Aayurvedam is the Bhaarata-desha Vaidya-vidhaanam. Before “Allopathy” came, in Bhaarata-desham, Aayurvedam was famous. The English occupied our land and they introduced their Vaidya-vidhaanam. With that, Aayurvedam got lesser and lesser importance.

However, some still used to do Prachaaram of Aayurvedam. Challenging the English medicines, Deshi medicines were manufactured. One of the persons who did this effort was a Prasiddha Vidyaa-vetta from Bengal. He established an industry for manufacturing Aayurveda medicines. Even then many used to say Deshi medicines are useless for Vaidyam. In such circumstances running the industry became very difficult for the Vidyaa-vetta.

Unfortunately, once, many medicines that this company produced got spoilt. The Vidyaa-vetta was very sad. In addition to the pressure from the people, now the medicines also got spoilt. Running the samstha bearing this loss will be extremely difficult. Then one udyogi said “Please dont worry. Medicines are not completely spoilt. Some might still work. That too none know that they are spoiling. For few more days we can easily sell them. If we dont do this we will be at a great loss”. Listening to these avineeti-vaakyas, the Vidyaa-vetta became very angry. He said

“will we sell spoilt medicines just because we will get loss? Let us get loss. We will never do this adharma-kaaryam. Aayurveda Shaastram says the more Dharmam is followed, the better the Aushadhams work. So never even think about doing such Shaastra-droham”. All the medicines were thrown out. Many later congratulated the Vidyaa-vetta for his nishkapata-buddhi (honesty). Later that Vyavasthaapaka became a big Shaastra-vetta, Vaignyaanika.

He is none other than “Aachaarya Praphulla Chandra Rāy“.


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