Somu’s krutagnyata

Once upon a time in a village near Mathura, there used to live a snake charmer by name Bhiimayya. He and his family used to live on the money earned by playing the cobra snake only. On a shubha-muhuurtam, Bhiimayya and his wife got a son. They named him Somu. Somu used to play with the cobra. He also saw how much help the cobra was doing to their family, in the form enabling them to earn a living.

Unfortunately, when Somu was still a kid, his mother died. Bhiimayya and Somu were very sad. However time moves on. Somu started to do few things by himself. Bhiimayya, because there was no one to control him, took to some bad habits. He married another woman and left for the city, leaving both Somu and the cobra, which gave him food all this while.

Somu, being a baalaka, didnt know what bad is. He had a pure heart. He was not able to leave the cobra which can them food all this while. But what can a small boy do? He didnt even have food to eat for himself. He thought that atleast if he left the snake near an ant-hill, it will find some food and slowly get mixed with other snakes. If he keeps it with himself, he may not be able to feed it well.

Though he didnt like to leave the cobra, he decided to do hitam to the cobra and left it near an ant hill. The cobra, which never lived on its own, didnt know where to go. Seeing this, in no time a vulture came to eat away the cobra. Immediately Somu ran back to protect the cobra. He didnt care about himself. Finally Somu saved the cobra.

Showing Krutagnyata is the very minimum one can do to others. Bhiimayya, being able to do poshana of Somu and the cobra, left them. Whereas Somu was not able to leave it — he always remembered that they used to earn their living on it.

As we grow big, we tend to loose the Mrudu-hrudayam we had in our childhood. Hence our Shaastras suggest to teach kids good when small. So that even when they grow big, they will try to be good. Bringing a change in Bhiimayya’s behaviour will be very hard than doing the same for Somu.

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