A Lobhi cannot get sat-gati

Long time ago, there used to be a Sanyaasi. He was a great Gnyaani. Many used to respect him and many used to come and get Divya-Upadeshams from him. He was a well known Aadhyaatmavetta. He had many shishyas. He did uddharana of many. Even Kings and Mantris used to come to him, have his darshanam and get Gnyaanopadeshams from him.

The Sanyaasi became very old. Since he was a Gyaani, he came to know soon he has to leave his Bhoutika Shariiram. Hence he was doing Bhagavat-naama-smaranam and waiting for Mrutyudevata.
Knowing this, many many from all parts of the country came there to get the last darshanam of the Sanyaasi. True Bhaktas came to have Darshanam of the Sanyaasi and get some Upadesham if possible. However some came expecting to get some shakti or some materialistic benefit from the Sanyaasi. One of them was a Sampanna (rich fellow). He was a lobhi (miser), Kruuraatma, Muurkha. Hoping to get some more wealth he came to have the Darshanam of the Sanyaasi.

The Sanyaasi, who didnt want to meet anybody, seeing this Parama-lobhi, called him. As soon as the Sanyaasi called him, though many many were waiting, the Lobhi got Garvam. He looked at others with an expression like “see how great I am. The Sanyaasi called me only”.

The Lobhi wanted to ask the Sanyaasi why he chose him only to come in. Repeatedly he kept on asking this. Then Sanyaasi replied “I and these people waiting outside, some or the other time, have chance to meet again in some Uurdhva-lokas. Whereas a Lobhi can never get sat-gati. So I can never meet you. Thus I wanted to do some Hitopadesham to you now only”.

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  1. Lobathavanni vidavalani cheppina theeru chala bagundhi.


  3. according to me message from this story which i thought was ahankara leads to naraga. so to get real grace from god one should eradicate ahankara. or he never fee god.

  4. SeEjfn comment1 ,

  5. Good story

  6. Good STory

  7. very interesting truly it has a moral

  8. This story was a good lesson for a miser. Any one can realize about this story. And swaami says that message is “Be kind”, don’t be miser.

  9. nice story

  10. Indicates that a downfall is must in the egostic persons.Nice Person.

  11. A miser dies more than.m hunded timemum before his deatham. This goes without saying thatam we should live for life and should not aspire for life to live.

    ((((HARE KRISHNA)))))))))))

  13. really very good story…my daughter seeks a story a night at bed time…I use to tell her such stories with indirect message..she is 7 years old…but after listening so many stories she has become bit capable to tell the moral of the story as soon as I complete and start to tell her the moral…she is MY SWEET Daughter (Rajnandini). I love my daughter a lot.. love u beta.. and thanks for the “wordpress”. Keep it up.

  14. it is better to those people who love materialistic world and change their mind now only because time is very short.

  15. There has been defination of lobh which is as follows:

    Loobhoo mul anarthaa naam.

    The possible cause of aall anarth is loobh.

  16. Very good story – thanks a lot.

  17. There is a similar story in Shirdi Sai Sat Charithra.A money lender comes all the way making a long journey on a horse-cart to requesst Shirdi Sai to give him Salvation(Moksha) http://www.saibaba.org/saisatc.html

  18. Similar story from Shirdi Sai Sat Charithra about a rich man who had everything in life and thought it a good idea to taste Brahma JnAna as well and set out immediately on a long horse-cart journey to seek it from Sai:


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