Veera Abhimanyu

Dharmaraaja comes to the middle of the Yuddha-kshetram and reminds both sides of the people regarding a few ground rules before the start of the Yuddham:

  • During the yuddham, even if we are in rage, we must never scold our enemies or insult them.
  • Me must firmly adhere to Yuddha Neeti (follow timings, dont interfere when two people are fighting etc., many many other such rules).
  • In case anyone wants to shift sides in the last moment, they can. Listening to this, Yuyuutsava comes from the side of adharmam (Kauravas) to Dharmam (Paandavas)

In our Bhaarateeya aachaaram, even wars used to be fought following a strict set of rules. The Yuddha Neeti was firmly followed by both sides in Kurukshetra Yuddham till the following episode happened:

Abhimanyu, the putra of Arjuna and Subhadraadevi, was a very great Yoddha. His Saahasam, Veeratvam, Dhairyam are even now remembered.

After Abhimanyu entered the Padmavyuuham, he made great Mahaarathas, Senaadhipatis, run away from the field. Seeing this Dronaacharya came towards Abhimanyu, after making the Sarva-sainyaadhipati of Paandavas, Drushtadyumna, unconscious. However Abhimanyu defeated Dronaachaarya and made him unconscious!

That day single-handed Abhimanyu killed 1 Akshauhini sena (21870 Ratham, 21870 Gaja, 65410 Ashva, 109350 Padaatidalam)!! Many famous Kings, Raaraajas got Veeramaranam through the hands of Abhimanyu. Seeing that out of the original Kaurava sena of 11 Akshauhini, 1 Akshauhini was vanquished by Abhimanyu in 1 day, Dronaachaarya decided that if Abhimanyu is not killed, no one will be left in Kaurava sena. He says

“O Mahaayoddhas! This Abhnimanyu can never be defeated even by Brahma-Vishnu-Maheshvara. So let all of us attack him at once. Leave thought about Dharmam-adharmam, Nyaayam-anyaayam. The only way to save our lives is by killing him, through whatever means”.

Immediately Karna attacked from the back. From back he broke Veeraabhimanyu’s bow. Krupaachaarya killed the horses of Abhimanyu’s ratham. Ashvatthaama killed the Ratha-saarathi and next moment Dronaachaarya powdered the Ratham and Abhimanyu’s other aayudhams.

Thus the Kauravas cunningly killed the paraakramashaali, Abhimanyu. Meanwhile Ghatotkacha killed Alambusa, who was stopping Ghatotkacha reaching the place where Abhimanyu was there. Ghatotkacha came and defeated Drona aadi veeras and felt great duhkham seeing that his brother, Abhimanyu was dead. He reported this entire Vruttaantam to Paandavas.

Thus Kauravas first broke the firm rules of Yuddha Neeti. According to Yuddha Neeti, once it is broken by a particular side, it need not be followed by the other side.

Morals in the story:

  1. The Saahasam, Dhairya gunam of Veera-Abhimanyu must be aadarsham for us. Dhairyam is one of the main sadgunas that everyone of us need to have.
  2. Whatever happens Dharmam must be followed. Kauravas, just because they were afraid to loose their lives, did adharma yuddham and killed Abhimanyu.
  3. The greatness of Bhaarateeya Saampradaayam is well shown in this story, through their Yuddha Neeti. Even in wars, where in that heavy state of mind people try do whatever comes to their mind, our Bhaarateeyas used to follow many rules. Hence even our Yuddhams are different from those of others.
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  1. the story of abhimanyu is written very well but it should have been more pictorial atleast with abhimanyu with the wheel in his hand and the kauravas attacking him as it would be very helpful to the children to understand well

  2. Great representation of moral values of India

  3. Great story. Bu nowhere is it written that Abhimanyu had half knowledge of the Chakhrayuuham. Half knowledge is always dangerous. We should not attempt to undertake any tasks unless we study it properly. just the mistake that abhimanyu did

    • it was not a mistake, he knew full well what he was getting into. its just that arjuna was not around and someone had to accept the challenge of the kauravas. so abhimanyu told yudhishthir that he knew how to get in but did not know how to get out. so all four brothers decided to accompany abhimanyu and keep the opening he made wide open so that he could get out easily. but jayadrath had a boon given to him by lord shiva that he could keep the pandava brothers except arjuna at bay, which he used that day. so it was jayadrath who was responsible for abhimanyu’s death and not is “half knowledge” as you put it.

      • i forgot to mention that jayadrath’s boon was just for one day.

  4. Moral Stories-A tribute to the great Bharatiya Samskruti.

    As i was searching for moral stories i found this wonderful site. I read only one story ‘Veera Abhimanyu’. It was all written in sanskrit terms which enables the new generations to be familiar with those valuable terms.I felt very happy as i came to know more morals from single story
    1.Even if we are in rage, we must never scold our enemies or insult them.
    2.Whatever happens Dharmam must be followed
    3.Dhairyam is one of the main sadgunas — without it even the great skilled ,well respected and elderly people like Dronaachaarya, Krupaachaarya got into the path of adharma which is a real blot for their fame.

    And i am really impressed to see such a wonderful portrait representing Abhimanyu before going to Padhmavyuha Youdham. His dhairyam to win the war even though he don’t have complete knowledge. Many times in our real life situations drive us to do many things with half knowledge but if we stop we can be no where in a position to deal with the situations.. so one should try to explore even the unknown things, which requires more dhairyam to take a forth step.

    From this site i came to know that i know very little n need to know many .

  5. The abhimanyu incident should make us feel extremely proud to be hindus. Where is such loyalty, unity and bravery in today’s hindu society?

  6. I never heard this version about Abhimanyu, the famous one is about him entering the chakravhyu and being killed there. Can you clarify this!!

    • It’s the same story. Abhimanyu entered the Chakravyuha and caused a great deal of destruction inside. Since he was unaware of how to exit it, he decided to do it the old-fashioned way – kill everything standing between him and the exit. The Kaurava maharathis were taken aback by his prowess that they felt that they had to gang up on him (illegally, in Dharmayuddha). He ultimately died a hero’s death inside the Chakravyuha…

  7. narration of abhimenus cleartly illustrates the indian method of courage walarism right from the mythalogical age

    on seeing this forginers could really understand what india was and has been right from mythological age.chakra vhyu is nothing but entering the war field safely coming back safely put in nut shel it is entering and exiting without any damage to body.

  8. Abhimanyu was the couragious, loyal and a chivalrious warrior. Allthough he did not knew all the facts related to Chakrayu and he was aware of it but still he showed his loyalty for his father and uncles by fighting fearlessly in order to crush the Chakrayu.

  9. abhimanyu didnot half knowledge by choice, it was subhadra who slept while arjuna was telling her the second half of the chakravyuh……it was fait accomplie….and not by choice…but the most important thing is that, even when he was aware that…..he knew only to get inside the chakravyuh and not getting out….he never thought twice before doing his dharma…..thats what is the moral of it…!!

  10. Proud to be called Abhimanyu… What a great way to put up the story with all the sanskrit words in it,,, Keep up the good work.

  11. i like then story and the image given is very good ,it makes the storyvery good

  12. dear friend; karna didnt attack from back

  13. yes, ofcourse karna attacked from back and broke abhimanyu’s bow

    If u dnt know please dnt insult abhimanyu’s valour and ur name

  14. Thank you for putting up the great story of Abhimanyu, and highlighting his valour in the face of challenge and war. The Pandavas were an extremely resilient bunch of brothers who snached back what was rightfully theirs – the kingdom of Hastinapur. Mahabharata is the story of true grit, Dharma, Adharma, and family politics. And yes, as mentioned by another Abhimanyu above, I too am proud to be one! Cheers to the valour and courage!

  15. Truly a deserving son of a great father and nephew of Lord Krishna.
    Infact Arjuna had one more son who was equally as great or perhaps superior to Abhimanyu by the name of Brabrubahan.

    The main cause of Abhimanyu death surely was Jayadrath as chosen by Arjuna who prevented any help to reach to Abhimanyu.

    One more addition warriors in the class of Arjuna, Bhisma, Drona,Karna were attacked by many rathis at the same time and those great successfuly negated those attack by using uncounterable astras like Brahmastras,
    Bhargavastras etc.

    Yes it is there that Karna broke the bow of Abhimanyu from behind,he could also have shot Abhimanyu’s head from behind but desisted for a reason i will post it later after confirming.

    • waiting for ur post…

      • Well as i came to know from a source,
        Lord Parashuram disciples are prohibited from killing a person if that person is the sole child of his parents.

        Both Ghatokacha and Abhimanyu were the only child of their parents.

        Thats why you see Dronacharya didn’t fought with Ghatokacha.

        And there is no record of both Dronacharya and Karna firing divine weapons of highest order like Brahmastra,
        Bhargavastra, Rudrastra etc at Abhimanyu or Ghatokacha.

        Both Karna and Dronacharya used those astras only at Arjuna, since other than Arjuna nobody knew how to tackle those powerful astras be it Bhima ,Abhimanyu or Ghatokacha.

        Karna killed Ghatokacha by using Shakti weapon which he obtain from Lord Devraj Indra and not from Lord Parashuram.

        Ghatokacha was defeated by Ashwatthama many times who was also not as great as his father Dronacharya.

        Similarly Abhimanyu was checked by great Bhisma and Dronacharya also.

        Without Undermining Abhimanyu’s talent i would like to state he was great but Arjuna is Arjuna.

        The most destructive battle in Kurukshetra war was between Arjuna and Bhisma but here no devine weapons was used and between Arjuna and Karna which attracted even the very Gods.

        And even great warriors were watching the fight between these two rival brothers like audiences.



    • Just shut up and stop posting false proofs from that shit page which only post about Arjuna’s glories.

  18. Abhimanyu was never attacked from back by Karna. You should read the original text and then open your mouth. Its very clearly written in KMG text, that Karna had fairly cut Abhimanyu’s bow in front of Abhimanyu in Drona Parva.

  19. Story is bad

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