Śrī Kṛṣhṇa līlas -7

(continuation of this story)
This series of stories on Śrī Kṛṣhṇa līlas try to bring out some durguṇas, commonly found in people, and thus warn us to be away from the same.

The divya līla of Kālīya mardanam is well known and is ananta phala dāyakam.


Kālīya Caritra:

During the time of Svāyambhuva Manvantaram (first Manu in Brahmadeva’s current day), Vedaśiras, a great bhūsurottama, used to do his tapas. Aśvaśiras, another great Vipra, came to Vedaśiras’s Āśramam and requested him to allow him to do tapas in his Āśramam. Vedaśiras did not agree and Aśvaśiras said “this Āśramam belongs to Nārāyaṇa (Nara-Nārāyaṇa avatāram). With durahaṅkāram you hissed on me and so become a sarpam and be tortured by Garuḍa Bhagavān”.

Vedaśiras replied “Since it will be a disturbance to my tapas, I said like that. Like a Kāka, for your svārtham, you did svalābha kāṅkṣha, hence become one”.

Paramātma then gave them His durlabha-Darśanam and said “both of you are my great Bhaktas, but your words cannot be taken back. O Vedaśiromaharṣhi! By doing Divya Nṛtyam on your sahasra-phaṇas, I will put My Pāda-cihnas and save you from Garuḍa. O Aśvaśiromaharṣhi! You will take the form of Kāka and become a Brahma-jñāni and trikāla-vetta”.

Aśvaśiras became the great Śrī Rāma bhakta, Kāka Bhuśunḍi, did tapas on Nīlagiri and told Garuḍa Bhagavān, the great Rāmāyaṇam. He did tattvopadeśam to the great Vasiṣhṭha maharṣhi. Śrī Rāma Candra, everytime as a part of His bālya līlas, used to give food to Kāka and play with him.

Sajjanas, even though they sometimes give śāpam, it will turn out to be a great varam!

Durguṇam to be unlearnt: Svārtham, Ahaṅkāram.

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