During Magadha Raaja’s Paalana, a Shveta-gajam was born. It had sakala-shubha-lakshanams. It had Divya-shaktis too. Hence the Raaja made it his Mangalahasti. During the Nagara-utsavams, once, the King did Pura-pradakshinam on it. The praja, seeing the Mangalahasti, said “aaha! What a hasti! What aakaaram! What Manda-gamanam! What Vilaasam! This Divya hasti instead of being with an ordinary Raaja, must be with the Chakravarti”.

Listening to this, the King got Iirsha on the Mangalahasti! Aaha! How many forms Iirsha, Asuuya has! The King had Iirsha even on an animal. Magadha Raaja thought “I will not let this Hasti go to Chakravarti”.

He called the Maavati who trained the Mangalahasti and asked “what all Shikshana did you give to this Hasti”? “All kinds, Prabhu!” replied the Maavati. “Ok! Can you make it climb the Parvata-shikharam?”, asked the Raaja. “Yes!” replied the Maavati. Magadha raaja, who thought that Mangalahasti will slip and fall down, had Aashaa-bhangam. Mangalahasti, the Raaja, Maavati reached the Parvata-shikharam. “Make it stand on three legs” said the Raaja. Maavati made it do the same. Similarly the King asked for 2 legs, then one leg. Mangalahasti stood on 1 leg, without falling. Maavati said “There is no Gajam that equals this in this Desham Maharaja!”. “Ok! Now make it fly” said the Raaja. Maavati by then clearly understood the Matsaram of Magadha Raaja. He made out that the King wants to harm the Mangalahasti.

He sat on the Mangalahasti, asked it to fly and while the Gajam was on air, the Gajaachaarya said like this to the King “Raaja! A Manda-buddhi, Dur-buddhi like you doesnt deserve this Apuurva-hasti. You dont know what is Guna-gauravam. We are now going to Vaaranaasi, to see the Kaashi Chakravarti”. The Gajam flew and stood before the Chakravarti. The Gnyaani, Chakravarti, gave a lot of respect to the Maavati and Mangalhasti, welcomed them and gave Mangalahasti a new Gaja-shaala to stay in.

Morals in the Story:

  1. Guna-gauravam is important. One must always give respect to the Uttamas. If one doesnt know how to respect, the Uttamas will leave him. Mangalahasti left the Magadha Raaja, who was burning with Matsaram.
  2. Iirsha, Asuuya and Matsaram cause downfall of the people who have them, howmuch ever great they are otherwise. This is well shown in the story.
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