Vande Maataram

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It is our adrushtam that we belong to a place where janmabhuumi is called by the name “Maata”. It is our Kartavyam to understand the paramaartham behind the “Vandemaataram” geetam, which awoke the Bhaarateeyas, filled in Desha-bhakti in them and drove them to fight for Svaatantryam.

Vandemaatara geetam shows well the unnata aadarshas and aashayam of Bhaarateeyas. This mahaa-geetam shows the Vaibhavam of Bhaarata-maata, her Praakrutika-ramaniiyata, her strength. It was like an aushadham for people who were suffering from “aatma-vismruti”.

It was like taaraka-mantram for the mahaaveeras of Bhaarata-svaatantrya-udyamam. Shri Bankim Chandra Chatterji, a person equal to a rushi, gave us this maha-aushadham. This was what gave strength to bear the cruel laathi-charges, to experience execution, with a smiling face! In 1906, April 14th, absolutely without any reason the British police started laathi-charge. For every blow, Bhaarateeyas did “Vandemaatara” japam. Soon “Vandemaataram” became a nightmare for the British. On 17-8-1909, Madanlaal did Praana-tyaagam for Bharata-bhuumi, with a smile, singing this Vandemaataram only. When police were torturing people who sing Vandemaataram, Shri Chandrashekhar Azad, who was then only 13, did Vandemaatara japam only, without any fear.

During ~1875, Bankim Chandra Chatterji was travelling from Kolkata to his village, “Kaantaal paada” in a train. He looked out of the window and got great aanandam seeing the beauty of Bhaaratamaata. His antar-drushti made him see the Vaibhavam and alaukika-soundaryam of Bhaarata-desham. He stored this Varnana-ateeta-bhaavana as a Madhura geetam — Vandemaataram.

During the split of Bengal, Boom Field Fuller, then governer, imposed a strict prohibition against Vandemaataram geetam. The situation we are in now is not much different. Even after independence, we hear only the 1st stanza of this divya-geetam:

Mahaatmaa Gandhi many times praised this Vandemaatara-geetam; however the Mulsim league opposed it. In 1923, at Kaakinaada, during the Congress meet, when as usual Vandemaataram was being sung, Maulaana Mohammad Ali, who was the president of Congress, strongly opposed it. However, Shri Vishnu Digambar, who was the singer, sang it. May be it was the last time it was ever sung fully in a big meeting. Congress broke the song into pieces and divided it — similar to how Bhaarata-desham was divided! This was strongly opposed by many like Shri K.M.Munshi, Mahaatma Gandhi. But who will listen to them?

Let us show our Krutagnyata to Shri Bankim Chandra Chatterji and our Bhaaratamaata by learning, knowing the paramaartham in it and singing this Vandemaatara geetam.

Vande Maataram in Samskrutam
Vande Maataram in Telugu

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