Shri Raama — Yashasvi

(continuation of this series of stories)

This series of stories on Shri Raama Chandra Murty try to showcase the 16 important sadgunas or the Shodasha-kalas in Shri Raama.

A person becomes a Yashasvi by doing two things:

  • Doing Muni, Rushi, Saadhu, Satpurusha seva
  • Doing Pritrukaaryas

Shri Raama Chandra leaves for Aranyavaasam to keep the word given by His father, Shri Dasharatha maharaja. Shri Raama hears from Bharata that Dasharatha became a Svargastha. Perhaps the sadest moment for Shri Raama, who loved His Maata-Pita very much.

Shri Raama Chandra goes to Mandaakinii Nadii, does snaanam, Jala-tarpanam and comes back. Then together with His sodaras, He does Pinda-pradaanam for His Pitrudevatas. He says: (addresing His Pita, Dasharatha)
“O Maharaja! We are giving you the same things as We are eating (in this Munivesham)”. Saying this They do Yathaavidhi Kaaryam according to Dharma-shaastras. All these Pitruseva Kaaryams gave Shri Raama ananta Kiirti and Yashas.

Also, in the name of Aranyavaasam, Shri Raama got the opportunity of having Darshanam and doing seva of many many Rushis like: Bharadvaaja, Valmiki, Sharabhanga, Sutiikshna and Agastya. He also comes to know about the greatness of Agastyamuni, through Agastyamuni’s brother. Agastyamini’s brother also tells Shri Raama how Agastyamuni did dushta-samhaaram of Vaataapi and Ilvala:

(the following story is very very deep and must be carefully understood by reading the original with the help of elders. It is presented here in short for the sake of completness)

Once upon a time, two very strong Raaksha brothers by names Vaataapi and Ilvala were there. Ilvala used to take the form of a Braahmana, speak nirdushta bhaasha (pure Samskrutam) and invite Braahmanas as bhoktas for Shraaddham. Vaataapi used to take the form of a sheep and Ilvala used to kill him, cook and serve to the Bhokta. After the Bhokta ate the Prasaadam, Ilvala used to call “Vaataapi come out” — and Vaataapi used to come out tearing the Bhokta’s stomach. Then both of them used to eat the Bhokta. This kruura krutyam was their everyday habit.

Like this thousands and thousands of Braahmanas were killed by the Vaataapi brothers. Seeing this Devatas approached the great Agastya maharshi and asked for sharanam. Agastya maharshi went as a Bhokta when invited by Ilvala and after eating the Prasaadam said “Jeernam Jeernam Vaataapi Jeernam”. When Ilvala called Vaataapi to come out, with chiru-mandahaasam, Agastyamuni replied “You brother Vaataapi who was in mesha-rupam became Jeernam in my stomach and reached Narakam. Now he wont come out”. On knowing that his brother was killed, Ilvala attakced Agastyamuni, but became ashes through the Agastyamuni’s Netra-agni.

Doing which Dharma-aacharana Shri Raama got Ananta-Yashas, the same was made fun of by Vaataapi and Ilvala, by doing many bad things while doing it.

Jayam to Agastya-aadi munis, rushis of this Bhaaratadesham.

Sadgunas to be learnt: Maata-pita seva and Saadhu-Sajjana seva. Doing them leads to Ananta Yashas.

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  1. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i m yashesvi maan from karnal , haryana……….i like my name very much………..bcoz of its tmportance ……..

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