Meera Bai

The story of Meera Bai, the great Bhakta of Giridhara Gopala is well known. Right from childhood she used to always do Krishnaaraadhana. Every jeevi is influenced greatly by his previous janma’s karma. Same is the case with the great Meera Bai:


Meera Bai, in her previous janma, was born in Mathura. She was married at an young age to a boy from Nandavrajam. “In the Nandavrajam there is Baala Krishna. It seems none can escape His maaya. All the vanitas forget everything and completely come under His control it seems. They leave their families too. Please be careful my dear” — this is what everybody kept on warning Meera Bai before she left for Nandavrajam .

Finally the moment when she had to leave for Nandavrajam came. She was taken to Nandavrajam in a beautiful pallaqi. On the way to Vrajam there was severe very heavy rain with thunders. The severity increased and there were huge boulders falling. The people carrying the pallaqi left it and ran for their lifes. Not knowing what happened Meera Bai opened the pallaqi window and saw this paramaadbhuta drushyam:

It was the day when Indra showed His anger on the Vraja-vaasis. She saw a small Baalaka balancing the Govardhana giri on His little finger (left hand) and saving the lifes of Gopalas. Meera was awe-struck. The image of Govardhana Giridhaari just got fixed in her mind. In no time a boulder fell on her too and she lost her life. The bhaavam which Meera experienced when she saw Shri Krishna is avyakta-madhuram (If explanied bhaavam will reduce).

All the Meera Bhajans end with Giridhara Gopala (Makutam).


Morals in the story:

  1. Our elders and shastras always ask us to be only in the company of good; see, talk and listen to only good things. Meera Bai’s story clearly shows us why.
  2. “Buddhi Karmaanusaarini”. Only sat-karmas lead to sat-buddhi.

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  1. कर्मायत्तं फलं पुंसां बुद्धिः कर्मानुसारिणी।
    तथापि सुधिया भाव्यं सुविचार्यैव कुर्वता॥
    karmāyattaṁ phalaṁ puṁsāṁ buddhiḥ karmānusāriṇī|
    tathāpi sudhiyā bhāvyaṁ suvicāryaiva kurvatā||
    The results are dependent on one’s action, the intellect follows the action.
    Even then, one acting after proper deliberation should use proper intellect.”

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