Aashraya Parityaaga Dosham

When Vaamana Murty and Devatas, along with Devendra, were doing many Teertha-yaatras for Lakshmi-kataaksham, they saw a huge Vruksham which was dried-up and dead. There was a Shukam (parrot) living in it, which was very thin and not looking healthy.

Devendra and others asked “Pakshiishvara! This Vruksham dried-off. There are no more leaves, flowers and fruits. We want to know why you didnt leave this and live on a new Vruksham?”.

The Shukam replied “This is a very old Vruksham; a Kalpa-vruksham (Its age is measured in Kalpam). I lived happily for a very long time eating its sweet fruits. In course of time, it reached this state. Kaala-gati cannot be changed. Just because it dried-off now, if I leave it, forgetting that I lived my entire life with its help, then it will be a Krutaghnata. There is no paapam which is greater than Krutaghnata. Hence this Shushka-vruksham is my universe”.

Devendra replied “O Vihanga-raaja! You are a Gnyaani and a Medhaavi. Hence I am telling this: This Vanaspati now left its Svadharmam — it no more gives you fruits, flowers etc. You are still following your Sva-bhaavam. Why dont you go and live on a Phala-vruksham instead?”.

The Shukam replied “Panchabhuutas (Pruthvi, Jalam, Agni, Vaayu, Aakaasham) have Chaitanyam always. They are controlled by You, and other Devatas. However Vrukshas dont have Chaitanyam always. They have to obey Kaala-dharmam. So how can we say that the Vruksham left its Sva-dharmam? What is there that You dont know”.

Listening to this, Shachii-pati replied “Khagottama! I want to know how you got this Vignyaanam, Dharmam and Parishrama?”.

Shukam replied “Devaraaja! I never did Mitra-droham. Even if Mrutyu comes, I wont think of Mitra-droham. I respect and do seva of my Maata-Pita. I always look after my Bhaarya (wife). I dont insult other creatures and eat away their food. Because of this I got Nirmala-gnyaanam”. Devendra, with great aanandam, said “I am happy with your sat-buddhi. Please ask Me any varam. I will grant it to you”. The shukam replied

“I dont want to go to any other lokas. I cant leave this Mahaa-vruksham. Please make this Vruksham alive again”. Devendra gave back the life of the Vruksham and Vaamana Murty and Devatas continued their Teertha-yaatra and later got Lakshmii-kataaksham.

Because the Shukam never left its Sva-aashrayam, the Vruksham, and showed Krutagnyata, it went to Brahma-lokam after leaving the physical body. Jayam to Shri Raama Chandra who said “Jananii Janma Bhuumishcha Svargaadapi Gariiyasi” and showed all of us the easiest way to Brahma-lokam.

Morals in the story:

  1. Shaastras say one who doesnt leave his Sva-aashrayam will get Shrii-laabham, Bhuu-laabham and Iham-Param. The Shukam didnt leave the Vruksham, even though the Vruksham died. Hence it got Brahma-lokam in the end.
  2. Krutagnyata is the Prathama-kartavyam of Bhaarateeyas. Krutaghnata is the greatest paapam, which has no nishkruti. This is well shown in the story through the words of the Shukam.

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