Bhuu Daana Mahima

A person who gives daanam of a Bhuu-khandam that is sasya-sampuurnam (filled with useful plants, Vrukshas) and has many Phala-Vrukshams, to a Satpaatra (deserved one) will surely get Brahmapadam. An example of this is the following story told by Bruhaspati to Devendra:

There used to be a huge Shaalmalii-vruksham in a deep forest in Maalavadesham. Its spread was huge and it was the aashrayam for many many birds, insects and other creatures. There used to live a Shukam (parrot) by name “Taamratundam” on one of the branches of the Shaalmalii-vruksham.

Taamratundam used to feed its children with the grains it used to collect. While it used to put the grains into the mouth of its children, some grains use to fall down. In Varsha-rutu, the grains sprouted and a tiny paddy-crop was created. Once with hunger and exhaustion, a Gomaata (a cow) reached the shade of the Shaalmalii-vruksham. It was happy to see the plants that grew from the grains spilled by Taamratundam. She ate them to her satisfaction and went away. Then a Braahmana came there and collected the grains that were left over by the Gomaata and did Pancha-yagnyams using them!

Due to Kaala-dharmam, after some time, Taamratundam died. Because of its Punya-phalam, it was born as a Vaishya by name “Dhanika”, who was a Dharmaatma. Dhanika was a Mahaa-yasha, a Mahaa-teja and had puurva-janma-smruti. Hence he did many many Bhuu-daanams to Viprottamas. He gave fertile lands that had many useful plants and trees. Finally he reached Vishnu-lokam.

Devendra continued: Just because Taamratundam, Agnyaanavashatah, dropped few grains and the plants which grew from them were used by others, it got Moksham. What will be the Punyam of a person who does Bhuu-daanam of a Bhuumi that had many plants and tress? Even the Vishva-adhika, Paramashiva, also cannot tell how much!

The greatness of Bhuu-daanam to a Satpaatra is well shown in the story. Even though it did unknowingly, Taamratundam got Bhuu-daana-phalam!

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