Vidura Neeti -2

(continuation of this story)

Maharaja! A person must not eat food alone (must share with others). When there is a Dharma-samasya one must not take decisions on his own (must consult elders and Panditas). One must not travel alone. When everybody is sleeping, one must not be alone awake.

Raja! People say in people who have sahanam, there will be asamarthata; however if a person is an asamartha, he cannot have sahanam. Infact, there is nothing stronger than Kshama. It is the best alankar for purushas.

People who have alpa-buddhi, people who keep on analyzing things (without acting), people who frequently change their decisions, people who keep on praising others — these must be kept way when taking decisions, through Rahasya-samaalochanas.

Every Gruhastha must do poshana of Vruddhas in the family, Daaridryas, snehitas (friends) who are in difficulties, and a sodari who lost her Bharta and doesnt have children.

A bad King is one who for each and everything gets krodham and frustration, without caring about the sukha-duhkhas of the sevakas, but makes them to do his seva, one who doesnt give salaries, gifts recognizing the hard-work of the sevakas.

The tax-collectors must be extremely good. They must be like a garland-maker, who without harming the plant, collectes the flowers; he must not be like a coal-maker who removes the plant completely and burns it.

A person who shows his shauryam on Gomaata, Naarii, Vipras, Svajanas will have great downfall.

A big Vruksham gets easily uprooted with a storm when it is alone. Whereas when its together with other Vrukshams it will not be easily uprooted. That is why Panditas say Sajjana sangham is important and everyone must live together with mutual co-operation.

(sashesham, to be continued)

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  1. I know that sometime there are no English substitute for sanskrit words but in order to get the proper understanding of what Sri Veedura is saying, a close trnslation in English is important. Otherwise one cannot import the correct meaning of this beautiful neeti

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