The major thing that the British achieved is to replace our Education system (see this picture). In our Bhaarateeya Samskruti, there was only Vidyaa-daanam (see Kautsa’s story too), never Vidyaa-vikrayam. This story happened when the British were ruling us and many of the schools were run by the English. However many of the Upaadhyaayakas were Bhaarateeyas only.

“Pay your fees, else you will be expelled from the school”, warned the authorities of the School. Many of the Vidyaarthis by that time paid the fees. However one very intelligent Vidyaarthi didnt because he came from a very poor family. Somebody gave advise to him, as he was sadly coming out of the school, “Baalaka! Dont be worried. If you go to ‘this’ person and tell your kashtam, he will help you”. The next day the baalaka went to ‘that’ person and told his deenaavastha to the person. The person first consoled the baalaka and gave him aasheervaadam. Then he gave him one note and sent him away.

In the aanandam, the baalaka didnt see what note it was. He saw after going for some distance. To his surprise he saw that it was a 100 Rupee note. In those days, 100 was a huge sum of money. Thinking that may be the person gave it by mistake, the baalaka went back to return the note to the person. The person, with chiru-mandahaasam, said “O Putra! This is for you only. Pay the fees. Buy the required books. Do Vidyaabhyaasam and become a true Bhaarateeya”. The baalaka was surprised seeing the Daatrutvam of the person. Though the person was an Upaadhyaayaka and himself earned very less, he helped him so much.

The person is none other than “Kaashiinaatha Naageshwara Rao“. Due to many many such Daanams, he became famous as “Vishvadaata”.

Morals in the story:

  1. The daana-gunam of Kaashiinaatha Naageshwara Rao is well shown in the story. Daanam is one of the greatest Punya-kaaryams in our Bhaarateeya Saampradaayam.
  2. The honesty of the Balaaka is also shown in the story. Thinking that the person may be in need of it, he went back to return the note once he saw 100 Rs. denomination on it.

Message to the present society:

From the times of Kautsa, through the times of Kaashiinaatha Naageshwara Rao, now we are in this “modern” society, where the most prospering bussiness is Education! Even ~10 years back we dont think there used to be any advertisements for Educational institutes. Now the newspapers, TV Channels are filled with advertisements of Schools, Hospitals and Hotels. Vidya, Vaidyam and Bhojanam are exactly the things that never are supposed to be “sold” in our Bhaarateeya Saampradaayam.

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