Ugraayudha, the Raaja of Ajaamiidha vamsham, was very famous. He was a balavanta. He even got the Chakraayudham from Shri Hari. However he then got Ahankaaram. With Bala-garvam, he used to unnecessarily do Yuddhams with other Kings. He stopped thinking about Dharmam-adharmam, Nyaayam-anyaayam, Saadhyam-asaadhyam. None used to stand before him in Yuddham. Many became his saamanta-raajas, others lost their lives in the Yuddham. This increased his Ahankaaram.

Once he heard that Devavrata (Bheeshmaachaarya) was a Veeraadhiveera. He heard that in the Bhuu-mandalam, no one can defeat him. Ugraayudha then decided to do Yuddham against Gaangeya, so took a huge Sainyam and reached Hastinaapuram.

Just at that time the Pita of Bheeshmaachaarya, Shantana mahaaraja became a Svargastha. Bheeshmaachaarya had great duhkham. The Shraaddha-karma was not yet over by that time. Only few days were over. Ugraayudha thought it was the right chance and sent a duuta to Devavrata:

“Bheeshma! There is no one who can defeat me. You also know this. You also know the power of the Chakraayudham. I dont want your Aishvaryam, Raajyam. I want Matsyagandhi, Bhuvanaika-sundari, Satyavatii Devi. I will give you one day time”. Bheeshmaachaarya became very angry listening to the Dur-bhaasha of the Dushta. He couldnt bear that someone spoke like this about his Maata, Pativrata, Satyavatii Devi. Immediately he ordered Yuddham against the Dushta, Ahankaari Ugraayudha.

However, the Panditas, Purohitas, Nitya-hita-kaamas said “O Dharmaatma! Bheeshma! Ugraayudha is like a Pipiilakam (ant) before you. There is no need for you to go for Yuddham. Also your Pita’s Shraaddha-karma is not yet over. Shraddha is the most important thing in Pitru-kaaryas. You must not take Aayudhas, Divya-vastras now. Also one must always try to avoid Yuddham, because of its evil effects on the samaajam. Hence you send a Duuta, use Saama-daana-Bheda Upaayas and try. Then you can try Danda-upaayam. By that time the Pitru-kaaryam will also be over”.

The Dharmagnya, Bheeshma, listened to the advise of the Panditas and sent a Duuta to Ugraayudha. However all the efforts of the Duutas went waste. The Durahankaari never listened to them. Infact he immediately used his Chakraayudham on Gaangeya. However even the Chakraayudham became nistejam because of the Paativratyam of Satyavatii Devi and Dharmabalam of Bheeshmaachaarya!

The Chakram kept on spinning but didnt move an inch!! Ugraayudha used all his aatma-shakti, but the Chakraayudham never moved. Ugraayudha thought “Chakraayudham is more powerful than Brahmaastram. What is stopping it? May be because Bheeshma now has Aashouchakam, the Chakram is not approaching him. I will wait till the Aashouchakam is over”. However, even after the Pitrukarma was over, the Chakraayudham didnt move, it stayed in the same place in the air, spinning. Ugraayudha was amazed.

In no time Bheeshma reached the place, along with his Anuja Vichitraveerya. In the hands of the Veera, Bheeshma, Ugraayudha lost his life. Seeing the Bala-paraakramam of Bheeshma, even the Devatas were surprised. All the people who were supressed in the Paalanam of Ugraayudha, then did Stuti of Bheeshmaachaarya.

Morals in the Story:

  1. Ahankaaram destroys the person having it. One must always remember that there is always someone who is greater than us. Even though Ugraayudha got Shri Hari’s Chakram, just because of Ahankaaram, he was destroyed.
  2. A real Veera never shows off his Balam (see this too). Ugraayudha, with Bala-garvam, always did Yuddhams. Whereas Bheeshma, even though he had the Shakti to kill Ugraayudha, tried to send Shaanti-sandesham to Ugraayudha.
  3. One who wishes a Para-strii, that too a Pativrata, will be destroyed. Before the Paativratyam of Satyavatii Devi, and Dharmabalam of Bheeshma, even the Vishnu-chakram became equivalent to a grass-shoot!
  4. The amruta-vaakyas of the Panditas must always be remembered. Bheeshma followed the Dharmabodha of his Purohitas and was able to complete the Pitru-kaaryam and also teach Ugraayudha a lesson.

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  1. Great website fun & educative to read,

    Thank you.

  2. Sir/Madam,

    We are very thankful to u for this site and the stories which r very useful for our children to go in the right direction and to know about Culture,Customs(Acharam etc) and the way we have to respect elders,love our friends and youngers.

    Its not only for children but also elders like us to recollect our childhood memories and to go in the same direction without crossing our samskruti.

    It very essential for elders who r going and making their children to go in the wrong direction(saying modern society and culture).

    Thanking very much once again.I wish u to continue this site forever to give such good stories to our future generations too.

  3. whats this crap mixing english and sanskrit , make it clear,small and simple wierdo

  4. Thank you and dhanyabd for publisted this great story about great Bhishma Pitamaha.


    He was the greatest fighter and one of the most obidient student of the great teacher “PARSHURAM”. This fighter blessed the person “ARJUNA”,while he was pouring arrows at him. Pitahama gave arjun the solution of his death. And his mother(Ganga Mata) while sweeping a piece of land told him that “Tomorrow, this piece of land will be the same place where you will die”. Even this did not stop him from reaching “KURUKSHETRA” the next day. This was the posture of this great son of Motherland. We can’t be like him, but we should strive to achieve his level of excellence in each and every field.”TATSHRI” aapki jai ho.

    I thank this site which provides the complete world with valuable information about PITAHAMA.

  6. It is a real moral story not only children but every human being. Ego (Ahamkara) is the Mother of all suffering in this world which prevents anybody to realise self realisation (God realisation)
    So we need to kill our ego at any cost by selfless service without excepting any reward, fame or name.
    Glory to Bheeshma Pitamaha

  7. goood storie, very good, but you seemly make alot of indian language..thats make me a little not confort, i cannot figure it out correctly…but, you done a great job..

  8. You should be ignorant to say Satyavatii Devi is a pativrita. She already bore a son called vyasa, before geeting married with shantanu. Any explanations?

    Reply by MoralStories
    The above story in MahaBhaarata is itself a proof of Satyavati Devi’s paativratyam. Coming to the question of Vyaasa Bhagavan — Satyavati Devi was an Apsara who was blessed with Veda Vyaasa by Paraashara maharshi’s Tapas-shakti. Similar to how KuntiDevi was a kanya though Karna was born, Satyavati Devi also was a kanya to whom Bhagavaan Vyaasa was born by Tapas-shakti.

  9. Wonderful to have websites devoted to the cause of upliftment of indian society, taking through stories of greatest personalities of this country which forces one to think atleast for once how great time India witnessed to have such great people.

  10. Thank you for this wonderful story. Although I was wondering, what is the Chakraayudham? Is it Lord Vishnu’s discus?
    Dharma and Satya are the most powerful. If one is on the path of Dharma not even the most powerful weapons will cause harm to him. The great Narayan is always on the side of those who practice Dharma.

    Please tell us something about what our Dharma is. Maybe you have some stories. Thank you again.

  11. we are indian.
    Also from gujrat.
    so we want this infornation in gujrati.
    please give this stories in gujrati.

  12. great compilation Sir, Hats off to your effort


  14. good story, but you really used a crap language… its very bad mixture of english and sanskrit language. you should use pure language so everyone who visit this page can understand. “Ahankaaram” , “Yuddhams”, “Chakram”, you really think this kind of word should be used??

  15. sir, give me all information in hindi for bhisma pitahma. my id vinodkoshti57@gmail.com

  16. I agree with Ratchit’s comment. You should use more informative english in your writings. Not only Indian people interested in Mahabrata-Bagawad Gita-Bharatayudha, this ancient story is world’s heritage and we should keep it that way. I am Indonesian, we have our version of Mahabrata also as written in our ancient stories as The Wayang Purwa. Should anybody ever write and upload these stories I hope it will not use so many javanese words like you did with those sanskrits in this story.


  18. I was just introduced to a supported, restorative asana by senior advanced Iyengar teacher Manuoso Manos given to him by Yogacharya BKS Iyengar named, “bheeshmaachaaryasana.” It is used for individuals who have had heart transplants – and this explains a lot! Thanks for the insight; hari om!

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