Why Raamaayanam?

(We recommend readers to read all previous moral stories, especially stories on Shri Raama, before reading this story.)

It is a railway station. Full of noise and chaos. Some came to board the train. Some to say Shubha-yaatra to their loving ones. Some others came to say su-svaagatam to the atithis. There were people selling things. Some workers busy in their duty. Like this everyone was busy with their work.

A Vruddha heard from the announcement that the train which he was supposed to board is late by two hours. Immediately he sat on a small box , opened a Grantham and started reading it. Seeing the cover of the Grantham, anybody can say it is ShrimadRaamaayanam.

Two aadhunika pati-patni, who also were to travel with the Vruddha, got frustrated on knowing that the train was late. Because they had nothing to do, they started observing others. “Looks like this old fellow seems to like books a lot? He is reading it with great concentration” said the aadhunika-yuvati. Her vesham, vastra-dhaarana was like her Bharta only. She cut her hair short.

“aaa.. its Raamaayanam. What is there in it? My grandpa used to give it to me to read. Using my brains, I used to escape him somehow” said the aadhunika. “Me too used to done the same. I never used to listen to my grandma”. They laughed mocking at the Vruddha. The Yuvaka continued “What is there in these un-real stories. In this modern computer age, why do we need it? That is why our country is in still poor state”.

“Yes! This is the reason” said the Yuvati. Then for sometime they worried about the backwardness of the country and the “slow” rate of development.

They then heard another announcement saying that their train is 1 more hour late. Anger and frustration of the couple increased. To pass time they went and got some snacks. “Chrip chrip” they ate off the food items. After that they bought some magazines, turned over pages, threw them aside and said “Waste of money. There is nothing to read. Even if we read, nothing to learn”.

The rush increased due to trains coming and going. The Yuvati said “Hi” seeing somebody who got down from the train and started chatting with them.

Finally their train came. People who want to board are not letting people to get down and vice-versa. The train wont stop for a long time in that station. That is the reason for the confusion. Finally whatever it may be, everyone boarded the train. The Vruddha searched for his seat, sat and resumed reading the Grantham.

The Yuvaka’s seat was in the same cabin as the Vruddha’s. He too reached, but was worried. He started searching. He tried to pull the chain. Some people asked why he was doing that? He replied that his wife, who came with him, didnt board the train and since he was busy seeing if all lugguage got in the train or not, he didnt observe her properly. Then everyone advised him that there is no use pulling the train because the train travelled quite distance from the station. They also said he must plan out something after getting down at the next stop. Nothing to do, he sat down and started looking at the Vruddha.

The Vruddha then said “all this while you criticized ShrimadRaamaayanam. You said why Raamaayanam? ShrimadRaamaayanam teaches many things that need to be learnt. Many stories of relationship between brothers, friends are told here.

For example, when Shri Raama went to Aranya-vaasam, he took rest near the Raajyam of Guha, the mitra of Shri Raama. Next day Guha made the boat ready. First Shri Raama made Seetaa Maata board the boat. After She sat comfortably, then only He boarded the boat. If you had read Shrimad-Raamaayanam, then you also would have first made her board the train and only you would have thought about yourself.

In Shrimad-Raamaayanam there are many many stories about Bhaarya-bharta prema, Dharma-adharma, Kartavyam of a King etc.  There are indeed very relevant in today’s “modern” world too. You only said that modern books are of no much use. After ShrimadRaamaayam many many books came. But does anyone remember them? How many lakhs of years may have passed (see our Kaala-maanam) people still read ShrimadRaamaayanam. Try to read It and know Dharmam. If you dont like It, dont atleast make fun of it”.
Morals in the story:

  1. The importance a Bharta needs to give to his Bhaarya is well shown by Shri Raama. That is why, whoever marries still we write the Sita-Raama Kalyaana shlokam only in the invitation card.
  2. Greatness of ShrimadRaamaayanam is shown in the story. It has many many Dharmas, Neeti Kathas which are very relevant to the modern society too.
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