A story of the great Raghumahārāja

It was the time of Śrī Rāmacandra’s grandfather’s rule. Raghumahārāja was a parama dharmātma like the other Raghuvamśa rājas (see this too). In his rājyam there were many Gurukulas, each with as many as 1000 śiṣhyas. In one of the Gurukulas, a Guru was telling to his śiṣhya, Kautsa,  “O priya śiṣhya! I have taught you all the vidyas that I know. You also learnt them well. Now you can take Gṛhasthāśram and do samāja kalyāṇam (see this too)”. The śiṣhya replied “Ayya! Please give me a chance to give you Guru-dakṣhiṇa”. The Guru told “You are very poor. You need not give me anything”. However Kautsa repeatedly said he wanted to give and the Guru said no need. Finally the Guru said “Ok. Since I have taught you 14 vidyas, give me 14 dhana-rāśis. Each rāśi must of this height: the height to which a maṇi goes when thrown by a strong man standing on a tall elephant” (similar to Viśvāmitra maharṣhi’s niyamam). Kautsa said ok and came back but was worried how to give the Guru-dakṣhiṇa.

Knowing that the King is equivalent to father, Kautsa approached Raghumahārāja. The previous day Raghumahārāja did the great Viśvaji-Yajñam and gave away whatever he had in the form of Dānas (around 14-crore dīnāras). Raghumahārāja was doing his Sandhyāvandanam, using earthen pots, by the time Kautsa came. Seeing the King himself to have nothing and using earthen pots in place of golden sthālikas, Kautsa did not ask Raghumahārāja anything. However seeing Kautsa, Raghumahārāja invited him and asked him the reason for his arrival. Kautsa hesitatingly said “it is difficult for you to give …” Raghumahārāja said “Coming to a King’s place and going back bare-handed is not good. Please do ask me what you want”. Kautsa told the King the reason for his arrival. Raghumahārāja told kautsa “please come tomorrow, I will give you the dhana-rāśis”.

Knowing that his Purohita (word itself means one who is the first to do hitam) is the only person who can help him, Raghumahārāja approached Śrī Vasiṣhṭha maharṣhi. “O Rājā! Now there is no enough time for you to earn your money, that too such a huge amount. Thus you do a danḍa yātra on Lord Indra” said the great maharṣhi. Immediately Raghumahārāja announced a daṇḍa yātra on Indra, the Devādhipati. The dundubhis and bheris were played and the sounds reached the ears of Indra Himself. Knowing that they were from Raghumahārāja, Devendra immediately ordered his sevakas “Raghumahārāja is a great Dharmātma. Fill his dhanāgāram”..

The next morning rakṣhaka bhaṭas of Raghumahārāja informed him that all his dhanāgāras are full and he can stop the daṇḍa-yātra. When Kautsa came back Raghumahārāja said “your dhanam is safe in our kośāgāram. Please take all of it”. Kautsa replied “O rāja! I need only 14 dhana-rāśis, other than that I will not take anything”. Raghumahārāja, not knowing what to do with the rest of the dhanam, gave it back to Devendra.

Morals in the story:

1. The Guru-śiṣhya paraspara anyonya sambandham is well shown in the story. The śiṣhya always wanted to do give Guru-dakŚiṇa and the Guru was worried how the śiṣhya will pay it.
2. The Dāna guṇam of Raghumahārāja must be learnt by all of us. It was not new for him to give away all he had and to earn in order to give away everything he will get.
3. The dharmavartanam, santrupti showed by Raghumahārāja and Kautsa must be an eye-opener for all of us.

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  1. Another thing to be learnt is the contentment of both the śiṣhya and the King. Neither wanted any more dhanam than they actually needed, for dānam! Great dātās are indeed a rare commodity, as is said in the following सुभाषितम्

    शतेषु जायते शूरः सहस्रेषु च पण्डितः।
    वक्ता दशसहस्रेषु दाता लक्षेषु जायते॥
    śateṣu jāyate śūraḥ sahasreṣu ca paṇḍitaḥ|
    vaktā daśasahasreṣu dātā lakṣeṣu jāyate||
    "A brave man is born among hundred persons; a learned scholar, among thousand.
    A great orator is one among ten thousand, [but a] great generous donor, one in a lakh!"

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