The story of the great Shibi chakravarti

Shibi chakravati was the son of Ushiinara maharaja. Shibi was a maha-daata and his daanam gunam was praised by many in the 14 bhuvanas. Devendra and Agnideva once wanted to test the greatness of Shibi’s daana gunam. Agnideva took the form of a Kapotam (pigeon). Devendra took that of a Grudhra (vulture).

The Kapotam, which was chased by the Grudhra, came to Shibi chakravarti’s sabha and pleaded “Sharanam, Sharanam O maharaja!”. Seeing this, a Raja-purohita said “Maharaja! With praana-bhayam this Kapotam came to your sharanam. Every jeevi has praana-preeti. Also there is no greater uttama-karma than Praana-rakshana. However we know that giving aashrayam to a Kapotam is a mrutyu-suuchakam. Hence prayashchittam will be necessary”.

Kapotam replied “Maharaja! Afraid of the Grudhra I have asked you sharanam. Actually I am a mahamuni, now in this rupam. Vedas say that a raja must protect the diina and asamartha”. The Grudhra, which reached the sabha by then, said “Maharaja! Every jeevi takes many forms. This jeevi came to your sharanam in the Kapota rupam. Dont forget that Kapotam is aahaaram for a Grudhra. Please leave this Kapotam, which is my aahaaram, and save my life”.

Shibi chakravarti thought “In a Desham ruled by a king who does not give abhayam to a sharanaarthi who has praana-bhayam, there will be no rains, no crops and it will be the nilayam for Kshaama-devata. Also the people will have to face many difficulties and finally such king will reach narakam.

However, the Grudhra is with hunger and has put in a lot of effort chasing its aahaaram. Taking away food from its mouth is also a paapa-karyam. Now what should I do?”.

Shibi: O Grudhra! I will give you a better, tastier aahaaram than this. Please leave this Kapotam.

Grudhra: Maharaja! No other thing can be tastier than this maamsam. It was decided by Brahmadeva that they are aahaaram for us.

Shibi: O Grudhra! I cannot leave this Kapotam that is in my sharanam and do Dharma-haani. I am also ready to leave my life to save that of the Kapotam. All lokas also know this. You ask me whatever you want except this.

Grudhra: Maharaja! If you are really such a dayaamaya, give me the maamsam from your right thigh which is equal in weight to that of the Kapotam.

Immediately Shibi chakravarti got a balance and kept the Kapotam on one side and started to cut his thigh and weigh it. Howmuch ever he cut it was not enough. He tried cutting maamsam from his right thigh, then he himself sat on the balance. Grudhra said “enough. I am going” and went away. Seeing this Shibi chakravarti asked “O Kapotama! Who are you? What is your story?”

“Maharaja! I am Agnihotra. This Grudhra is Devendra, We came to test your Sharanaagata-rakshana, Daana-shakti. You qualified it. Your keerti will spread to Bhuvana-bhuvanaantaras. Your son will also keep your name” said the Kapotam and flew away.

Because Shibi did his shariira Daanam to save the life of a sharanaagati, we now also remember him. Whenever people talk about maha-daatas, his name will surely be taken.

Morals in the story:

  1. The Daana-gunam and Dharma-rakshana of Shibi must be learnt by all of us.
  2. The knowledge of the Dharma-shastras helped Shibi decide what to do in the difficult situation.

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  1. Thanks for posting this story. I heard of this story when I was a child but did not remember which king did it. You have done a great job.


    • I listened this story when i was in my third class………. i remembered my childhood days….

  2. my name is king shibi

  3. thanks for posting this story has helped me a lot with my project!


  4. Ichose this story for my story telling. Thanks for publishing this.

  5. I chose this story for my story telling. Thanks for publishing this.

  6. this story is very excellent for reading

  7. Lovely explanation for such a nice moral story. My parents named me as Shibi after listening to this story during a hindu temple ceremony. I am really proud of this name and the story behind this name.
    There are couple of points I would like to add. First the mention about King Shibi is very common in Bhuddist Jataka tales. If you happened to watch Ramayana television series, then you would have noticed the King Shibi is cited as one of the ancestors of Rama. Also Wikipedia mentions that the Cholas in Tamilandu also claim King Shibi as one of their ancestors. I don’t know which one is true. But nevertheless it is an interesting moral story that needs to be spread to all ages.

  8. Please mail me a photo of Shibi if available this will help me for my project.



  10. [...] I guess BK Pottekkad included it to probably propagate a sense of higher value and worth that the film conveys, but P Madhuri’s voice is not exactly what sounds agreeable to me as the voice of a loving mother (here Raagini) singing to her daughter ( Baby Sridevi). My personal opinion? S Janaki. ( then of course, its just my opinion, that’s all. The song is perfect, if you ask me) You can read in wonderful detail about legend of King Shibi here. [...]

  11. great!very astounding knowledge thanks for giving such kind of story.

  12. This is our Indian ancient culture.our religious spiritual will be awaken when heard such great stories . Thanks for giving such wonderfull story

  13. thanks for posting this story. you have made us remember the glory of our great ancestors.

  14. Thank you. This was helpful for my daughter for a story telling in her school.

  15. thanxzzzz this was helpful for my sis for the project

  16. Thanks for posting this story… I had heard this story as a child. I will narrate it to my children. Thanks.

  17. thank you…
    for this site. and this site help me complete ma work.

  18. thanks for posting this kind of moral stories, i will teach it to my child


  19. very nice to find d story here.
    I searched this story because of this reasson:
    As it was very cold outside due to fresh snowfall and a very little pup was crying outside my room due to excessive cold. Then i sent facuty house boy to bring that pup in but i hd to face a lot of criticism from my colleagues so iadopted various methods to motivate them n one was the story of Maharaja Shibi but they had no idea so they laughed at this then i showed them story on internet n finally succeded in persuading them to let that pup in our faculty house. Thanks for d story.

  20. kulvir is a liar

  21. this is a very precisely explained narration
    great work

  22. i want this story in hindi language give me reply

  23. There are lots of Sanskrit words in between which makes it difficult to read. Probably you can have Sanskrit words in brackets with english words in sentence making.

  24. thank you so much i needed it for my project….. :D

  25. I want this story in malayalam immediately

  26. I just visited Chejarla (look up wikipedia). The shiva linga there is thought to be avatar of King Shibi. Appreciate the writeup.

  27. Thanks for posting this story.
    May I please know that in which group of Kshathriya he belongs to ?. Chandravamshi or Suryavamshi?. Cholas were Suryavamshi. But, in wikipedia says that he belongs to Chandravamshi. Which is the right answer?

  28. wow its superb story

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    I was interested to find out how you center yourself and clear your head
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  30. what was the life period of Sibi Chakravarthi

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