Mayuura Dhvaja

Knowing that Mayuura Dhvaja caught the divya-ashvam of Yudhishthira who was doing Ashwamedha-yaagam, Krishna-Arjuna reached his Kingdom. Shri Krishna told Arjuna that Mayuura Dhvaja is a Dharmaatma and one of His greatest Bhaktas. So They must be careful while fighting Mayuura Dhvaja. Even Arjuna was not able to handle Mayuura Dhvaja in the Yuddham!! Shri Krishna then Himself came for help.

Mayuura Dhvaja didnt want to fight the Paramaatma, Shri Krishna, but didnt step back from the Yuddham, following Kshatriya-dharmam. So for every arrow he put, he did Shri Krishna naama smarana. Since Bhagavaan always likes getting defeated in the hands of His Bhaktas, Shri Krishna Himself could not stand the arrows of Mayuura Dhvaja!!! When Arjuna asked Shri Krishna said “neither your Gaandeevam nor My sudarshana-chakram can harm this Mahaa-bhakta”. Shri Krishna wanted to show everyone the greatness of Mayuura Dhvaja. The next day Shri Krishna and Arjuna went to Mayuura Dhvaja in disguise of Vipras.

Seeing the Vipras, Mayuura Dhvaja said “O Svaami! Please accept my aatithyam and bless me”. Shri Krishna replied “Raaja! We dont have time for that. There is a big problem. After solving that only We can think about other things”. Mayuura Dhvaja replied “Svaami! Please tell me what is Your difficulty. I will try my best to solve it. If required I am ready to give away my life”. Shri Krishna, who was in Vipra-vesham, replied “Raaja! When We were coming through a forest, a tiger caught My son and ate him. After it ate half, aakaasha-vaani said that if I get half shariiram of Mayuura Dhvaja and give it to the tiger, then I will get back My child. So I came here to ask you to give Me putra-bhiksha”.

“Aaha! I became a dhanya. My body is being used to save the life of a small baby. What more do I want? Aarya! please dont think. Cut me into two and give half of my body to the tiger”, pleaded Mayuura Dhvaja! He at once called his Bhaarya and putra and asked them to cut him into two and give hald body to the Vipras. Though they didnt want to, but knowing that the King ordered in order to do a Divya-kaaryam, they started to cut his body.

Krishna-Arjuna became animishas (without flapping eyes) and saw. They saw water-drops falling from the left eye of Mayuura Dhvaja. Just to show the greatness of Mayuura Dhvaja to others, the Sarvagnya, Shri Krishna said “Raaja! One who gives with 100% manastrupti and santosham then only it is called Tyaagam. If you are sad then you need not give. If you shed tears by seeing the pain of others it is Divyatvam; whereas if you shed tears seeing yourself it is Naichyam. Moham is the reason for this. So dont do if you dont like”.

Mayuura Dhvaja, the maha-bhakta of Shri Krishna, replied “Arya! I am not feeling sad to give my body. If really I was feeling sad for that both my eyes will shed tears. My right half of body is only being used for aarta-rakshana; and the left is not. This part is going waste not being of any use to others. Hence the left-eye is shedding tears“.

Shri Krishna then showed His nija-ruupam, gave aashiirvaadam to Mayuura Dhvaja and returned his previous form. Mayuura Dhvaja did saashtaanga-pranaamam aand returned the Yagnya-ashvam.

Mayuura Dhvaja showed us the perfect nirvachanam for the suukti “Paropakaaraartham idam shariiram”.

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  1. Is Mayura-dhwaja the same as the merchant Sadhu from the Satyanarayana katha? The third and fourth chapers of the Satyanarayana katha relate to the merchant Sadhu who repeatedly fails in his promise to perform the Satyanarayana pooja. Can anyone comment on this?

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