Destruction of Dwaaraka

Paramaatma does shrushti, sthiti, layam of this Brahmaandam. An example of this, Shri Krishna Paramaatma Himself showed us — He only created Dwaaraka, protected it and finally destroyed it.

We will see how Dwaaraka was destroyed:

Dwaavarka-vaasi praja, Yaadavas saw very closely Shri Krishna protecting them everytime they were in trouble (see Krishna leela stories). God protects somebody expecting that in turn he will protect somebody else and do paropakaaram (see this too). But Yaadavas got Garvam that always Shri Krishna will protect them! Aaha! even great people who had the adrushtam of being in the company of Shri Krishna had to finally succumb to Ahankaaram. So we being normal people must be more careful and always have Vinayam.

Once, Shri Vishvaamitra maharshi, Shri Vasishtha maharshi, Shri Kanva maharshi, Shri Bhrugu maharshi, Shri Duurvaasa maharshi, Shri Angiirasa maharshi, Shri Kashyapa maharshi, Shri Vaamadeva maharshi, Shri Atri maharshi and Shri Naarada maharshi came to Pindaaraka-kshetram. Instead of respecting,doing seva of these maharshis, Yaadavas make Saamba, the Jaambavati-putra, dress like a pregnant woman. They take Saamba near the maharshis and ask Them to bless the woman with a good child. Seeing that the Yaadavas were making fun of Sajjanas, who need to be respected, to teach them a lesson, They give a shaapam that Saamba will give birth to a ‘musalam’. And because of it only the Yaadava vasham entirely will perish.

Exactly as the maharshis said, Samba gave birth to a ‘musalam’. Seeing the anarthas that may come, Yaadavas try to melt the ‘musalam’ — however they leave one piece which Jaara, an aatavika, picks and uses as the sharp edge of his arrow. From the other remains of the ‘musalam’ sharp grass plants grow.

Once Yaadavas take a Maadaka-dravyam by name “Maireyakam”. Driven by it, they start fighting amongst each other. Finally they pick up the sharp grass, grown by the remains of the ‘musalam’, and kill each other! Like this everyone dies in the petty fight. Though they were Vivekas, had many Sadgunams, and were close relatives to Shri Krishna, in the effect of the Maadaka-dravyam, they kill each other in the petty quarrel. Seeing this, with Vairaagyam, Balaraamadeva, the avataar of Mahaavishnu, leaves His shariiram and goes to Vaikuntham. Jaara, thinking that a deer is hiding behind the bushes, shoots Shri Krishna’s leg, with the arrow whose end was made with the ‘musalam’. Shri Krishna also then leaves to Vaikuntham. Finally, the apuurva Dwaaraka Nagaram always gets submerged in water.

Morals in the story:

  1. Ahankaaram is very dangerous. We must be very very careful to be away from it. As we saw in the story, it doesnt even spare great people like the Yaadavas.
  2. Respecting elders and the Sajjanas is very important. Yaadavas, instead of doing seva of the great Maharshis, made fun of them. This only lead to their destruction.
  3. Taking drugs (Maadaka-dravyam), or Suraapaanam, make a person loose his thinking capability. People in their effect can do any paapa-kaaryam. Due to the effect of Maireyakam, the Yaadavas, who are otherwise Vivekas and Veeras, fought against each other and killed themselves.

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  1. Jaara, thinking that a deer is hiding behind the bushes, shoots Shri Krishna’s leg, with the arrow whose end was made with the ‘musalam’.

    I have a question regarding this. Somebody told me that Jaara as an incarnation of Vaali, from the Raamaayana. Vaali protested his killing by Shree Raama and questioned The Paramaatama about the need for such killing (especially by hiding behind 7 trees). He felt it was unjust. After a lot of debating, Shree Raama finally agreed that Vaali could kill him in a similar manner in His next avataaraa. So, Vaali was born as Jaara and shoots Krishna’s leg (from behind a tree, again) which ended Krishnaavataaram.

    Is there any truth to this story? If so, was Vaali right in protesting the manner in which he was killed by Shree Raama?

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