Story of a Ratna-Choraka

It is a desert. People say there are a lot of Nidhis, Ratnas. One out of hundred who used to go in search for these Nidhis used to return; but seeing this one person many used to go again. Many villages were getting empty. Many youngsters right from their childhood were making attempts to get the Nidhi and were getting burnt in their own Dhana-kaanksha.

One day three younsters set out for the Nidhis. Along with Dhana-kaanksha, these three also had Saahasam and Saamarthyam. Because of this they finally managed to get some very valuable Ratnas. However this was only one-half of the job. Taking the Ratnas safely to their house is as challenging as getting them. The way back was full of robbers and thieves. There was one thief who gave training to a Parrot to recognise people who are hiding the Ratnas. It shouts when it sees anyone who is carrying the Ratnas. The three Saahasavantas were coming that way and an ordinary robber, who already noticed that they got Ratnas, was also coming with them. In those days people knew how to hide the Ratnas safely in their stomach, so that nobody notices.

However the parrot easily found out that these people had Ratnas in their stomach and started shouting. The thieves caught them and took them to their master. The master ordered that “if these people dont give the Ratnas by tomorrow morning, kill them”. The four were tighted with ropes and were gaurded overnight by the thieves. The three Saahasavantas didnt know what to do.

The ordinary thief thought like this: “anyway, after killing these three and taking the Ratnas, these people will kill me too. All these days I have done immense Paapa-kaaryams. I did not do even one small help to anyone”. The next day morning he told the master of the thieves “you are not believing that we dont have Ratnas. You do like this. Kill me first. In case you dont find any Ratnas in my stomach, then atleast leave these innocent people”. The master did as told by him. The three Saahasavantas were awe-struck seeing the Praana-tyaagam of the ordinary thief.

The Parrot which was shouting till then, also stopped shouting. May be it also was not able to digest the Paropakaara-Saahasa-kaaryam of the ordinary thief.

Morals in the story:

  1. Paropakaara buddhi is difficult to get. One in a crore get such a thought and still few do it bravely as the thief did.
  2. True Saahasam is the Praana-Tyaagam of the thief. He did it self-lessly. The three Saahasavantas did whatever they did, for their own good. So Saahasam must always be used for benefit of others, than for one’s self.
  3. Dhana-kaanksha is very dangerous. As seen in the story, many lost their precious lives for it. Atyaasha and the want to earn money in an easy way will always lead to difficulties.
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