The following story (description of Kaliyugam) was told by Veda Vyāsa in Mahābhāratam, long long time ago. Seeing His dūra-dṛṣhṭi, the ādhunikas (we) get surprised. However this is not a great task for Vyāsa, the avatār of Viṣhṇu, but the message what we need to importantly gain is to look for all the durguṇas which Vyāsa Bhagavan pointed out in this story and be warned to be away from them (more importantly to accept that these are really durguṇas).

Great people never experience duhkham because of their difficulties, infact they utilize them to learn new lessons. Pāṇḍavas utilized their Araṇyavāsam time in a great way. The accomplished great tasks which they never could do in their usual busy schedule as a King. Once they got the oppurtunity to have the darśan of Mārkaṇḍeya mahāmunīndra. The Ciranjīvi told them many many great viśeṣhas and Kathas. He also told them about Kaliyugam:

"O Dharmanandana! In Kṛtayugam there was no need for a King, army etc. Everyone had satguṇas like Satya-vāk-paripālanam, Ahimsānṛta-dīkṣha and Dharmaparāyaṇam". In Tretāyugam, Satya, Dharmas will reduce a little and the need of a King and army etc. will arise. In Dvāparayugam, half are adharmaparāyaṇas. Even near the end of this yugam Kuliyuga lakṣhaṇas start (Parīkṣhit mahārāja, Vikramāditya and others did Kalinigraham for a long time). However in Dvāprayugam in the end always Dharmam only will win. Only Satyavrata paripālakas will be the prajā-pālakas.

In Kalikālam, people who can cheat others well will come into power and rule the country. There will be no place for Vivekavantas and jñānis. Because of this, avivekas, jñānaśūnyas start giving upadeśas (their own!) and start dhanārjanam on it. Brāhmaṇas who are supposed to lead a very simple life and have Karuṇā as their svabhāvam leave Vedādhyayanam, Satkratus, Parabrahma-ārādhana and show a lot of interest in drinking different kinds of pānīyas, try out different kinds of āhāram. Hence similar is the case with all the people. Asatyavādis, alpāyuṣhkas will be born and no ājānabāhus and tālapramāṇadehas.

Kāmavāñchas will be very high and hence madyapānam is done very commonly. One more surprising thing: they dont even have good tastes, they eat whatever they get and fill their stomach. Still more surprising is their sugandha dravyas dont have suvāsana. By 16 years hair will grow white and unmarried kanyas become garbhavatis and 16 years will become their pūrṇa āyurdāyam. People who dont have Matsya, māmsāhāram will be rare and madyapānam, jūdam will become vilāsas and people feel proud to do them. Everyday morning they hear news about murders, robbery etc. and they keep discussing about these things only. People who grow long nails and hair become more and the number of nāstikas will also tremondously increase. Infact they will use it as a jīvanādharam and earn their living.

Without seeing for samayam-sandarbham they milk the cows, when ever they want! By doing this the cows will get anārogyas and die. Finally they will loose the amṛta go-kṣhīram. The adhikāris will always take huge amounts of taxes and never do praja-rakṣhaṇa. For mere money, brothers will kill each other. Children donot listen to parents and bhārya goes against his own bharta! They wear clothes with janapanāra (jeans?)!

There will be no proper kanyādānas, vivāhas. Girls choose two three boys who they like and go around with them and call it dāmpatyam. Things which must not be done will be done. They decorate their houses with articles made of bones, which are supposed to be kept far away in śmaśānas, and feel very happy.

O Dharmananadana! We now know only about āśramas which give food, shelter and Vidyādānam to the vidyārthis. We know only about people who give food to the needy. In kalikālam, there will be no Annadānam and Vidyādānam! They will sell anna-āhāras! Even Vidya will be used for earning money and bussiness!

Once people start doing Anna-vikrayam and Vidyā-vikrayam we cannot imagine their downfall. After sometime like this, Sūryagrahaṇam will not occur on an Amāvāsya and Candragrahaṇam will not occur on a Pourṇima.

Even though people have farms, gardens, they leave the Nadī-tīras and go to Nagaras. Villages will be desserted and everyone has Nagaravyāmoham. Slowly crops will fail. Finally, a big Jhanjhāmārutam will blow and 7 Sūryas will rise and cause great Agni-jvālas burning everything. Then very heavy rains fall and this is the Yuga-sandhi. After all these bhībhatsas reduce, Ravi, Guru and Candra enter Karkāṭakam. Seasonal rains, sun-shine begin and huge vegetation grows. Kṛtayugam will begin where people dont have jarā-roga pīḍas and do Annadāna, Vidyādānādi sat-kratus."

May be almost everyline of this story tells us a durguṇam that we all must be away from.

Message to present society:

Even, as far as we remember, 6-7 years back no one use to advertise for Educational Institues and Hospitals. Now the moral values in the society are degrading at an exponential rate. It seems Gandhīji did fasting when the first ever advertisement came in INDIA. And may be one big thing that is not mentioned about Kaliyugam: we finally managed to turn even Devālayas as bussiness institutes.

One heart-breaking example is of Cilkūr Devālayam. This Devālayam does not even have a Huṇḍi. Thanks to the great Pūjāris of this Devālayam, there are no tickets for Darśan and no special darśans. Government of Andhra Pradeś is now forcing them to put a charge of Re.1 per Pradakṣhiṇa and give to the "poor" poiliticians (and a stagerring number of 75,000 to 1,00,000 bhaktas visit the Devālayam per week and a very high percentage of them do 108 Pradakṣhiṇas!). We pray to God to save the rare Devālayam from the hands of the Government.

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  1. im truely surprised to hear wat markandaya has said was 100% true. im cant even imagine how could he say as if he may lived in this yoga. people who dont have faith in god after reading this they will become adhere to god.

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