Dambhodbhava’s story

After Shri Krishna Raayabaaram, many do hita-bodha to Duryodhana. The present story was told by Shri Parashurama maharshi:

“O Duryodhana! I will tell one thing which will do good to you, your people and the entire world. Please listen to me carefully.

Long time ago, there used to be a king by name Dambhodbhava. He used to rule the entire Bhumandalam. There used to be no one to match in bhuja-balam and parakramam. He was a mahaayoddha. Everyday he to used to do good alankar for himself, adorn ratna-kiriitam, carry a sword which was like a young cobra and sit on a golden Simhaasanam. The sevakas used to praise him and sing stories of his greatness; and the king used to feel happy listening to them. He used to look at the people in his sabha and say “Is there any one in this Bhulokam who can fight me? — either with gada, khadga, praasaada aayudhas or with Aagnyeya, Vaaruna, Vaayavya astras or in malla-yuddham”. Knowing his strength no one used to reply. Day-by-day Dambhodbhava’s dambham, ahankar increased and he used to think there is no one as great as himself.

One day some Vipras from some other place came to see the king and told him “O maharaja! You are a Mahaveera. You have great bala-parakramas. However in the pavitra Gandhamaadana Parvatas (see this too) there are Nara-Narayana (avatar of Mahavishnu) doing great tapas with teevra-nishtha. We heard that no one can defeat them in the three worlds. You can try fighting them”. The king got angry and immediately started for the Gandhamaadana parvatas with his army.

He saw Nara-Narayana and called them for yuddham. Nara-Narayana seeing the king, tried to give atithyam to the king and do atithi-satkaras. The king said that these are not required and he wants to do yuddham with them. “We are munis doing tapas in this prashanta vaataavarnam. Why do you want to do yuddham with Us?” Dambodbhava did not listen and started to use his weapon. Seeing this Nara, with mandahaasam, took a darbha and said that this is enough to fight you and your army. Dambhodbhava showered rain of arrows; all of which broke into pieces hitting the darbha. The soldiers lost their ears, noses and started running back in fear.

At once, Dambhodbhava fell on Nara-Narayana’s feet and said “Aarya! Please forgive me. This is prayashchittam for my garvam. Please save me”. Nara-Narayana said “Maharaja! People who have wealth must do daana-dharmas. Similarly poeple who have bala-paraakramas must use their shakti to protect the sajjanas from durmaargas. One must never have ahankar. Life of a person who doesnt do paropakaram is waste”. Dambhodbhava listened to them and left his ahankar. He did many great daanas, helped the poor and used his shakti to save the sajjanas and attained great fame.

So Duryodhana! Ahankaram, bala-garvam are always useless. They will destory only the people who have them.”

Morals in the story:

  1. Ahankar, Dambham, Parushyam are very dangerous and completely destroy the people who have them. One must always remember that there will always be a greater person than us.
  2. The hita-bodha of Nara-Narayana must always be remembered and followed.
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  1. Reminds me of how Brahmarshi Vashishtha encountered all of Visvamitra’s mightiest weapons with his Brahma-tejas. Excellent story.

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