Once a flood came to Shillangeri-graamam. Everyone was leaving to other places for safety. They had to cross the river for that. At that time, since there was only one boat, everyone boarded it. However two were left — a dhanika but miser by name Somayya and a beggar.

Somayya was late because he took time collecting each and every coin of his before leaving his house. Somayya and the beggar also tried to board the boat. But the driver of the boat said that there is place only for one of them. He asked themselves to decide who.

The people of the village said “we will leave out the one who is of no use to our village. So we will take beggar with us”. Somayya was surprised and said “I am the richest in the village. How am I of lesser use to the society than this beggar”?

“Definitely! Because this beggar is atleast helping us gain Punyam by letting us to give something to him. Who did ever gain from you?” said the villagers in the boat. They left the dhanika and went away.

One who gives to others only has the right to get something from others (see this too). Since the miser never gave anybody anything, no one was ready to help him.

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