Vishvaasa Ghaatuka Ninda

A person who makes others believe him and then cheats them is a Vishvaasa-ghaatuka. There is no greater Drohi than a Vishvaasa-ghaatuka. Such paapaatmas must be kept away (see this too). We must be careful of such people who from outside tell all Dharmas, Neeti-bodha, but they always do paapa-karmas and destroy the people who trust them. They appear beautiful, they do Dharma-pravachanam — but they have Kapata-buddhi.

Long time ago, in Saagaraantam, there used to live a Vruddha-hamsa. It had durbuddhi. However it used to do Dharma-bodha to the birds that used to live near-by. It used to say follow Dharmam always, leave adharmam. All birds used to have Guru-bhaavam on the Kapata-hamsa.

One day all the birds met and asked the Hamsa to tell what is the uttama Dharmam. Vruddha Hamsa replied “Ahimsa is the parama-dharmam. There is no Dharmam greater than it” (see this too). Surprised the birds asked “O Andajeshvara! Knowingly if a person always follows Ahimsa what uttama-lokams will he reach?”. Kuhana-hamsa replied “There is no lokam to which he cannot go”. Then the birds asked “you know all Shaastras and follow Dharmam. Why didnt you go to the Svarga-lokam then?”. With mandahaasam, Hamsa replied “After Bhagavat-nirneeta-aayu is over and one does Deha-tyaagam, then a Dharmatma will surely reach Svargam”. Impressed with the words of the Vruddha-hamsa all birds everyday did seva to it, fed it with good meal and lived happily.

In the course of time, the birds got 100% confidence that this Hamsa is a Dharmaatma and left their eggs under the protection of the Hamsa and flew a long distance away. Utilizing the opportunity the Hamsa slowly one-by-one ate away all the eggs. There was no end to the duhkham of the birds who saw that the eggs were eaten. One intelligent bird in them then identified that the Vruddha-hamsa ate away the eggs. With Aikamatyam, all birds attacked and killed the Kapata-hamsa. Because of its duraachaaram, the Hamsa reached Ghora-narakam.

Morals in the story:

  1. Vishvaasa-ghaatukam is a mahaa-paapam. We must be careful and never even by mistake think about such dushchaaranam.
  2. We must be very careful in choosing a Guru. The birds came into the influence of the false-speeches of the Vruddha-hamsa and accepted him as their Guru.
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