Story of a Pandita and a Varaaham

Once upon a time, there used to live a Pandita, who was a Trikaalagnya. One day with his divya-drushti he saw that in his next janma he will be born to a Varaaham owned by a Rajaka. There will be white spots on the head and legs of him then (when he will be born as a pig).

He called his son and told on what day and time, he will be born as a pig. He asked his son to come then and immediately kill him and give him vimukti from that hiina, durbhara deham. Feeling pity on his father, he accpeted to do so.

The son went on the specified day to the Rajaka and identified the pig which was just born and had white spots. He took it to kill it, but the pig pleaded him not to do so. It told him that it liked the smell of dirt, garbage and it is very happy to go around in dirty places. He asked the son not to kill him and leave him. Surprised seeing the pig’s words, the son went away.

Where is the Trikaalagnya Pandita? and where is the pig? Aaha! Vishnu maaya is adbhutam. Everybody likes and is happy with their svabhaavika shariiras and characters. In God’s creation there is nothing useless or waste or less. That is why our Shaastras advice us never to hate other animals or human beings because of their natural form etc.

Morals in the story:

  1. Paramaatma is in every anu-paramaanu in this Brahmaandam. Hence there is no point hating others; ofcourse we must be away from the durgunas in others (or ourselves) and always strive for getting Moksham.
  2. Pandita knows that Moksham is the ultimate aanandam; but once he came into the clutches of Maya, he felt ultimate happiness is in dirt, marshes etc. (when he took a pig form). One must always keep in mind that the materialistic comforts that we feel give us happiness are not true and ultimate reality is in realizing one’s self and reaching God.
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  1. How can a Trikaalagnya pandit be born as Pig in his next janma? This can probably happen only if he was cursed otherwise there seems to be no reason for him to take the birth of a pig. Please enlighten!

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