Story of Yavakriita

Bharadvaaja maharshi and Raibhya maharshi were very good friends. They always used to wake up well before Suryodayam, take nadi-snaanam after kaala-krutyas, do their aahnikas and do Parabrahma-dhyaanam with nirmala chittam. Their only aahaaram was fruits from the forest. Yavakriita and Arvaavasu, Paraavasu were the santaanam of Bharadvaaja and Raibhya maharshis respectively.

Bharadvaaja maharshi was always in Dhyaana-samadhi and hence did not take care about Yavakriita’s Vidyaabhyaasam. However Raibhya maharshi made Arvaavasu and Paraavasu great Vidvans. Both of them travelled many places, spread their knowledge and earned great fame. Yavakriita had vichaaram and he also wanted to earn great name by doing Vidyaabhyaasam. He immediately started tapas with teevra-nishtha.

Devendra, seeing the nishtha of Yavakriita, appeared and said “Vidya must always be learnt through a Guru. Adhyayanam is very important. This is the only way for really earning Veda, Vedanga Vignyanam. Please stop this tapas and approach a sat-Guru”. Yavakriita did not like the hita-bodha from Devendra and continued his tapas. In order to change the mind of Yavakriita, Devendra came in the form of a Vruddha brahmana. He was taking sand in his hand and throwing into the Nadi. Yavakriita, who came for Nadi-snaanam, saw the brahmana and asked him why he was doing it. The Vruddha brahmana replied that he was trying to build a wall across the river. Yavakriita laughed and said “with such small amounts of sand will you be able to complete the wall in your life time?” The Vruddha replied “O kumara! This is not more foolish than thinking of learning Veda-Vidya without doing Guruseva”. Yavakriita again pleaded Devendra to bless him with Veda-Vidya. Devendra finally, thinking that there is no use of doing hita-bodha to him, gave Vidya anugraham.

Yavakriita became a Sarva-shastra-Veda-Vidya Vignyaani. He immediately stopped his tapas, returned to his father and explained him what happened. Bharadvaaja maharshi replied “O kumara! Vidya earned in such a way will give only ahankaram. Ahankar is Aatma-naashana-kaaranam. Now listen to this word of mine: never go near the Ashramam of Raibhya maharshi. Never also get into an argument with Arvaavasu and Paraavasu.”

Yavakriita also went to Desha-deshaantaras. Once in Vasanta-maasam, when forest was very beautiful and everywhere there was parimalam from the pushpas, Yavakriita went near Raibhya maharshi’s Ashramam and saw that Raibhya’s snusha (daughter-in-law) was alone. Since he had not learnt Vidya in a proper way he did not have his Indriyas in his control and did balaatkaaram of Raibhya maharshi’s snusha. Learning what happened, Raibhya maharshi with teevra-krodham, took two jatas from his hair and created a Sundarangi and a Rakshasa. They approached Yavakriita. The Sundarangi attracted Yavakriita and took away the pavitra kamadalam from him. With that all his shakti was lost. Later the Rakshasa with a Shuulam did samhaaram of Yavakriita.

Seeing this Bharadvaaja maharshi said “Kamara! You always wanted to learn Vidya in an easy way and did not listen to me when I said that this will lead to anarthas.” Bharadvaaja maharshi, in the duhkham of loosing Yavakriita, gave shaapam to Raibhya maharshi and did praana-tyaagam. Raibhya maharshi also left his life in the hands of Arvaavasu. However Arvaavasu then did Upaasana of Surya-bhagavan and brought back the life of Raibhya maharshi, Bharadvaaja maharshi and Yavakriita.

Yavakriita then asked the Devatas, who appeared before them, why he had less shakti than Raibhya maharshi; though he was a Veda-vetta. The Devatas replied “O kumara! He learned the Veda-Vidya by doing Guruseva, but you did it without it. Vidya must always be learnt through a sat-Guru“.

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