Shri Raama – Satyasandhah

(continuation of this series of stories)

This series of stories on Shri Raama Chandra Murty try to showcase the 16 important sadgunas or the Shodasha-kalas in Shri Raama.

Satyasandhah – Pratignya to the Rushis

After taking leave from the great Sutiikshna maharshi, Shri Raama, Sitadevi, Lakshmana will be walking through the forest. Sita, the Janakanandini, the Yogamaaya, then did this manohara bhaashanam with Shri Raama Chandra:

“A person who is away from vyasanas can only follow Dharmam. Mithyaavaakyam and paradaaraabhigamanam are against Raama shabdam itself.

However, though we do not have vairam (enemity) with Raakshasas, with the vyasanam of protecting the Rushis, why are we developing vairam with them?” (though we are now in Muni-vesham why are we still carrying Dhanurbaanas?)

Sitadevi tells the following katha as an udaaharanam:

“How wood acts as fuel to increase the fire, Dhanurbaanas (aayudhas) similarly increase the tejobalam of Kshatriyas.

Once upon a time there used to live a great Muni in a prashaanta aashramam. Devendra once wanted to test the Muni and came in the form of a rakshaka-bhata. He said “Svaami! Please keep this sword of mine safely with you. I will come back after sometime and collect it”. Because an aayudham was near him, in due course of time, some kruura lakshanas started in him. Slowly he started to do Himsa. Finally he reached Narakam.

Where are aayudhas? Where are we in Muni-vesham? Kshetriya Dharmam and Tapas are very contradicting.

O Raama! With chapala-buddhi I told what I know. You are a Satyasandha. You decide and do what are Yukta-ayuktas”.

Shri Raama Chandra explains His Pratignya-svaruupam (explaining what is Satyam):

“In this Dandakaaranyam many great Mahaamunis, Maharshis do Tapas, leading a nir-aadambara jiivanam. Raakshas, who are maamsa bhakshakas, are eating them away. They are many huge heaps of skeletons of Rushis who were eaten away by the Raakshasas. These Rushis though they can give shaapam to the Raakshasas, knowing that Krodham eats away Tapobalam, they are not giving shaapam to them. As you know, they came and asked Me to help them. Then I did a Pratignya to do dushta-samhaaram, shishta-rakshana and protect the Maharshis.

Infact, I need not have even waited for them to ask Me help.
(Shri Raama, at many instances in Raamaayana tells that “My father gave Raajyam to Bharata and Vana-raajyam to Me”. So though they are in Muni-vesham, He must follow Raaja-dharmam and do shishta-rakshana, dushta-sikshana. This is what He does and tells to Vaali too.)

O Sita! I will leave My life, Lakshmana, You, but not Satyam (My word, Pratignya). That too a word given to these Sadbraahmanas I can never leave.

However what Dharmam you told Me is good for a Sahadharmachaarani…” saying this, They continued to walk in the Tapobhuumis.


Discussion of story:

Knowing what is himsa, what is Ahimsa; what is Satyam, what is asatyam; even though one knows Satyam, doing anusandhaanam of it as Shri Raama did in this beautiful story, are all difficult and intricate things to understand.

As Sita said “in the company of aayudhas, a person may some or the other time for atleast a very small time get Kruura svabhaavam. This may result in himsa”. However since Shri Raama is a Satyasandha, He would exactly use His aayudhas only to the extent of keeping up His pratignya. This way he could do be in a Muni-vesham, do Tapas and also satisfy His Raaja-dharmam and Pratignya. Also the Pratignya which Shri Raama made is Dharmasammatam. He was given “vana-rajyam” by Dasharatha.

One might have many sadbhaavas, but a Satyasandha is a person who can do anusandhaanam of all the Dharmasuukshmas and apply then in nitya-jiivitam. If anusandhaanam of the sadgunas is not done, then they dissapear after sometime. So even though They were in Muni-vesham doing Tapas, Shri Raama didnt leave His Raaja-Dharmam and gave Pratignya to the Rushis and proved His Satyasandhatvam.

Jayam to the great Bhaarata bhuumi on which such great people once walked……

Sadgunam to be learnt: Satyasandhatvam.

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