Nishkaama Karma

Vyaasa Bhagavaan told Yudhishthira “Long time back, Jaajali maharshi used to do Tapas with Nishtha. Once, when he was immersed in Tapas, some birds built a nest on his Jataa-juutam (hair). Since Jaajali maharshi was a Dayaardra-hrudaya, he left the nest as it is!

However, once he got Ahankaaram that no one can have more Dharma-nishtha than him. Aakaasha-vaani then said “There is a Vartaka by name Tulaadhaara. He has more Dharma-nishtha than you. However he never has Garvam”.

Jaajali maharshi got asuuya and wanted to see the greatness of Tulaadhaara. On seeing the great maharshi, Tulaadhaara welcomed and said “Maharshi! Please come. You are a Dayaa-saagara. You even let the birds build their nest on your Jataa. You are very great”. Jaajali maharshi was surprised and asked “how do you know about me?”.

Tulaadhaara replied “O Maharshi! I dont have moham on anything. I know only following my Sva-dharmam. Hence I came to know about your greatness.” With little Krodham, the Maharshi replied “So you mean I dont go on the path of Dharmam? What about my Tapas and Yagnyas”? Tulaadhaara replied

Tapas done with Ahankaaram and Yagnyam done expecting something in return — both of these are not liked by Devatas. As you know, according to our Bhaarateeya-saampradaayam, Yagyam is for showing our Krutagnyata to Devatas, Maata-pita, fellow humans, other creatures living with us and Rushis. All Bhaarateeyas do these 5 Yagnyas according to their own Varna-aashrama-dharmams. Thus nishkaama karma is important.”

Jaajali maharshi relied “then why are you not leaving bussiness? Is this not Dhana-kaaksha?”

Tulaadhaara replied “Arya! Why will I leave my Sva-dharmam? Anyway let us ask these birds what is Dharmam”. Birds flew and said “We are the sevakas of Dharma-devata. On Yamadharmaraaja’s aagnya, we came to test you both. Ahankaaram and matsaram destroy everything. Hence one must not have them. Tapas and Yagnyas done without chitta-shuddhi and shraddha are not good. Through Shraddha all good things happen”. Saying this, the birds flew away.

Jaajali maharshi then said “Arya! Ahankaaram is very dangerous. Everyone must do their Kartavyam and Sva-dharmam. However they must do them without expecting anything in return. These things I learnt from you today.” Saying thus, the Maharshi went away.”

Vyaasa Bhagavaan continued “Yudhishthira! So Bhaarateeya-saampradaayam is great. Hence it suggested Yagnyas, which are the act of showing Krutagnyata. One must follow our aachaaram and through aachaaram only Dharmam is got. We must do Karma, but without expecting anything in return (Nishkaama-karma)”.

Morals in the story:

  1. The Daya gunam of Jaajali maharshi is great. He left the birds, who built their nest in his head, as it is taking pity on them.
  2. Ahankaaram is the first step for destruction. Hence one must never have Ahankaaram, Garvam, Darpam. As shown in the story, there will always be a person greater than us.
  3. The importance of Sva-dharmam is well shown in the story. Though Tulaadhaara didnt have any Dhana-kaanksha, he didnt leave Vartakam (bussiness).
  4. Bhaarateeyas believe in Nishkaama-karma. They do their Kartavyam, Sva-dharmam, without expecting anything in return. As told in the story, whatever Yagnyas etc., Bhaarateeyas do, are only to show Krutagnyata for the things they already got, than expecting things in return.

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