Puraana Katha Shravanam

Puraanam itself means “even though old it is new”. The more one reads them, the more his Gnyaanam will increase. Even though everyone knows the story of Raamaayanam, every time they read, new things are understood.

After having the Darshanam of Agastya Maharshi, on the way to Panchavati, Seetaa Devi feels very tired. She sits under the shade of two huge Vrukshams for rest. As soon as She thinks that it will be good if They get some aahaaram, two Phalas from the Vrukshas fall down. Shri Raama Chandra and Seetaa Mahaalakshmi then eat the two Phalams. Immediately, the Vrukshas become two Divya Gandharva pati-patni and do stotram of the Paramaatma. They say that because they did Paropakaaram, by giving their phalams to people who are hungry, they washed their Paapam, which turned them from Gandharvas to Vrukshas. They then tell what mahaa-paapam they did:

“Shri Raama! We were Gandharva pati-patni. Though we were one of the Devatas, did lot of Punyam to get Gandharva ruupam, we never did any Puraana-shravanam. There was a Seetaa Raamaalayam in our Gandharva Nagaram, in which everyday Divya Puraana-pravachanam used to happen. We never used to listen to the pravachanam and hence never knew what is Dharmam, aachaaram, Saampradaayam. We never used to go to the Devaalayam and even if by chance we go, we used to go empty handed. If we had listened to Puraanams we would have known that we can please the Lord with just Namaskaarams. Infact we used to make fun of others offering Naivedyam, Dhuupam and Deepam to the Lord. Because of this we had to be born as Vrukshams in this Aranyam, and loose Daivatvam. Now because of our Puurva-janam Punyam, we got Your Divya Darshanam and got Vimukti.”

Morals in the Story:

  1. The importance of Puraana-shravanam is well shown in the story. Even though the couple in the story did great Punyam and got Daivatvam, just because they never did Puraana Shravanam, with Ahankaaram they used to make fun of others. If Puraanams are so valuable for Devatas themselves, then imagine how great they are for us, that too in this Kaliyugam!
  2. The greatness of Paropakaaram in shown in the story. Just because the two Vrukshas gave Phalams to people who are in need of them, they got Vimukti. There is no greater Sadgunam than Paropakaaram.

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