Vidura Neeti -1

Sanjaya came back with empty hands and told Dhrutaraashtra maharaja that Raayabaaram failed and Yuddham is anivaaryam. Dhrutaraashtra was very disturbed. In order to listen to some hita vaakyams, he called Vidura.

Vidura, the avataar of Yamadharmaraaja, the Nirahankaari, Nishchalamanaska, then came. Vidura did namaskaaram to the King and sat after being asked to do so by Dhrutaraashtra. Vidura told like this, after being asked by Dhrutaraashtra to tell some hita vaakyas:

“Maharaja! You are not getting sleep. This surprises me because only: Durbalas who have Virodham with Balavanta, people who do para-sampada-haranam, people who are Kaamaandhas, Chorakas do not get sleep according to our Shaastras. As far as I know, you dont have any of these lakshanas. I am not able to understand why you are not getting sleep”. Listening to this prati-prashna, Dhrutaraashtra said “I want to hear Dharma-Pravachanam from you”. Vidura continued:
“Maharaja! Yudhishthira who has Uttamagunas, Unnata-aashayas, Udaatta-Dharmas deserves to be a Trilokaadhipati. Even though he had the shakti to become one, he never went beyond your word, considering you as his father. Even then you sent them to Aranyas. Now you are in a position were you cant give them back their Raajyam as promised. You gave this Saamraajya-bhaaram to Duryodhana, Dushshaasana, Shakuni, Karna aadi ayogyas. Now is it fair to ask for Shaanti? A person who has Saatvika Svabhaavam, Udyogayatnam, Klesha-sahanam, follows Dharmam , will never loose. Such Sujjanas live away from Durjanas. Maharaja! A Vidvaan is one who:

  • follows path of Dharma-arthas
  • knows loka-vyavahaaram
  • has no Bhoga-chinta, but does purushaarthas
  • does no Aprastuta-prasangam
  • does not desire unnecessary profits
  • does not experience duhkham for things he lost
  • has Dhairyam and stands all difficulties
  • does any work to its completion, without leaving in between
  • who is not lazy
  • has Indriya Nigraham

Their Hrudayam will be like Pavitra-Ganga Nadi. Vidya is what always guides them. Whereas a muurkha doesnt have Vidya, Vivekam but has garvam. Also a person who has daaridryam and dreams of riches can also be called a muurkha. Also people

  • who leave Sva-dharmam
  • who take Para-dharmam
  • who doesnt behave well with friends
  • who keeps enemity with Balavanta
  • who has no friends
  • who do adhika-prasangam
  • who believes a Krutaghna
  • who always points mistakes of others
  • who has aavesham for no reason
  • who give upadeshams to anarhas

all these are muurkhas only Prabhu! Even though one has Vidya and does Daanams, if he has Garvam, he is not a Vidvaan. A parama-muurkha is one who eats without giving it to others who are in his aashrayam”.

(sashesham, to be continued)

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  1. Sorry but you have not given the English translation of some of the most important sanskrit words which I believe has moral meaning, quite important when read in context.

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