Shri Raama — Dhanurvedecha-nishchayah

(Part of this series of stories. 15th Sadgunam)

This series of stories on Shri Raama Chandra Murty try to showcase the 16 important sadgunas or the Shodasha-kalas in Shri Raama.

Kaartaveeryaajuna was the Raaja of Mahishmatii-nagaram. With Tapobalam, he got 1000 Baahu (hands) and was doing Raajya-paalana with Bala-darpam.

Once Raavana, on the way of returning from a Vijaya-yaatra, came to Narmadaa-nadii-teeram. It was time for Madhyaahnika-Sandhyaavandanam. After taking snaanam in the nadi and doing Sandhyaavandanam, since he always did shat-kaala-Shiva-pooja (6 times Shiva pooja per day), he started doing abhishekam to the Svarna-lingam, which he always carried with him. With his 20 baahu (hands) he did Shiva-pooja, doing Veda-paaraayana with his 10 mouths. With great Bhakti he did Shiva-pooja, in accordance with Shaastras.

Suddenly Narmadaa, reversed its direction of flow and washed his pooja materials away! He came to know that 0.5 Yojanam away, Sahasra-baahu (Kaartaveeryaajuna), was doing Jala-kreeda with thousands of women, stopping the flow of Narmadaa with his hands!

Then Raavana with anger went to fight with Kaartaveeryaajuna. There was a fierce Yuddham between the two. Like two Suuryas, two Mada-gajas, they fought each other. Finally Kaartaveeryaajuna won over Raavana and put him in prison. Seeing this all the Devatas, maharshis were happy. Everybody was taking about this episode only. They were surprised to see the mahaa-balavanta Raavana being defeated. The whole of Svarga-lokam was echoing with the story of the Shakti and Veeratvam of Kaartaveeryaajuna. Pulastya Brahma, the grand father (pitaa-maha) of Raavana, also heard this. He immediately went to Kaartaveeryaajuna.

Kaartaveeryaajuna said “Mahaanubhaava! I am dhanya to have got your Darshanam. Please tell me what I need to do. I and my people are ready to do what you order”. Pulastya Brahma replied “O Raaja! I am happy with your Bhakti and Shakti. You got the name ‘Raavana Vijeta’. Now leave my pautra (grandson)”. Immediately Kaartaveeryaajuna left Raavana, after doing satkaaram to him and agni-saakshi mitratvam with him.

Later, only because of his bala-garvam, Kaartaveeryaajuna fought with Parashuraama, the avataar of Mahaavishnu. Kaartaveeryaajuna was killed in the Yuddham!! Aha! There is always someone who is greater than oneself. Hence we must never have garvam, darpam.

After Shri Raama’s Divya-leela of Shiva-dhanurbhanjanam and Sitaa-Kalyaanam, Parashuraama comes and asks Shri Raama to take the Vishnu-dhanuh, if He really has shakti and knows Dhanurvidya. Just on the very touch of Shri Raama of the Vishnu-dhanuh, all the Bhagavat-shakti of Parashuraama enters Shri Raama. Parashuraama realizes that Shri Raama is Paramaatma Himself, does stotram of Shri Raama and leaves the place.

Discussion of the story:
One nice example of showing knowledge of Shri Raama on Dharnurveda is this story. Raavana who defeated all Devatas, Dik-paalakas, his brother Kubera and the Yakshas, was easily defeated by Kaartaveeryaajuna. The bala-garvam of Kaartaveeryaajuna was removed by Parashuraama. Then a baalaka, of just 16 years, Shri Raama, not even by using the Vishnu-dhanuh, just by touching it, did Garva-bhangam of Parashuraama! Thus Shri Raama did avataara-anusandhaanam and Yuga-anusandhaanam with this Leela.

Using the dhanuh and winning a Yuddham is the act of ordinary Veeras and Shuuras. Just by doing anusandhaanam of Shiva-dhanuh, Shri Raama broke the Shiva-dhanuh! And just while taking the Vishnu-dhanuh from Parashuraama, He won over Parashuraama. Thus Shri Raama is known as “Dhanurvedecha Nishchitah”.

Even though Shri Raama had so much Shakti, Balam and knew all Shastra-astras, He always had Vinayam and never left Dharma-maargam. Whereas Raavana even though had such alpa-shakti (when compared to Shri Raama), had a lot of Ahankaaram.

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