Gopayya’s Honesty

Long time ago, near Brundaavanam, there used to be village by name Girivrajam. In Girivrajam, Devayya and his arthaangi, Girijamma, used to do Go-poshana and lead there life. Girijamma was a great Shri Krishna Bhakta. After a long time, they got a putra by name Gopayya. However one of Gopayya’s leg was not proper, hence he used to limp. Girijamma from childhood told many many nice Kathas from the Puraanas to the kid and thus put him in the path of Dharma.

Gopayya grew big. He was not good at other studies, but because of his Maata’s up-bringing, he had great Samskaaram. Everyday he used to wake-up before the Sun, do namaskaaram to Maata-pita and Daivam. Then he used to take Gomaatas (cows) out for feeding and return in the evening. Since the Paramaartham of Vidya is to learn Sat-pravartana, Sat-buddhi and Bhagavat-Bhakti, Devayya and Girijamma were very happy with Gopayya, though he was not able to study any Shaastras etc. The only thing there were worried about was that Gopayya was handicapped.

Devayya and Girijamma became old. Who can escape Jaraa-maranam? Seeing the ashakta (weak) Maata-pita, Gopayya used to feel very sad. He himself used to take help of them because of his physical inability. Now how will he do seva to them? He used to think if he got some money, then he can some how manage to do better seva to them. He used to tell his duhkham to Krishna Swamy and ask to save himself. He used to express his grief to his Maata-pita too.

On listening to him, they used to say “O Putra! For our sukham please dont do any dushkaaryam. Dont take any pains too. As usual do Go-poshana. For everything Paramaatma is there. He will only show some way. Everybody has to some time or the other experience the result of their Paapam and Punyam”.

One day as usual Gopayya took the Gomaatas. He kept on thinking how to do dhana-aarjana? The Sun started to set, the Gomaatas returned, but Gopayya was still thinking. Girijamma started to worry. Gopayya thought “Shri Krishna! Today somehow You must show me the way. Else I am not going from here”.

Meanwhile a robber-gang came near the Vruksham where Gopayya was there. They looted some Dhanika Vartaka’s house in the Girivrajam and came there. They started fighting among themselves, not able to decide how to share the looted-money. Gopayya was observing all this from behind the bushes.

Gopayya thought “Ha Raam! That Vartaka is a very good person. I can imagine how sad he must be. Always Maata used to tell we must try our best to help people who are in Duhkham. Now what must I do?  He observed a huge honey-comb on the Vruksham”. The fight amongst the gang increased and Gopayya thought that its the right time, and hit the honey-comb, which was full with bees with some stones. Thats all, in no time innumerable bees came out and started stinging the thieves badly. Not able to bear the pain, the thieves ran away leaving behind the money. Since it was very dark in the forest, they didnt return too.

Gopayya then took the money, wealth with him, returned to the Vartaka. Vartaka was extremely happy and said “Gopayya please take half of this wealth. This is just to show my Krutagnyata to you. Anyway I cant return your favour. Please start some bussiness or something and do seva to your Maata-pita”. Everyone in the village were proud of Gopayya. Even though he was handicapped, he did great favour to the Vartaka.

Doing Vartakam, without leaving Satyam and Nyaayam, Gopayya earned a lot of wealth. He then built a Krishna Mandiram and made her Maata very happy. Everyone was happy thinking “Sarvam Krishnamayam”.

Morals in the story:

  1. How a mother can teach a child good, bad and make him always go on the path of Satyam is well shown in the story. Girijamma always told many many Neeti Kathas to Gopayya and gave him great Samskaaram, even though Gopayya was not able to learn any Shaastras etc.
  2. The importance of Maata-pita seva is shown in the story. Gopayya always thought about serving them, even though he himself was handicapped.
  3. The Paropakaara buddhi of Gopayya is great. Where there is a will, there is a way. Though he was handicapped, he managed to do great help to the Vartaka.
  4. Honesty of Gopayya is also shown in the story. Though he could have taken the money which he got from the theives, he retuned it to the Vartaka. Though he was in great need for money, he didnt even think about earning it from wrong ways.
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