Shri Raama — Rakshitaa-svasyadharmasya

(Part of this series of stories. 12th Sadgunam)

This series of stories on Shri Raama Chandra Murty try to showcase the 16 important sadgunas or the Shodasha-kalas in Shri Raama.

(This story has great Aadhyaatma-tattvam. Here we present a short version in morals perspective)

On Chitrakuuta-parvatam, Shri Raama, Seeta Devi and Lakshmana used to stay in Siddha-aashramas of maharshis. One day Shri Raama ans Seeta Devi did Vana-vihaaram and Jala-kreeda. Shri Raama, who was tired, slept in the lap of Jaganmaata, Jaanaki. Then a Vaayasam (crow), by name Kaakaasura, came there and started hurting Janaka-nandini with its beak and nails. Kshmaa-suta, with great sahanam, took the pain and didnt disturb the sleep of Shri Raama and showed Her paati-vratyam. The blood of Seeta devi then fell on Shri Raama. Shri Raama got great Krodham on the one who hurted His Arthaangi and since he didnt have any shastra-astras, took a grass-shoot and used it as Brahma-astram with His Mantra-shakti.

The Vaayasam ran for there for its life. It was not an ordinary Vaayasam, it was the putra of Devendra and had Divya-shakti. But who can save anyone for Shri Raama baanam? It ran to all Tri-jagas. It pleaded the Devatas to protect, it asked Devendra. But everone said there are helpless. After it searched a lot for someone to protect it, it realized than none other than Purushottama, Shri Raama Chandra Himself can protect it and approached Him and asked for Sharanaagati.

Shri Raama Chandra has a vratam that even if a Shatru, apakaari comes and asks for Sharanam, then He will protect him from everything (See this too). Shri Raama, the Sharanaagata-vatsala then gave Abhayam to Kaakaasura. However since Shri Raama baanam is amogham, Shri Raama asked Kaakasura to show Him something on which the Brahmaastram must act. Then Kaakaasura asked the Brahmaastram to take its right-eye.

Discussion of the story:

The prathama-kartavyam of a Bharta, is to protect his Bhaarya. Though Shri Raama didnt have any weapons, as soon as He knew that His Bhaarya was pained by Kaakaasura, He used a grass-shoot as an astram and taught the Kaakaasura a lesson. This shows that in any circumstances Shri Raama was able to do Rakshana of His Dharma-patni. The same mistake of causing grief to Seeta Devi was also done by Raavana; but Shri Raama following His Sharanaagati-dharmam protected Kaakaasura when he came to Shri Raama’s aashrayam. However Raavana never realized his mistake and hence was destroyed (with the same Brahmaastram!).

Hence the episodes of Kaakaasura and Raavana-vadha clearly show that Shri Raama had enough Shakti, Yukti for doing Rakshana of His Svadharmam in any circumstances.

Other Divya-gunas of Shri Raama to be learnt from the story:

  1. Shri Raama’s Veeratvam, Shakti and Astra-vidya are well shown in the story. Even though He was sleeping, didnt have any shastras near Him, with His Mantra-shakti, He could do dushta-shikshana.
  2. “Kaalaagni sadrusha Krodhe Kshamayaa Pruthivii samah”. He is like Kaalaagni when He does dushta-sikshana and is like Bhuu-devi when it comes to Kshama. Kaakaasura, though he did a mistake, realized and asked Shri Raama for sharanam and saved Himself.

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