Duraasha leads to difficulties

The story of the great Shibi chakravarti is well known. He is very famous for his daya and daana gunas. Even in his kingdom, there used to live a krupana by name Naarayana. Naaraayana had earned ten crores, but never gave anybody anything. Leave aside giving food to co-existing animals and neighbours, he never even gave proper food to his own mother.

One day he had to buy some fruits, so he started bargaining in the shop in his village. Feeling that the cost is very high, he walked all the way to the near by town to get for a lesser price. If the shopkeeper said 1 ana, he used to ask for 1/2 and so on. Finally in his greed he decided to go to a farm and steal them, since then he will get for free. We walked a very great distance to a farm. Though he was not young enough, he put effort and climbed the tree. With great difficulty he got some fruits and continued because of his greed. He in the greed started ascending the tree more and more. Suddenly he slipped and was hanging from a branch of the tree, which was pretty high from the ground.

Fortunately a maavati (Elephant master) was going along and naaraayana shouted for help. He also offered half of his property in case the maavati helped him. The maavati, in greed for naaraayana's money, went with the elephant near to him and stood on it and was trying to bring naaraayana down. Meanwhile, the elephant saw the near pond and it went away to drink some water, leaving the maavati hanging on to naaraayana. Maavati then begged naaraayana, "swamy I will give my elephant to you, please hold the branch tightly". To the relief of them there was a saahini (a horse rider) passing by. The maavati shouted to him for help and offered his elephant in return of favour. Saahini in greed for the elephant, went to help them and the horse too took the way of the elephant.

Morals in the story:

  1. One must never be greedy. Because of greed a man stops thinking and acts foolish.
  2. A greedy man not only destroys himself but also others.
  3. People must help each other with love and affection, but not for money.
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