Shri Krishna leelas -10

(continuation of this story)
This series of stories on Shri Krishna leelas try to bring out some durgunas, commonly found in people, and thus warn us to be away from the same.

Arishtaasura Bhanjanam:

Once Arishtaasura, in a vrushabha-rupam, entered the Nandavrajam. He tried to poke the Vraja-vaasis with his horns. Everyone was running from the asura and calling Shri Krishna for help.

Baala Krishna, came in front of the asura. The asura tried to poke the Paramatma. Shri Krishna pushed him back. The asura threw the Rohita parvatam on Krishna paramata, which the Yadukulabhushana threw back. Shri Krishna pierced his horns into the ground releasing a jaladhara. The both then had a fierce fight. Arishtaasura finally left the form of asura, took a vipra-rupam and told “O Krishna! I am the shishya of Bruhaspati, the Devaguru. My name was Naratantu and I was a Brahmachari. Not knowing how to respect a Guru, I sat before him with my legs stretched. For this my Gurudeva said that I will take the form of a vrushabha with asura-lakshanas. He gave abhayam to me after I had pashchattapam for my mistake”.

Durgunam to be unlearnt: Not respecting the Gurudeva.

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