Importance of Vastram

Kubera, the parama-mitra of Shankara Bhagvaan, has two putras by names Nalakuubara and Manigreeva. However once Nalakuubara and Manigreeva got ahankaar and garvam because of their ananta-aishvaryam. Because of this, though they had the adrushtam of being Rudra-anucharas (sevakas of Paramashiva), once they did vihaaram with divya-striis in the beautiful pushpavanam on Pavitra Kailaasa parvatam. They drank a madira by name Vaaruni (see this to know 1 reason why this is wrong). They were singing together with the striis and were doing vihaaram.

At that time Naarada, the Brahmarshi, Parama-puujya, came near the place where Nalakuubara-Manigreeva were doing Vihaaram. Due to their janma-janmaantara Punyam, they got the mahat-bhaagyam of having the Divya-darshanam of Shri Naarada maharshi. However even seeing the Brahmarshi, due to effect of having madira and aishvarya-ahankaaram, they didnt bother. With lajja and shaapa-bhayam, the striis, who were vivastras, immediately did vastra-dhaarana and left. However Nalakuubara-Manigreeva, who were Vastra-hiina, did not do Vastra-dhaarana even noticing that Naarada maharshi came there.


In our Bhaarateeya Saampradaayam, being without proper Vastra-dhaaram is very wrong. Knowing that and in addition knowing that Naarada maharshi was passing by, Nalakuubara-Manigreeva did a mistake in the effect of Aishvarya garvam and madira paanam. Aaha! ahankaaram even makes Devatas, great people do very bad things!

Naarada maharshi in order to give His anugraham to the Kubera-putras, said the following and gave a shaapam: (shaapam given by Divya-purushas must be considered as an anugraham only, since it will make a person realize his mistake and correct it.)

“Dhana-garvam is worse than the garvam one gets due to any other possession. People who have Dhana-garvam, though they know and see in everyday life that this physical body is easily destroyed and is nothing before Nature’s power, believe that satisfying the physical senses (Indriyas) is very important and do jeeva-himsa in doing so.

Even though you got the adrushtam of being Rudra-anucharas, and are the putras of the great Kubera, you did Madiraa-paanam, had adhika-garvam and even committed the mistake of remaining as Vastra-vihiina. You did not even realize that you were a Vastra-vihiina and stood like immobile trees. You dont deserve being Devatas. You will take the form of (immobile) Yamala, Arjuna Vrukshas for 100 Divya-varshas! You will have puurva-janma smruti and hence will have great pashchaattaapam for your mistake during that period. However since you did many many Punya kaaryas and otherwise are great people and due to My anugraham, you will have the durlabha-divya-darshanam of Shri Krishna Paramaatma and never repeat such mistakes. From then onwards you will become Shri Krishna Bhaktas and get Daivatvam again”.

After the Divya-baalya-leela of Shri Krishna of Dadhi-kumbha-bhanjanam and eating butter,


Yashodaa devi tried to punish the Baalakrishna by trying to bind him with a rope to a Iluukhalam.


How much ever rope she added, to her surprise, the rope was always less to tie him. After a lot of effort, the Bhakta-vatsala, Shri Krishna Himself allowed her to tie Him.

(See this image)

Then Shri Krishna, in order to make the words of Naarada maharshi true, started to move towards the Yamala-arjuna Vrukshas (who were Nalakuubara-Manigreeva), pulling the Iluukhalam (grinding stone, device) along. As soon as Shri Krishna passed between them, and uprooted the Vrukshas, two Divya purushas came out and did stotram of Shri Krishna. Later They left to Their lokam and became Shri Krishna Bhaktas.

Morals in the story:

  1. Ahankaaram is the main cause for all paapa-kaaryas. Due to Dhana-garvam even great people like Nalakuubara and Manigreeva had madiraa-paanam, did vilaasa-vihaaram on Pavitra Kailaasa Parvatam and became Vastra-vihiina.
  2. Importance of Vastra-dhaarana in our Bhaarateeya Saampradaayam is well shown in this story. This story again shows how madiraa-paanam leads to may other paapa-kaaryas. Hence our Bhaarateeya Saampradaayam always warns us to be away from it.

Message to the present society:

In our “open-minded” modern society today we are seeing increasing number of examples where women, who were supposed to be treated with great respect in our Indian culture, are being used in films, fashion shows as an object of pleasure. Even films which reach the notice of many, portray nudity and drinking alcohol as a very common thing. In such a situation where access to such things is easy, we must be still more careful to be away from them.

Also the present story and this story, show that Punya-kshetras are not meant for vihaaram. Hence going to Divya-kshetras like Tirupati, Shri Shailam, Shrungeri or other such kshetras (which are also very rich in Natural beauty) in view of Vihaaram or “pleasure-trip” must be avoided.

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    You are doing a great service by teaching these morals. may god bless you! I would like to know the author of the blog!

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