Stories of Mahapurushas

This page has links to all the stories that are related to a particular Mahapurusha in our Indian history.



  • Sachi Devi (Sacī Devi) – 1
  • Ganga Devi (Gaṅgā Devi) – 1 2
  • Devendra – 1 2 3 4 5 6
  • Yamadharma Raja (Yamadharma Rāja) – 1 2 3
  • Garuda (Garuḍa)- 1 2

Great Indian women:

  • Draupadi Devi (Draupadī Devi) – 1 2 3
  • Chandramati Devi (Candramatī Devi) – 1
  • Kunti Devi (Kuntī Devi) – 1
  • Satyavati Devi (Satyavatī Devi) – 1
  • Ghushma (Ghuśma) – 1
  • Godaguuchi (Goagūci) – 1
  • Kaikasi (Kaikasī) – 1
  • Heeraakaani (Hīrākānī) – 1
  • Dokkaa Seetamma (okka Sītamma) – 1

Great Indian maharshis:

  • Gautama maharshi (Gautama maharṣhi) – 1 2 3
  • Markandeya maharshi (Mārkaṇḍeya maharṣhi) – 1 2 3
  • Saptarishis (Saptaṛṣhi) – 1 2
  • Vasishtha maharshi (Vasiṣhṭha maharṣhi) – 1 2
  • Chyavana maharshi (Cyavana maharhi) – 1 2
  • Valmiki maharshi (Vālmīki maharṣhi) – 1
  • Mrukanda maharshi (Mṛkanda maharṣhi) – 1
  • Dadhichi maharshi (Dadhīci maharhi) – 1
  • Jahnu maharshi (Jahnu maharṣhi) – 1
  • Vishwamitra maharshi (Viśvāmitra maharṣhi) – 1 2
  • Semeeka maharshi (Semīka maharṣhi) – 1
  • Shrungi maharshi (Śṛṅgi maharṣhi) – 1
  • Gauramukha maharshi (Gauramukha maharṣhi) – 1
  • Agastya mahamuni (Agastya mahāmuni) – 1
  • Jaratkaaru maharshi (Jaratkāru maharṣhi) – 1
  • Devala maharshi (Devala maharṣhi) – 1
  • Veda Vyasa maharshi (Veda Vyāsa maharṣhi) – 1
  • Vaishampaayana maharshi (Vaiśampāyana maharṣhi) – 1
  • Shri Shuka maharshi (Śrī Śuka maharṣhi) – 1
  • Sumanta maharshi (Sumanta maharṣhi) – 1
  • Nara-Narayana maharshi (Nara-Nārāyana maharṣhi) – 1
  • Gokarna maharshi (Gokara maharṣhi) – 1
  • Vyaaghrapaada maharshi (Vyāghrapāda maharṣhi) – 1

Great Indian Kings:

  • Yudhishthira (Yudhiṣhṭhira) – 1 2 3 4 5
  • Arjuna – 1 2 3 4
  • Bhimasena (Bhīmasena) – 1 2
  • Pandavas (Paṇḍava) – 1 2 3
  • Vikramaditya maharaja (Vikramāditya mahārāja) – 1 2 3 4 5 6
  • Raghu maharaja (Raghu mahārāja) – 1 2
  • Paushya (Pauṣhya) – 1 2
  • Nahusha maharaja (Nahuṣha mahārāja) – 1 2
  • Bharata (Rushabha putra) – 1
  • Bharata (Dushyanta putra) – 1
  • Bhagiratha (Bhagīratha) – 1
  • Rantideva – 1
  • Satya Harishchandra (Satya Hariścandra) – 1
  • Nruga maharaja (Nṛga mahārāja) – 1
  • Parikshit maharaja (Parīkṣhit mahārāja) – 1
  • Bali chakravarthi (Bali Cakravarti) – 1
  • Indradyumna – 1
  • Yayaati (Yayāti) – 1
  • Dileepa maharaja (Dilīpa mahārāja) – 1
  • Tondamaan Chakravarti (Toamān Cakravarti) – 1
  • Viruupaaksha maharaja (Virūpākṣha mahārāja) – 1
  • Shibi chakravarti (Śibi Cakravarti) – 1
  • Chatrapati Shivaji (Chatrapati Śivāji) – 1
  • Abhimanyu – 1
  • Priya Vrata – 1
  • Mayuura Dhvaja (Mayūra Dhvaja) – 1
  • Kushika Maharaja (Kuśika mahārāja) – 1
  • Sudyumna – 1

Great Gurus:

  • Vedadharya – 1
  • Shukracharya (Śukrācārya) – 1
  • Dhaumya (Dhaumya) – 1
  • Shataananda (Śatānanda) – 1
  • Vedasaagara (Vedasāgara) – 1
  • Saandepa (Sāndīpa) – 1

Great Shishyas:

  • Udanka (Udaṅka) – 1 2
  • Kacha (Kaca) – 1
  • Kautsa – 1
  • Deepaka (Dīpaka) – 1
  • Padmapaada (Padmapāda) – 1
  • Rama Sharma (Rāma Śarma) – 1

Great Bhaktas:

  • Bhakta Prahlaada (Bhakta Prahlāda) – 1 2
  • Gosvami Tulasidas (Gosvāmi Tulasīdās) – 1
  • Sudama (Sudāma) – 1
  • Pundarika (Puṇḍarīka) – 1
  • Bhakta Bhima (Bhakta Bhīma) – 1
  • Kaaka Bhushundi (Kāka Bhuśuṇḍi) – 1
  • Purandaradas (Purandaradās) – 1
  • Kalasha Naayanaar (Kalaśa Nāyanār) – 1
  • Vishnuchitta – 1 2
  • Govardhana – 1

Other Great Indians:

  • Bheeshmaachaarya (Bhīṣhmācārya) – 1
  • Nachiketa (Naciketa) – 1
  • Nadi jangha (Nāḍī Jaṅgha) – 1 2
  • Shankha – 1
  • Likhita – 1
  • Praavaarakarna (Prāvārakara) – 1
  • Aakuupaara (Ākūpāra) – 1
  • Satyavrata – 1
  • Pravaraakhya (Pravarākhya) – 1
  • Vidura- 1 2 3
  • Saktuprastha – 1
  • Bhartruhari (Bharthari) – 1
  • Sukarma – 1
  • Sunandana – 1
  • Dharmavyaadha (Dharmavyādha) – 1
  • Pandita Kashyapa (Paṇḍita Kaśyapa) – 1
  • Bankim Chandra Chatterji (Bakim Candra Caerjī) – 1
  • Dronaachaarya (Droācārya) – 1 2
  • Tulaadhaara (Tulādhāra) – 1
  • Bayanna – 1
  • Sudhanva – 1
  • Kaashiinaatha Naageshvara Rao (Kāśīnātha Nāgeśvara Rāv) – 1
  • Praphulla Chandra Ray (Praphulla Candra Rāy) – 1
  • Jayaprakash Naaraayan (Jayaprakāś Nārāyaṇ) – 1
  • Madhav Rao Keshav Rao Golvarkar (Mādhav Rāv Keśav Rāv Golvarkar) – 1
  • Chittaranjan Daas (Cittarañjan Dās) – 1
  • Bhogaraaju Pattaabhi Seetaaraamayya (Bhogarāju Pattābhi Sītārāmayya) – 1
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  1. I am deeply appreciative of your compilation efforts of all stories and details of maharishis and Mahatmas. Congradulations and keep up the good work. Hari Om.

    Ganapathi Sachchidananda Ashramam, Mysore.


  2. Thank you for your great ,selfless thoughtful effort on this collection of stories. May god gine you more wisdom to make ot perfect and strength to continue with it as long as you can.

  3. It gives me great pleasure to see this blog evolve, it would be an interesting idea to bring in stories of the panchtantra in a separate kid wing. i know it will be a huge burden on the blogger but it is worth trying.

    Reply by MoralStories:

    Thanks for your comment. We will include some Panchatantra stories. The Story “Devasharma’s Duraasha” (07-10-06) is the first one in Panchatantra series.

  4. I am delighted to refer the wonderful work in moral stories and putting it on net. Congratulatios.It is agreat job done to help the society. All people should read and explain their children about the moral and so on. It would help them very much.

  5. I am extremely happy to see someone who is bothered about Hinduism.Thank you very much

  6. I must really congratulate you on such a wonderful effort to educate the masses, and in such an elegant manner!

    I wish you the very best in going on to unprecedented heights.

    -Suhas Sreehari

  7. The Guru Bhakthi section seems incomplete without the story of Ekalavya.

  8. All the stories in this site is more helpfull to know about the shastras.

    all the best.

  9. i am very much disappointed why karna is not included in the lsit of great indian kings, who is a great personality in mahabharat. I wish to hear some stories about karna in your moral stories who is famous for his generousity. he is greater than all pandavas and have qualities which all the pandavas have. karna = arjun + bheem + yudhister + nakul + sahadev.

  10. the story of karna has an element of tragedy,but his anger and frustration against the pandavas is misplaced, because they did not know he was their brother till the end. comparisons between great people have to be done with extreme caution. yudhishter (Dharmaraj) picked nakul, leaving beloved Bhima and great Arjuna among his dead brothers to keep the balance in his family, Arjuna achieved salvation by his devotion to lord krishna. Bhima , nakul and sahadev followed the footsteps of their ever truthful brother.Karna unfortunately had bad company and he was part of several conspiracies against the pandavas. The Mahabharata is a wonderful event, one has asses the characters in totality. The guide to understand the story is Lord Krishna, there have been several attempts to denigrate the pandavas and draupadi in contemporary movies and books, all these are products of reading the glorious story in a perverse way.The centrality of Lord Krishna, dharma and truth should not be missed while trying to analyze the story. Pandavas had all the three on their side till the end.Ramayana and Mahabharata are essentially cleansin tools for the human mind which is drawn in various directions.

  11. I really thank you for collecting all the moral stories in one blogg. its a great job ,continue to collect some more moral stories with animals.

  12. Very touched to see this magnificient effort to collate our great values and culture and bring it out on an aesthetically designed portal. A very noble effort. My salutations to you.

  13. It’s a great contribution to preservation of our legacy and making available to one and all always.

  14. a good story is

  15. I cannot stop from admiring the inspiration and the people behind this service. May His blessings continue to exist on this service.

  16. I am touched to the bottom of my heart seeing such a great work done so silently. I was unable to even trace out the name(s) of people behind this project. This is in fitness of things as our ancients lived like this.

    I suggest that stories of Vikramaditya and King Bhoja could form part of this initiative, if the bloggers really find it fitting their overall design. I am suggesting as there is lot of moral content in their stories.

    Kind Regards, AR

  17. Excellent compilation…Thanks a lot…

  18. I have come across this website unexpectedly…it is wonderful…and i feel very lucky to have found this website…
    Keep up the good work…it is highly impressive…
    Thank you very much…


  20. Thank u so much excellent job.I was wondering where i will get materials to tell stories about Lord krishna, srirama and our puranams to my grandchildren.I am so so happy to visit this site.This is a gift indeed.thank u again.
    with pranams

  21. Great work
    keep it up

  22. Amazingly commendable work. I truly appreciate the efforts of everyone behind this truly modern concept that will help in a big way to preserve these valuable lessons.

  23. Great work. You have done great service to the new generation by bringing famous stories reflecting our culture and heritage to their knowledge.

  24. Hi,Iam from nepal…………i saw this site unexpectedly and Iam lucky and greatful to author of this site………..u have done great job bro…………thanks alot……….god bless u. u have been doing great work…….keep it up……….it is for humanity………..well done…………..thanks

  25. for all the mahanubavas who prepared the web site Sadha manam bhavathy, Sadha Ayush seventhriye prthidishtathy

  26. Wonderful work. The large collection of not so well known stories (like Rantideva) is truly commendable. There is a feeling among some people that Hinduism does not emphasise social good. All such thoughts should go away when such stories reach everyone. Also it might start a silent revolution in people’s minds to care for one another. Moreover this care will be because of the divine in others, not because of other materialistic reasons which can lead us astray.

    Maybe you can add different ways of accessing the stories. For example, based on the morals displayed in the story etc ??

    Truly appreciate your hardwork and dedication.

  27. Really lot of moral stories,Great maharshi names.Marvellous compiling.Unexpectedly i have seen this website.
    Keep it up.

  28. Jai Bharat!

    Wonderful compilation!

    Hinduism is very scientific way.
    Our Sant are being defamed these days.

    PLs visit for the truth.

    Jai Hind!

  29. Its a wonderful website. Its a honour for the hinduism and indian culture.

    Thanks alot everybody who contributed for this noble cause.

    Jai Hind

  30. why here is not posted anything about adi shankaracharya and guru gorakshanath.please post more about indian great sadhus like swami haridas,siddha monohar das babaji, ramdas kathia babaji etc.

  31. hindus are indebeted to your contribution

  32. What a wonerful site it is!!!! its just like gold mine. when i read these stories i realise as what our society is missing out on!
    as you read story by story one feels immense pleasure immense peace from within. bhakti bhawa gets triggered. then slowly the self realization occurs. these stories will definitely change a person to the best.
    thank you once again.

  33. I really want to thanks and I like to apriciate about collection.It also gives the information about the great personalitites that we dont know.

  34. I am delighted to having come upon this website. It really is a commendable work. Delighted, even more to see someone in today’s time making so much effort towards compiling the information and knowledge of great Indian Philosophy of Life and Existence which is the greatest reservoir of Wisdom for all Times.
    I would like to request/suggest for the inclusion of some of the very important personalities of this everlasting glorious history and whom we cannot ignore..for reason of their contribution to our wisdom and understanding of True Karm.
    1. Karn for his valor in equivalence with Arjun; despite being on the wrong side one cannot ignore his abilities and most important of all his philanthropic nature.
    2. The great Shishya: Eklayva; for how can one ignore the most classic and only example (known to my little self) of obedience and devotion to his guru.
    3. One of the greatest erudite Brahmins: Ravana for his immense knowledge in various fields that cannot be ignored despite his negative character. Infact, not being able to balance the knowledge and ego..itself makes a great food for thought and learning lesson for morality.

  35. Along with this text message is my applause and gratitude for the wonderful job you have done today and the days beforehand. Keep up the good work!

  36. It’s a very great effort or service from your end for humanity at present days with such good collection of moral stories and everyone of us should go thru this website to improve our morality.

    Thanks a lot for ur great job.

  37. namaskram to the gurus ,who where the contributors of these stories . i have no words to convey my heartful regards, iam very deeply moved by the work , this would be a stone laid in construction of sethu to bridge the sanathana dharma to the real materialistic world , dharmo rakshathi rakshitha ha ,,,it is the only phrase to define your contribution, shrirama raksha sarva lokaika raksha , please these stories be the syllabus for the emerging generations

  38. really niceeeeeeeeeee

  39. om namo narayanayah namah
    om namo narayanayah namah

  40. Really very niceeeeeeeeeeeee.
    Hitesh Khandelwal

  41. I think we are missing the two great personalities in the Other Great Indians section : 1. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa 2. Swami Vivekananda to whom we owe a great debt. My sincere request to please add them so that people may read about them since you are doing a great work and many sincere seekers hit your website and would benefit by reading about them.

  42. Excellent stories in this website.Every story can be moral values to the human life.So, I like this stories.

  43. please provide photo of shree Devala Maharshi

  44. Good

  45. Congratulations !!!!
    Great Work for Upkeepment of Our Saga & Culture. Comming Generation Will be Gratefull to You & Your Team For These Untiring Job You People Have Done By Trying To Compile Our History In Best Possible Manner.
    Thanks From The Bottom of My Heart.
    Satish Shah

    P.S. Being Jain By Birth, I would Love Reading All 24 Tirthankara’s Story And The Shishyas Who Carried Their Work Further.

  46. I Aduru Venkateswarlu read soem stories in this site and felt very much delighted .
    My heartful thanks to the authors of this site .

    Thank you so much to all ..

  47. Superb collection …… Really hats off 4 these…

  48. I want to know the full story of Rushi shree Kashyapa. Is there any link?

  49. some kid stories
    tell something

  50. Nice .god bless u.


  52. can sumone tell me who his nachiketa……..please I need it

    • Nachiketa is a boy who went to Yamaloka when his father scolded him. Yama is impressed with the boy and gives the highest knowledge to the boy. This story is in “Katopanishad”

  53. I am very very very impressed by your blog. Can u please upload the astadasha puranas in that i will be very great ful to you

  54. Very beautiful site, indeed, the whole tradition is so well picturised…well..another story related to ashtavasu, because of which ganga devi had drowned all his seven sons….can you please upload…the story…

  55. why your not mention dhana shur karna.

  56. I want the Indian gret King Bhgiratha total histori I am uppara
    (sagara) cast communit pepole. thanking you
    My email ID is cell No 9441134734, Gangulappa, Gayathri Xerox, Sri Venkateswara complex,cTMRoad, Madanapalle, Chittoor dist. Andhra Pradesh

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