Dadhiichi Mahaa-muni

One who does Paropakaaram will get all Sampadas and will have no difficulties. The Punyam which one gains by doing Paropakaaram is Anantam. Once Brahmadeva put the Punyam got by doing all Dharma-kaaryas and Daanams on one side of the balance and the Punyam got by Paropakaaram on the other — the Punyam gained by doing Paropakaaram out-weighed the other!

“Paraa” was the putrika of Hiranyakashipa and the Bhaarya of Tvashta. Once, she did Tapas for Paramashiva for 1000 years to get santaanam. When Shuula-paani appeared before her, she asked “O Devadeva! Please give me a Shuura, Shastra-astra-avadhya as a Putra”. Paraa after some time, got a putra by name Vrutra. Vrutra right from birth had mahaa-tejas, which increased with the anugraham of Shukraachaarya, the Guru of the asuras.

With Bala-garvam, Vrutraasura attacked Deva-lokam and Devendra. For 5000 years there was a ghora-yuddham between Devatas and Daityas. All the Tri-bhuvanas were affected, disturbed. In the end, Vrutraasura won the Yuddham because of the Varam of Pinaaka-paani. Devendra then went to Brahma-lokam and took aashrayam.

Vrutraasura said to Shukraachaarya “I must also go to Brahmalokam”. Shukraachaarya replied “Daanavanaatha! Now you dont have any way of reaching Brahma-lokam. Be the King of the Tri-bhuvanas and be happy”. Vrutra then replied “Bhaargava! I wont be happy till Devendra is alive. After His naashanam only I will be happy. Why cant I go to Brahma-lokam?”. “Long time ago, Devendra did Tapas with great Nishtha for Shankara-bhagavaan in the pavitra Naimishaaranyam. After such 1000 years of Teevra-Tapas, Devendra got the shakti to go and come from Brahma-lokam. Without any doubt, anybody who does such Tapas in Naimishaaranyam will also get the same phalam”. Knowing this, Vrutraasura started Tapas with ekaagra-chittam for Bhola-shankara.

Seeing Devendra, the Sharana-arthi, Mahaavishnu said “On Sarasvatii-nadii-teeram, Dadhiichi Muni is doing Tapas with parama-nishtha. His asthi (skeleton) is twice as hard as diamond. Request the Muni to give his asthi and using the ‘Vajra-aayudham’ made with his asthi, You can kill Vrutraasura”. In Vipra-vesham, Devendra then reached Dadhiichi Muni, said “Svasti” and sat beside him. Seeing this Dadhiichi asked “O Vaasava! Why did You come in Vipra-vesham? Are all Devatas safe? Please tell me the cause of Your fear”. Devendra told him what happened and asked the Mahaa-muni to give his asthi as Daanam!

Listening to this, Dadhiichi became very happy!! He thought what can be better than giving away the life for others, that too to Uttama-purushas like the Devatas. With his Yoga-shakti, he did Deha-tyaagam. Devendra then did Vrutraasura samhaaram using the Vajra-aayudham built from the asthi of Dadhiichi Muni and restored peace to all worlds.

Morals in the Story:

  1. The Paropakaara buddhi of Dadhiichi Muni was well shown in the story. With great aanandam he did deha-tyaagam for saving the Devatas.
  2. Santrupti is very important. One must be satisfied with whatever he has. Though Shukraachaarya adviced Vrutraasura to be satisfied being the King of the Tri-bhuvanas, he was not and with Duraasha continued enemity with the Devatas. Duraasha always leads to difficulties.

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