Veera Abhimanyu

Dharmaraaja comes to the middle of the Yuddha-kshetram and reminds both sides of the people regarding a few ground rules before the start of the Yuddham:

  • During the yuddham, even if we are in rage, we must never scold our enemies or insult them.
  • Me must firmly adhere to Yuddha Neeti (follow timings, dont interfere when two people are fighting etc., many many other such rules).
  • In case anyone wants to shift sides in the last moment, they can. Listening to this, Yuyuutsava comes from the side of adharmam (Kauravas) to Dharmam (Paandavas)

In our Bhaarateeya aachaaram, even wars used to be fought following a strict set of rules. The Yuddha Neeti was firmly followed by both sides in Kurukshetra Yuddham till the following episode happened:

Abhimanyu, the putra of Arjuna and Subhadraadevi, was a very great Yoddha. His Saahasam, Veeratvam, Dhairyam are even now remembered.

After Abhimanyu entered the Padmavyuuham, he made great Mahaarathas, Senaadhipatis, run away from the field. Seeing this Dronaacharya came towards Abhimanyu, after making the Sarva-sainyaadhipati of Paandavas, Drushtadyumna, unconscious. However Abhimanyu defeated Dronaachaarya and made him unconscious!

That day single-handed Abhimanyu killed 1 Akshauhini sena (21870 Ratham, 21870 Gaja, 65410 Ashva, 109350 Padaatidalam)!! Many famous Kings, Raaraajas got Veeramaranam through the hands of Abhimanyu. Seeing that out of the original Kaurava sena of 11 Akshauhini, 1 Akshauhini was vanquished by Abhimanyu in 1 day, Dronaachaarya decided that if Abhimanyu is not killed, no one will be left in Kaurava sena. He says

“O Mahaayoddhas! This Abhnimanyu can never be defeated even by Brahma-Vishnu-Maheshvara. So let all of us attack him at once. Leave thought about Dharmam-adharmam, Nyaayam-anyaayam. The only way to save our lives is by killing him, through whatever means”.

Immediately Karna attacked from the back. From back he broke Veeraabhimanyu’s bow. Krupaachaarya killed the horses of Abhimanyu’s ratham. Ashvatthaama killed the Ratha-saarathi and next moment Dronaachaarya powdered the Ratham and Abhimanyu’s other aayudhams.

Thus the Kauravas cunningly killed the paraakramashaali, Abhimanyu. Meanwhile Ghatotkacha killed Alambusa, who was stopping Ghatotkacha reaching the place where Abhimanyu was there. Ghatotkacha came and defeated Drona aadi veeras and felt great duhkham seeing that his brother, Abhimanyu was dead. He reported this entire Vruttaantam to Paandavas.

Thus Kauravas first broke the firm rules of Yuddha Neeti. According to Yuddha Neeti, once it is broken by a particular side, it need not be followed by the other side.

Morals in the story:

  1. The Saahasam, Dhairya gunam of Veera-Abhimanyu must be aadarsham for us. Dhairyam is one of the main sadgunas that everyone of us need to have.
  2. Whatever happens Dharmam must be followed. Kauravas, just because they were afraid to loose their lives, did adharma yuddham and killed Abhimanyu.
  3. The greatness of Bhaarateeya Saampradaayam is well shown in this story, through their Yuddha Neeti. Even in wars, where in that heavy state of mind people try do whatever comes to their mind, our Bhaarateeyas used to follow many rules. Hence even our Yuddhams are different from those of others.
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  1. the story of abhimanyu is written very well but it should have been more pictorial atleast with abhimanyu with the wheel in his hand and the kauravas attacking him as it would be very helpful to the children to understand well

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