Dokkaa Seetamma was born in 1841 in Mandapeta. She was known by many as “Annapuurnamma”. This was because of her sadgunams like Atithi-seva and Anna-daanam. To whoever was hungry, she used to cook food and serve them. In no time her fame went to all directions.

In 1902, December, she was called to Delhi for receiving an award for her daana-gunam. With great Vinayam, thinking that Atithi-seva, Anna-daanam are the minimum things that Bhaarateeya Samskruti imposed in order to show one’s Krutagnyata to his fellow humans, she didnt attend the function to receive the award. She was a true Bhaarateeya who was humble, never thought about name and fame. The collector, knowing this, made a painting of her, put it in the award cermony and respected her.

Once on a heavy rainy day a Vruddha sharana-arthi was shouting like this from the other side of the Godaavari river “I am very hungry. Please give me food. O Seetamma!”. Listening to the aarta-naadam, Seetamma felt pain. She immediately cooked food and herself carried it across the river in the heavy rain and served the hungry old man.

In a village by name Munganda, there was a Bhraatru-hantaka (he killed his own brother for property). Due to this dushkarma, he became a pishaachi. He experienced ghora-narakam with that form. Once he came into a small girl and said “one night Seetamma did great Annadaanam to a Vruddha. Please ask her to give me this one Anna-daana phalam. With this I will get Vimukti”. The family ran to Seetamma and told this. Immediately Seetamma did Phalatyaagam of her Anna-daanam with the help of her Purohita. Before everybody, the pishaachi got Vimukti. Seeing this everybody came to know the greatness of Anna-daanam. Bhaarata-desham will never forget Dokkaa Seetamma. Annadaata Sukhiibhava!

Morals in the story:

  1. The Atithi-seva tattvam, Anna-daana gunam of a Bhaarata-naari is well shown in this story through Dokkaa Seetamma.
  2. The greatness of Anna-daanam is well shown in the story. The punya-phalam of one Anna-daanam was enough to give Vimukti to even a pishaachi.

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  1. Great ! written nicely about Dokka Sitamma garu.
    good work and keep it up.

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