Shivadeva and his Bhaarya were great Bhaktas of Parameshvara. Everyday they used to do Shiva-abhishekam, give Ksheera-naivedyam and do Stotram of Shiva, in their village’s Shivaalayam. Shivadeva never used to leave the village and go, because he was worried “if we are not there, who will do Ksheera-naivedyam?”. His Bhaarya also used to follow him and not leave the village.

Once due to an un-avoidable reason, they had to go out of the village for few days. Not knowing what to do they told their priya-putrika to do Ksheera-naivedyam without fail till they come back. They told her many many times not to forget and continue this Vratam.

After the Maata-pita left, Shivadeva’s putrika did snaanam, boiled Go-ksheeram, put it in a vessel, covered with a small silk cloth and took it to Shivaalayam. She kept the Ksheeram before Parama Shiva and said “Please take this Ksheeram Svaami!”. She saw that Pinaaka-paani did not drink the Ksheeram. She wondered why? She said “Svaami! Didnt the Ksheeram boil well? It is shuddha Go-ksheeram only Svaami please have it. Did you get angry that I dont know puuja-vidhi and mantras? If you dont like Ksheeram, shall I get some bhakshyas, along with which You can drink Ksheeram? We have Go-ghrutam and Navaneetam too in our house. Shall I run and get them? Shiva! will You eat paayasam instead? Everyday You accept when my Maata-pita do Naivedyam to You. Now why are You not accepting?”. Whatever she did, however she pleaded, Umaa-pati didnt drink the Ksheeram. Finally the putrika thought what is the use of a putra’s life when he cant follow Pitru-aagnya? and started to bang her head against the Shiva-lingam and do Praana-tyaagam.

Before that, Parameshvara stopped her and drank the Ksheeram! Everyday the baalika used to bring Ksheeram and Gangaadhara used to drink the Ksheeram. One day, when she was returning from the Devaalyam, she ran into her Maata-pita, who just then returned from the yaatra. They asked her why the vessel was empty. The Baalika replied that Shiva drank the Ksheram. She replied the same on being repeatedly asked to tell the truth. Not believing in her words, they took her to the Shivaalayam, along with a vessel containing Ksheeram and asked her to do Naivedyam. But this time Parama Shiva didnt drink. Thinking that his putrika lied, he tried to beat her. The baalika then did aalinganam of the Shiva-lingam. Before everybody she became aikyam with the lingam. Shivadeva tried to pull her with her hair and some hair was left coming out of the Lingam. Even now, the puujaaris of the Shivalingam do Kesha-samskaaram every 6 months of this adbhuta-lingam. From then onwards the baalika was called Godaguuchi and became famous in the list of great Shiva-bhaktas.

Morals in the story:

  1. The Nishkalmasha-bhakti of Godaguuchi was great. With her ananya-bhakti, she achieved Shiva-aikyam in the end.
  2. The importance of Niyamam, vratam is well shown in the story. Shivadeva everyday without fail used to do Ksheera-naivedyam. Discipline is a very important thing that we need to inculcate.

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  1. What a great story. Tears roll in my eyes.

    Thank You, You are really doing great work. May Lord bless you.

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