Kaikasī’s Śiva Bhakti

Rāvaṇa’s śakti increased day by day and we all know what ghora pāpa kāryas he did once he got Ahaṅkār seeing his own śakti. Devendra, hence, wanted to reduce the śakti of Rāvaṇa (Devatas, the Aditi putras, do not have kāma-krodhādi Ariṣhaḍvargas). He learnt that his śakti was mainly due to his Mātṛ-bhakti and her (Kaikasī’s) śakti was due to her niścala Śiva bhakti. Hence Devendra, once attempted to stop the Śiva pūja of Kaikasī: Kaikasī used to do Śiva pūja everyday on the banks of the ocean and on one day the ocean with its high tide came and washed away the Śiva saikata (made of sand) Liṅgam; stopping her Śiva pūja.

On seeing the great duhkham of her mother, Kaikasī, Rāvaṇa immediately gets angry on Mahāviṣhṇu and blames him to have stopped her mother’s Śiva pūja! Kaikasī then does hita-bodha saying that “if really my Śiva bhakti had no doṣhas then nobody could have stopped it. This happened means there is some mistake committed by us only and it is more important to please Paramaśiva and correct our mistakes than blaming others. Also none can stand against the great Viṣhṇu and even though we are Śaivas must never do Viṣhṇu droham (see this too)”. Realizing his mistake Rāvaṇa immediately sets out to do a tapas for Parameśvara for Śiva Ātma-Liṅgam (to replace his mother’s Saikata Liṅgam)!!

Morals in the story:

  1. Before blaming others for the mistakes they committed it is very important to correct ourselves. Anyway no one will be spared by the God for the mistakes they have done (if they escape King’s punishement on the earth).
  2. The importance of Mātṛ-bhakti is well shown by Rāvaṇa.
  3. The story also shows how a mother, not encouraging the durguṇas of her child, can instead inspire him to do wonders. The parents must always try they level best to teach their children what is good and bad, rather than leaving them on their own.

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