Sweet words of a wise Parrot

In the great Kāñcī Kṣhetram, there used to be one famous silk saree merchant (śāṭikā Vyāpāri). One day while coming back from his shop, he saw a parrot (śuka) in a cage (pañjaram) being sold. It was very beautiful and attractive. The Vyāpāri bought it and was very happy to bring it to his house. He hanged the parrot's cage before his house's simhadvāram. Everyone in the house, the kids, the wife were very happy to see the beautiful parrot . Obviously the parrot was not happy and was thinking "last time when a Vyāpāri caught me, I escaped with great difficulty. Now I must think of a clever idea to escape". Paramātma not only gave that beautiful parrot the gift of speaking sweet words, but also good intelligence.

The next day morning after doing his kāla kṛtyas, immediately the Vartaka came to see the parrot. The parrot said "O Vartakaśreṣṭha! I will tell you three Satya-vākyas if you free me from this cage". The Vartaka was surprised by the sweet words of the parrot. He thought why will I loose such rare parrot. The parrot then started praising the Vartaka "Dāsajana rañjaka! Mahānubhāva!" with these words it addressed the Vartaka. The Vartaka was overwhelmed by its words and the parrot continued "If you like my first Satya-vākyam take me to the terrace. In case you like my second one too then leave me on the big coconut tree and then set me free if you like my third Satya-vākyam too". Awestruck by the sweet and clever words of the parrot the Vartaka said, "then please tell me the first one". The parrot said "Whatever we loose, Bhaviṣhyat will not be destroyed (it will remain). Hence one must never feel sad on loosing even a very precious thing". The Vartaka was impressed by the first Satyam and took the parrot to the terrace. "We must not believe in anything until we see it. Dont you think so?" said the parrot with confidence. "Excactly true" the Vartaka said and left the parrot on the tree. The parrot climbed till the end and said "In my stomach there are two Vaiḍhūryas!"

Immediately Vartaka thought "Hatavidhī! why did I come into the words of this parrot. I must have not lost it". Seeing that the Vartaka is sad, the parrot replied "You heard two of my Satya-vākyas but never learnt anything from them. You did not put them into ācaraṇa (action). Firstly you became sad on knowing that you lost two Vaiḍhūryas, secondly you believed that in my stomach there are two Vaiḍhūryas. How will I have them in my stomach O mūrkha!"

"By the way, my last Satya-vākyam is: my elders told me, we must not do nīti bodha to people who even believing and listening to them do not put them into ācaraṇa". Saying this the parrot flew away.

Morals in the story:

  1. We all listened to many beautiful Moral stories that are told by our elders, Purāṇas … If we do not practise them in our everyday life and do good to the society then what will be the use? Let us all try our level best to remove all durguṇas and imbibe all the great morals taught in our Bhāratīya sāmpradāyam.
  2. As the parrot rightly said we must never be sad for what we have lost. What ever happens, it is for our own good.

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  1. we could not understand the meanings of the sanskrit words.so the story is not so good.

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