Dharma Nirnayam

Prahlaada, the greatest Vishnu Bhakta, had three putras by names Virochana, Kumbha and Nikumbha. The Jyeshtha, Virochana, also was a Bhakta. Virochana and Sudhanva, the Angiirasa Maharshi putra, were great friends. Both them loved a Sundari by name “Keshini”. Virochana said that he deserves Kesihni because an Asura has greater Shakti than a Bhuusura. Whereas Sudhanva said a Vipra is an Uttama and Gnyaani, hence he deserves Keshini. They started fighting amon themselves. Finally they thought they will go to Prahlaada, who is a Dharmaatma, to ask what is Nyaayam.

“Aarya! You know Dharma-adharmas well. Without putra-mamakaaram, tell who better deserves Keshini me or your putra? If you tell adharmam Devendra’s Vajraayudham will break your head into two pieces” said Sudhanva. Prahlaada then told Kashyapa maharshi about this Vivaadam. Kashyapa maharshi replied “Prahlaada! A person who gives saaksham and is a Dharma-darshi must never leave Dharma-maargam. If in a Dharma-sabha, wrong decision is made, the paapam is shared by the members in the sabha. A portion of the paapam, if wrong decision is given, goes to the members, a portion to the King and the remaining to the person who actually did the adharmam. If the members take the correct decision, then only the person who does the adharmam gets the whole of it. Hence while doing Dharma-nirnayam one must think a lot with suukshma-buddhi and given the right decision.”

Prahlaada then thought and said that Sudhanva is a greater Guna-vanta than Virochana. Sudhanva then did abhinandanam (congratulations) to Prahlaada for being impartial and telling the Dharmam and did Kalyaanam with Keshini.

Morals in the story:

  1. The Samavartittvam (impartiality) of Prahlaada is shown in the story (see this too). Though Virochana was his own putra, he said Sudhanva is more gunavanta and hence deserves Keshini.
  2. The importance of doing Dharma Nirnayam correctly is well shown in the story. As Kashyapa maharshi said, the people who give the wrong decision, the King and the person who committed crime equally share the paapam of the adharma kaaryam. (see this too)

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