Just love Krishna & you will understand what is Meera Bai … Only when you say – Mere to Giridhar Gopaal … doosro na koyeee

  28. i am sanjeev kumar i have read all the views about meera bai ji my mail id is – . I am doing a research on meera bai ji’s life any one has information with there research please send me mail or your contact no.

  29. Meerabai…..a lady who loved shri krishna more than anything else…..I really like a lot her life bcoz of her devotion…. How can anyone be so much devotee….its really amazing…..but beautiful and lovable…..i love her bhajans but i hav not listened too many….can anyone help me by telling abt her bhajans n frm whr can i get these…

  30. After her visit to Vrindavan, Meera left for Dwaraka, the abode of her beloved Lord Krishna. After she reached Dwaraka, Mewad was invaded by the Muslim king and a terrible war broke out. The entire Mewad was razed to the ground. After some time, Ranaji’s younger brother, Uday Singh was made the king of Mewad. There was a famine, people were dying without food and water. The king was worried and asked the priests of his Durbar, why his kingdom and his subjects suffered. The priests told him that as, a holy woman and a great devotee of Lord Krishna, Meera who belonged to royal family was driven away, there was so much suffering around. The king was astonished; however, he ordered them to go to Dwaraka and bring Meera back to Mewad, lest their lives would not be spared. The priests left arrived at Dwaraka and found that Meera was happy there immersed in her devotion. She also had become a well-known poetess because of her rich devotional poetry in Gujarati language. She daily visited the temple of Ranacchodadasaji (Lord Krishna) without fail. Lord Krishna was everything to her.
    They met her and requested her to return to Mewad and also told her the message of the new king. Meera wondered why she was invited to Mewad again, from where she was driven away after humiliation. She never wanted to return to Mewad. She politely refused to accompany to priets to Mewad. The priests were afraid as they could not return to Mewad empty handed. They told her that until she agreed to return to Mewad with them, they would start fast-unto-death. Meera was perplexed as she neither wanted to return to Mewad nor she wanted to be responsible for the deaths of the priests and become a sinner. She told them that they could meet her at the gate of the Lord Krishna’s temple in the morning on the following day. They agreed. On the following day, when they arrived at the gate, they could not find Meera; they entered the temple and found to their shock, that Meera’s Dupatta lay on the hand of Lord Krishna. Supreme saint Meera had merged into her beloved Lord Krishna for ever! heartbroken the priests returned to Mewad and told the king this event.
    Only after 100 years had passed that some people found out her original poetry and learnt about her sufferings at the hands of Ranaji and the other royal folks through it. Until then the royal clan had never disclosed about the humiliation that they had meted out to her to the common people.
    In one of her poem she pitiously asks the royal clan, “O Sisodiya (the royal clan) what would you do to Meera, when Lord her protector?” Five hundred years later, people and researchers are vying with each other to do research on her rich poetry, singers are competing with each other to sing her devotional bhajans. In America, every year, a group assembles and sings her bhajans annually. Such is the mesmerizing capability of her poetry which has come straight from her heart. Meera lived only for Lord Krishna.

  31. Hare Krishna!! Jai Meera Ji, you will always be Lord Krishna’s favorite devotee

  32. i am a devote of lord krishna. i feel very happy whenever i am reading this story..

    thank you.

  33. Meera is an epitome of love yet so pure. Love that is so ecstatic…of joy, of celebration, of pain & separation and unity beyond eternity! Love that became devotion which eventually engulfed the self & liberated her…isn’t that what love do…it liberates oneself… Meera in unity with Her Krishna for now, for ever…for eternity!Love yet so pure…that’s what Meera means to me!

  34. yadava keep stories in hindi also.

  35. This is indeed a very nice article. Meera is one among the Ideal Bhaktas of Lord Srikrishna. May her name inspire all of us to achieve Lord’s grace.

    Hare Krishna

  36. maa mira’s name is attached and will remained attached with the name of shri hari krishna forever as an essence of the flower and the flower itself , as sun and its rays can not be separated . she is an inspiration for all devotees of shri hari, to surrender their life on the feets of the lord hari . her will be taken with great respect till eternity …..hare krishna hare krishna , krishna krishna hare hare …… hare rama hare rama , rama rama hare hare …….

  37. Let us see some important events in the life of saint-poetess Meera.
    Meera had to suffer widowhood at a very early age. Her husband king Bhojraj was wounded in a war in 1526 and died. This was a severe blow to her. Her father too died while fighting a war with Babar in 1527. In this war her father-in-law, Rana Sanga too was wounded and was killed by some cruel ministers by poisoning him. Meera was terribly pained by all these sorrowful events which happened in succession. She started to feel detachment (Vairagya) from this ephemeral world. Her feeling of devotion to Lord Krishna intensified. One of her couplets gives an idea about her Vairagya.
    “Kon Kare Janjal, Jag Me Jeevan Thoro,
    Jhoothi Re Kaya Ne Jhoothi Re Maya, Jhootho Sab Sansar”
    (Meera Sur Singhavali – page 779)
    Meaning: Why fight in this world, when the human life is so short? This human body and attachment to this body both are false and illusive. This world itself is ephemeral i.e. false.
    There are a lot of difference of opinion about Meera’s Sadguru (spiritual master). Some historians say that saint-poet Ravidas (also called Raidas) was her Sadguru. But some historians say that Meera had no Sadguru. However the latter opinion is incorrect as she herself has declared that saint-poet Ravidas was her Sadguru in some of her couplets. She says,
    “Nahi Main Peehar Sasare, Nahi Piyaji Ri Sath
    Meera Ne Govind Milya Ji, Guru Miliya Raidas||”
    (Meera Bruhatpadavali Part 1, page 201)
    This couplet prooves that Meera’s Sadguru was saint-poet Raidas.It is because of saint-poet Ravidas’s guidance Meera reached her Spiritual goal. Meera was in love with God and attaining Him was her goal. She was love-lorn due to her devotion to Lord Krishna. She says,
    “Khojat Phiru Bhed Va Ghar Ko, Koi Na Karat Bakhani
    Raidas Sant Mile Mohi Satguru, Deenhi Surat Sahrudani
    Main Mili Jai Pai Piya Apna, Tab Mori Peer Bujhani||”
    (Meera Bruhatpadavali Part 1, page 207)
    In order to fructify the human birth Meera chose the path of devotion. After severe austerities she attained the knowledge of the Self. Her soul got immersed in the love of Lord Krishna. Meera did not care for the traditions and social norms. She had great devotion to saint Raidas which was against the orthodox social norms and practices. The contemporary brahmins of her times as well as the orthodox ministers were extremely angry with her. Meera became a target of criticism for these people.
    Meera did not want anything from the outside world. She had no connection with the external world where people believed only in false rituals, age-old traditions and practices devoid of any devotion for God. Her desire to attain God was the sole support of her life. She could not get sleep at night; she did not like food. She used to lie in the holy feet of Lord Krishna with tears flowing incessantly from her eyes. She longed and suffered without Krishna the way a fish suffers when taken out of water. She had even asked an astrologer when she would meet her God. She says,
    “The Kaho Mane Joshi Ram Milan Kab Hosi||”
    (Meera Sur Singhavali, Page 479)
    Meera has also expressed her emotions about Rana in her couplets piteously. She writes,
    “Bhali Buri To Main Nahi Keenhi, Rana Kyon Hai Risayo
    Thane Mhane Deha Divi Hai, Jyarau Hari Gun Gayo||”
    (Meera Sur Singhavali, Page 281)
    Meaning: Oh Ranaji! Why do you trouble me? I have not committed any sin. Devotion to God is not a sin. I am a devotee of the Supreme God, who has created this entire universe. In what way am I concerned either with the caste or family (Kul)! I am devoted to the holy feet of Lord Krishna.
    But Rana was a dimiwit. He had no understanding of the spiritual science. He was intereseted more in the traditions and the prestige of his royal family. His hatred and anger had no place in Meera’s life. Her heart was filled with the devotion to her Sadguru and Supreme Lord Krishna. Meera did not get much guidance from her Sadguru. She used to be very sad for not getting guidance and the holy company of her Sadguru sufficiently. There is no historical record suggesting an initiation of Meera by her Sadguru. However, available historical records give us a clue which touches the the cord of our hearts. When saint Ravidas arrived at Chittod, he stayed in the locality of the socially outcaste people. Meera used to discard all her royal jewellry and attire and visit him in a simple robe. In those days, the lower caste people were dominated by the upper caste people in Chittod. But Meera used to go visit Ravidas and enjoy his holy company. She used to sit on the mud-floor along with other disciples and place her head in the holy feet of her Sadguru. She used to accept Prasadam from saint Ravidas. These facts are supported in one of Meera’s poems where her sister-in-law, Uda tries to change Meera’s mind by speaking to her. Meera has written what Uda said to her in the following words.
    “Ab Meera Man Lijyo Mhari, Thane Sakhiyan Baraje Sari
    Rana Barjai, Rani Barjai, Barjai Sab Pariwari
    Sadhan Ke Dhing Baith Baith, Laj Gamai Sari
    Neet Prati Uth Neech Ghar Javo, Kul Ku Lagao Gari||”
    (Meera Sur Singhavali, Page 264)
    But why would Meera listen to the words of Uda? After all she was devoted to Lord Krishna and Sadguru was her guide.

    • where can I buy or find the Meera Sur Singhavali?

  38. But why would Meera think the way Uda and others from the royal clan thought? Ranaji was no less stubborn. He virtually put her under some kind of arrest. Meera was nothing but a flame of Paramatma. Meera was a fragrant breeze emanating from God which wanted to turn the whole world devotional. She used to tie her Dupattas to each other, jump out of the palace and visit her Lord Krishna in the temple. As she was not getting enough company of her Sadguru, Meera used to be sorrowful. Meera considered Sadguru to be equivalent to Paramatma. The number of people who criticised her in Mewad increased. Such people started to float rumours that she was almost mad and had deviated from the virtuous path. They even started to say that she was a stigma to the royal family of Mewad. But Meera was unperturbed. She bore all the criticism quietly.
    Rana Ratan Singh tried to assasinate his maternal uncle, Surajmal and was killed in the process in 1531. After his death, his younger brother Vikramaditya ascended the royal throne. But Vikramaditya too was short-sighted and stubborn like Ratan Singh. He too came under the influence of the ministers and became an enemy of Meera. He had even planned to get her killed. He had asked his assistant to keep a poisonous cobra inside the basket of flowers and presented it to Meera. Although Meera put her hand inside the basket, the cobra turned into a flower wreath. Meera herself has written a couplet as follows,
    “Petya Basak Bhejiyo, Yo Che Motida Ro Har|
    Nag Gala Me Pahariyo, Mhare Mahal Bhayo Ujiyar||”
    (Meera Sur Singhavali, Page 279)
    Meera was saved by the grace of her Krishna.
    Rana made yet another attempt on her life. He arranged to place needles, the tips of which were dipped in deadly poison, below her mattress on her cot. However, no sooner Meera lay on her cot, the needles turned into the rose petals. Lord Krishna was with her to save her life! By then Meera had attained the knowledge of the Self, Aatmagyan! She knew that the soul of a being was deathless and eternal. She says in a couplet,
    “Aaj Kal Ki Main Nahi, Rana Jad Yo Brahmand Chayo|
    Medatiya Ghar Janam Liyo Hai, Meera Nam Kahayo||”
    (Meera Sur Singhavali, Page 281)
    Meaning: Oh Rana! This is not the first time that I have visited this world. I have been visiting this world since time immemorial. It is just that in this birth, I have been born in Medata family and is known by name Meera.” Thus Meera clearly explains the transmigration of the soul. She explains the transmigration of the soul in the following way,
    “Lakh Chaurasi Ro Choodlo, Peryo Main Kai Vaar|
    O To Pati Dehi Ko Sangi, Mo Pati Sirajanhar||
    Janam Janam Keeya Pati Keta, Vishaya Te Nar Naar|
    Main To Rachi Rangalu Rangi Govind Hari Bharatar||”
    (Meera Sur Singhavali, Page 407)
    Meaning: I have worn the bodies of 84 lakh different species many times. In different births, I have had many husbands with different bodies. However, I have got the realization that my true husband is ShriHari, who is the creator of this Universe and I am fully immersed in His glory.
    Rana made a last attempt. This time he made a very clever move. He mixed poison in Charanamrita i.e. Teertha of the holy feet of God and sent it to Meera through his assistant, Dayaram. Meera was immersed in singing the glory of God; but she realized that Charanamrit was poisoned. Even then she drank it. Nothing happened to her! She has written about this event in her couplets as follows:
    “Piyaji Mhare Naina Aage Rahajyo Jee|
    Naina Aage Rahajyo Mhane
    Bhool Mat Jajyo Jee|
    Bhau Sagar Me Bahi Jat Hoon,
    Beg Mhari Sudh Leejyo Ji ||1||
    Ranaji Bhejya Bikhaka Pyala,
    So Imrit Kar Deejyo Ji |
    Meera Ke Prabhu Giradhar Nagar,
    Mil Bichudan Mat Keejyo Ji ||2||
    Meera was not interested in the royal grandeur and the kingdom. The saints have always been tortured for continuing their worship to thier Ishtadevata, disinclination for accepting the dry and meaningless rituals, non-observance of the caste system as well as the differences between rich and poor. Meera was no different. Her life too was filled with sorrows and sadness. Meera was destined to receive the social hatred, vilification of the ministers, Ranaji’s torture and unceasing ill-luck; but she never complained about all these.
    There are some more stories of the troubles Meera had to face. But in spite of suffering all these troubles, Ranaji and his advisers were unaffected. They started to threaten her. Finally Meera, fed up with the obstacles in the path of her devotion, left Chittod. There is a story about her departure from Chittod. After she was continuously harassed by Ranaji, she wrote a letter to the saint-poet Tulsidas of Kashi, who wrote to her,
    “Jake Priya Na Ram Sanehi|
    Tajeea Tahi Koti Bairi Sam Yadyapi Param Sanehi||”
    Meaning: There is no good friend as Shri Ram. Even if you have a crore good friends, you may abandon them for Lord SriRam.
    Somewhere about in 1534 Meera left Chittod. Thereafter chittod was invaded by the king Bahadurshah of Gujarat in 1535. During this war the people of Chittod were massacred mercilessly and there was unprecendented loss of human beings. Rana Vikramaditya ran away or perhaps was helped by his ministers to run away. Thus Chittod remained a kingdom without a king.
    Meera reached Medata, her home where she was born and brought up. Her uncle, Viramdev was very supportive of her and gave her the shelter. But Meera’s detractors were there too. The whole of Rajasthan was under the rule of the orthodox people who were merely interested in carrying out the rituals, Karm-Kand, without knowing the true spirit behind them. Strict observance of traditions and orthodox rituals was rampant in the Rajasthan society. Meera criticised observance of fast as well as pilgrimages. Orthodox people did not like it. Viramdev was saddened to know that Meera was being criticised by her detractors. Neither he wanted to stand in the way of Meera’s progress on the path of spiritual science, nor he wanted to displease the ministers and the important citizens. He faced a dilemma. Meera realized his dilemma and left Medata for ever. From there she went to Vrindavan and met many holy ascetics and devotees. On observing people committing frauds under the name of religion even in Brindavan, Meera was truly pained. She left Vrindavan too. Scholars say that she left Vrindavan to reach Gujarat. It is said that she chose to visit Gujarat as she was hopeful of meeting her Sadguru, Shri Ravidas there. She lived in Gujarat for a long period of time. She has composed many immortal devotional songs in Gujarati language. She is considered as a topmost poetess in Gujarati literature.
    Administration in Chittod changed. After the cruel and inhuman massacre of the people during the war, the rest of the ministers made Vikramaditya the king of Chittod again. Chittod was in the process of getting reestablished. However, just after a year, Rana Vikramaditya was killed by his cousin brother, Banavir. Banavir was born as an illegitimate child of Prithviraj, the brother of Rana Sanga (Meera’s father-in-law). Banavir was declared as the king in 1537. In 1540, Kunwar Uday Singh, younger brother of Vikramaditya killed Banavir and ascended the throne of chittod. In spite of all this turbulent period, the people of Chittod had not forgotten Meera; they still sang the songs composed by her with great devotional fervour. It is said that the unfortunate events that happened at Chittod were the result of the humiliation meted out to saint Meera. A strong feeling rose in the minds of the citizens of Chittod that all of them must ask for the forgiveness to the supreme saint, Meera and atone for their sins. They felt that she should be invited to return to Chittod and only then Chittod would prosper. Rana Uday Sing understood the feelings of the people and asked a few brahmins to go to Dwaraka and fetch Meera with them. He instructed them not to return without bringing her back.
    Now Meera had completely discarded the love for the worldly life and matter. Her contact with the Mewad royal family was severed. She was happy with her present life of a mendicant. She refused to go to Chittod along with the brahmins. Brahmins requested her; they prayed her earnestly to return, but Meera was unmoved. Brahmins were unwilling to become the victims of the wrath of Rana Uday Singh. Therefore they they told her that if she did not accompany them, they too would not return and would go on fast unto death. Meera was faced with a dilemma. She neither wanted to return to Chittod nor she wanted to be the cause of the death of the brahmins on account of observing fast unto death. A few days passed in this way. Finally she was moved by the state of the brahmins. One day she told them that she was willing to go with them to Chittod on the following day morning.
    On the evening of the previous day, she entered the temple of Lord Krishna. Early morning when the doors of the temple were open, Meera was not seen inside the temple. Her dupatta lay hanging on the hand of Lord Krishna. People realized that Meera had merged into the idol of her beloved Lord Krishna for ever. Brahmins returned to Chittod with the stunning story of Meera’s merging into Lord Krishna. Slowly Mewad started to forget Meera. The historians of Mewad did not mention Meera in their records. When Meera merged in her Lord in 1546, she was 48 years old.
    The one, who accepted Lord Krishna as her husband at the tender age of five, finally merged in Him permanently. May be, Chittod and historians of Rajasthan might have ignored her, but it is the divine pastime of Lord ShriHari, who has spread the fragrance of her devotionally soaked compositions all over the world. Today, everyone, from North to South and from East to West knows about saint-poet Meera, her devotion and her unparalleled poetry. My salutations to saint Meera!

    • Thank you for such a descriptive life story of such a beautiful saint. Jai Shri Krishna May her spirit always be with us guiding us in the path of pure devotion to our Lord

  39. Meera, on account of continued sufferings, insults, humiliations had gone beyond such things as praise, vilification, honour and dishonour. She had attained equipoise and her mind was completely devoted to Krishna. She says,
    “Mana Tu Vrikshan Ki Lat Lei Re, Tharo Kai Kare Bhav Dar Re||
    Katanvala Su Bair Nahi Hai, Nahin Sinchan Ko Saneh Re|
    Jo Koi Bave Kankar Pathar, Tinako Bhi Phal Dei Re||
    Pavan Chalave, Indra Jhakole, Dukh Sukh Aapahi Sahi Re|
    Seet Gaham To Sir Par Sahihai, Panchin Ko Sukh Dei Re||
    (Meera Sur Singhavali, Page 768)
    Meaning: The devotee should be compassionate and tranquil like a tree. As a tree neither bears animosity with a woodcutter nor love for the gardener, a devotee too should neither have enmity with a person who villifies him/her nor have love for the person who praises him/her. Just as a tree gives fruits to a person who throws stones at it, remains unperturbed even during cyclone and rains, a devotee too should be perseverant. Just as a tree suffers from heat and cold but still gives happiness to the birds, a devotee should help others in spite of his/her sufferings in this world.
    We have also seen that during Meera’s period, entire Rajasthan was under the influence of orthodox people who believed in meaningless rituals, traditions and age-old practices. Meera wanted to show them the true path to salvation. She writes,
    “Sadhan Karana Chahi Re Manava, Bhajan Karana Chahi|
    Prem Lagaana Chahi Re Manava, Preet Karana Chahi||
    Nit Nahan Se Hari Mile, To Main Jal Jantu Hoi|
    Phal Phool Khai Hari Mile, To Main Banar Bandar Hoi||
    Trin Bhakhan Se Hari Mile, To Bahutahi Mile Ajaa |
    Tulasi Puje Hari Mile, To Main Pujoo Tulasi Jhad ||
    Pathar Puje Hari Mile, To Main Pujoo Pahad ||
    Doodh Pia Te Hari Mile To Bahut Hai Bhakti Vala |
    Meera Kahe Bina Prem Ke Naahi Mile Nand Lalaa ||
    (Meera Sur Singhavali, Page 760)
    Meaning: To attain the Lord, singing His bhajans (His Glories) is the only path. Chanting His holy name alone is the true devotion. If one attained God by mere bathing in a holy river, then the germs and worms living in the river water are superior to humans. If by eating fruits and bulbs one were to attain Lord ShriHari, then monkeys are superior to humans. If one could attain Lord ShriHari by eating the leaves of the trees, then sheep were more fortunate than humans. Meera said that if she could attain Lord by worshiping a stone then she would worship a mountain. Finally she says that without offering loving devotion to God, it is impossible to attain Him.
    Thus, we see that Meera’s thoughts and compositions were truly rovolutionary for the people who were immersed in following idiotic traditions.

  40. Saint Meera does not believe in bathing in the holy waters as well as going on pilgrimages; she thinks it is a sheer waste. She knows that one should devote to the unfathomable God, who is the creator of this universe. She is desirous of the darshan of the eternal Paramatma. She says,
    “Ban Jaoon Charanan Ki Dasi Re | Dasi Main Bhai Udasi ||
    Aur Dev Koi Na Janoo | Hari Bin Bhai Udasi ||
    Nahi Nhaoo Ganga Nahi Nhaoo Jamuna | Nahi Nhaoo Prayag Kashi ||
    Meera Kahe Prabhu Giradhar Nagar | Charan Kamal Ki Pyasi ||
    (Meera Sur Singhavali, Page 815)
    Meera was very desperate to have the darshan of her Sadguru. She says that she does not know anything other than surrendering herself at the feet of her Sadguru. She says that it is because of the grace of her Sadguru she realized that the Maya (illusion) of the external world is nothing but an ephemeral dream. It is because of her Sadguru’s grace the ocean of the worldly existence (Bhavasagar) has dried. Now she says that she is not worried about floating in the Bhavasagar. She writes,
    “Mohe Laagi Lagan Guru Charanan Ki|
    Charan Bina Kachuvai Nahi Bhavai, Jag-Maya Sab Sapanan Ki||
    Bhavasagar Sab Sookhi Gayau Hai, Phikar Nahi Mohi Taranan Ki||
    Meera Ke Prabhu Giradhar Nagar, Aas Vahi Guru-Saranan Ki||
    (Meera Brihat Padavali, Page 235)
    Meera says that none belongs to Jeevatma except the holy name of the Prabhu in this mortal world. She says that she is unabashed in the holy company of the saints and ascetics by the grace of her Sadguru. She says that she has been freed from the ties of the worldly life.
    “Ab To Mera Ram Nam Doosara Na Koi ||
    Mata Chodi Pita Chode, Chode Saga Bhai |
    Sadhu Sang Baith Baith Lok Laaj Khoi||
    Sant Dekh Daud Aai, Jagat Dekh Roi |
    Prem Aansu Dar Dar, Amar Bel Boi ||
    Marag Me Tarag Mile, Sant Ram Doi |
    Sant Sada Sheesh Rankhu, Ram Hriday Hoi ||
    Ant Me Se Tant Kadhayo, Peeche Rahi Soi |
    Rane Bhejya Vish Ka Pyala, Peevat Mast Hoi||
    Ab To Bat Phail Gai, Janai Sab Koi |
    Das Meera Lal Giradhar, Honi Ho So Hoi||
    (Meera Sur Singhavali, Page 410)

  41. In the following bhajan, Meera says that she has fallen in love with the holy name of ShriHari, who is Paramatma. She says that Lord ShriHari is seated in her heart, just as a thread is woven through the beads. He is seated in the heart of every being but still He is independent of all. He belongs to them who love His holy name; that is, to chant His holy name is the easiest path to attain Him.
    “Hari Nam Se Neh Lagyo Re, Ab Lagyo Re Mhare
    Hari Nam Se Neh Lagyo||
    Yo Rasiyo Mhare Man Me Basiyo| Jyoon Mala Bich Tago Re||
    Sab Me Basat Sabahi Se Nyaro| Nahin Nedo Nahin Aago Re||
    Dasi Meera Sharan Shyam Ki| Jeevan Maran Bhay Bhago Re||
    (Meera Sur Singhavali, Page 871)
    Meeray says the day she had the darshan of Prabhu, her heart was filled with His devine form. She says how would she live without Him? She says that she has been waiting for Him at her door. Finally she says that she is an instrument in His hands and that people say that she has deviated from the virtuous path.
    “Naina More Baan Padi, Saai Mohi Daras Dikhai|
    Chit Chadhi Mere Madhuri Moorat, Oor Bich Aan Adi||
    Kaise Pran Piya Bin Rakhoon, Jeevan Moor Jadi||
    Kabaki Thadhi Panth Niharoon, Apne Bhavan Khadi||
    Meera Prabhu Ke Hat Bikani, Log Kahe Bigadi||
    (Meera Brihat Padavali, Page 127)

  42. In the following compositions which are autobiographical, one can cleary realize that Meera was determined to attain Lord Krishna and was not afraid of the royal clan who were constantly torturing her.
    From these poems it becomes clear that she was not perturbed by the vilification of the people as well as the domestic hindrances. She was progressing on the path of devotion fearlessly. She says that her Sadguru has cleansed her heart. She says she has found out her true husband who is none other than the Lord Krishna.
    “Rana Ji Ab Na Rahoongi Tori Hatki|
    Sadhu Sang Mohin Pyara Laagai, Laj Gai Ghoonghat Ki||
    Peehar Medata Choda Apna, Surat Nirat Dou Chatki|
    Satguru Mukar Dikhaya Ghat Ka, Nachoongi De De Chutki||
    Haar Singaar Sabhi Lyo Apna, Choodi Karki Patki|
    Mera Suhag Ab Mokoo Darasa, Aur Na Jane Ghatki||
    Mahal Kila Rana Mohin Na Chaye, Sari Resam Patki|
    Hui Divani Meera Dolai, Kes Lata Sab Chitki||”
    (Meera Sur Singhavali, Page 280)
    In one of her poems, she says, “O Sisodya (The Sisodia [also known as Shishodia or Shishodya or Sisodya or Sisodhya] are a Rajput clan who ruled the kingdom of Mewar in Rajasthan.), what harm would you do to me? I am singing the glories of Govind. If Rana gets angry he would keep me far away, but if ShriHari gets angry, where would one go? On chanting His holy name, one would cross the ocean of the worldly life.”
    “Sisodyo Roothyo To Mharo Kai Kar Lesi,
    Mhe To Gun Gobind Ka Gasyan Ho Mai||1||
    Ranoji Roothyo Banro Des Rakhasi,
    Hari Roothya Kithe Jasyan Ho Mai||2||
    Lok Laj Ki Kan Na Mana,
    Nirabhai Nisan Ghurasyan Ho Mai||3||
    Ram Nam Ki Jhajh Chalasyan,
    Bhau Sagar Tar Jasyan Ho Mai||4||
    Meera Saran Sanwal Giradhar Ki,
    Charan-Kanwal Lapatasyan Ho Mai||5||

  43. Some excellent composition of Meera written in Gujarati also speak volumes about her sufferings at the hands of Ranaji and her Vairagya. She writes,
    “I do not like your town, Ranaji, even though it may be colourful. There are no ascetics in your town, the people residing in your town are like a heap of garbage. Ranaji, I have discarded all my jewellery including the bangles in my hands. I have given up Kumkum and Kajal and I have left my hair untied. Meera’s God is Giradhar Gopal.”
    “Nahin Bhavai Tharo Desad Lojee Rangroodo||
    Thara Desa Main Rana Sadh Nahin Chai, Log Base Sab Koodo||
    Gahana Ganthi Rana Hum Sab Tyaga Tyagyo Kararo Choodo||
    Kajal Tiki Hum Sab Tyagya Tyagyo Hai Bandhan Joodo|
    Meera Ke Prabhu Giradhar Nagar Bar Payo Chai Roodo||”
    Meera asked Rana, “Why do you have enemity with me? I have left your palace and abode; I have also quit your town. After giving up Kajal and Kumkum I have worn the saffron robes. Meera’s God Giridhar Nagar turned the deadly poison into Nectar.”
    “Ranaji The Kya Ne Rakho Mhansoo Bair||
    The To Ranaji Mhane Isana Lago Jyoon Bricchan Main Kair|
    Mahal Atari Hum Sab Tagya, Tagyo Thanro Basano Sahar||
    Kajal Tiki Rana Hum Sab Tagya Bhagavi Chadar Pahar|
    Meera Ke Prabhu Giradhar Nagar Imrit Kar Diyo Jahar||”

  44. I am Sanjeev Kumar, Meera was a Excelent Singer the told us a True Love with GOD Krishna, meera has nither come todays or yesterday……..
    So i Request to all people Love to Each Other.

    Thanking You

    Sanjeev Kumar

  45. Mirabai was tortured by her mother-in-law,the rani of mewar when mirabai was newly married to bhojraj.she was
    tried to be killed by the ranasanga himself for her unlimited devotion towards her lord KRISHA.but mirabai was so much into her lord that she was unable to leave her lord and also prepared herself for death instead of
    feaving her lord as per the order of the ranasanga.

    • dear mahusha,

      these days IPC 498a is being misused by wives to extort the innocent husband n his families by implicating them & injuring their repute, mind soul….IPC 498a is cruelty to the woman by husband or his relatives, it is non bailable, non compoundable, n cognisable offence……used to threaten innocent respectable family members and extort money from them….

  46. information of meera

  47. Meera was one of the most amazing devotees we have heard of. Many people worship and respect her. But I think we should go one step ahead. We should think of how we can become a ‘Meera’ in our lives. Meera was a devotee of her Sadguru Krishna. We can also become a devotee in the same way, but we will definitely need a Sadguru first to whom we can completely surrender.

    In this kalyug too, in my opinion, its very much possible to acquire all the gunas that Meera had in her and get rid of the Bhavsagar (Cycle of Birth and Death). Many would wonder how that could be possible, but I can definitely say from experience, that IT IS POSSIBLE. These words are not in any way meant to nurture our egos, but to show that under the shelter of a Sadguru, this is very much possible.

    Any questions relating to my message are most welcome.

    • According to you in this kalyug , who deserves to be a Sadguru??

  48. Meera ne Krishna se prem nahi kiya, ho gaya.

    Krishna ne Meera se prem kiya, ‘aise’ Krishna ke prem se Meera choot nahi saki.

    It was because Krishna loved Meera, that Meera could never be out of his lovely spell.

    We all should also do something that ‘Krishna’ loves us and then we have no way out, but to love him.

  49. poor presentation if it is meerabai you should give information in gujarati

  50. what is mira bai mother name

    • Veer Kuvari

  51. nice

  52. I was searching for the lyrics of the song “Prem lagaana chahi re manwa——–“. This song(bhajan) has been picturised in the movie Yatrik (1952). I am very happy to get the lyrics on this website. Thanx. However, the line ‘ Doodh pia te Hari mile to bahut hai bhakti vala’ appears to be incorrect as it does not convey any meaning. Moreover, the english translation of some lines is not correct. Can someone please get me the correct lyrics of ‘ Doodh pia te——-‘ ?

  53. In my last mail, I forgot to give my mail id, so I am repeating it.

    I was searching for the lyrics of the song “Prem lagaana chahi re manwa——–”. This song(bhajan) has been picturised in the movie Yatrik (1952). I am very happy to get the lyrics on this website. Thanx. However, the line ‘ Doodh pia te Hari mile to bahut hai bhakti vala’ appears to be incorrect as it does not convey any meaning. Moreover, the english translation of some lines is not correct. Can someone please get me the correct lyrics of ‘ Doodh pia te——-’ ?

    my mail id ‘’


    I donno how many of us know this.. but meera was a gopi in vraj.. but as her mother had instructed her that she shud neither see krishna nor show him her face.. for it was nnatural that anyone who sees krishna falls in love woth him.. and thinks of no one but krishna.. so she did as she was instructed.. then on the day when indra expressed his anger.. MADHVI (i.e. meera’s dwapar yuga’s name) saw lil boy lifting the govardhan giriraj on his kanisht .. and as we knw she fall in love with him.. but then she repented on her former attitude.. krishna being merciful accepted her but deprived her from participating in his leelas.. he said that she will hav to take birth in kalikaal and purify her self by practising devotion.. and then will she attain krishna.. thats how it was…
    my dandvat pranams to all

    to knw more about this in detail u can contact me on

  55. meerabai’s mother’s name was jhaaliji

  56. meerabai wasnt tortured by her mother in law neither her husband
    they were wonderful
    bhojraj is highly respectable

  57. I am still waiting for the information requested by me on 8.1.09. Can someone please help me?


  58. meerabai is a real love of krishna,sea of bhakti

  59. wow this is very interesting infermatone I lernd alot by reading this .nice website too good job.

  60. -However, the line ‘ Doodh pia te Hari mile to bahut hai bhakti vala’ appears to be incorrect as it does not convey any meaning. Moreover, the english translation of some lines is not correct.-

    The above line certainly correct as it was taken from a good book published at Delhi. The line ‘Doodh pia te….’ does convey a wonderful meaning. There are many people who have belief that by observing fast eating once a day, or eating just fruits, or eating a meal without additing the salt to it, sustaining oneself on milk alone or even on water, may give them immense merits (Punya); they think that observing fast in this manner would make them a great devotee of God. But devotion is a different thing altogether. Where there is the purity of mind, thought and purpose as well as the true and selfless love for God, devotion dwells there. This is what saint Meera wants to convey in her single line given above.

  61. While all Jivatmas are struggling in the ocean of the worldly life (Bhavasagar), a very few really want to get out of it by holding on to the holy feet of Lord ShriHari. Saint Meera was one of them. She says,
    “Hari Mane Paar Utaar, Nami Nami Vinati Karu Chun ||
    Jagat Ma Janmeene Bahu Dukh Dekhya, Sansar Shok Niwar ||
    Kasht Aape Mane Karm Na Bandhan, Door Tu Kar Kirtaar ||
    Aa Sansar Vahyo Vahyo Jay Chhe, Lakh Chorashi Dhaar ||
    Meera Kahe Prabhu Giradhar Naagar, Aawagaman Niwaar ||”
    Meaning: Oh Lord ShriHari, I bow down to you and request you to to help me cross the Bhavasagar and take me to the other bank (Liberation). On being born in this moral world, I have seen a lot of sorrows, please destroy this sorrow from this world. You are competent and capable, thus, you remove my sorrow which comes to me on account of my Prarabdha Karma. Jivatmas are being born again and again in the 84 lakh forms (bodies) and are flowing (helplessly) in the Bhavasagar. Meera says, to Giridhar Gopal, to destroy the cycle of birth and death completely so that she would never have to take birth in the mortal world.

  62. Thanx. You have explained it well. By the way,have you got that book ?


  63. In one of her very meaningful composition, Meerabai has explained the inscrutable law of Karma (Karmasiddhanta of Lord Krishna). She says,
    “Karam Gati Tare Naahi Tare ||
    Satabadi Harichand-se Raja, (So To) Neech Ghar Neer Bhare |
    Paanch Pandu Aru Kunti Dropadi, Haad Himalai Gare ||
    Jagya Kiyo Bali Lena Indraasan, So Pataal Dhare ||
    Meera Ke Prabhu Giradhar Nagar Bikhase Amrut Kare ||”
    Meaning: The law of Karma (or Prarabdhakarma) can never be avoided howsoever one may try. The truthful (Satyavadi) king Harishchandra of Hastinapur had to fetch water and fill the tank in the house of a low-caste person (who guarded the grave-yard). The great five-Pandavas (whom the Lord Himself protected) but they had to die while ascending the Himalaya mountain along with their mother, Kunti and their wife Draupadi. King Bali who performed a Havan (Yadnya – sacrifical fire) in order to capture the throne of Indra, had to remain confined in Pataal (the netherworld). The Lord Giridhar Gopal of Meera is the one who can turn a deadly poison into the Nectar.”
    It appears to me that the meaning of the last line in her composition could mean that Lord can change the Karmagati of a Jeevatma, when the latter truly wishes for liberation.

  64. As one starts to read more and more about Meerabai, the supreme saint of Merta, many details are available on her life as well as her devine love for Lord Krishna. Following is one such account available and devotees would like to go through it.
    Although the legends maintain that she was born in Udaipur to king Bhoonayaka and Chandramukhi, there is consensus among many as to the following account: Born in Kurkhi in 1499 A.D., she was the daughter of RAna Ratan Singh (a Ranthor) of Merta (between Ajmer and Jodhpur). Merta was a small state in Marwar, Rajasthan ruled by the Ranthors, great devotees of Vishnu. Meera was raised and nurtured by her grandfather Rao Duda in the fortress city of Merta. As customary with royal families, her education included knowledge of scriptures, music, archery, fencing, horseback riding and driving chariots – she was also trained to wield weapons in case of a war. However, Meera also grew up amidst an atmosphere of total Krishna consciousness, which was responsible in molding her life in the path of total devotion towards Lord Krishna. It is said that at the age of five, she was given a vigraha or statue of Lord Krishna by a mendicant saint passing through the kingdom. Historians claim that this mendicant was Raidas, who initiated Meera into the practice of Shabd or Nada Yoga. Meera developed an instant loving attachment to the idol and began spending most of her time in bathing, dressing and worshipping the image as though it were real. She danced about the image in ecstasy. She sang beautiful songs in front of the image. She talked to the idol. She slept with the image. She was always present in all divine discourses in the palace, more of which were on BhAgavatam and Krishna Leela.
    The devotees may ask a question as to why at all she agreed to marry Bhojraj when she was in love with Lord Krishna. Following is the account that clarifies this point.
    Meera was soft-spoken, mild-mannered, gifted, sweet, and sang with a melodious voice. She was reputed to be one of the most extraordinary beauties of her time with fame spreading to several kingdoms and provinces. Her fame spread far and wide. RAna Sangram Singh, commonly known as RAna Sangha, the powerful King of Mewar, approached Rao Duda for Meera’s hand in marriage to his son Bhojraj (also known as RAna Kumbha or KumbhaRAna). Bhojraj wanted to marry Meera for her pious nature and divine intent. Rao Duda agreed to the union. However, Meera could not bear the thought of marrying a human being when her heart was filled with thoughts of every nature, all about her Krishna. But unable to go against her beloved grandfather’s Rao Duda’s word, she finally consented to the marriage. It is also said that Lord Krishna intervened timely in her dream to advise her, “if the gopikAs could do their duty to their husbands, tend their families and above all be totally devoted to me all the time, you can do the same thing. Do your duty. I shall not leave you any time”. Meera was wedded to RAna Kumbha in 1513, before she turned 14.
    As ordained, Meera was dutiful. She left for Mewar with the RAna Kumbha. She obeyed her husband’s commands.
    Scholars maintain that KumbhaRAna was a great devotee of the Lord himself, and wrote the treatise known as ‘Rasipriya’ and a grammatical work ‘SangIta rAjam’ on the immortal work of Jayadeva, GIta Govindam. He had sought Meera’s hand out of admiration for her devotion and love to the Lord, which he felt he shared. It is ironic that the RAna should forget this in the years that followed.

  65. After her household duties were over, Meera would go to the temple of Lord Krishna, worship, sing and dance before the image daily. The little image would get up, embrace Meera, play on the flute and talk to her. KumbhaRAna’s mother and other ladies of the palace did not like the ways of Meera, as they were worldly-minded and jealous. Meera’s mother-in-law forced her to worship Durga and admonished her often. But Meera maintained, “I have already given up my life to my beloved Lord Krishna”. Meera’s sister-in-law Udabai formed a conspiracy and began to defame the innocent Meera. She informed RAna Kumbha that Meera was in secret love with some one, that she witnessed Meera talking to her lover(s) in the temple, and that she would show him the persons if he would accompany her one night. The ladies further raved that Meera, by her conduct, had brought a great slur on the reputation of the RAna family of Chitore. The enraged Kumbha ran with sword in hand towards Meera, but as luck would have it Meera had gone to her Krishna temple. A sober relative of the RAna counseled him, “RAna! You will forever repent for your hasty behavior and consequences. Enquire into the allegation carefully and you will find the truth. Meera is a great devotee of the Lord. Remember why you sought her hand. Out of sheer jealousy the ladies might have concocted scandals against Meera to incite you and ruin her”. Kumbha calmed down and accompanied his sister who persistently took him to the temple at dead of night. RAna Kumbha broke open the door, rushed inside and found Meera alone in her ecstatic mood talking and singing to the idol.

    The RAna shouted at Meera, “Meera, show me your lover with whom you are talking now”. Meera replied, “There sits He—my Lord—the Nanichora who has stolen my heart”. She went into a trance. The ladies floated other rumors that Meera was mixing very freely with Sadhus. Meera was unaffected by such scandals and continued to invite BhAgavathAs to join her in Krishna bhajan at the temple. She stood unruffled in the face of accusations from the royal family. When questioned about her marital responsibilities, Meera responded that it was Krishna to whom she was married. KumbhaRAna was heart-broken but remained a good husband and sympathizer of Meera until his death.

    One historical version of Meera’s life states that the RAna Kumbha died in a battle within ten years of their marriage, as did her sympathetic father-in-law RAna Sangha (who named Meera his successor before dying). At this juncture, the RAna’s relatives began persecuting Meera in various ways, even though Meera had no desire for the throne. The tortures and torments came from the brother and successor of KumbhaRAna (Meera’s late husband) and his cousin sister Udabai. It was no different from what Prahlada was subjected to by his father Hiranyakashipu. Hari shielded Prahlada. Here, Krishna always stood by Meera. Meera was sent a basket with a cobra inside and a message that the basket contained a garland of flowers. Meera, after meditation, opened the basket and found inside a lovely idol of Sri Krishna with a garland of flowers. The relentless RAna (her brother-in-law) sent her a cup of poison with the message that it was nectar. Meera offered it to her Lord Krishna and took it as His Prasad. It was real nectar to her. The bed of nails that the RAna sent transformed into a bed of roses when Meera reposed on it.
    When the torture and scandals continued, Meera sent a letter to Goswami Tulsidas and asked for his advice2. She wrote, “Simply because I am constantly tortured by my relatives, I cannot abandon my Krishna. I am unable to carry on with my devotional practices in the palace. I have made Giridhar Gopala my friend from my very childhood. I feel a total bondage with him. I cannot break that bond”.

    Tulsidasji sent a reply: “Abandon those who cannot understand you and who do not worship RAma or SyAma, even though they are your dearest relatives. Prahlada abandoned his father; VibhIshana left his brother RAvana; Bharata deserted his stepmother; Bali forsook even his Guru; the Gopasthrees, the women of Vraja, disowned their husbands to get to their Krishna. Their lives were all the happier for having done so. The relation with God and the love of God are the only elements that are true and eternal; all other relationships are unreal and temporary”. Meera met up once again with her Guru and mentor Raidas, who is said to have lived to a ripe age of 118 years. She went into the slums often to be in the satsang of this great teacher. This was the impetus and inspiration behind the many queries and controversies that she raised about Kulam (family lineage)in her songs.

  66. There are, once again, two versions to Meera’s final communion with her Supreme Lord Krishna. In one version, the following took place on Krishna’s JanmAshtami at the temple of Ranchchorji (Krishna). There was much happiness all around in the temple of the Lord. The light of the lamps, the sound of the bhajans and the energy from the devotees’ ecstacy had the air. With Ektari in one hand and cymbals or chiplya in the other the great tapasvini was singing ecstatically with her Giridhar Gopala smiling in front of her closed eyes. Meera stood up and danced singing a song ‘Mere Janama MaRAna ke sAthee’ (meaning: O Lord, my friend during my life and thereafter in death), and when the song ended, Kumbha gently approached her and requested her to come back. Meera said, ‘RAnaji, the body is yours and you are a great devotee, but my mind, emotions and the soul are all HIS. I do not know what use am I to you in this state of mind’. Kumbha was moved and he started singing with her in unison. Meera rose up abruptly, stumbled and fell at the flowers which were offered at the holy feet of GiridhAri. ‘Oh, GiridhAri, are you calling me, I am coming’. While Kumbha and the rest of the devotees watched in awe, there was a lightning which enveloped Meera and the doors of the sanctum sanctorum closed on their own. When the doors opened again, Meera’s saree was enveloping Lord Krishna’s idol and her voice and the flute accompaniment were the only sounds that could be heard.
    In the second version, Meera was invited back to Mewar by the RAna just as she had reached Dwaraka. Reluctant to leave her Krishna, Meera asked permission to spend the night at the temple of Ranchhorji. The next morning her lifeless body was found lying at its feet. It is believed that her spirit entered the deity during the night.
    Historians and scholars put this date at 1546 A.D.
    All in all, the supreme devotee Meerabai reached her true abode, the Vaikuntha to be with Lord ShriHari forever, never to return to this mortal world filled with transient joys and long-lasting sorrows. But before leaving this world of Maya, she set the highest standards of pure mind, total and unconditional devotion and complete surrender (Sharanagati) to the Lord Krishna, the Monarch of Kaivalyadham.

    • Pujar ji, An excellent write up on both Meerabai and her poetry. I am also looking for the lyrics of the bhajan “Main janoon nahin prabhu se milan kab hoyeri”. This was first sung by Pt. Kumar Gandharva in the classical style and also adapted in a film and sung by Asha Bhosle. This poem is lesser known but beautiful at the same time. I hope you would be able to locate the lyrics and post them along with your annotation.

    • Respected Pujariji
      the second story seems 2 b true. i m no historian but an ardent admirer of Sri Meerabai.bcoz Meerabai was know to wear white/saffron, after the death of Rana kumbha/ there is no chance of him being there at the time Meera left for Golok dham. But most importantly, there is no question of Her body to b found, as in, it is renowned that She went away “sadeha”. meaning with the body. Her body was no material body. She was soooooooooooooooooooo Krishanized that She didnt even have the formality of Her soul leaving Her body. WO Girdhar me sama gayi. And Girdhar took Her away to Golok Vrndavan. And if someone still thinks that Her body was found, then the cremation place of such a great deevotee wud b very famous then n now, but bcoz there is no such place, there is no queation of it being famous. She for sure went ‘sadeha with Krishna’ to Golok dham.

      Jai Shree Radhe

    • Respected Pujariji
      i m no historian, but a deevotee of Krishna n an ardent admirer of Meerabai. the second story seems improbable, as in its is known that Meera used to wear white/saffron robes after the death of Kumbha/Bhojraj. so there is no chance of he being there at that time. There is a temple at Prabhas patan, near Dwarka, where in she submerged with her eternal lover Sri Krishna.

      And the idea of her body being found is also unreal bcoz it is again very famous that she went ‘sadeha’, meaning with body. of course Her body was no ordinary body, she was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo Krishanized that she didnt even do the formality of leaving her body. She submerged into the Deity n He accompanied her to the eternal Golok dham.Such is the power of pure love n deevotion to Krishna, that………………………….. i have no words.

      Thanku Pujariji for all the wonderful information about Meerabai. pls continue this, its very fulfilling n increases our love for Krishna.

      Jai Shree Radhe

  67. Excellent posts MJ Pujar jee. I am very impressed by your knowledge with respect to Meera Bai. Although I not an Hindu, the name of Meera Bai attracts me towards her and I bow my head before her unflinching devotion to God. What a great soul she was.

    Carry on your good work.

    • ok

  68. good keep it up.

  69. jai shri Krishna,
    Its really a good job, to spread the information about our indian culture and its saints , rituals. The same story of meera was really fascinating and full of devotion, filled my eyes with love of meera towards krishna……
    Thank’s for this information

  70. hi. very nice info… i am recently watching a new serial based on meera’s life. after reading this it shade alot of light on meera’s past. thanks alot for that.

    and yah i have posted this info in one of the forums its and i have given credit to this website as well hope its fine with you.

  71. can you provide me the lyrics of meerabai bhajan – piya se milan kaise hoye ri mein janu nahi- sung by asha bhosle in the movie andolan in 1977.

  72. As a Krishna devotee, I am glad to have found this site. Here is a translation of Meera’s bhajan `Mere to Giridhar Gopal’,that I have attempted:
    The Mountain-Lifter – the Cowherd Divine
    But no one else – none else is mine.
    The peacock–crown adorns His head;
    To Him alone, I am wed.
    Father, mother, friend nor brother;
    Besides Thee, I have none other
    Forsaken have I the family name;
    What do I care that I am blamed.
    Sat among mendicants and saints,
    My honour – they say – I did not maintain.
    My delicate veil I tore to shreds,
    With a rough blanket I covered my head.
    My pearls and corals, I reviled;
    Strung instead, flowers wild.
    The vine of Thy Love, I nurtured with tears.
    The creeper spread; the fruit of bliss it bears.
    With love, I churned this milk an’ skimmed all butter away.
    Why seek what is left – nothing, but just whey.
    Thy Love alone drew me to it,
    Thy world has made me weep.
    Lord Girdhar, pleads Thy slave Meera,
    Row me across, the sea of sorrows deep.

  73. meera bais a nice devotee.

  74. Respected pujara ji, kafi dino bad itni achchhi jankari meera bai par mil saki hai. Apka gahana adhyayan, manan, chintan aur gyan anootha hai. yadi ise hindi mai padh pate to kitna achchha hota !

    meera bai ki jiwani ko dhyan main rakhate hue kya adhunik yug main vidhwa mahilaon ki sthiti par aur unki bhavnatmak / samvednatmak manahsthiti par ap apne vichar abhivyakt karna chahenge ?

    punah punah badhai, dhanywad, hardik shubhkamnaen .

  75. this website has a good collection of bhajans of meerabai.

  76. Can someone tell me where I can buy or find the Meera Sur Singhavali?

  77. i just luv meera n krishna…my only wish is to see them…

  78. Dear Shreya

    The book is published by Rajshri Prakashan and available at their showroom, Raja Pocket Books, 112, 1st floor, dariba Kalan, chandni Chowk, Delhi-6. Tel no 23251092, 23251109,65172310, 32500860.


  79. i also want to become meera of my parmaatma.
    can anyone tell me the way??.
    what should i do??

    • Dear Naina
      You have to find a Krishna in whom you can see your Parmatma and with whom you can discuss spirituality. I think that is the way.

      • thanks for replying .
        but could you plz tell me the procedure of finding shree krishna.
        i love god ,and i am ready to leave everything for him , but how can i do so untill i know the correct way of finding him.
        according to me god is one .
        the qualities of god are so vast that he cannot show his all qualities in one roop. that’s why there are so many forms of god, but the power , the chaitanya is one.
        am I right ??
        and plz also tell me the type of relation which i must establish with god.
        do reply soon .

    • In response to your query I would like to state following. The very fact that you would like to become a devotee of Lord Krishna shows your spiritual level is much higher than others; but you must also sustain it. What is the way can one reach Him? You must know that the role of Sadguru (commonly people refer this being as Guru) is of utmost important on one’s life. Without Sadguru’s guidance (Margadarshan) one cannot reach Him i.e. one cannot get liberation or Moksha. You may be knowing that saint Namdev used to eat and talk with Lord Panduranga (incarnation of ShriVishnu) daily; even he was advised by the very Lord that he should get initiated through a Sadguru, which eventually he did and got liberated. Where can you find a genuine Sadguru in today’s world filled with frauds? You can fervently pray your Istadevata (it could be Lord Krishna Himself) who would bring you and your Sadguru together. Thereafter, you have to perform Sadhana (spiritual practices) as per the instructions of your Sadguru. Sadguru breaks our Bhavabandhana which ties us with this Samsara and makes us to revolve in the chakra of birth and death continuously. Sadguru makes us Antarmukh and guides us in every sphere of our lives. He tells us what to do and what not to do. Remember only one thing that you must cultivate fervent desire to progress in the spiritual science, have firm and unshakable faith in God, willingness to undergo hardships while performing Sadhana and steadiness in your devotion. Once these qualities get imbibed in you, you would climb the steps higher and higher in spiritual arena wihtout your knowledge. Such is the supremacy of Sadguru. So faith and devotion are must.

      • luv u krishna…

  80. What a devotee Meerabai is…drawing me towards Lord Shri Krishna! What a moment it would have been if I had seen her!

  81. Even at the time of her marriage, she had kept the idol of Lord Krishna near her. Right after the marriage she declared to her husband, Rana Bhoaj, that she would not be able to play the true role of a wife as she had been already married to Lord Krishna! He was really supportive of her, but her in-laws were against her for she refused to worship their family deity, Goddess Durga (Shakti) and refused to partake the meat offered to Her as Prasadam. There was bitter enemity between Muslims and Rajputs then. For hours together, Meera used to talk to Lord, in solitude and write her poetry, sing and dance to please her Lord. All these things were looked with scorn by the royal family. Her sister-in-law Udabai used to fuel the quarrels by poisoning Bhoj’s ears by all sorts of slander about Meera, which was obviously false as Meera was oblivious to the outside world. Her world revolved around Lord Krishna alone. One day, emperor Akbar and Tansen visited disguised as mendicants and Akbar present her a diamond necklace, which she refused to touch, finally Akbar decoarted the idol of Lord with the necklace. Bhoj was out of his head when, he learnt that Akbar had visited Meera (she was not aware that Akbar had visited her). When Bhoj died of wounds in the war, his younger brother took over the reins of the kingdom. Thereafter all the hell broke loose. Meera had to undergo untold sufferings at the hands of her brother-in-law. But she bore it patiently keeping her devotional fervour intact. When she learnt that her brother-in-law wished that she would better committed suicide for the sake of the honour of their family. She willingly went to the river to drown herself, but Lord stopped her there and advised her to go to Vrindavana. She left for Vrindavana and stayed there in the company of Sadhus. With a band of Sadhus she happily came to Dwarika, where her Lord resided. Then there was no looking back. With her departure, the kingdom suffered calamities after calamities, and the king became helpless. The brahmins at his court told that, the calamities were the result of driving a pious saint like Meera away after torture. He forcefully sent them to Dwarika to fetch her back. The brahmins met her at Dwarika and requested her to return, which she refused. However, they persisted and threatened her that they would undertake fast-unto-death, if she refused to return. She told them that she would convey her decision on the following day at the entrance of the temple. That night, Meera went to the temple with a fervant request to Lord for not sending her back away from Him. Just then, she merged in Him completely. Next day morning, the brahmins saw her clothes were lying near the entrance. Meera’s story ended like this. Rajputs never allowed others to know the sufferings she underwent neither recognised her as a great saint. But it was the Lord’s way. Through her poetry all her sufferings came to the light! If not Rajputs, the rest of the world acknowledge her as the devotee of the higest order

    • I am also highly interested in God and Srikrishna. I can give you some suggestions if you give me some information about you i.e. your areas of interest, profession etc.

    • dear naina
      i m a deevotee of Lord Krishna, we r in ISKCON for like more than 10 years. i totally agree with u about rajputs/her inlaws mainly, not being able to understand Her at. when i saw the recent serial ‘Meera’ on tv, i was convinced that those people were dimiwits considering that even the neighbouring sultan of sarangpur, came for Her darshan n even akbar being a muslim cud bow before Her n respect Her deevotion. Such is the irony that the so called hardcore enemies then, also acknowledged the pure love of such a great saint n Her own people cudnt. Dosent matter, saints dont require anyone’s certificate.

      Meerabai ki jai


    try this for bhajans of serial “meera”.
    they are really very touching.

  83. i m big fan of meera humanility and what to met with her….if she like becz she got very high place, which is imposible to get in kalyug, in previous can possible easy but…….long chapter…

  84. i m big fan of meera humanility and want to met with ….if she like becz she got very high place, which is imposible to get in kalyug, in previous can possible easy but…….long chapter…

    kishori kuch aisa intezaam ho jaye,
    iss zubaa pe RADHA-RADHA naam ho gaye.

  86. we want the information aboout the devotion of mirabai in hindi literature

  87. mirabai will be the inspiration for the whole hindi poets i will miss her for her great contribution to the hindi literature

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  89. I am such a big fan of Meera. She is a LEGEND to all Bhakti seekers in present yugga….She was a wonderful soul…full of love, devotion, Sacrifice. I want to be just like her. Ohhh My Lord…Please listen to me….Please….

  90. So Pure ecstatic Bliss

  91. Is there any one who can give me lyrics of mira bai bhajan
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  93. if any devotees are intrested in giving your life to krishna? please post your thoughts as reply.

  94. i totally agree with harbinder ….she was a total legend

  95. Jai Shri krishna ,
    Thank you Pujariji for the made all to be devoted to shri krishna as well as Meera.& all who already devoted to them, make them more “Krishnamay” Meera is a pure soul,a symbol of pure love,selfless love.someone call me meera because of the same qualities.but i want give all these qualities to “KRISHNA”.& i am doing it also…its totally in god’s accept me……..

  96. hi…i am a big devotee of lord krishna so i need to hear this stories if i becme big i like to join in the religion of our country that is hindu thank you….

    • hi zarina…me to is a big devotee of lord krishna i didnt even think a muslim girl like s hindu god its a very big shock to me and to all of us….thank you a lot…..

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  97. sridevi it isn’t a big deal… i have seen so many muslims who pray to lord shiva…its jst one’s perception ….all gods are equal no matter u pray to whom

    • even it isnt a matter of shock atleast to me…tum pata nahi kaun si duniya main rehti ho…

  98. I’ve listen very few bhajans & songs on meerabai.
    i like payoji maine by lata mangeshkar, & manmohan kanha & kanha kanha tum sang preet na todoongi which i’ve seen from “meera” the show on ndtv imagine.i liked both this song so much….i jst sing these song atleast once in a day..i want to learn meera’s bhajans & kirtans.

  99. good but not helpful for somebody wanting short stories in Sanskrit{along with moral}

  100. I take Meerabai as my Guru & her way of living as the one i want to adopt. I have gathered a lot of information about Her but strive to know more & more about her & to have more of Her padas & poetry, can anyone here plz provide me with writings of Meerabai. I find Her Bhajan as one of the Best. Plz if anyone can send me some of lyrics of Her bhajans at my email id :

    I will be ore than thankful for the favour.

  101. Meera is the greatest,purest,sincerest,devotee of Lord.
    Meera Divine Love is immeasurable,unparalleled& infinite
    Meera is Krishna&Krishna is Meera.
    Meera is my Guru&Guide.

  102. Sir/Madam
    i m very crezy about meera & meerabai’s bhazans.some year ago a serial came on Doordarshan National Network.That time i m so small so now i want to listen those songs which realesed in that serial.That time many song sung by lata Didi.I try so much but i get nothing so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me and you tell me about meerabai’s Cassetes which published by UTV.And also tell me that how can i recieve those cassests?and tell about placement there are that cassets available.
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    your’s sincerly

    • hi monica i am kaviya can v be a friends i am also waiting for ur reply. what r u doing now ? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz reply me

  103. Om…one must always listen and read the Bhagavath Purana and must lead their lifes just like all those devotees mentioned in that great literary work is answer to all questions!!!and after attentively listening or reading this purana Bhakthi will be situated in your heart for Krishna and Krishna,the supreme being is always close to all those who are devotional to Him ..He is so merciful that even when one devolops total enemity against Him even though that fool is only like an ant to Krishna,Krishna mercifully kills Him by His own divine hands so that the soul in the evil man attains to Brahman …

  104. symbol of love…

  105. radhe shyam to all of you…

    love to see there are many people who love to read about god and follows him…
    meerabai rocks…

    a bhajan for those who love god(krishna)…
    by vinod aggarwal must listen i am pasting the link also, simply download and enjoy….
    it’s an awesome bhajan to have….
    i cried while listining the bhajan,
    now just wanted that everyone must hear…
    ok thanx..
    love u all..
    you can also send me mail regarding important updates.
    or anything interesting to read…..
    my id:

  106. I love Meera bai…i want to see meera and krishna
    together…..meera crossed the epitome of devotion.
    and love…where love and devotion becomes infinite.
    She was the incarnation of Radha rani according to
    some beliefs….meera Love was not human was divine

  107. i like this story . i can know some information about krisna

  108. i like meerabai very much i will draw the picture’s of meerabai if u can study my 2 of the comments u plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz send me the meerabai’s picture’s to my email i.d
    madam/sir i am studing in 7th std


  110. Meera bai ji was soft spoken…mild mannered….gifted.s
    weet…….. and sang with a melodious voice…..She has pious nature..and divine intent..simple in her habit..joyous in her disposition.graceful in her behaviour.There was kindness in her look.. love in her talk…joy in her discourses.power in her speech..It is an account of her renunciation…single devotion to lord KRISHNA AND SELF REALISATION..
    Meera bai rebellious rajput princess refers to her impossible marriage to LORD KRISHNA and all the pain n joy of self surrender that yhis union includes…!!!!!!

  111. Jai Meerabai!

  112. i want to know more more about Meerabai and her family for more knowing about her… (Piyar Paksh)

  113. meera such a great bhakt of krishna.krishna mujhe bhi itni bhakti de apne prati.jai shri radhe jai shri krishna

  114. Urgent! Important! For my diary and a blog in Russian!
    I need the original and translated lyrics in the language Gujarati Mirabal: “Sainya Main Girdhar Ke”

  115. refinement: translated from Gujarati to English

  116. pranam 2every1… Even am a great bhakta of krshna… plzzzz cn u tel mi in which sites i wud b able to obtain meera sng “maan mohan kanha binti karu din rain”… I will b pleased if u cn gve mi zat as fast as possible>>>>>>>>

    • that meera bhajan, you’ll be able to find the video on youtube. All you have to do is to go on youtube and search for “manmohan kanha”

  117. Radhe Radhe,as i am also a part of this story,i never heard about it,yes krishna as i believe he is my lyf,i share my every thought with him,nd u know wat,he replied me everythng,what is gud nd what is bad…but everythng all apart my jan is beyond from everybodyi iluv u kanhaa…………nd sry for my mis behave wid u,wat i did wid u so soooryyy…

  118. some of the meerabai bhajans…

  119. Meera bai ji was soft spoken…mild mannered….gifted.s
    weet…….. and sang with a melodious voice…..She has pious nature..and divine intent..simple in her habit..joyous in her disposition.graceful in her behaviour.There was kindness in her look.. love in her talk…joy in her discourses.power in her speech..It is an account of her renunciation…single devotion to lord KRISHNA AND SELF REALISATION..
    Meera bai rebellious rajput princess refers to her impossible marriage to LORD KRISHNA and all the pain n joy of self surrender that yhis union includes…!!!!!!

  120. मेरा गोपाल है
    मेरा गोपाल है, पर्वत – धारक, वहाँ कोई नहीं है.
    उन्होंने उसके सिर पर मोर – मुकुट पहनता है: वह अकेले मेरा पति है.
    पिताजी, माँ, भाई, रिश्तेदार: मुझे कोई भी अपना कह है.
    मैं दोनों भगवान छोड़ दिया है, और परिवार के सम्मान: मुझे क्या करना चाहिए?
    मैं पवित्रा लोगों के पास बैठा है, और मैं लोगों के सामने शर्म की बात खो दिया है.
    मैं shreds में मेरा दुपट्टा फाड़ा है, मैं सभी एक कंबल में लपेटा हूँ.
    मैं मोती और कोरल के मेरे सजधज लिया, और Wildwood फूलों की एक माला अनुभूत.
    मेरे आँसू के साथ, मैं प्यार करता हूँ कि मैं लगाए लता को पानी पिलाया;
    अब लता हो गई है सभी में फैले, और आनंद के फल वहन.
    दूध की मथनी महान प्रेम के साथ मंथन किया.
    जब मैं बाहर मक्खन ले लिया, कोई किसी भी छाछ पीने की जरूरत है.
    मैं प्रेम भक्ति के खातिर आया था, दुनिया देख, मैं रोया.
    मीरा पर्वत – धारक की दासी है:
    अब वह प्यार के साथ मुझे लगता है कि आगे तट को पार.

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  136. Hi there! This blog post couldn’t be written any better! Going through this article reminds me of my previous roommate! He continually kept preaching about this. I most certainly will forward this post to him. Pretty sure he’ll have a good read.
    Thank you for sharing!

  137. meera bai aur koi nahi maa lakshmi ji thi jo krishna and rama and vishnu ke sath always rahi thi

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  141. In one of her memorable and sweet bhajans, Meera expressed her intense desire to meet Lord Krishna. Many times she refers to Lord as “Rama” also, who is the incarnation of Lord in Treta Yuga. This bhajan has many words which perhaps may not be found in the present day Hindi language.

    “राममिलण के काज सखी, मेरे आरति उर जागी री।
    तलफत तलफत कल न परत है, बिरह-बाण उर लागी री।
    निस दिन पंथ निहारूं पीव को, पलक न पल भरि लागी री।
    पीव पीव मैं रटूं रात दिन, दूजी सुधि बुधि भागी री।
    बिरह-भुवंग मेरो डसो है कलेजो, लहरि हलाहल जागी री।
    मेरी आरति मेटि गुसांई, आइ मिलौ मोहिं सागी री।
    मीरा ब्याकुल अति अकुलाणी, पिया की उमंग अति लागी री॥”
    (मीरा बृहत्पदावली, पृ. २६७)

    This bhajan expresses her deep desire to meet Lord Krishna. She says, “हे सखी, राममिलन की इच्छा (आशा) मेरे मन में जागी है। मैं पल पल तडप रही हूँ, क्योंकि बिरह का तीर मेरे ह्रदय को चीर गया है। मैं हररोज उनका रास्ता देखती हूँ और एक पलभर के लिए भी मेरी पलक झपकती नहीं। मैं दिनरात पिया का नाम रट रही हूँ, इसके कारण मेरी सुधबुध तक नहीं रही। बिरह के भ्रमर ने मेरे कलेजे को इस तरह डस लिया है की उसका जहर मुझे तडपा रहा है। पियामिलन की आस के कारण मैं बहुत व्याकुल हूँ।”

  142. Meera bai was not the incarnation of Lalita sakhi. She was another gopi named Madhavi. For more details, read “Meera-charit” book. this book is written in hindi.

  143. why did god create this world. what is the reason behind it ? pls tell me

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